• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 63- Of Land And Sea

"Silverstream, why don't you introduce us to our special guest that we have in here today?" Pinkie smiled to the excited Silverstream.

"Every creature, meet my best brother in the whole of Mount Aris and Seaquestria, Terramar!" Silverstream hugged her brother with sibling affection, "He is here to tell us about problem that the Cutie Mark Crusaders helped to solve and everything else about our kingdom."

"So tell us, what was your friendship problem?" Autumn asked with excitement and interest.

"My problem was choosing where I should belong really," Terramar sighed as Silverstream rubbed his shoulder with affection, "Our dad lives mainly in Mount Aris, whilst our mum lives under the sea in Seaquestria. Most hippogriffs have already decided where to go to."

"What did you choose Silverstream?" Gabby asked.

"Oh, that's easy," Silverstream replied quickly, "I chose Mount Aris so I could fly through clouds, watch a sunset, paint impressionism and study plumbing! And let's not forget stairs!" Silverstream gave an excited squee as she listed all the things she could do on land.

"I however, was torn between the best things each world had to offer," Terramar continued, "Both had their push and oull factors. That's what the CMC was supposed to help me with."

"What do you mean by supposed? They helped you, right?" Pinkie titled her head in confusion.

"They did in the end, but they had their own opinions over mine first as well. Sweetie Belle wanted Mount Aris for the Harmonising Heights, but Scootaloo wanted me to be in Seaquestria because, to her, swimming as a seapony felt like flying. It didn't help me in making my mind up, so I chose to have a place so I won't be able to make a decision."

"So what made you decide? What did you choose?" Pinkie Pie asked with a large smile.

"After the CMC realised their mistake, they saw that with family, you don't have to decide. Our parents, Skybeak and Ocean Flow said to me that you are more than where you live, and that family will always be there. I chose to live in both the land and sea," Terramar smiled, earning another affectionate hug from Silverstream.

"What's been happening since then?" Autumn asked.

"I get letters from Silverstream about the School of friendship from time to time. It always interests me to see what lessons are like in that school," Terramar replied happily.

"Oh, they are sup-er-duper fun alright!" Pinkie bounced on her seat. Terramar looked at the group in confusion.

"Is she always like-"

"Yes!" The group laughed, or nodded in Marbles case.

"Anyway, there was this one time that Silverstream hadn't returned home for the break," Terramar looked to his sister to carry on the story.

"I wanted to work on a project with cockatrices. I ventured into the Everfree Forest and made friends with one who I named Edith," Silverstream continued.

"Wait? You made friends with a cockatrice?! An actual stone-turning cockatrice?!" Pinkie screamed.

"Yes..." Silverstream said slowly.

"Fluttershy would be so proud," Pinkie muttered.

"Anyway," Terramar continued with the story, "Starlight was supposed to be her counsellor for the project, but she was adamant that the office was closed for the break. Silverstream took her project and Edith to the treehouse that the Tree of Harmony grew out of."

"Then I attended The CMC's appreciation day, as they helped me with finding my purpose of belonging in both places," Terramar rounded off their story.

"Sounds like you two had quite an adventure in both Mount Aris, Seaquestia and Equestria," Gabby thought out loud, "What are you like as siblings?"

"I'm more of the calm one," Terramar started off, "My pastime just involves some simple swimming and flying. I like to perch on a rock and see the sunset and stars twinkle in the sky."

"Whilst I love to swim with the fish and leap with the dolphins. I love to fly through clouds and squawk with birds!" Silverstream listed her likes off whilst Terramar rolled his eyes with a smile, "I made shell necklaces with Princess Skystar, learnt what stairs are and I really want to get into plumbing, or take up impressionist paints!" Silverstream began listing off the things she could do on land like what Pinkie would do with Parties. Terramar urged the hosts to finish up for the day.

"A-and with that, every creature, we are done for today. Thank you to Silverstream for inviting her brother on the show, and we will see you all again soon," Autumn concluded.

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