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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 82- Quest Ahead Pt.2

“So, Sorcerer Garbunkle,” Inferno (Autumn Blaze) asked, “What is our quest? Does it involve a lot of evil having to be served justice?”

“You mean just desserts?” Lady Explodes-A-Lot (Pinkie) came in, “Because I can be serving justice and desserts at the same time!” The group gave her weird looks, but then again, it’s Pinkie.

“The evil Squizard has captured Princess Shmarity in his castle. We must go forth and rescue her before it’s too late!” Sorcerer Garbunkle (Spike) told them about their mission for the day.

“Again with your fantasies of being saving your damsel in distress?” Captain Wuzz (Discord) hinted, “You know that Rarity in real life can fend for herself as well, you know? I recall you told me about the incident involving the Diamond Dogs.” The others chuckled as a blush appeared on Sorcerer Garbunkle’s face.

“I found her to be rather dramatic,” Guard Swiftstroke (Gabby) sighed.

“We can expect deadly traps, sneak attacks and ambushes the closer we get to the Squizard’s castle, so we must look out for each other and be on high alert. Is that clear to every creature?” They nodded, “In that case, we’re moving out!”

They began their walk towards the castle, but not even a few minutes into their journey, they were met with an army of skeleton pony cut-outs. The group were in formation, ready for the attack, whilst Silent Night (Marble) cowered down with her hooves to her eyes. Then, climbing onto a dice, was the evil Squizard. Sorcerer Garbunkle’s eyes narrowed at the sight of the most hated creature of all the land.

“Squizard!” Sorcerer Garbunkle cried out and pointed his staff at the scum of the land, “Tell us where you have taken Princess Shmarity, or face our justice!”

“Fools!” The Squizard cackled in laughter, “You think I will tell you where your fair princess is? You will be defeated here in battle, and your very names will be forgotten to the winds of history as a bunch of random creatures!”

“That’s a very convincing villain,” Typhoon Force (Silverstream) complimented, “He will make the Storm King run for his bits.”

“Thank you,” Captain Wuzz winked, “All part of the game.”

“You’re the one who will be defeated today, because we may be different creatures, but we’re stronger when united together!” Sorcerer Garbunkle declared.

“Eeyup!” Sir McBiggun (Big Macintosh) confirmed. The others got ready for an impending attack.

“We will see about that,” The Squizard laughed evilly before summoning his army, “Skeleton ponies, attack!” At one, the cut-outs launched themselves to towards the small group of unlikely heroes. As one, though Marble was hesitant, pounced and that battle began.

Typhoon Force was swift as she was lethal. She flew through the air with a deadly beauty about her. The skeleton soldiers just couldn’t keep up with the pace as she moved from solider to soldier, piercing them with the sharp spear. The skeleton soldiers didn’t even know what struck them, as she became a pink blur that would make Rainbow Dash proud. She defeated her group easily with a triumphant air-bump.

“This Typhoon has brought a tidal wave!” Typhoon Force declared proudly, “I am brining a storm of justice to all who dare stand with evil!”

Meanwhile, Guard Swiftstroke, was also making shredded paper work of the army. Wielding her trusty blade, she sliced and diced her way through the horde of soldiers. Her thick Griffonstone armour protected her from paper cuts from the soliders’ swords, but allowing fluid movements with the sword as she cut through the army.

“Never surrender, never lose hope, not when evil is at large!” Guard Swiftstroke chanted as she cut her way through.

Silent Night was cornered, with her back to a dice, three skeleton soldiers cutting her off. They were about to go in on the attack when an explosion caused them to rocket right up into the sky. Marble looked towards her saviour, who was none other than Lady Explodes-A-Lot, with her trusty party canon by her side. Then another batch of soldiers came in on the attack. Pinkie directed her canon towards them, halting them to the spot.

“Say hello to my little friend,” Lady Explodes-A-Lot sneered wickedly, firing her canon off, “Marble, you have a bow and arrow! Use it!” That was the signal for Marble to grab the arrow with trembling hooves, holding the arrow in place before letting it fly. What she and Pinkie didn’t expect was it to zoom around like a rogue firework, striking multiple soldiers. Discord made multi-target arrows for Silent, knowing she won’t be good on her first go, or if she was on her own.

“That was amazing!” Lady Explodes-A-Lot exclaimed, “Do it again!” And so sisters, back to back, faced the horde of soldiers from all sides.

Inferno was in full nirik form, her fire-proof armour protecting her and glowing as she charged at the at them. Her fire-sword swung back and forth, setting fire to those unfortunate enough to come into striking distance. Soldiers ran around screaming in fire as their paper bodies were burnt to a crisp.

“And too close, and you will feel my burning passion to bring justice to all who have chosen the dark path!” Inferno roared.

Captain Wuzz, Sir McBiggun and Sorcerer Garbunkle were in a group together, knowing the game many times before. Wuzz provided the cover fire with magical blasts from his staff, Captain Wuzz covered the easy pickings and Sir McBiggun dealt with those who got too close.

Eventually, it was the teaming of the G.M.E and the Guys’ Nights crew that were victorious. They appeared together in a triumphant pose, on top of defeated skeleton ponies. It was then that Captain Wuzz spotted the Squizard trying to make a run for it.

“Curse you!” He cried in revenge as he ran, “Curse you all to the depths of Tartarus!”
“Inferno!” Captain Wuzz cried out. Inferno got the signal, lighting one of Captain Wuzz’s arrowheads on fire. He pulled back and let the arrow fly, hitting the Squizard right on the evil backside. The Squizard cried in agony before collapsing to the ground in a crumpled pile of burning paper.

“Onwards!” Sorcerer Garbunkle instructed, “There is still a princess waiting to be rescue!” The others nodded and headed towards the castle. They easily overwhelmed the remaining soldiers and guards until the made it to the dungeon tower. Sorcerer Garbunkle yanked the door open, and there in the centre of the cell, was Princess Shmarity.

“Princess Shmarity!” Sorcerer Garbunkle, “It is I-“

“I?” Captain Wuzz smirked.

“It is we,” Sorcerer Garbunkle quickly corrected, "Who have rescued you from the evil Squizard and freed you from this cell!”

“My heroes!” Princess Shmarity cried in joy, causing the others to gag at Spike’s little fantasy. It got more awkward when Spike’s lips were about the meet the paper cut-out princess’.

“And that’s quite enough of that!” Captain Wuzz quickly snapped his fingers. Instantly, the group were seated back in the studio, out of their armour and costumes. Spike let out a sigh in defeat.

“But every quest story ends with a kiss!” Spike whined, “Why didn’t you let me have this one?”

“There are foals listening to this, and anyway,” Discord then went into a movie director get up with a long strip of movie film, “I wanted to keep this mature.”

“You recorded the whole battle?!” Silverstream asked in surprise, “How?!”

“I’m Discord, best not to ask,” Discord winked.

“Well, thank you Spike, Big Mac and Discord for inviting us to play Ogres and Oubliettes in your fantasy world!” Gabby thanked, “Now if you excuse us! We are going to watch our quest together. See you all soon!”

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