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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 93- Crumbled Tastes

“Sugar Belle, welcome to the show and may we say congratulations on your wedding with Big Macintosh. What he lacks in words must make up hugely in love,” Silverstream welcomed and congratulated the unicorn from Starlight’s old village, now residing with her husband at Sweet Apple Acres.

“Thank you so very much,” Sugar Belle smiled sweetly, “It was a chaotic wedding to plan as well as the proposal, in more ways than one, but in the end, it was perfect for all of us.”

“What is it like living in Ponyville?” Gabby asked curiously, “It’s a lot different than Starlight’s old village, am I right?”

“Correction, a lot different,” Sugar Belle answered with a small laugh, “Starlight’s village was in the middle of nowhere really, but we did make something out of it. Ponyville is more hustle and bustle, but not as big as Manehattan or Canterlot. What I mean is that there are a lot more things to do and see.”

“Do you help around the farm and orchard at Sweet Apple Acres?” Autumn asked next.

“From time to time, collecting the apples from the harvest and quality checking them. However, since I’m more of a baker, I help around Sugarcube Corner when Pinkie is away planning and doing parties. Mr and Mrs Cake seem to like my company with Pinkie being, well, Pinkie,” Sugar Belle explained her time so far in Ponyville.

“Speaking of you being a baker, you have agreed to come onto the show to give us all, and our fellow listeners a cooking demonstration,” Pinkie bounced in her place in usual excitement, “Why don’t you tell us what we’re baking today?”

“Inspired by my time at Sweet Apple Acres, I am going to show you all how to make the perfect apple crumble. It’s perfect for an Autumn dessert and goes well after a hearty meal. As they say, you always have a second stomach for dessert.” The group giggled knowingly at that.

“So then, what do we need to make the perfect apple crumble?” Silverstream asked. Sugar Belle poured a bag from under the bench in the studio kitchen.

“First, let’s start peeling three brambly apples. These are fresh from Sweet Apple Acres. If your using apples not straight away, place them in a jug of water,” Sugar Belle explained as she took out the large green apples from her bag, which Silverstream got peeling with her sharp claws. Gabby cut the cores out and cut them into desired sizes. Meanwhile, Autumn used her nirik fire to heat the stove. Marble went to preheat the oven at one-hundred and eighty Celestius.

“Put the sliced apples in a saucepan, then add half a tablespoon of ground cinnamon, two tablespoons of brown sugar and a little bit of water,” Silverstream instructed them. Gabby placed the sliced apples into the saucepan, Pinkie added the powered ingredients as Sugar Belle instructed.

“Now we heat and mix for around five to seven minutes.” They all took it in turns to caramelise the apple slices until soft and easy to cut.

“Marble, you can start with the crumble. Add one-hundred and fifteen grams of butter and the same amount of sugar with one-hundred and seventy-five grams of plain flour. Then just grind the mixture with your hooves,” Sugar Belle turned to Pinkie’s sister. She nodded, adding the ingredients and rubbing it in her hooves in the mixing bowl.

“Now we can all combine this together. In a oven-safe dish, place and spread the apples evenly, adding the crumble mix on top.” Pinkie put the caramelised apples in first, Marble sprinkling the crumble mix on top. Silverstream opened the oven and Gabby placed it in.

“Whilst that is baking, let’s talk about your time in Ponyville. Was it a big change?” Gabby asked Sugar Belle.

“Bit of a shock,” Sugar Belle answered swiftly, “The big challenge was saying goodbye to all my friends at Starlight’s old village, Double Diamond, Party Favour and Night Glider especially. However, I do write to them, asking how the village is going, with special visits to prep my bakery there. Big Mac, has been most helpful delivering supplies back and forth so I can still stay connected in some way.”

“How was the wedding? Is he a good kisser?” Pinkie suddenly asked.

There was dead silence the second the question was asked. Sugar Belle’s face went from pink to red.

On Sweet Apple Acres’, Big Mac’s cider was spewed from his mouth as the rest of the Apple family turned to the radio and then to him. It seemed it was possible for Big Mac’s face to become even redder.

“I-I think he’s a lovely k-kisser,” Sugar said in a hushed tone, even though the microphones picked up on that.

“If that’s true, Ah’m expecting some grandfoals before I bucked the last tree,” Granny Smith smirked. Big Mac wished that the ground would swallow him whole. Granny Smith then turned to Applejack.

“And you’re a strong independent young mare now Applejack. I expected you to find a coltfriend sooner or later.” Applejack almost choked on her breakfast.

“G-Granny!” Applejack wheezed. Applebloom was happy that she wasn’t going to be involved in-

“And those Crusader friends of yours are always talking about some colt named Tender Taps, Ah believed he’s called, that you helped him get his cutie mark.” Applebloom tried hard not to hit her head on the table. Granny Smith left the kitchen, oblivious to her grandfoals’ faces.

“All my grandfoals growin’ up so fast,” Granny Smith muttered as she left sounding like a proud mother.

Luckily, the oven timer gave a ding, telling them that the apple crumble was ready, saving Sugar Belle from further embarrassment. Gabby took it out and they let it cool for a few minutes. Sugar Belle served them a bowlful with custard. The group dug in with gusto, moaning in pleasure at the taste.

“And that is how you make the perfect simple apple crumble,” Sugar Belle giggled at the looks of their faces in bliss.

“Thank you so very much for coming onto the show, Sugar Belle,” Pinkie thanked their guest, “That is all we have time for now, every listener. We hope to see you all again soon!”

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