• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 85- Ask The Cast

“Welcome to this very special edition of Good Morning Equestria, every creature,” Silverstream excitedly announced to their listeners for the day, “Now, you must be wondering, what makes today’s show so special? Well, why don’t I let Gabby explain what is going on today.”

“Thanks, Silverstream,” Gabby came in, “We have put posters out all across Ponyville the day before we started this show, asking every pony and creature to deliver questions to us to answer.”

“And by Celestia, we have received more than we could possibly count!” Autumn looked behind them at the bags of letters that Derpy, Ponyville’s mail pony, managed to clumsily haul in before they started.

“So, with that many questions to go through, I think it’s best if we get started, don’t you?” Pinkie jumped in her seat excitedly. The other’s nodded as they rummaged through the first bad of letters. Autumn was the first to levitate a letter in a blue aura, ripped the envelope and read out loud.

“This is for Gabby by Star Hunter, what made you want to be a mail griffon for Griffonstone?” Autumn read out loud. Gabby rubbed the back of her neck with a talon.

“Well, as everypony may have heard, griffons aren’t the most welcoming creatures in Equestria. Even if it is a direct contact, if sometimes gets quite ugly,” Gabby explained with a shiver, “I chose to be a mail griffon as I just wanted to be that griffon who spreads that little bit of cheer in a hard place like Griffonstone.”

“That’s so sweet,” Pinkie complimented, earning a smile from Gabby.

“What could be better than waking up, opening the door and be met by a smiling face as you take in the fresh morning air?” Gabby chuckled, “Of course, griffons don’t see it as that. I started to question my purpose, but then Pinkie and Rainbow Dash came for their friendship mission. Seeing their cutie marks glow made me realise that I wanted a cutie mark!”

“You do realise griffons can’t get cutie marks, right?” Silverstream asked.

“I do now, but now, with the help of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, I have realised that sometimes just helping and doing the best you can to those around you is just as fulfilling!” Gabby clapped her talons together. Silverstream was next to get a question out of the back.

“This is for Pinkie, by Cloud Kicker, what is the most weirdest or disgusting thing you every eaten?” Silverstream asked. The others looked at her with incredulous looks at the question, except Pinkie.

“There are times that I accidentally eaten cardboard,” Pinkie said nonchalantly, earning surprised looks, “Then there were those random creations that I have made. I think I made a mail pony sick by making strawberry-cinnamon-cilantro cupcakes. I even invited Starlight to try Jalapeño red velvet omelettes. Although, Sugar Belles’ muffins when Starlight was in charge of her village was something on the yuck-side.” Each time Pinkie listed the things she ate, the others’ faces started turning a shade of green. Gabby quickly grabbed the next question before her breakfast came out.

“This is for Silverstream by Flitter, what were you most looking forward to now that you’re back on dry land?” Gabby squeezed. Silverstream scratched her head with a claw.
“Now that’s a tough one,” Silverstream thought long and hard, “Maybe watercolours? No, beekeeping! Wait, plumbing! Then again, being a mail-creature does sound pretty cool. I just don’t know!” Silverstream gave a frustrated shake of the head.

“You’ve really been underwater for way too long, haven’t you?” Autumn looked at the hippogriff with sympathy.

“There are just so many things to chose from!” Silverstream screamed in frustration, “Underwater, it’s just so, so, so the same! Queen Novo forbade us from going to the surface, whilst all the cool stuff happened on land! There are just so many new things to discover now that we have come out of hiding. Stairs, plumbing, posters, clouds and so much more!” Silverstream sighed in sadness, “Guess I just have to try everything until I find something I like.”

“Well, as official Cutie Mark Crusader, well, without the cutie mark of course, I will be willing to help you with that any time you need. An official Crusader Promise!” Both griffon and hippogriff hugged, earning a ‘d’aw’ from the others. Pinkie reached into the bag and pulled out another question.

“Okay,” Pinkie came in, “This is one for Autumn, from Roseluck, what really makes you go all fire-mode? Great name, fire-mode!”

“Several things actual,” Autumn chuckled sheepishly, “When a certain pink pony chants chimicherry-cherrychanga constantly.” Pinkie gave a chuckled at that.

“Then I get really heated up if I eat anything too spicy that triggers me. Tasting that rainbow almost set me up. Before the Silencing, a kirin called Cinder Woods played a prank by adding forest chillies to my soup. I had to dive into the lake to cool myself and the flavour from my mouth.” The others laughed at that image that formed in their heads.

“It burned!” Autumn whined, causing them to try hard to hold back their laughter. Gabby fished out the last question before they had their break.

“This is for Marble, by Noteworthy, now that Pinkie is getting married to Cheese, and Maud has a boyfriend, are you and Limestone looking for your special somepony as well?” Marble could only wish that a sinkhole formed beneath her and swallowed her whole. She sank as deep as she could go into her seat. Her twin sister came to her rescue.

“She’s still recovering from when she caught Big Mac and Sugar Belle kissing under the mistletoe, end of story!” Pinkie gushed, “I think we will leave it there to save my sister from total embarrassment. We well see you all again soon every creature, and thank you to our residents from Ponyville for the questions. So for now, it’s bye from us!”

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