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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 101- Stroke Of Luck Pt.3

“We are live, coming to you from the Manehattan Equestria Games Swimming Pool for another day of sports and drama!” Silverstream introduced every creature back to the Games, “As always, a member of the R.U.G. is here with us today, and so here is the Great and Powerful Trixie!”

“Thank you for the invitation to join you as we are here at this grand swimming pool to watch the relay swimming race,” Trixie thanked Silverstream for her welcome, “The city is one big Equestria Games venue as different venues have been set or newly built to accommodate the Games, and the Manehattan Equestria Games Swimming Pool is one of these venues that have been built. Furthermore, in the future after the games are done here, the are going to convert this into a public pool for every pony and creature.”

“Well that is one way to splash the cash,” Silverstream joked lightly, “But let’s dive right into the here and now as we turn our attention to the relay swimming. What are the rules of the game, Trixie?” Trixie levitated a scroll to read the official Equestria Games Committee rules.

“Each team has three swimmers, which at the sound of the klaxon, must dive in,” Trixie read for the listeners to understand what will happen, “They will have to swim to the end, flip around underwater and swim back. It is when they touch the wall that the other swimmer can dive in and do their laps. The winner is the first one to have all their swimmers back at the start.” Trixie handed the rules in her magic to Silverstream.

“I think they will have to do forward stroke as it’s the quickest in order to get their team members back is the winner. Simple!” Silverstream then turned her attention to the list of participants at the bottom:

1. Baltimare
2. Manehattan
3. Griffonstone
4. Canterlot
5. Ponyville
6. Mount Aris.

“I know what you are all thinking, why isn’t Seaquestria there?” Silverstream chuckled seeing Trixie’s confused face at the bottom name, “Well Seaquestria and Mount Aris falls under the same Kingdom with Queen Novo. In addition, as a sign of equal advantage, the Equestria Games Committee didn’t want seaponies or pearl magic that would make the race have disadvantages.”

“That actually makes sense,” Trixie pondered at that, “Of course you will be rooting for Mount Aris then, but swimming is a lot different than rowing. We also wish Ponyville’s swimmers the best of luck, as well as all the other competing cities that make up our land of Equestria.”

It was then that a final bell rang around the pool, calling all the swimmers to take to their places. The first swimmer approached the pool and crouched down, waiting for the signal. A adjudicator was at the edge of the pool.

“On your marks…” The stallion announced before the klaxon sounded with a loud honk. The first divers jumped straight into the pool, kicking water immediately. The cheers were ferocious as the creatures watching rooted for their kingdom or city. From the commentary booth, Silverstream and Trixie were locked in attention.

“It’s Baltimare that has the strong lead as they make it halfway down the pool. Mount Aris’ hippogriff swimmer is coming behind them, with Ponyville falling behind them. The rest are battling it out with dignity and drive,” Trixie talked as she watched the swimmers.

“Baltimare has made it to the other side now, turns and is now coming straight back to his teammates, creating a good distance as he does so. Mount Aris is trying to close that gap, but it’s quite a challenge,” Silverstream was flapping her wings with excitement.

“Baltimare switches swimmer, as does Mount Aris and Ponyville. Now it’s the second swimmers’ task to keep up the pace made by the first,” Trixie watched with rapt attention, “Manehattan, Canterlot and Griffonstone are trailing behind, but going strong for their kingdom and city.”

“Let’s turn our attention back to Baltimare who are wiping away at this relay,” Silverstream commented, “They are making their way back to the other wall now, and so the final swimmer takes the final lap of the pool. Mount Aris, pearl magic or not, are swimming admirably and I think we will be pride to take a silver. Ponyville too will be happy with getting a medal, or bronze in this case.”

“It all rests down to this final lap now,” Trixie watched at the edge of her seat, “Mount Aris’ final swimmer is closing the gap, but I don’t think it will be enough to do damage with the momentum the simmer from Baltimare has. They turn and now it’s a mad swim back to their side again.”

“The crowd is cheering them on in passion,” Silverstream watched, “A see of flags and colours are all I can see. I mean us creatures are quite colourful ourselves, but this is a moving wave of flags like the ripples of the swimming pool!”

“Baltimare secures first place with ease, with Mount Aris finishing comfortably in second place. Ponyville will be pleased for taking away the bronze,” Trixie smiled as she watched the teams congratulate themselves and other competitors, “What a great show or sportsmanship and team spirit.”

After drying off with towels with more hugs from their coaches, it was time for the medals ceremony. Ponyville stepped up first, being presented with their bronze medals and bouquets. Mount Aris happily accepted their silver medal, proud to add another medal to the count. Finally, Baltimare stood into first place and were given their gold medals. They crowd then stood up for Baltimare’s national anthem.

“Well, there you go every creature,” Trixie rounded up, “Another great day of sports and events. Thank you Silverstream for allowing to come onto G.M.E.”

“Thank you as well,” Silverstream smiled, “Like sports, it’s great company and spirit to be joined by different creatures and ponies. That is all for Good Morning Equestria, live in Manehattan. We will see you all again soon, but have a great day and enjoy the other sports!”

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