• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 57- A Founding Story

"It's a great privilege to have with us today a special pony who has witnessed the very start of this town," Pinkie Pie announced to their listeners, "So please welcome to our show, Granny Smith!" Pinkie shouted with enthusiasm, causing Granny Smith to jump out of her seat in fright.

"Gosh darn it!" Granny complained, wincing slightly, "Carry on like that young lady and you will frighten the living seeds out of my core!"

"Sorry about that," Pinkie chuckled with a hoof over her mouth.

"So, Granny Smith," Silverstream ignored Pinkie's antics, "We want you to tell us the founding of Ponyville."

"This reminds me of those times hustled by the fire, as cosy as apples in a delivery barrel," Granny chuckled, "Why don't you y'all get comfy, and forgive me, Mah memory ain't what is used to be."

"This is just like Grandpa Gruff's storytelling," Gabby clapped her talons in excitement.

"Don't worry," Pinkie reassured, "There won't be any miserably ever afters." Granny Smith cleared her throat to get every creatures' attention.

"Ah was a completely didn't mare back in the day, with less wrinkles than an apple ripe for harvest. Me and Mah family were your run of the mill pilgrim travellers, back in the young days. We went about, collecting seeds to sample with. Our luck changed when we came across the most glamorous city we have ever laid eyes on, with the most glamorous Princess to boot. By apple-pickin' chance, she stopped at our booth, with my Pop showing her our seed collection. Celestia also saw how weary we were, and knew the right place to settle," Granny started her story.

"It's like when we found the right place to hide when the Storm King invaded," Silverstream interrupted, causing Granny Smith to chuckle.

"If you could say it like that, strange pink bird-pony," Granny chuckled, earning a confused look from Silverstream at the remark, "Anyways, where was Ah? Oh, yes. We went there and built our first home, but farming and growing an orchard doesn't happen over night. There were times when we are as thin as a stalk. Being next to the Everfree Forest, we were warned of what horrors lay there, but when there's critters, there's food, and where there's food, there's seeds."

"This is getting tense," Autumn rubbed her hooves together.

"It was scary, alright," Granny agreed, "The sounds of the night will forever stay with me, but I stumbled upon the most stangest apple tree I have ever laid eyes on. Ah must get some seeds, I thought, and did just that. However, after getting some, out of nowhere, some timberwolves appeared!"

Marble clung to Pinkie in fright, who patted her sister in a comforting way.

"I ran home with my tail between my hindquarters!" Grabby motioned with her forelegs, "And Ah was lucky to get there in one piece! The strangest thing is, once we planted them, they grew lickety split. Ah observed the fruits' cycle round the clock, and noted how they tied into how the weather affects the Everfree Forest, how the timberwolves howl when the zap apples first start growing, and how they zapped away if you didn't pick 'em all in one day."

"They can give Rainbow Dash a run for her bits," Gabby chuckled.

"Ah learnt the perfect technique to making the perfect zap apple jam. How to be kind to bees, how to choose the perfect jar, how they liked pink pilka dots. News of our special jam spread far and wide, and ponies couldn't get enough of them. Some even deciding to stay with us and built their own humble abodes. One such resident was Stinkin' Rich, Diamond Tiara's great-grandfather who helped make Zap Apple Jam a sensation. before we knew it, we had ourselves a nice little town, bustling with all kinds of ponies. And that is how Ponyville was founded."

A round of applause sounded in the studio as Granny finished her tale.

"Thank you kindly," Granny bowed her heads, "And speaking of zap apple jam, it happened to be in season right now." She pulled a large jar from behind her.

"Why don't Ah treat you all on our break!"

"Rainbow jam on toast!" Silverstream flew into the air in delight, "You can count this hippogriff in."

"Us too," Autumn licked her lips, "I'm starving!"

"We're going to enjoy some proper jam for our break now!" Gabby concluded for today, "Hope to see you all again soon!"

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