• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 5- Keeping Up With The Style

"GOOD MORNING EQUESTIA!" The daily group of morning hosts said in union.

"Today we are joined by our friend Rarity, who will be talking about the everything fashion. So take away Rarity," Pinkie Pie announced as she handed control over to the fashionista mare.

"Why thank you, Pinkie, and hello to you all this beautiful morning," Rarity smoothly spoke in her usual posh manner.

"I am here this morning to talk to these fine creatures from far and wide to know what style they have from their respective kingdom." She turned to Autumn Blaze as she was the closest. "Now Autumn, how does your race keep up with style and being absolutely fabulous?" Rarity finished asking with a flourish.

"We kirin love to keep in touch with nature. From the very plants we grow, to the water from the rivers and even the stars at night. We are one with nature, and that is reflected with the things we wear. Soft earthly colours that reflect that!" Autumn discussed with bubbly enthusiasm.

"How positively divine!" Rarity spoke with intrigue, "And what about yourself, darling? What is your style?"
"During my exile, I gained an interest to the animals that I would gain conversation, though I don't speak animal myself. Feathers, scales and patterns of a butterflies."

"Thank you for your input," Rarity finished, "And what of the hippogriffs and seaponies, Silverstream?"

"We Are Proud to be a Hippogriff Day is when we get into strong armour and encage in combats. Seaponies use the coral reefs as their wardrobe. Sea sponges, kelp and shells are what makes our dresses really speak for themselves!"

Silverstream speak with passion, "We even use both land and sea to celebrate our freedom from the Storm King!"

"Exotic!" Rarity beamed, "What of the griffons, Gabby?"

"Fashion isn't really our strong suit due to our nature," Gabby used inverted talons when addressing the word. The other creatures nodded knowingly, "But we wear warm clothes to combat the cold mountain air in the winter."

"Understandable," Rarity nodded in contemplation.

"We ponies love fancy-pancy clothes," Pinkie butted in, much to Rarity's annoyance. "The Grand Galloping Gala is to go to for fashion, right? All those fancy dresses that would make a party pony like me go all sweaty. Isn't that right Marble?"
Marble simply nodded at her words.

"I dress whenever a party is due! Foals love me when I sing and dance and eat and dance and cheer and dance and-" Rarity popped a hoof into her my. Marble snickered quietly.

"And with that, this concludes the fashion talk today. Remember every creature, be fabulous your own way and don't hold back. Because we are all wonderful in our own style!"

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