• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 90- Punched Sweetness

“Welcome to another edition of Good Morning Equestria, every creature,” Silverstream welcomed every listener back to their show, “I don’t know about you, but after that tough time of trying to get through a temple trial with Rainbow Dash, I am thirsty! Since we are back in the studio kitchen, I presume we are here for a sweet treat, right Pinkie?” The party pony nodded her head in agreement.

“You bet, Silverstream,” Pinkie winked in excitement, “We are joined today by a very special resident of Ponyville, who is going to show us the best punch recipes there are!”

“Um, Pinkie,” Autumn hesitated, “You know Silverstream is underage to drink any…” Autumn trailed off, only for Pinkie to put a comforting shoulder around the kirin.

“Don’t worry your silly mind over, Autumn,” Pinkie Pie reassured, “All these recipes are non-alcoholic. Leave all the hard stuff for cider season. Applejack even supplies the foals fresh apple juices when that time of year comes. Seriously, think of the complaints this show will get.” Pinkie shivered at the thought, earning a sigh of relief from the rest of the cast.

“So without further delay,” Gabby picked off from where they left, “Please welcome to the kitchen, Berry Punch!”

“It’s great to be here!” Berry Punch waved at the group of creatures, “I’m glad to take some time off from Ponyville’s brewery to meet and share some fun recipes for every occasion.”

“What sort of brewery do you own in Ponyville?” Silverstream asked curiously.

“Whilst the Apple Family specialise in all things, well, apple-based, I focus on other fruits that local farmers give to me to turn to flavourful mixes. Cherry Jubilee, Strawberry Sunrise and Goldengrape come with their produce for me to brew to make various punches. It was a family business from the very start and where I got my cutie mark,” Berry Punch briefly explained.

“And where, I’m guessing, your name is from too?” Gabby asked with a wiggle of her brows.

“Yep, that too,” Berry Punch giggled.

“Now, less talking and more mixing,” Pinkie Pie urged to group to the main focus of today’s show, “What are you going to make for us to sample?”

“First, I’m going to start with a pineapple and lemonade fruit punch, which a perfect combination of the zing and sharpness of pineapple and lemon. For a large party, you will need two cups, or four-hundred and eighty millilitres of fresh lemon juice, four cups and or nine-hundred and sixty millilitres of water. Mix them together until diluted, but not much so you lose the lemon flavour.”

Silverstream and Gabby added the water and lemon juice, mixing it smoothly. Silverstream dipped a claw in to taste it. Her face souring slightly, but not by much, she gave the claws-up to show that it was good.

“I am now going to add some pineapple concentrate that I made myself, about one or two cans. Then, Autumn, you can add the two litres of lemonade,” Berry explained what she was about to do. Autumn got the lemonade ready and added it whilst Berry was mixing. Berry added some more water to dilute the concentrate. Meanwhile, Pinkie and Marble were slicing some lemon wedges and pineapple circles to add to the punch bowl. The sisters dropped them in, and soon the punch was complete. Mouths were drooling all around as every creature peeped into the punch bowl, seeing the yellow liquid with floating fruit pieces.

“Well, what are you all waiting for?” Berry chuckled, “Every creature dig right in.” They didn’t need Berry to repeat herself as they all got a paper cup and helped themselves with a big gulp.

“Zingy, yet sweet at the same time!” Autumn complimented, the other creatures nodding contently in agreement, “What other recipe do you have with you for today?”

“From zingy and sour, we go to something a bit more sweet,” Berry got out a new set of ingredients, “We are going to use some strawberries from Strawberry Sunrise’s front garden plants, sliced lemons and lemonade again, but some lemon concentrate this time. We are also going to need a blender.” Pinkie Pie and Marble continued to slice new lemon slices as Berry instructed the others on what to do.

“Silverstream, add around four-hundred and fifty grams of sliced strawberries into a blender, Gabby you can add three-hundred and forty grams of lemon solid concentrate and Autumn, you fill the blending container with water until just right until the top, but no overflowing,” Berry instructed the others, who gave a mock salute. After doing what they were told, Berry Punch put the lid on and blended the ingredients together.

“You need to blend it all until it’s smooth,” Berry said over the sound of the blender. She then stopped when it was all fully mixed and poured it into a mixing bowl, “You then need to add two litres of lemonade, garnish with the lemon slices and it is ready serve.” Silverstream took care of adding the lemonade, Pinkie and Marble finishing the punch with lemon circles. Once again, the group dig right in with new paper cups.

“You’re right,” Gabby complimented, “It has a subtle zing to it, but the sweetness of the strawberries really balance things out in a refreshing way.”

“Thank you, Gabby,” Berry thanked for the compliment, “These punches are all great for any event, from birthdays to national holidays.”

“Thank you for your punch tips, Berry Punch,” Silverstream thanked today’s guest, who simply waved a hoof and nodded in acknowledgement, “Hope these recipes have inspired you to mix something up. That is all for today every creature and we hope to see you all again soon!” The others gave a host in thanks and drank the last of their punch in their cups.

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