• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 80- Fun With Your Pet

“Welcome every creature to this very special day, where we celebrate our pets,” Pinkie welcomed every creature to the show, “And what better way to celebrate our beloved animals than with a special pet show edition on Good Morning Equestria!”

“That is right, every creature,” Silverstream happily explained, “We have invited ponies and creatures far and wide to display their animal companions right here in the centre of Ponyville.”

“So without further ado, let’s get this show on the road!” Gabby exclaimed, moving the group to their first stand.

“Hello Headmare Twilight,” Silverstream welcomed their first short guest, “For those who don’t know your pet, why don’t you introduce your owl to our listeners?”

“Well, this here is Owlowiscious. We met when I lost a scroll one windy, cold night, and he retrieved it for me. Unfortunately, Spike felt jealous and left out, but he has learnt hi lesson and we have been living in the castle for a while,” Twilight explained her story.

“And he is a fine-looking owl,” Autumn complimented.

“Who?” Owlowiscious hooted.

“Well, you of course,” Autumn titled her head in confusion.

“Who?” Owlowiscious hooted again.

“I mean-“ Autumn was about to emphasise what she meant, but Pinkie pit a hoof in her mouth.

“Let’s move onto our next stand before that continues on, shall we?” Pinkie chuckled wryly, “And next we are onto Rarity!”

“Hello darlings,” Rarity smiled and waved to every creature, “And this is my precious kitty, Opalescence.” Opalescence looked less that happy being the centre of all the attention, instead taking an interest at Silverstream’s necklace with pearl piece. She began having a playful swipe at it.

“Now, now, Opal,” Rarity warned lightly, “It’s not a toy, you know.” Opalescence gave a small hiss in annoyance before letting her claws out, swiping the necklace so hard that it took Silverstream’s necklace clean off. It bounced across the floor before making a splash into the stream. There was a gasp, followed by a small whimper from the hippogriff.

“Oh, Silverstream, I am so sorry! Opal, say you’re sorry right this instant,” Rarity told her cat off, but all she got was a hiss and Opal turned her back away from her audience. Pinkie was quick to put a comforting hoof around Silverstream.

“Don’t worry, I Pinkie Promise that after this show, we will all pitch in together to look for it in the stream. The current is still, so there’s nothing to worry about, okay?” Pinkie comforted a distraught Silverstream, who nodded sadly. Luckily, Twilight came to the rescue after witnessing what had happened.

“Never fear,” Twilight lit up her horn, “Nothing a quick artefact detection spell to fix everything.” She closed her eyes as she scanned the river. Eventually a certain necklace was levitated out of the water and levitated back to a happy Silverstream. They quickly moved on from Rarity’s reprimanding with Opal.

“Hello Fluttershy,” Autumn welcomed the shy pegasus, “And who is this?” The bunny looked at them with a curious look.

“This is Angel Bunny, the best bunny a pony can have,” Fluttershy introduced, earning an eyeroll from Angel.

“He seems a little, tough,” Gabby hesitated, earning a raspberry, a gasp from Fluttershy and a quick Stare to correct his behaviour, “He may be a bit of an odd case, but he’s really sweet once you get to know him.”

“Well thank you for your time, Professor Fluttershy,” Silverstream thanked, fitting her necklace back on. When they were out of earshot, Pinkie warned them on Angel.

“Be warned, Angel may be his name, but I think there is something from Tartarus about him,” Pinkie half-joked, earning a chuckle from the group. They moved onto Rainbow Dash, busy affectionately scrubbing Tank’s shell. At the sight of the group coming towards them, she quickly went into her ‘tomboy’ mask.

“Rainbow Dash! Nice to see you with Tank,” Pinkie Pie smiled knowingly.

“Thanks, Pinkie,” Rainbow smiled and crouched down towards Tank, “Of course the most awesome flyer, along with her most awesome pet, are out with other pony’s pets, right Tank?” It was at that moment Tank decided to lick Rainbow’s cheek slowly. This earned a sweet ‘d’aww’ from the hosts of G.M.E, but a blush spreading from Rainbow.

“You’re lucky our listeners are just ,well, listeners,” Pinkie chuckled. Rainbow could only nod her head to save herself from further humiliation, which was the cue for the hosts to move onto Applejack.

“Howdy y’all,” Applejack waved at the group, “This here is my trusted dog Winona,” She introduced before going all dog-lover mode, “Who’s a good girl? Yes you are Yes you are!” Winona barked happily and circled around the group, licking each of the hosts’ cheeks affectionately. The group laughed at Winona’s antics. Finally Pinkie reached into her mane and pulled out her familiar alligator.

“And this is, of course, is Gummy!” Pinkie shock her alligator with affectionate enthusiasm, “And he is super happy to see you all again.”

“How can you tell?” Silverstream asked.

“You just know what you’re pet is feeling,” Pinkie hugged Gummy tightly, “A pet some critter you can always rely on. They may not talk like we do, but they are always there to comfort us when we are done, smile when we smile and have fun when we’re having fun.”

“And on that joyful note, we will end it here today. A big thank you to the Element Bearers to showing us our pets, but for now, live from Ponyville Square, it’s goodbye from us!” Autumn rounded off today’s show.

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