• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 72- Celebrating Father's Day

"Hello every creature on this very special day, celebrating our dad's in the best way we can!" Pinkie Pie welcome their listeners on Father’s Day, “Me and Marble here are going to so show you have to celebrate Father’s Day in style!” Pinkie then gave a theatrical gasp, “Oh, I sound like Rarity! Fabulous, darling! Fabulous!” Gabby cleared her throat, trying to get Pinkie back on track.

“Right, how to celebrate Father’s Day,” Pinkie nodded, “We are going to use our dad, Igneous, as an example for our celebration for him, isn’t that right, Marble?” Marble fell victim to another of Pinkie Pie’s rib squeezing hugs. She just nodded as she tried to find air. Pinkie quickly let go, causing Marble to stumble off her seat.

“First on our list is cards! Fill your cards with pictures of whatever your daddy likes. I’m decorating my with rock formations and fissure lines! Marble will be adding the sequins! You can never have enough sequins! Now I really do sound like Rarity!” Pinkie gushed.

“Focus please,” Autumn sighed as she went on with decorating her card with forest themes of butterflies and leaves. Gabby went with illustrations of the griffons against the Arimaspi, taker of the Idol of Boreas. Silverstream went griffons tackling and wrestling in the sky over Mount Aris for her dad, Skybeak. They continued doing their doodles as Pinkie Pie went onto the next step.

“Next, we come to the next part of the cards are the messages. The best sort of messages come from within the heart. Something just screams how amazing your dad is. It could be what they do for you, what they mean to you, what makes them unique and the best dad in the world,” Pinkie listed off her tips to every creature. Each one of them thought long and hard for something to write before scribbling down their messages of love. Once that was done, they put their cards in an envelope each and licked the top to seal it.

“Next we come to the best part! Gifts! Give them something special that they wouldn’t get them, themselves. Something that they didn’t know they needed, or something that will truly surprise them and will make their day even better!” Pinkie then turned to the group, “I know this is live and all, but you wouldn’t mind telling every creature what you brought for your parents? It could really help give others some inspiration for what they would get their dads.”

“On Mount Aris, there is a special day called Proud to be a Hippogriff Day. My dad takes part in the sky wrestling in full armour, but that gets rusty super-fast, especially around the helmet. So I wanted to surprise my and Terramar’s dad with a new helmet so he can compete in more matches to come!” Silverstream explained her and Terramar’s gift.

“My dad is trying to improve Griffonstone’s scone recipe with your baking powder, Pinkie,” Gabby explained enthusiastically, “I am going to buy some more in Ponyville to help stock him up so it saves me time for getting the train back to Griffonstone.”

“Baking powder, one hundred percent guaranteed to spread love and friendship in every bake,” Pinkie winked, “Well, me and Marble know how much our dad loves collecting rocks for his mineral collections, so me, Marble, Maud and Limestone have worked together to find the rarest stone we can find, Fulgurite! A beautiful deep blue gem!”

“My dad will be getting a new hoof-made crafted basket for when he goes selling fruit at the village,” Autumn explained, “He old stall and baskets during our nirik explosion, so some new equipment will be something truly special.”

“That’s all great ideas guys!” Pinkie clapped her hooves together, “Finally, food! Treat them to a bed in breakfast, something that they don’t need to cook in the kitchen. If you really want to push the boat out, treat them to a fancy restaurant or café that they know, or something new and different. Whatever you’re doing this Father’s Day, do it out of love.”

“And that’s Pinkie Pie’s tips for celebrating Father’s Day as a family!” Silverstream rounded off for every creature, “Hope you have a good day with your dads, wherever you are in Equestria or beyond! Goodbye for now!”

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