• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 54- A Flurry Of Cuteness

"Hello Headmare Twilight" Silverstream welcome her teacher and head of the School of Friendship to the show, "And who is this little bundle of joy you've got with you?" Twilight chuckled as she levitated Flurry to Silverstream to held her gently in her claws.

"This is by niece, Flurry Heart. She is Cadance and Shining Armor's daughter who I am baby sitting for them while they have some royal duties to get down to business with," Twilight introduced to the group to the baby alicorn, who was observing the group with deep interest. At that news, Pinkie's eyes bulged at hearing this. Twilight was quick to reassure her.

"Don't worry Pinkie. Flurry won't make a mess out of Sugarcube Corner like last time. Cadance and Shining was quick to send a note to ask me beforehand, so that I can check my schedule." Pinkie breathed a sigh of relief. The others looked at the two friends in confusion.

"Care to tell us what happened at Sugarcube Corner?" Gabby asked with curiosity. Twilight sheepishly chuckled with a small blush on her face.

"Cadance and my brother unexpectedly dropped in one day to when the foals at Cheerilee's school caught the Horsie-Hives. Unfortunately it involved getting cupcakes from the children when Pinkie was on duty at the till. I thought Spike was looking after Flurry with the Cake Twins but things didn't go so well according to plan," Twilight told them. Pinkie continued on

"We didn't see what happened, but let's say it involved some ruined cupcakes and a messy Sugarcube Cupcakes," Pinkie whimpered, "Those poor, poor cupcakes. They will never have the pleasure of being digested by somepony who deserves them." The others simply nodded, not getting what Pinkie Pie was implying.

"She sure sounds like a little trouble maker doesn't see?" Autumn rubbed Flurry's head, causing her to giggle. Both Twilight and Pinkie looked at each other before bursting out into laughter. The others, once again, looked at each other in utter confusion.

"She is a little trouble maker," Twilight said between laughs, "She even broke the Crystal Heart, simply by crying."

"WHAT?!" The group cried out.

"The Crystal Heart? The very relic that helps keep the Frozen North at bay and was used against King Sombra?" Silverstream said.

"Very good knowledge of pony history, Silverstream," Twilight nodded in confirmation, "It was quite a shock to say the least. She even blew a hole in a book we thought could save the relic and the Empire. However, Sunburst managed to figure out that the Crystalling was the only way to save the Crystal Empire."

"She could be the princess of explosions if she keeps that up," Gabby chuckled, only to suddenly duck as a golden laser of magic was aimed at her. Stunned faces, including Twilight turned towards the source. Flurry sat their pouting, with her forlegs crossed.

"Flurry, say you're sorry," Twilight said sternly. Flurry shrunk back, teleported, and gave the griffon a big softy hug. Gabby cooed and looked into her big eyes.

"How can you not forgive her with eyes like that?" Gabby sighed as Flurry flew back to sat on Twilight's lap. Twilight told the hosts another mishap involving Flurry

"There was another incident during Hearth's Warming Eve. Me and our friends drew names out of Applejack's hat to get only one friend a gift. I got Pinkie, so I decided to cook a dessert by Chancellor Puddinghead. However, it need precise measurements. Flurry messed up the recipe when we weren't looking, causing her to create a pudding monster of slime."
Twilight gave Pinkie an apologetic look, but waved a hoof.

"It was lucky that I some reindeer magic stuff," Pinkie giggled.

"Speaking of Flurry, where is she exactly?" Silverstream asked with a wiggle of the eyebrows. Pinkie and Twilight looked down to find a book in her place. Twilight and Pinkie began to frantically look around, praying to Celestia that she didn't cause any more trouble. The sound of giggling and laughter soon caught every creatures' ears, and they all turned their heads to a surprising sight.

Marble was on the floor, tickling Flurry with a smile on her face. The sight of them both, caused the group to give a large D'aww. Upon hearing the group's response, Marble turned to the group. A deep blush spread across her face like a apple. She quickly handed Flurry back to Twilight and went to her seat, hiding in her mane like Fluttershy.

"I didn't know you were great with foals, Marble?" Pinkie smiled, "Maybe you should look after Mr and Mrs Cake's twins some time?" Marble blushed deeper and nodded slowly.

"Well," Autumn smiled, "That's all re have time for today. Thank you Princess Twilight for bringing Flurry along, and we will see you all again soon!"

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