• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 67- Critter Care

"Thank you Fluttershy for welcoming us to your animal sanctuary today," Pinkie thanked her friend for the invitation to the open space. The other creatures, who were new to the site, looked around with curiosity and awe.

"This place is huge, and with so many animals,” Silverstream said with excitement, “How long did it take to create this space?”

“Well, I had some difficulties to begin with,” Fluttershy explained, “My friends brought different ponies who they thought would be able to help me with my dream. However, there was some conflict on what I wanted over there’s, which ended in a teeny disaster. I learnt to stand up for what I believed as right and to believe in accomplishing my dreams. With the help from my friends, plus a very special pony that me and Twilight helped in a friendship mission, we were able to create this sanctuary that I envisioned.”

“It will certainly make Rarity proud with what you’ve done,” Pinkie complimented, causing the timid pegasus to blush at the comment.

“And who was it for, or was it just for the animals?” Gabby asked next.

“It was for Ponyville’s local vet, Doctor Fauna,” Fluttershy chuckled sheepishly, “I may have told every pony and every critter in Ponyville that she was the best vet. So everypony and every critter may have come to her, causing her to be overworked and the animals decided to stay.”

“So you created this sanctuary as a way to say sorry?” Silverstream scratched her head with a single claw.

“Well, I guess you can say it that way,” Fluttershy giggled, “It’s so that when animals have been inspected by Doctor Fauna, she can take care of their injuries, take them out here to recover and then, when they are fully healed, they can leave as they please.”

“That sounds fun!” Pinkie jumped to joy before spotting somepony in the distance, “And speaking of Doctor Fauna, guess who’s over there!” She pointed a hoof to where the local vet pony was. She was currently inspecting a family of otters, feeding them fish as she worked as a treat for their good behaviour.

“Doctor Fauna,” Fluttershy called, “We have visitors.” Doctor Fauna turned around to see the hosts of G.M.E.

“Well flutter my butterflies! Why didn’t you say so earlier?” Doctor Fauna smiled and waved them over.

“Hope we weren’t interrupting your treatment,” Autumn apologised.

“Don’t fret about it,” Doctor Fauna reassured them.

“So what’s it like working here and at the local vet?” Gabby asked.

“I enjoy both really, if I’m honest,” Doctor Fauna said, “Though that one time when Zecora switched Fluttershy and Angel Bunny was one that completely took me by surprise.” With wide-eyed faces, the others turned to Fluttershy for clarification. She squeaked and hid her face behind her mane in the usual cute way.

“Angel and I had an argument about spending time together when we worked. Zecora had the idea of seeing our problems by switching our bodies. It was an interesting experience to say the least and it made us appreciate our time together,” Fluttershy quietly told what happened.

“Wow,” Gabby gaped.

“At the same time, I was trying to solve the case if a strange gecko lizard, which was in fact a fire-breathing lizard,” Fauna chuckled.

“Well, thank you for sharing your stories and time at the sanctuary,” Pinkie thanked and gave Fluttershy a big hug, “Sorry to keep it short, but we must really let them get to work. Healing doesn’t happen overnight now does it?”

“A little love and care goes further than you could image,” Fluttershy giggled.

“We just do our best in easing every critter’s pain and relieve them in the best way we can, no matter on animals or ponies,” Doctor Fauna smiled as she went on with her next thing on a checklist.

“That’s good to hear,” Gabby smiled, “And I hope you will give each animal as much love and attention as you can.”

It was at that moment a white rabbit came along and tapped Fluttershy on the leg.

“And speaking of time and care, alright Angel I did promise you to take you out for a tea party.” Angle did a small jig with his legs.

“Bye ever creature,” Fluttershy left with a wave of her wing.

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