• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 109- Village Tour Pt.10

“Hello every listener, this is the one and only Rainbow Dash, athlete of the Equestria Games and now gold medalist of the flying relay. Be sure to check that out from the R.U.G. channel,” Rainbow Dash proudly announced, “So both channels have asked me if I was willing to cover the Equestria Games’ Village as reporters aren’t allowed entrance for privacy, and I think that is was such an awesome idea! So I’m taking you away from the sports to bring you an exclusive inside look at what goes in when all the athletes are done or are waiting for their sports.”

Rainbow Dash had the microphone in her hooves as she opened the door and stepped into her apartment. “So this is where all the athletes from the Equestria Games crash, specifically Ponyville’s accommodation. I think Chicoltgo is a floor below us and Cloudsdale is a floor above us, but it’s awesome mingling with all the different athletes. We sign each other’s autographs, take pictures with each other or every creature holding our medals and have a laugh.” She opened the door, only for a scream to come and a towel being thrown at her, which she quickly ducked.

“Oops,” Rainbow chuckled, “And it’s always best to knock before entering another creature’s room. That was the athlete from the Crystal Empire by the way. We share the corridor with them. My room is shared with Fluttershy and Scootaloo on one end, with Bulk Biceps being the only stallion on the other end.” She opened the sliding door to the balcony.

“We have such a cool view of the city, with views of the Statue of Libmarety, Saddle Row and the main square all in one. Sweet!” Rainbow squeed, “I love warming up by flying a few circles around the block. I often see the Wonderbolts do the same thing and we wave and chat whilst flying, planning our next Wonderbolts show, talking about the sports and other awesome things!” She cloed it and entered the lounge.

“We have a small kitchen with kettle, fridge and other essentials, blah, blah blah,” Rainbow rambled on, then grabbed something from a table, “This is my lanyard, with picture and name to know that I’m an athlete competing at the games. Fluttershy, Bulk and Scootaloo has one, Scootaloo also has another pass to show that she was part of the flag carrying procession as well.” She they slowly flew out of their apartment and quickly sped outside.

“Now that I have showed you our awesome flat, we get to all the cool stuff going on outside,” Rainbow said breathlessly, “The village is massive, with several blocks containing the different athletes from all over Equestria and kingdoms. The flags tell you where they all come from, so I can tell you that the Mount Aris is the block on my left and Canterlot is the block on my right.” She lazily flapped her wings towards the next big building besides the blocks of residence.

“This is the canteen where they cater for every city and kingdom. They literally have everything to represent the culture from everywhere,” Rainbow Dash licked her lips as she flew inside, “I’m talking about seaweed bakes from Mount Aris, pumpkin soup specials from the Peaks of Peril, the finest desserts from Canterlot and everything in-between. Every athlete enjoys trying and sampling a little culture and it’s fun seeing different creatures’ reaction to eating something new.”

“Now when they mean village, they mean an actual village,” Rainbow continued outside, “I’m on this amazing street where they have literally everything you would expect from a common street. There’s a hair salon, gift shop, post office for stamps and repair shop for sports equipment. Manehattan have essentially created this mini area so athletes don’t have to leave and get swarmed by the press and fans.”

“With the Games being bigger than ever, they have provided every competing city and kingdom with a laundry section as well. Though I’m not like Rarity, there are certainly times when I need to clean my uniform for processions and racing because it’s hot stuff,” Rainbow chuckled, “Travelling is easy as well. Taxi drivers have volunteered to transport athletes around to the different stadiums on time, as we are given priority over the usual hustle and bustle of the city.” She then flew around a corner and onto another street.

“Now this is really cool,” Rainbow said, “They have a special street with every flag of every kingdom and city competing in the games. It’s a mark of respect in the hope of inspire sportsmanship and loyalty to each other, the Games and every city in and beyond Equestria. The walkway spans the entire village to showcase the flags, stretching from the village centre to the bay where there are more awesome views of Manehattan Station and the bridge.”

“There are also many open gyms and parks to train and a great place to chat with other athletes. This is more than sports, it’s friendship through it. A moment for every athlete, regardless of city, kingdom or background, coming together to share the moment,” Rainbow had a dreamy smile on her face, “Well, that’s all from my Equestria Games’ Village tour, with me Rainbow Dash. Thank you to Good Morning Equestria for asking me to do this tour, but from Manehattan, it’s goodbye for now.”

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