• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 55- Black And White

"Ponies and creatures far and wide, today we have a very special guest on our side," Pinkie giggled at her introduction, hinting at who was on their show today.

"A resident from the Everfree, helping mix potions when she's free," Silverstream added her own part.

"Her story, she is willing to share, a lesson to treating all fair and square," Gabby chimed in.

"So please welcome Zecora to our show, let us make her feel at home!" Autumn introduced every creature to the Everfree Forest's resident zebra. Zecora clapped her hooves, congratulating them on their attempts of imitating them.Marble just hummed in congratulations.

"I am pleased that you all have rhymed, and I feel that I will enjoy my time," Zecora smiled as she looked at her interviewers.

"So, let's get this rhyming out of the way," Silverstream started as she flew over to observe the new guest, "I've never seen an actual zebra before!"

"Thank you, and indeed I am unique, which was one reason why the ponies had the creeps. Every time I come to town, every shop I went was closed down," Zecora sighed in sad memory, causing the creatures to look at her with sympathy. Pinkie smiled, knowing things soon turned out for the better.

"What changed for you?" Gabby asked, "Griffons are like that, with their bad temper that we are known for. Believe me, I know the feeling."

"It all started with some Poison Joke, with caused Pinkie and her friends quite some woes. They thought I was the cause of this tragic magical slip, and came to me with a very bad fit. I showed them I'm more than just a cover, and fixed with a cure with no bother," Zecora told them her story with her usual rhyming way. The others simply smiled at her way of storytelling.

"I take it things went okay from there?" Autumn asked, which Zecora nodded.

"I found my place in this lively town, a place where trouble can be found. From parasprites to Spike's growth spurt, it's a miracle no pony got hurt," Zecora chuckled, recalling the times her knowledge and special needs were required, "Even Applebloom when she got the Pox, it's lucky I had the flower to cure and fix the right spots."

"You had quite an experience dealing with the town's mishaps," Gabby contemplated to the zebra.

"Even training Twilight that there was more than magic, when Trixie exiled her it was tragic," Zecora rubbed her chin thoughtfully. Then there was a time when I had to flee, when vines of black were too wild for me. I gave Twilight a potion to look into the past, to help get our troubles on the right track."

"What other things have happened during your time in Ponyville?" Autumn got her going again.

"Twilight thought Discord made her friends like his antics, I gave her a potion to see if it could do the trick. I gave Applebloom and the Crusaders potions to learn, but that left their manes singed and burnt. I may also have caused Rarity to go bold, a mishap on which bottle to get a hold." She chuckled sheepishly at that, a blush on her face at that memory.

"Well, at least Rarity learnt something about shining from the inside out, along with rocking a new hairstyle as a bonus," Pinkie smiled a big smile at that.

"There was a time when I caught Swamp Fever, causing Fluttershy much less sleep for her own sake either. The cure was just honey of Flash Bees, and helped more recover to live and be here."

"There was the time as well when you were helping Spike with his molt smell, which wasn't so bad as I smelt. Seriously, how bad are brussel-sprouts-covered-in-cotton-candy?" Every creature gagged at that description, "And Fluttershy told us the time when you switched Angel and Fluttershy around to help them appreciate how hard each other's lives are. You certainly gave Vet Doctor Fauna a scare that day.

Zecora just gave a wink in understanding.

"Well, Zecora," Silverstream round off today's interview, "Thank you so much for coming onto our show, and I'm glad that everypony in Ponyville has welcomed you with open hooves. Hopefully we can speak and talk about everything zebra-related at the School of Friendship, who would make a great science teacher! See you all again soon, fellow listeners!"

Author's Note:

Rhyming in this chapter was a nightmare :applejackconfused:

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