• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 83- Painting From The Heart

“Hello every creature. After the epic adventure of last time, I have planned something more relaxing and something that all you creatures might want to get involved in,” Pinkie introduced very creature to the show, “Hope you have your creative brains on today, because it’s time to get creative!”

“Pinkie, or Professor Pinkie, at the School of Friendship is in charge of music and art lessons, showing us how friendship is a masterpiece in itself,” Silverstream explained what they had planned today, “So she thought, with Headmare Twilight’s backing, that we do an art session in the studio for today.”

“We have our canvases set, colours at the ready and brushes in hoof, claw and talon,” Autumn waved her brush in the air excitedly.

“So grab a canvas, take a look around that inspires you, and paint with your heart!” Gabby encouraged every listener to get involved and turned to her host partners, “Why don’t we tell our listeners what we are going to paint? Maybe it will inspire them with something.”

“Great idea!” Pinkie exclaimed in excitement, “I’m painting my favourite foods. I’m talking about pastries, cake, ice cream, cookies, choco-“ Pinkie never finished her never-ending list of treats as Marble, being her sister and knowing what she will ramble on about, put a hoof to her sisters mouth. She gave a firm shake of the head, indicating to stop while she was ahead. The others gave Marble a thankful smile, Autumn happy that she will not have to live through another Chimicherry-Cherrychanga moment.

Slowly, Marble released her hoof from Pinkie’s mouth. What she didn’t expect was for Pinkie to latch onto Marble, pulling her into a sisterly warm hug. Marble was, again, in the right grip of a Pinkie hug as Pinkie talked about what her sister was going to paint.

“Marble is going to paint a lovely rocky scenery, of mountains and all types of rock formations. It will be a nice snowy landscape, with fluffy clouds and bare tress. Isn’t that right, Marble?” Pinkie turned to her sister. Marble, who was trapped in her sister’s embrace, could only nod in confirmation about what she was going to paint on her canvas. Pinkie was unaware of her sister’s discomfort and let go of her sister, who was unceremoniously dropped back to the floor, breathing for oxygen. Gabby decided to describe what she was going to paint so Marble could get some air.

“Mine will be something off of Griffon mythology,” Gabby puffed and thumped her chest proudly, “It will be depicting the great griffons of old. We were mighty warriors who fought against rivals and valued our chivalry more than gold back when we had the Idol of Borealis. I want to capture that. Maybe when I take it back to Griffonstone, other griffons will value what we were like back in the old day.”

“Are you going to charge them bits to see it?” Autumn half-joked. Gabby gasped.

“Of course not!” Gabby gasped in horror, “Shouldn’t art be appreciated for all to see?”

“Well,” Autumn continued with her idea on what she was painting, “Just like my name, I going to paint a forest in Autumn at the Peaks of Peril. The colours when they turn from a calm green to burning red and gold reminds me of us kirin, from calm to burning nirik.”

“Well, I think you have a burning passion to start painting,” Pinkie joked. Autumn huffed as the others tried to hold their laughter together.

“Mine is all about movement,” Silverstream added, “Impressionism is all about the movement of water and passage of time. I think it was a type of art created by a painter called Marenet in Prance. It involves seeing the world differently with sharp brushstrokes. I will be painting the ocean currents of Sequestria, the movement of seaweed and the rippling of water when it crashes against the shore. I would perch on a rock, watching the water all day.” She gave a happy sigh at that, causing the other creatures to small at that.

“How did you know who Marenet was?” Pinkie asked.

“Well Twilight of course,” Silverstream answered simply, causing a noise of acknowledgement from Pinkie.

“Well, good luck every creature with your masterpieces!” Pinkie Pie wished them luck “Let’s get painting!” Every creature began to work on their canvases, adding bit by bit to their masterpiece. Each creature started on a different area. Gabby added her work with smooth strokes, whilst Silverstream made short, sharp brushstrokes on her canvas. Autumn worked quickly but effectively, having a keen eye on detail that could rival Rarity when she’s in her zone.

It was Pinkie who attacked her canvas with gusto. She showered it with layer upon layer of paint. It others had to move their canvases out of the way so they won’t be within Pinkie’s firing line. The paint was so thick and dense that it dripped down the canvas and onto the studio floor. Cleaning all this up.

Eventually, they finished and they all took a step back to admire each other’s and their own works. However, the same couldn’t be said for Pinkie’s being to heavy, the canvas fell on Pinkie, causing her head to appear on the other side. The others looked at the chaos of colour and broken wood at her area.

“Look!” Pinkie joked, covered in paint, “I did a self-portrait instead!” That caused the others to laugh at Pinkie’s messy joke.

“Well, I think we better have a break here to clean up this mess,” Autumn observed the colourful chaos of the studio, “We will be back shortly, so don’t go anywhere!”

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