Good Morning Equestria

by Quoterific

First published

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

Cover art and story was Inspired by the fanart: Good Morning Equestria
By dstears

Equestria's newest of the radio has made a new show popular. It stars the Element of Laughter Pinkie Pie, kirin Autumn Blaze, student Silverstream, Gabby Griffon and Pinkie's sister Marble Pie. Listens get to hear the latest from across the kingdoms, from music to trends and everything in-between. Who knows what they will talk about next.

These will be a series of short chapters to get me started ^^
Hopefully they will be short but sweet little moments of fun

Chapter 1- Good Morning Equestria

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Sleep. Something that seemed so simple and yet so blissful for a dragon sleeping in his cosy bed. It was a special place within the mind where you can relieve all the stress of a busy day, running around with a checklist in hand and constantly following behind a frantic lavender alicorn. A place where the whole you can make up anything, knowing that there is a guardian of the night and the Dream Realm, protecting you from the nightmares within. Nothing could be more perfect than-


Then again, there are certain things that would eventually bring you back to reality. Spike awoke with a yelp, accompanied by a similar scream from his neighbouring bed and a loud thump. Equestria's newest invention, the so-called radio, as been both a blessing and a cursed nuisance to those who now own this new piece of technology. Twilight Sparkle, being the lover to inventions, has installed one for the Castle of Friendship.

The invention now has a host of channels, but none more popular than Good Morning Equestria, hosted by Ponyville's very own pink party planner. However, she wasn't the only host of the show.

Twilight groaned and rubbed her sore head, but chuckled as she began to listen to the most popular radio show in Equestria.

"This is Pinkie Pie! What a lovely morning Celestia as given us and I hope you are all in tip-top shape to seize the day," Pinkie spoke in her usual bubbly self, as if she was in the very room. "Of course, I am not alone in the studio as I am joined by many creatures far and wide. Seriously, just me in the studio would be boring. So I'll let the others introduce themselves too."

"Hello everycreature. This is the one and only griffon Gabby. Hope you are all good and ready for a great day."

Gabby was known to the Princess of Friendship ever since the Cutie Mark Crusaders encounter and her problem of finding a purpose in her life. Even as far as asking for a cutie mark. The CMC talked to Gabby about being a part of the latest invention's new talk show. Since she was a deliverer, and this device can deliver things as well, it made sense. She and Pinkie hit it off from the start and she threw herself in with both talons.

"Coming from all the way from Seaquestria and Mount Aris, It is Silverstream. Hello mum and dad, you too Terramar. This is so exciting and positively the best invention and show ever!"

Silverstream practically begged to be on the new show, promising to make time for friendship lessons in between. Twilight was sceptical of course, being the organiser of things at the School of Friendship. However, she has become an overnight sensation from Equestria to the land of the hippogriffs. Twilight has always admired her interests in new things, so naturally she would want to try something new like a radio talk show.

"Hello, hi, welcome, gosh, so many words to greet some creature, This is Autumn Blaze. This is so exciting, what joy it is to be on the show. I have so much to say, and tell, and do and show and, oh, this is going to be just amazing!"

Autumn Blaze, Twilight knew just briefly after Applejack's and Fluttershy's friendship mission to the Peaks of Peril, homeland of the kirins. Applejack told everything about her to Twilight, who probably shouldn't have told everything about her to Pinkie Pie of all ponies. Autumn Blaze could rival the pink pony in a rambling of words that is enough to make Rainbow Dash bury her head in the earth. Their first encounter almost made the pegasus do just that.

"And this is my sister Marble Pie. She is super excited to be on the show and hopes you are all doing great this morning. Isn't that right, Marble?"

Nothing could be heard from the radio at first, but Twilight and Spike could just make out a hum of acknowledgement. Marble was an interesting choice. Pinkie thought that it would help bring her out of her shell some more. Twilight thought it would be better for Marble to work at her own pace, if Pinkie doesn't but-in every time she tries to have a moment to speak.

And that made up Equestria's popular radio show. Every morning, they would be awaken by the ever enthusiastic Pinkie and her crew, talking about the latest trends, news and more. Needless to say, both Twilight and Spike has enjoyed their talks. Sometimes it was a range of normal topics, the the borderline extreme and crazy. However, that's what happens when you gather the most talkative creatures from Equestria and beyond, get them in a studio room and let them ramble on whatever comes to mind.

Celestia have mercy upon the listeners' ears.

Chapter 2- The Day-Night Scenario

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"So then, are you a day or night creature?"

Far off on a certain castle, perched precariously off a mountain, two divine goddesses felt a strange disturbance as their ears swivelled to the radio they have installed themselves, with thanks from the maids and servants. Celestia gave her sister a sly smirk, which as mirrored by Luna. This was going to an interesting one.

"Well duh," Autumn started the debate, "The day time is when us kirins can do comedy jokes that always cause a riot. I love to see the view from where I use to hang out before the kirins banished me due to my talking during their vow of silence. We love making each other laugh and have fun."

Celestia's smirk grew as she sipped her morning tea. Luna's grew into a growl as she took her coffee. Only to find that it was too hot and she promptly spat it out. This earned an even bigger smile from her sister.

"Well evening parties are the best-est. Late-night dancing, extra punch, pinata and then roasting marshmallows on an open fire. you simply can't beat a party that will last forever,"
Pinkie countered with the same vigor as always.

"That's my line, but I'll take it as a point," Luna teased, as Celestia just held her nose up like the nobles that would bore her to no end at morning court.

"Day time is the best for the service sector, " Gabby chimed in, "Griffonstone may have the griffons to contend with, but back in Ponyville, it's nice to wake up, get your mail for the day at the post office, go to the doors and see so many smiling faces as they take in a breath of morning air, greeting you as if not a care in the world."

"I believe that is two-to-one for me," Celestia quipped. Luna rolled her eyes as she hoped for salvation.

"Well my sister here," Pinkie said, grabbing Marble before she could even protest, "Is a night mare. She used to look out just before Hearth's Warming Eve and stare out on the rock farm, watching the snow fall. She once had a dream of finding pure gold on the farm and raised bits for our family. Isn't that sweet?!" Pinkie held her sister by the cheeks, much to poor Marble's displeasure. It's lucky listeners couldn't see the blush forming on her.

"And I believe that we're even," The Lunar Princess announced proudly.

"Did you have anything to do with Marble's dream perhaps?" Celestia asked with a raised brow.

"No idea what you're talking about," Luna quickly said before tucking into Celestia's homemade pancakes.

"Well I prefer both. In the day, you can spend every minute listening to the sounds of nature in the Harmonising Heights of Mount Aris. I love flying with the birds and butterflies, listening to their tweets and singing. Then at night in Seaquestria, loads of jellyfish emit this amazing glow that make the sea shine.. We even have a Glow Festival when we get a bloom of jellyfish that looks like the whole ocean is on fire!" Silverstream added with her bubbly enthusiasm.

"And that concludes this part of the show. Right now this is The New Me, by Rara. We'll be back after the song," Pinkie concluded before the song echoed through the dining hall.

"Well that was a disappointing score," Celestia half-joked.
"Who is really the best royal sister now?" Luna mocked.

Then both looked at each other with large grins.

"I hear Rainbow Dash and Applejack have a contest to she who's the best. I think it's called the Iron Pony Contest," Celestia thought.

"Write a scroll to Twilight. Let's see what we can do about that," Luna answered knowingly.

Chapter 3- Musical Thought

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"And that was The Magic Inside, by the amazing singer Rara, formally known as Countess Coloratura," Pinkie concluded once the song had finished, "Will it hold on to the to spot on the Equestria Top 40? You'll have to wait until next weekend!"

"Isn't it amazing how the simple joys of music are randomly expressed every now and again?" Autumn questioned, "I once burst out into song when explaining to your friend Applejack about the Vow of Silence."

At Sweet Apple Acres, an orange mare groaned at the memory of that certain song.
"That bad?" Applebloom asked.

"Made me wanna put Mah head in the nearest fertiliser," Applejack grumbled, "She even recited a plot to a kirin play of a kirin who fell in love with this opera singer, and he wore a freaky half-mask thing, and he played the organ a lot and got all broody 'cause the singer was in love with another dude, so he took her away on this underground gondola," Applejack finished without a single breath.

"Woah..." Her sister simple said.

"Eeyup," Big Mac Added.

"I burst into song every time!" Pinkie excitedly explained, "You just have to let it go and sing it out! La-la-la-la-"
Marble thankfully plugged her sister's mouth with a hoof to save the listeners' ears.

"Maybe it's a way of escaping the pressures of existence in the form of a euphoria that is expressed in a way that shows escape from all that holds us down!" Gabby added to the now philosophical talk show. Everyone just looked at her clarification.

"It brings out every creature's happy!" Gabby added excitedly.

"Singing is a freedom that holds no boundaries," Silverstream chimed in, "It shows how we feel in a way that no other media can. Words on pages are there for all to see, but it is with the power of song that brings out our true turmoil." Every creature in the room nodded in agreement.

"Maud once wrote a poem on rocks and stratification. It was fascinating. Would you like to her it. I remember it well."
Every creature looked at Pinkie blankly, but Marble just grinned at the memory. Suddenly her vision became pink as Pinkie, once again, clasped her in both hooves.

"Marble loves listening to great music as well. She isn't much of a singer, but sure sure loves listening to music all around her. From the birds chirping to the crickets at night on the rock farm. Super relaxing sin't it, Marble?" Pinkie held her sister tightly.

Marble could do nothing but nod with as much movement as possible.

"What do you think listeners? What does music mean to you? Be sure to send them in via dragonfire!" Pinkie added with more enthusiasm.

"You just can't beat good music with good friends, listening to the songs you love," Gabby noted.

"You don't have to sing the same tune as every creature. Each sound in unique!" Autumn agreed.

"Well isn't that music to your ears?" Silverstream sarcastically asked. Every creature laughed.

"Well that is all for this session. After the break, we will hear Sapphire Shore's Diamond Eyes."

On the other end of the radio, Rara switched off her radio from her travelling caravan. Looking at her writing desk, she had a new song in her mind.

Chapter 4- Battle Of The Books

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Twilight, Rarity and Rainbow were sat around the radio, ready for the next live broadcast after the break advert. Starlight decided to see what the fuss was about. The pegasus held her Daring Do book tightly, as if it was a child she wouldn't want to part. Rarity, choosing to wear her detective clothing and stylish hat, held her Shadow Spade novel in her magic, waiting patiently for the Pinkie's voice to come back on. Twilight had her new Star Swirl book and sat between the two, as Starlight observed the spectacle from a safe distance. She knew that distance is needed when in the same room of three eggheads.

Hopefully there wouldn't be a mess to clean up, Starlight prayed mentally. Let's just see if anypony is alive after this.

"Good morning Equestria!" Pinkie's voice announced to this morning's listeners, "Hope you have had a great morning so far, as it's time for Equestria's Book Club!"
"We've been sent numerous dragonfire letters from our fans of the EBC and the scores have been counted and verified," Autumn continued
"And the winner is...Hold for dramatic effect," Silverstream concluded, though the narration wasn't necessary.

Celestia. help us, Starlight prayed.

"The Joy of Chaos, by Equestria's well known Spirit of Chaos, Discord!" Pinkie announced excitedly.

Dead silence...

"WHAT?!" All three listeners at the radio exclaimed at the same time.

"I know," Pinkie said, as if she was talking directly to the dumbstruck trio, "Who could believe Discord, of all creatures, managed to write a bestseller! Fluttershy would be proud."

Marble just rolled her sister's sarcasm.

"Well that concludes the book announcement on the EBC. Here is Songbird Serenade, with her new song, Walking On Clouds. See you after the song," Gabby concluded, then the song played in the background.

Twilight, with a shaking hoof, switched off the radio.

Another dead silence settled in...

"Twilight," Rarity slowly said, "I don't feel too good."

"You got that feeling of slowly turning to dust and blown away?" Twilight asked. Her face had gone a pale purple.

"Yes, darling. I think you are correct," Rarity answered plainly.

Well, that went better than- Starlight almost breathed a sigh of relief, but was interrupted in mid-thought.


I stand corrected, Starlight internally groaned as she, as well as the other ponies in the room turned towards the pegasus in the room.

"Discord?! Discord, of all creatures, won the book vote of the week?! That is like, 20% so not cool," Rainbow raged, "His book is like, Discord in book form and letters on pages. Imagine if ponies took his advice?!"

Twilight, Rarity and Starlight shuddered at the thought. They already have a pink pony who's chaotic enough to deal with.

"Daring Do is way more cooler than that!"

"Excuse me!" Rarity butted in, "But I think you will find the new edition of Shadow Spade and the Stolen Lover is for more superb in elegance and logic and simple being brutish in some silly temple raid."

"Well I think Star Swirl's new The Adventures of Friendship Part 2 explores amazing friendship lessons from his travels across Equestria today!" Twilight chimed in.

This is what I was afraid of, Starlight face-hoofed.

This was going to be a long day...

Chapter 5- Keeping Up With The Style

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"GOOD MORNING EQUESTIA!" The daily group of morning hosts said in union.

"Today we are joined by our friend Rarity, who will be talking about the everything fashion. So take away Rarity," Pinkie Pie announced as she handed control over to the fashionista mare.

"Why thank you, Pinkie, and hello to you all this beautiful morning," Rarity smoothly spoke in her usual posh manner.

"I am here this morning to talk to these fine creatures from far and wide to know what style they have from their respective kingdom." She turned to Autumn Blaze as she was the closest. "Now Autumn, how does your race keep up with style and being absolutely fabulous?" Rarity finished asking with a flourish.

"We kirin love to keep in touch with nature. From the very plants we grow, to the water from the rivers and even the stars at night. We are one with nature, and that is reflected with the things we wear. Soft earthly colours that reflect that!" Autumn discussed with bubbly enthusiasm.

"How positively divine!" Rarity spoke with intrigue, "And what about yourself, darling? What is your style?"
"During my exile, I gained an interest to the animals that I would gain conversation, though I don't speak animal myself. Feathers, scales and patterns of a butterflies."

"Thank you for your input," Rarity finished, "And what of the hippogriffs and seaponies, Silverstream?"

"We Are Proud to be a Hippogriff Day is when we get into strong armour and encage in combats. Seaponies use the coral reefs as their wardrobe. Sea sponges, kelp and shells are what makes our dresses really speak for themselves!"

Silverstream speak with passion, "We even use both land and sea to celebrate our freedom from the Storm King!"

"Exotic!" Rarity beamed, "What of the griffons, Gabby?"

"Fashion isn't really our strong suit due to our nature," Gabby used inverted talons when addressing the word. The other creatures nodded knowingly, "But we wear warm clothes to combat the cold mountain air in the winter."

"Understandable," Rarity nodded in contemplation.

"We ponies love fancy-pancy clothes," Pinkie butted in, much to Rarity's annoyance. "The Grand Galloping Gala is to go to for fashion, right? All those fancy dresses that would make a party pony like me go all sweaty. Isn't that right Marble?"
Marble simply nodded at her words.

"I dress whenever a party is due! Foals love me when I sing and dance and eat and dance and cheer and dance and-" Rarity popped a hoof into her my. Marble snickered quietly.

"And with that, this concludes the fashion talk today. Remember every creature, be fabulous your own way and don't hold back. Because we are all wonderful in our own style!"

Chapter 6- Rain Or Shine

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"How does the weather work around here? It doesn't make any sense," Gabby suddenly asked one talk show morning.

"Couldsdale's Weather Factory," Pinkie excitedly explained, "Weather pegasi help create the weather, from snowflakes, to rainclouds and many more. Side note, just don't eat the rainbows. They're...spicy," Pinkie shuddered.

"Okay," Silverstream hesitantly joined in, "That could be a great question for this morning! What is your favourite weather?"

"Well duh," Pinkie quickly jumped in,"Parties are always good with a nice warm sunny day. Children having fun, dancing, singing. You just can't beat it. Plus there's always ice cream." Pinkie then went into her usually sugary fantasies.
"Sweet, sweet, glorious ice-cream. With your choice of sprinkles and chocolate flake and crunchy cone..." Pinkie drooled as her fantasy took hold of her.

"Pinkie, your slobbering the table," Silverstream giggled. Marble was quick to provide her sister a hankie and wiped her mouth while Pinkie still kept her daydreaming face.

"Oh, I just love to sing and dance in the rain," Autumn decided to join to skip where Pinkie might be heading, "Because you know what they say. Rainbows can't light up the sky unless you let it rain. And when the clouds part and the sunlight catches the last drops of rain, the most beautiful rainbow can been seen of the Peaks of Peril."

"Up on the high peaks of Griffonstone," Gabby told the group, "The snow is beautiful. Every griffon is busy with each other, but they miss the beauty of the first flakes falling to the ground." Gabby's eyes began to sparkle.

"That cold feeling when the snow touches your tongue, making snow angels and snow griffons are a so much fun!"
"Windy days are when the Harmonising Heights really come alive with sound," Silverstream spoke with passion, "The wind channels through Mount Aris, creating it's own symphony that matches the birdsong and the streams trickling down beautifully."

Unfortunately, Pinkie managed to suppress her fantasies for now.

"Marble loves the days when it's just cold enough to see a thin blanket of fog across the rock farm!" Once again, Marble found herself uncomfortable held in Pinkie's famous face hugs.

"She loves to jump and play in the fog all morning!" Marble mentally facehoofed at her sisters remark and wished the seat she sat on would eat her whole.

"Well, that concludes this morning! Time for DJ PON-3's Bass Time. Have a great morning!" Silverstream concluded.

Chapter 7- Let's Talk About Romance

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It was break time and the hosts were currently having their break time with their drinks and favourite foods. It was a nice and peaceful affair. Well, as nice and as peaceful as it can be, until Pinkie Pie decided to drop an unexpected question.

"Do you have a crush on some creature?" Pinkie asked as if it was the most innocent thing to ask.

Silverstream spat out her orange juice into Gabby's face with equal shock, Autumn Blaze began choking on her sandwich and Marble just stared at her sister with mortified horror. This break time was going to be far from peaceful.

"Oh, I haven't found any creature special yet," Autumn tried to explain simply, "I just had the view for company during my exile and pumpkins with faces painted on them." She laughed at how ridiculous it is.

"What do you mean? I once had a party with a pile of rocks, a dust ball, bad of flour, a bad of flour and a bucket of turnips with my pet alligator Gummy."

The group looked at her with disturbed faces. Marble just rolled her eyes.

"Gabby, didn't you have this thing between Spike and Rarity?"

It was Gabby's turn to do a spit take, this time on her tea. Meanwhile, a certain white unicorn felt a strange disturbance whilst making her latest fashion line.

"Nope, me and Spike are just good pen pals," Gabby laughed nervously, "Rarity was just starting to get jealous because he was spending more time with me at the Ponyville post office. She then took away more time with Spike from me."

"So definitely not some strange love tug-of-war with Spikey-Wikey in the middle," Pinkie flashed her eyebrows at Gabby.

"It is definitely not!" Gabby shouted with horror, "Me and Spike are simply good friends in the delivery service that enjoy each other's company whenever we are available from or services."

"Right," Pinkie hinted devilishly, "Definitely not."
Gabby huffed as a blush was forming across her face.

"What about you and a certain blue griffon at the School Of Friendship...Silverstream?" Pinkie smirked as she turned to the now red hippogriff, "Is he your school crush?"

"Absolutely no idea what you are talking about," Silverstream quickly quipped, "Sure, we and our friends see each other all the time and we are great flying buddies. Gallus isn't even the romantic sort and has that griffon streak to him that is most brutish at times. By Novo, he barely focuses in class except for the scavenger hunt!"

Silverstream delivered her salvo breathlessly as she tried to explain her this to Pinkie. Pinkie just pulled off her usual smiling poker face. It's lucky Twilight didn't destroy the Love Poison books.

"Now Marble," As she turned to her sister, who was silently praying that it wouldn't go where she hoped it wouldn't go.

"I know you had this small crush on Big Macintosh when he came over one Hearth's Warming Eve, but you must move on now. Big Mac's has his own marefriend now. But as your big sister, it is my job to help you find your forever happily ever after. I will encourage to you come out of your shell and take that timid nature that you have brought yourself in. You must come out of your shell and embrace your true feelings if you have any chance to meet your special some pony!"

Whilst Pinkie was preaching her speech, Marble wanted nothing more than let the very earth beneath her hooves to swallow her whole.

"What about you Pinkie?" Gabby asked, "Is there anypony that you have interest in?" She finished with a brow wiggle.

"What do you mean?" Pinkie tilted her head in confusion.

"Reading the Friendship Journal, you've met another party planner. Cheese Sandwich right?"

Pinkie's right eye twitched every so slightly.

"By the way, why were you asking that question anyway?" Silverstream asked. Pinkie mentally breathed a sigh of relief.

"Because we're back live on air and the whole of Equestria and beyond just heard our conversation." Pinkie breathed a mental sigh of relief. She didn't want to be the cause of her own humiliation.

Dead silence.

"WHAT?!" Four voice screamed out through the radio, with Marble looking horrified.

A lot of creatures had some explaining to do once this morning was over.

Chapter 8- Pinkie Logic Is Best Logic

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“Pinkie, how do you do all those things that seem to defy logic?” Silverstream asked with great interest. Next to her sister, Marble’s eyes shrunk to pinpricks as she prepared to the whole universe to crash in.

“Whatever to you mean?” Pinkie asked innocently.

“You know. The whole pull things out of your mane thing along with popping up and random places. You even slowed things down when you need them to.”

Marble, by now, was praying to Celestia that things aren’t going to take a turn for the worst.

“Oh, I stash random objects all over Ponyville and the school just in case of random-object-emergencies,” Pinkie delightfully explained, “As for the others, I simple have no idea.”

“Really?” Gabby wondered.

“My sisters, including Marble here,” She gave her sister a good mane rub, much to Marble’s annoyance, “They call it the Pinkie Logic.”

“The Pinkie Logic?” Autumn questioned.

“Yep. The motto is simple: don’t question it, just go with it.”

There was a silence as every creature in the room and beyond the radio processed the new information. Pinkie’s friends have decided to listen together about what this morning’s gossip. Twilight buried her head in her hooves.

“This is the Pinkie Sense all over again,” She mumbled as Spike chuckled.

"What a Doozy of a day that was," Spike joked knowingly.

“Um, I quite like it,” Fluttershy, “It doesn’t hurt your head too much when you say it out loud.”

“Darling, Pinkie Pie is just, well, Pinkie Pie,” Rarity quipped with elegance, “Sometimes I even question about how legitimate her family relations are. Especially to Maud…” She trailed off in thought.

“Applejack could be related to her,” Rainbow turned to the farm mare, “Does that mean you can do all the things that Pinkie can do?”

Applejack thought long and hard. Twilight, on the other hand was in just as deep a thought about the prospect. Applejack was then disturbed when Twilight pulled off her ‘This calls for some research face’. Applejack dreaded what her experiments might lead to.

“I rather not say,” Applejack said slowly, “I think Equestria can only take one Pinkie Pie. Plus, I may be related, I may not.”
Twilight sagged a little at Applejack’s refusal, but that made the farmpony breathe a sigh of relief. The five listeners turned their attention back towards the radio.

“What do you have in your mane anyway?” Autumn Blaze asked as Pinkie rummaged in her mane. A lot of noise could be heard through the radio, from clattering to even squeaking.

“Bit bag, fake wings, balloons, emergency energy cupcakes, bat-“

“Why a bat?” Gabby asked worryingly.

“I stash pinatas all over Ponyville, in case of pinata emergencies!” Pinkie answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. The others simple nodded. Pinkie continued her rummaging.

“diary, quills, notepad, crowbar-“

“WHY A CROWBAR!” Silverstream shouted with horror.

“Mr and Mrs Cake’s twins got stuck with some silly cheese and string and I tried to get them out. Me and Rarity ended up going to Zecora’s for some remover and shampoo.”

“Just make sure to ask for labels,” Rarity quipped. The others nodded.

“Rubber duck, oh, hi Gummy!”

“You have a pet alligator!” Silverstream exclaimed. The others looked mortified. Marble just rolled her eyes at her sister's usual antics.

“Yeah. This is Gummy. Don’t worry, he’s a baby and doesn’t have any teeth!”

“Should have called him Toothless,” Autumn joked with relief.

“Basically you have a lot of stuff,” Gabby quickly broke in, but kept an eye out on the alligator.

“Yep. Pinkie Logic is best Logic!” Pinkie laughed.

“That actually makes more sense than putting it all together.” Autumn quipped.

“Well that’s all we have time for this Morning! Here’s Countess Colouratura, with Behind the Veil.”

Chapter 9- One Too Many

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“Have you ever gone to that one particular place just because you think they have something really good that the other things around that are lacking?” Silverstream wondered out loud. The others turned to her with questioning looks.

“Whatever do you mean?” Gabby asked.

“Like that one restaurant that has the best food that the other restaurants lack in superiority,” Silverstream explained.
“Oh, like how there is this one café that has the best coffee than anything else!” Pinkie Pie piped up, “That place was so good I drank like twenty cups of coffee. Can you imagine me with twenty cups of coffee!”

The others looked at her with mortified horrors. They had a hard time getting that image out of their heads. Pinkie Caffeinated Pie, that day is thankfully over with Equestria and beyond still standing. Next time, some creature should check on Pinkie’s coffee limit. That would be Twilight’s next research topic.

“We all had one too many before,” Autumn decided to move the conversation swiftly on, “Some things are just too good to resist another helping. I have sung one too many songs to the point of having a dried throat,” she sheepishly continued.

“Well thank Celestia for that day,” Applejack grumbled whilst listening to the live stream at Ponyville’s café.

“Then there are those things that really are one too many to have!” Pinkie chimed, “Remember when Spike ate too much ice-cream while Twilight thought Equestria was coming to an end!”

“Please don’t remind me!” Spike groaned as he felt the pain that day.

“I did warn you, Spike,” Twilight laughed, “It became Future Spike’s problem just because of that.”

“Yes Spike, It did become Future Spike’s problem.”

Both Twilight and Spike turned towards the radio. Did Pinkie Pie just-?

“Who are you talking to?” Silverstream asked.

“Just to Spike who is recalling that moment with Twilight back at the castle,” Pinkie simply explained. Marble just sat there mentally tutting.

“Pinkie Pie is watching you.”

Twilight and Spike just sighed. Just Pinkie being Pinkie.

“And you can never have enough stairs!” Silverstream exclaimed.

The others looked at her with questioning looks.

“What?” Silverstream asked, “Stairs are the best thing ever. Underwater you can just swim and then there’s flying. Put just putting one hoof or foot or claw one to another to reach a destination is just worth the wait and exercise.”

“Gallus was right,” Autumn sighed, “You have been underwater for too long.”

A certain griffon and students nodded simultaneously.

“And you can’t have too many parties!” Pinkie shouted at the microphone, “THE PARTY SHALL LAST FOREVER!”

Suddenly the studio suddenly shook violently as a certain Princess of the Night echoed through the studio building.


“What was that?” Gabby looked around with worry.

“I don’t know, but if I don’t see you by tomorrow, I’ll return in around one thousand years’ time,” Pinkie explained, “But it was worth it.”

“I think it’s best if we leave it at that then,” Silverstream hurried on, “Right now, here is the latest Cloudsdale weather report.”

Chapter 10- Feast For The Ears

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“Now Let’s talk about food!” Pinkie exclaimed excitedly. The others rolled their eyes at that topic of conversation. Marble face-hoofed.

“Nothing beats a good meal than a nice big slice of cake. Any cake with the best toppings in the world. Just ask our own princess!”

Celestia spewed her tea from her mouth at the latest point of conversation on the radio. Luna snickered at her sisters reaction. Cadance was, unfortunately at the table as well, and decided to go for a full hearty laugh. Celestia looked around to find that most of the guards and maids had their eyes elsewhere, but the mirth was still there.

“I always wondered why the kitchen staff are overworked,” Luna wondered playfully, “They do say in these modern times that you always have a second stomach for dessert. That seems to apply to you dear sister of mine.”

Celestia shot her beloved sister a glare that could melt metal.

“Oh come now Celestia,” Cadance recovered from her fit of laughter, “Though I do have a framed picture of one such cake event taken by the Foal Free Press of Ponyville, Celestia Just Like Us.”

“Sweet mother of me,” Celestia face-hoofed. The whole dining room was now in full laughter.

“You can’t go wrong with ice-cream either,” Autumn added, “There are so many flavours to choose from. Salted caramel is mine. It reminds me of the sea with all that sweet and saltiness!”

“When it comes to hot foods,” Gabby said, “Spike’s nachos are talon-licking good! He first made them for me when I was delivering mail. The melted cheese, guacamole sauce and warmed homemade nacho crisps were simply too good to resist.”

“The Cutie Mark Crusaders always had some when they are practising with Twilight,” Pinkie remembered.

“Just don’t invite the whole of Ponyville Day School, bodge up with demonstrating your skills and then everypony leaves with me with nothing but a big pile of nachos,” Spike facepalmed, “I made those poor nachos for nothing!”

“We had fun eating them whilst cleaning all that apple mush though,” Twilight comforted her Number One Assistant.

“The Peaks of Peril have a bounty of food. I drew faces on pumpkins to keep me company during my exile, but they also make the best pumpkin pies, soups and everything in-between!”

Pinkie then grabbed Marble by the waist and pulled her into her infamous suffocating sisterly hugs.
“Marble loves our Hearth’s Warming Eve rock soups,” Pinkie talked as she clung to her beloved sister, “Though daddy loves to take a bite out of the rock first.”

“Wait, you put rocks in your soup?” Silverstream asked.

“Well, duh,” Pinkie answered, “You can’t have a rock soup without rocks. It’s in the name!”

“Well,” Gabby looked slightly alarmed, “That’s all we have time for this morning! Up next, we have the latest news from across Equestria!”

Chapter 11- Games For All

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“We have some exciting news for the upcoming Equestria Games!” Pinkie read a newsletter to the listeners, “The upcoming games will be hosted in Las Pegasus, and as a sign of friendship and bondage, the EGA (Equestria Games Association) has announced that all creatures are too be welcome into the games! Isn’t this so exciting!” Pinkie shouted down the microphone.

“Not just griffons like the games in the Crystal Empire!” Gabby announced just as excitedly, “But we are talking about hippogriffs, changelings, yaks, kirins and dragons! Every creature far and wide will be bonding over competition!”
“And that is friendly competition,” Silverstream added with a smirk, “I am talking to you Rainbow and Applejack.”

A certain pegasus and earth pony laughed sheepishly at Silverstream’s comment.

“So what event are you most excitedly to see at the new and improved games?” Pinkie asked, “Be sure to send them once again by Dragonfire! But let’s ask our studio for their favourite upcoming events!”

“We hippogriffs will definitely win the swimming races!” Silverstream chimed, “The Association may need to change the rules to exclude bias with out pearl magic thingy, but we were the masters of the waters when we were in hiding from the Storm King. I am also looking forward to the rowing competitions as well since our navy is second to one.”

“Just don’t let a certain pillar give instructions when lost in fog,” Pinkie snickered.

“Seaspray told me of that accident,” Silverstream sighed, “It took ages to get the ships back and plug up the holes.”

“You hippogriffs may be the best on water,” Gabby joined in, “But in the air we are second to none. We may have come third in the relay in the last Equestria Games, but we have been training hard since Griffonstone welcomed friendship more! Remember when Spike sent Cloudsdale’s an-“

“I don’t think it’s best to talk about that moment,” Pinkie quickly interrupted, “The less we remember that the better.”

The whole of Equestria breathed a sigh of relief. One certain dragon, however, decided to bury his head in the ground to hide his red, sweating face.

“Buckball has been added as the games’ newest event!” Pinkie excitedly added, “That means me, Fluttershy and Snails will be representing Ponyville at the games!”

“Goodness, does that mean that Fluttershy will be both in the Buckball and Relay? That’s a lot of pressure!” Autumn wondered.

“As long as she doesn’t focus on the thousands of crowds and pairs of eyes watching her every movement, she will be fine!”

“So many eyes watching me!” Fluttershy squeaked, “Too. Much. Pressure. I cannot cope.” The poor pegasus was now in a hyperventilating fit. Twilight was quick to give the poor pegasus a paper bag.

“She just had to bring that up,” Twilight sighed and rolled her eyes, “This is just like when Fluttershy had stage fright all over again.”

“I am most looking forward to the athletics,” Autumn thought, “We kirins love to run wild and feel the wind. Our Nirik forms are when we really feeling the heat! Pun intended.”

“Just don’t set the track on fire and everything will be fine,” Pinkie joked. Marble just rolled her eyes as usual.

“And Marble is most excited about the final archery show down. Hopefully, we won’t have some accident like last time happening, but anything could happen!” Pinkie squeed as she locked Marble into another hug.

“Well what event are you most looking forward to about the games! Put your thoughts through. And speaking of sports, Here’s Countess Coloratura with Eye on the Prize.”

Chapter 12- Cooking With Fire

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“Welcome back to Good Morning Equestria,” Pinkie joyfully said out loud, “This time we are going to show you how to cook the perfect s’mores!”

“This sounds like a bad idea,” Silverstream whispered to her workers.

“Correction,” Gabby added, “This is a very bad idea.”

Marble just had her hooves to her face. She and the others were sweating, and it wasn’t hot in the room yet. They even had the work desk on its side as a protective barrier, though it was anything but useful. This was not going to end well.

“What you’re going to need are four simple things,” Pinkie said to the listeners, blissfully unaware what could happen, “Your favourite sweet biscuits, big fluffy marshmallows that would make Rarity jealous-“

“I AM NOT A MARSHMELLOW!” Rarity shouted down the radio, though the action was useless.

“Chocolate ready for melting and one Ready-To-Get-Angry kirin!” Pinkie concluded. The kirin herself was on a stove, looking slightly disturbed at what the party pony had got planned her.

“Pinkie?” Autumn asked nervously to her co-worker, “Are you sure this is safe?”

“Absolutely not,” Pinkie added.

“First, you need to heat your chocolate to let it melt. We won’t need your kirin yet, so a microwave would suffice for now.” She placed her bowl of chocolate in the microwave of the studio kitchen.

“Set it for thirty second, but that depends on how much chocolate you want to melt! Rich chocolaty goodness is what you need!” Pinkie licked her salivating mouth at that.

“Now place your biscuits on your plate. And shape is fine, but it must hold the marshmallows well enough!”

“Here it goes,” Silverstream quivered in her spot behind the desk. The microwave gave a small ding.

“Take your chocolate and mix to avoid any bits of chocolate that has melted yet,” Pinkie said as she stirred the chocolate until it was nice and smooth, “And then it’s time to light your fire for roasting! Make sure to have a responsible adult, fillies and colts, because the fire can be hot.”

“Does Pinkie Pie count as a responsible adult?” Gabby asked her sister next to her. Marble just sighed and prepared herself for the inferno ahead.

“To start your fire, it’s easy!” Pinkie Pie said, “Just repeat after me! Chimicherry-Changa, Chimicherry-Changa, Chimicherry-Changa, Chimicherry-Changa, Chimicherry-Changa, Chimicherry-Changa, Chimicherry-Changa,-“

“NO! NOT THAT! ANYTHING BUT THAT!” Rarity shrieked in pure horror, “May Celestia burn me alive!”

Meanwhile at Sweet Apple Acres, a certain orange pony was having bad memories of a similar method of torture.
"Big Mac," Applejack turned to her big brother.

"Eeyup," Big Macintosh answered, sounding slightly unsure.

"I'm gonna need the hardest Apple Family Cider, stat," Applejack groaned. Big Mac simply nodded in understanding

Back at the studio, Autumn sat on the stove with a small twitch developing on her eye. At the first minute, she clenched her teeth as she tried to block Pinkie’s cursed rhyming drink out of her brain. At the second minute, the others had ducked behind the table by now. Autumn than started sweating herself. On the third minute, smoke was starting to come off the poor kirin’s back as she tried to contain it. However, the poor kirin finally, and literally, came to boiling. On the fourth minute, she caved in

“I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!” Autumn loudly declared as her Nirik form took hold. Red, blue and white fire engulfed the stove and erupted high up in the ceiling. Pinkie got her marshmallows on sticks and place them on top of the flames.

“Watch the marshmallows carefully. You want them just to be a crispy brown, not all burnt out!”

“WHEN THIS IS OVER YOU ARE GOING TO GET IT PINKIE PIE!” Autumn spoke through the flames.

“Duly noted,” Pinkie spoke casually.

“To turn down your kirin, simply, give your kirin a get-well hug.” Pinkie, without thinking of the dangers, gave Autumn a big, cooling hug. Instantly, Autumn cooled right down to a gentle sigh.

With a singed coat, mane and tail, Pinkie took them to the table.
“Using a knife, spread your chocolate over the biscuit, place your marshmallows on top, trying not to burn yourself, and place another biscuit on top!”

“And there you have it. The perfect Nirik Fire s’mores! Special thanks to out own willing kirin for this demonstration, Autumn Blaze!”

“I wasn’t willing to do this!” Kirin quipped at Pinkie Pie.

“See you after the break whilst I have some s’mores to share!”

“I can’t believe that worked.” Silverstream said, slightly dumstruck

“I fear the complaints of creature-abuse after this…” Gabby trailed off.

Marble just sat their with a silent frown plastered on her face. Her sister, hopefully, wasn’t going to create a trend.

Chapter 13- Spitting Motivation

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“Dear listeners,” Pinkie introduced, “I am so excited to introduce a very special guest on This Morning Equestria. She has agreed to take her time off to join us for a special chat. I am talking about Captain of the Wonderbolts, Spitfire!” Pinkie excitedly said out loud.

“I would prefer to shout at ponies and blow my whistle,” Spit indicated, “But I wouldn’t say no to joining on this morning’s chat.”

“So,” Silverstream added, not thinking about what she might be in for, “What does it take to be a Wonderbolt? I had this dream once when the Tree of Harmony called us that Rainbow Dash gave me a badge for it!”

At that Spitfire’s eyes narrowed. She turned to the hippogriff with a steely gaze that made Silverstream pause. Sweat began to poor as Spitfire scooted closer to her and measured her up. Pinkie had her usual smile, though she may know what Silverstream was in for. Gabby was uncertain to roll the advertisements or see where this might go. Autumn Blaze was also sweating at Spitfire’s gaze since she was in Spitfire’s radius. Marble thought that ducking under the table was a suitable idea.

“So you think you got what it takes to be a Wonderbolt, rookie?” Spitfire asked sharply.

“Yes?” Silverstream said with an unsure tone.

“You think you can be the best there is?” Spitfire added.

“I…Think so,” Silverstream hesitated.

“Well let me tell you something,” Spitfire paused before taking a big breath, “YOU’VE GOT NOTHING!” Her voice echoed around the studio.

“You must be ready to flap those wings like you have never flapped them before! You must be ready to face the most difficult of weather head on! If you don’t get the right training, you will end up in a full body wing-and-hoof cast DRINKING THROUGH A STRAW!”

“Spitfire-“Gabby tried to cut in.

“I’M NOT FINISHED!” Spitfire piped, “And what about you there, griffon? Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Wonderbolt? Do you have the right potential to make it to the top?”

Gabby paused with a gulp before looking at her trembling hind legs, “Nope.”

“Why don’t you run along with the Crusaders? They will find a new purpose that isn’t Wonderbolt business,” Spitfire said in a hushed tone. Gabby gulped. Spitfire then turned to Silverstream again.

“Listen. I get it, kid. I used to be like you, telling myself that I could touch the sky, and chase that horizon like there’s no tomorrow. However, I’ll tell you this,” Spitfire was practically face to face with the young hippogriff, “Get going on those laps, or the laps will lap you up. You got that?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Silverstream quivered.

“And as for you ground-bound ponies and creatures,” Spitfire turned to a pale Autumn, “You think you’re hot stuff do you? Think you can burn and sing? Well make sure you keep burning or be burnt out.”

“Right,” Autumn said slowly. Spitfire turned to an uncertain Pinkie Pie.

“You think the party is going to last forever? You think you can sing the songs and blow the balloons? Well I tell you this. You either party hard or get party pooped.”

Pinkie nodded her head furiously. Marble then lowered her head down to the table to meet a trembling Marble’s eyes.
“You come from a rock farm do you? Well I don’t see anything rock hard in here.” She jabbed a hoof at where Marble’s heart is.

“I see a hard lump of gold on the inside, but you must expose that gold on the outside.” Marble just nodded weakly.

“And to you fellow listeners, listen up,” Spitfire ordered down the microphone, “GET GOING ON THOSE LAPS! This is no ordinary marathon you are all running on. This is the marathon of life. When the going gets tough, you got to be tougher!”

Chapter 14- Our Worst Fears

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"What is your worst fear?" Pinkie asked out loud to her colleagues.

"And why would you ask a question like that, Miss Element of Laughter?" Autumn Blaze asked, sounding a bit concerned.

"I just wanted to start on our next topic," Pinkie casually replied.

"Well, I have a fear of...Balloons," Gabby shivered. Pinkie looked her her with confusion and horror.

"Why balloons of all things?!" Pinkie asked horrified, "Balloons are like the best thing ever! They are super rubbery, floating things of fun and when they pop-"

"Yes, that!" Gabby shouted, "You ponies and kirins may have soft hooves, but sharp talons to hold one of those things is a nightmare! When they burst in your face at a single touch or point of my talons!" She shivered again at that.

"Well, don't be such a Globophobe." Pinkie hugged comfortably. Everyone just looked at her with confused expressions.
"Globophobe?" Autumn Blaze asked.

"Some creature who has the fear of balloons," Pinkie Pie quipped, "I got it from a book about a list of phobias from Twilight's castle library! It's fun to say! Globophobia! Globophobia! Globophobia!"

Back at the library, Twilight turned to the library impressed.
"Let me guess," She sighed, "It was under 'G'. This is like when I was looking for the Elements of Harmony Reference Guide."

"Believe me, I know a few ponies with some strange phobias! Did you know Twilight's a Coccinellidaephobe?" Pinkie chirped. Once again every creature made blank expressions.

"Fear of ladybirds," Pinkie rolled her eyes. Every creature made a noise of understanding.

"That would explain why Twilight freaked out when Fluttershy brought them over to teach us about responsibility," Silverstream pondered.

"She's also has a fear of quesadillas! Spike was lucky that he didn't bring my quesadillas when he asked for a quill," Pinkie laughed.

"Let me guess, it's called Quesadillaphobia!" Silverstream giggled.

"And you are right!" Pinkie congratulated Silverstream.

"Wait? I am?" Silverstream asked in surprise.

"Stop talking, stop talking, stop talking!" Twilight yelled down the radio.

"May I present the Princess of Friendship, Twilight Sparkle," Spike chuckled, "Who is afraid of ladybirds and quesadillas."

"Spike!" Twilight slowly warned.

"I think I let the stove on," Spike quickly said as he hurried out of the castle's library.

"I have a somewhat common fear," Autumn explained, "It's called Autophobia, the fear of being alone. When in exile with nothing but my own voice for company, it was nerve-wracking. I had to leave my favourite couch behind! I even named my own shadow! Say hello to Silhouette Gloom of the Sundown Lands!"
Everyone looked down at the shadow on the floor, casted by the studio lights. Autumn made the shadow give a wave.

"Well I may also have that fear of being alone as well. I thought my friends didn't like my parties anymore, so I made some new friends with a pile of dust, a bucket of turnips, a bad of flower and a tower of rocks." Pinkie was then in a fit of crazy laughter. her eyes began to turn either direction and her mane began to straighten. Marble dreaded this moment.
"Would you like some tea, Madame de Flour? You look wonderful today Mr. Turnips. That bowtie really suits you Sir Flint-A-Lot. You too Dusty..."

Her colleagues looked at her like a mad-pony. Mainly because she already was one.

"Marble, is this normal for her?" Gabby asked to her sister. Marble just turned away.

"Well my fear was the Storm King. It was my test given by the Tree of Harmony, but Gallus helped me conquer my fear that he will never return!"

"Your friend eh?" Gabby wiggled her eyebrows.

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" Silverstream huffed with a red blush on her face.

"Well," Pinkie gave a manic laugh, "That's all this morning folks! And remember, no parties and no friends makes Pinkie a something, something pony," Pinkie left the others to guess that word.

"Do you mean crazy?" Silverstream asked unsure.

"Don't mind if I do! Hopefully you will survive the break commercial..."

Chapter 15- Tooting Terror

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"Fillies and gentlecolts!" Pinkie introduced, "It's my pleasure to announce that we have a special gust on our show this morning!"

"Considered to be a musical prodigy of our time, being a part of many events like the Grand Galloping Gala, performing alongside Countess Coloratura and many others," Gabby added on.

"Please put your hooves, claws and talons together," Autumn paused, allowing Silverstream to finish.

"Octavia Melody!" Silverstream announced as the other creatures in the room clapped for the musician.

"It's my pleasure to be here," Octavia assured.

"Now let's talk music," Pinkie started, "How did you even become to where you are today?"

"It's nothing super special really," Octavia waved a hoof, "I started my life with musical upbringings, with my mother, Twinkle Keys, and my father, Brass Valve."

"Three guesses of what instrument the played," Gabby noted, earning Octavia a chuckle.

"The cello just spoke to me. The very mellow tone and sound it gives is second to none," Octavia contemplated, "It took some time for my talent to be recognised, by none other than big classical label Symphony in Canterlot, and then it went from there. I got to join other esteemed musicians and it was more than enjoyable to say the least."

"Great to hear!" Pinkie said, "Now I was wondering if you could give us some musical insight and tips."

"You must choose and instrument that truly speaks with your spirit," Octavia said wisely, "There's no point in picking an instrument that you do not enjoy playing. Practice is key, of course, along with time and patience. No creature becomes an overnight sensation in just one day on a single instrument."

"Now since you can give advice like that," Pinkie declared enthusiastically, "I was wondering if you can help me with mine. I can play ten instruments at once, but I have a particularly hard time with one instrument."

"Oh no," Silverstream groaned in terror. Marble had brought headphones for the occasion.

"Say hello to my yovidaphone!" Pinkie declared as she held up the monstrous instrument in the air.

Upon declaring what instrument she had brought into the studio, the whole of Ponyville fell eerily quiet. Dread took hold followed by the usually panic when a monster from the Everfree Forest showed up.

"My life is ruined!" Rarity declared.

"Nope,nope, nope" Applejack simply said, sounding much like her big brother.

"Celestia, no," Rainbow groaned.

Both Fluttershy and Twilight whimpered at the terror that thing will produce.

"But I'm a cellist, not... whatever that thing is," Octavia hesitated.

"Oh relax, everything will be fine!" Pinkie reassured, "Your a musician, and that's good on my checklist."

"If you say so," Octavia quivered, "All you have to do is take a deep breath and press on whatever valve to produce the correct amount pressure for a specific note. I think."

"And-a-one, and-a-two, and-a-I-know-what-to-do!" Pinkie counted before taking a deep breath and pressure the vlave.

What came out of the radio was the equivalent of an herd of elephants charging, followed by some strange bird that had been strangled. The noise deafened the listeners. Inside the studio, the full impact of the sound could be felt and heard at the same time. Octavia was blown across the floor, whilst the other hosts had taken refuge under the table, wearing Marble's headphones.

"How did I do?" Pinkie asked as if nothing happened. Octavia emerged from a pile of wall plaster with a dazed look on her face and a neat mane frazzled.

"Mummy, I want to twinkle on your keys!" Octavia dazed before collapsing onto the floor.

"I think we should probably take a break," Autumn suggested, causing nods all round.

Once the live lights were off, Silverstream shouted, "MEDIC!"

Chapter 16- Dive Right In

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"You join us here in at Saddle Lake, just outside Ponyville in the lovely weather for something really special today," Pinkie Pie announced, "We well be testing Silverstream's pearl magic to see what it feels like to be underwater for the first time! Don't worry, Twilight managed to cast a spell on the microphones to be waterproof and safe underwater so you can still hear everything going on!"

Silverstream transformed into seapony form and beckoned Marble to join first. "The magic is easy to understand. The pearl piece draws in water magic from it's surroundings, either near on under the water, and converts it into something beneficial for creatures that cannot breathe underwater. I'm not a Twilight when it comes to this sort of thing, but it's the best that I can explain it."

Marble hesitated, but Pinkie quickly comforted her sister. "It's okay. You'll like it! It's just like flying with wings and with fins instead! Just ask Scootaloo when she got back from the CMC's map mission!" She latched onto Marbles face when explaining the CMC's tale. Marble nervously walked to the edge of the lake, then swam to the middle to join Silverstream, who had a claw out to her.

"Hold onto me now so that the magic has something to link to," She instructed as Marble did as she was told. Silverstream activated the pearl and they were surrounded by a burst of light before Marble found her hind legs had become tail fins, with matching fins on either side of her body."

Marble simply waved her new tail gently with a content smile.

"Seriously?" Pinkie shouted from across the banks, "You're like Fluttershy when she got her tail. You need to do it like this." She then jumped in and gave Silverstream her hoof. With a similar dash of magic, Pinkie was a seapony as well. She began doing somersaults in the water and leaping out to do flips as well. "Look at me! I'm a dolphin!" She said as she did a dolphin impression, "Gabby! Autumn! You have to try it!"

Both the kirin and griffon looked at each other before sighing and shrugging. Whilst Autumn swam across to them, Gabby chose to fly just above the water before settling. Both held a hoof and talon to Silverstream, which Silverstream grasped back.

"I haven't done it to a kirin, nor a griffon before, so this is going to be interesting. I mean, it did turn Spike into a pufferfish before!" Silverstream giggled as the two other creatures looked at each other nervously. They were literally thrown into the deep end here.

"Three, two, one," Silverstream counted down before Autumn and Gabby were surrounded by magic. When the magic dissipated, both got to see their sea creature forms.

Gabby, being a griffon, and so had a predatory background, had a form similar to a shark. Her beak was replaced with a snout with a dorsal fin and two large outward fins on either side. Her feathers were replaced by a grey rough skin for a more streamlined effect, much like Silverstream's scales. Her talons were also replaced with outward appendages for grabbing hold of things.

"This...Is different," Gabby said as she tried her new appendages. She then turned to Autumn.

Autumn's form was the equivalent of a sea dragon, her back legs were fused to become a single hooked tale, her scales reflecting the water's surface. The fur became elegant fins that swayed in the waters' current.

"This. Is. Amazing!" Autumn cried out with joy. Water feels amazing and different. They all took a dive under the lake.

"Well, despite the fun, it is time for us to come to an end," Pinkie said underwater, "We will send pictures of our form by the Foal Free Press at Ponyville's Day School so don't miss out! See you all on dry land!"

Chapter 17- CMC School

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"We have some cool fillies with us today, deciding to join us to help present a new scheme to help blank flanks get their cutie marks!" Pinkie said, turning to the Cutie Mark Crusaders, "Why don't you introduce yourself to those ponies who don't know you yet?"

"Sure," Scootaloo started, "We are the Cutie Mark Crusaders! If you are having problems finding your special talent, we are your go to guide to getting there. I'm Scootaloo."

"I'm Sweetie Belle, Rarity's little sister," Sweetie joined.

"And I'm Apple Bloom, Applejack's little sister," Apple Bloom rounded off, "Thank you for having us in your studio today."

"No problem!" Pinkie said, then turned to Gabby, "You should thank Gabby for suggesting you three to come onto our show. Gabby wouldn't stop raving about you helping her find her purpose, cutie mark or no cutie mark." Gabby blushed at that comment.

"These fillies are are to help you our find your hidden talent," Gabby addressed the audience, "If they could help a griffon like me, I'm sure they can help a pony like you!"

"And what's this new scheme you have in mind?" Silverstream asked in excitement.

"A school for blank flanks!" The CMC said out loud, shaking the studio room with their loud dry.

"And what will the school be like?" Autumn asked, a bit unsure about what they have in mind, "You go to Ponyville's Day School, and Princess Twilight has the School of Friendship. Don't you think three schools is a bit much for one town to handle?"

"Well, we tried one-to-one sessions," Scootaloo explained, "But that hardly gave a chance to help every blank flank in a certain amount of time."

"We then tried our own camp," Sweetie Belle quipped, "But then some Pegasus caused a mutiny, creating a division. We may have fixed it with Rumble's Wonderbolt brother Thunderlane helping Rumble see his mistake, but it was a lot of time and effort to clear everything out," Sweetie did a motor mouth.

"A school would be the perfect plan to gain blank flanks in different classes and activities in larger groups!" Apple Bloom summarised, "We found out what we were good at when we did things on our own away from each other. Sweetie Belle is good at music, so she can do the creativities and arts. Scootaloo loves sports, so she can be in charge of the PE activities, and Apple Bloom is the best at potions and chemistry, so she can do the classes."

"We will be based at our clubhouse, Zecora's hut for potions and the park for my sports," Scootaloo, "Who knows, we could even do this when we become teachers at Twilight's school someday!"

"That sounds like a big responsibility," Gabby wondered, "I could be your griffon post announcer if you want. delivery is what I do anyway."

"That would be awesome!" Scootaloo declared, "The more blank flanks we could help, the better!"

Marble just gave a sigh. Hearing the Cutie Mark Crusaders' antics from Pinkie, she knew something would go wrong down the road. Pinkie gave a glare, clearing knowing what her sister was thinking.

"You know what this means, Crusaders?" Scootaloo asked the other members. Pinkie and the others quickly covered their ears.


The Crusaders shouted all at once, causing the studio to shake once again. Marble and Gabby were quick to grab their beverages, whilst Marble was holding the table for dear life. Pinkie, somehow, pulled some earphones out of her mane and covered her head. Autumn was through across the floor, here ears ringing from their chant. Silverstream, being new to their chant, was knocked off her seat as well.

"And with that," Pinkie chuckled, "We shall leave it for today."

"What?!" Silverstream shouted, "You want to eat some hay?"

"No!" Pinkie shouted, "We are done for the day!"

"You want me to shake?!" Silverstream shouted with horror, "I'm a terrible dancer!"

Marble decided to press the 'Off Air' button before that escalated.

Chapter 18- Quiz Time

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"Welcome, creatures from all over Equestria," Pinkie Pie announced, "You join us for our quiz time challenge! Facing head-to-head, we have Autumn Blaze and Gabby! Who will win? The atmosphere is on fire!"

"I'm not on fire," Autumn said in frustration.

"No! Are you on fire?!" Pinkie grasped the poor kirin's face.

"Yes?" Autumn replied slowly with uncertainty.

"You better be! These questions will be on everything that happened in the history of Equestria. Everything known to it ponykind! When you think you have an answer, press your buzzer. Be warned, if you get it wrong, you will give the point to your opponent. Marble will be keeping track of scores! So without further a-do, let's being!" Pinkie got her cards out.

In a certain Castle of Friendship, Twilight had gathered her friends for the weekly quiz. Twilight had also promised not to have a freak-out. This wasn't Trivia Trot, after all, and that she was the judge to avoid being crazy herself. Applejack was seated next to Rainbow Dash, both ponies directed a rival glare at each other. Fluttershy just smiled as she observed her friends' rivalry from a safe distance. Rarity just acted with lady-like annoyance at the two tomboys.

"Okay, here's your first question! What is the name of Princess Celestia's favourite Wonderbolt move?"

Gabby quickly pressed her buzzer with confidence, "The Icaranian Sun Salutation!"

"Correct! One point to Gabby!" Pinkie pointed. Marble nodded in confirmation.

Rainbow had given the correct answer and punched the air with pride, "Oh Yeah! Thanks to Twilight's boring lecture, one point to me." Applejack rolled her eyes. Twilight giggled.

"Next question! What is the name of the fever that turns its victims into the very tree that they infect?"

Autumn pressed her buzzers, "Swamp Fever!"


"Yay," Fluttershy cheered softly, "A point to me! Whoo-hoo."

"Next question. What is the name of the unicorn that threaten to end Hearth's Warming Eve in a certain novel?"

Autumn pressed hers, "Snowfall Frost!"

"A point to me, darlings!" Rarity cheered.

"Finish this catchphrase. Cross my heart, hope to fly. Stick a cupcake in my what?"

Both competitors pressed at the same time, "Eye!"

"That was as easy as low-bearing apples in an orchard," Applejack nodded, "Not to self, never break a Pinkie Promise. I learnt that the hard way."

"What is important about the Running of the Leaves? Is it A: To help fruit fall from the trees for harvest? B: To let the leaves fall for Autumn? Or C: To let Rainbow Dash and Applejack find out who is the Iron Pony?"

Autumn pressed hers again, "B! I love Autumn!"

Silverstream, who was watching from the studio table chuckled, "Is it because your name is Autumn as well?"

"Exactly. And the leaves turn into colours like fire! An Autumn Blaze of colours!" Autumn joked. Silverstream groaned at the pun.

"What a race, eh?" Rainbow joked as she won the point.

"Yeah...Some race," Applejack trailed off.

"What are the list of things you need to do to achieve the perfect zap apple jam? A point for each correct answer."

Gabby was the first to buzz in and answered, "To be extra friendly to the bees!"

Autumn buzzed again, "Give the jars a good talking to!"

"Paint pink polka-dots!" Gabby answered next.

"And sing to the water!" Autumn finished.

Back at the castle, Fluttershy and Rarity got a point each, whilst Applejack received two points.

"Of course Applejack got most of the points," Rainbow groaned, "They made the jam caused the foundation of Ponyville!"

"For someone with a Rainbow mane, I thought zap apples would be your thing," Applejack mocked.

"Final question! What does the MMMM mean?"

Gabby finished the question, "Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness!"

"And the final point goes to me!" Applejack triumphantly declared "I win the quiz for the day! That cake was a nightmare to carry to the train station. Big Mac almost bad his back out."

"Lucky pony," Rainbow huffed, "You win today, AJ."

"And that's the Quiz of the Day, wrapped up for today," Pinkie concluded, "The next quiz will feature Silverstream again Marble!" Marble eyes were filled with dread at the prospect of being a participant.

"Until next time, have a great day to every creature!"

Chapter 19- Stare Down

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"Fillies and Gentlecolts!" Pinkie excitedly announced to the audience, "Welcome to our new challenge, The Stare Down!"

"This is going to be just as bad as when she used me to cook s'mores, isn't it?" Autumn sighed.

"I have a feeling that it is going to be a hard one to rank..." Silverstream trailed off. Marble quivered in her seat. She was not going to like this.

"This is not going to end well," Gabby huffed.

"Taking part of the challenge is Fluttershy!" Pinkie pointed to the pegasus, who waved with a shy smile, "The challenge is easy. Who can resist Fluttershy's Stare the longest! I'll be your judge on time whilst the others have their go!"

"How convenient," Gabby sighed

"Um, Pinkie," Fluttershy shyly answered, "Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"Of course it is! What could possibly go wrong?" Pinkie innocently asked.

"And she just had to say it," Silverstream sighed and chuckled wryly.

"What could go wrong? Where shall I start?" Gabby hummed in thought.

"Who can resist Fluttershy's Stare the longest? So without further ado, Silverstream is up first!" Pinkie pushed the hippogriff into place in front of Fluttershy. The yellow pegasus sighed, then gave the hippogriff the hardest stare she could muster. Silverstream momentarily stopped breathing, with beads of sweat trickling down her face.

"Is it me, or is it getting hot in here?" Silverstream quivered with fear, "It's staring into my very soul! It's worse than my test with the Tree of Harmony with those Storm King illusions! Make It stop! Make it stop!" Silverstream begged, "Fine, I cheated on my last friendship report because I asked Terramar for his help! And I may have slipped a Griffonstone Scone into Gallus' book locker!" Silverstream clutched her beak shut as the words escaped her mouth.

At the School of Friendship, the Princess of Friendship decided to give the hippogriff some more reports to give in, and a certain griffon in the library suddenly received stares all around him.

"27 seconds. Not bad Silverstream," Pinkie checked his watch, "Next up is Gabby!" The griffon gave a scared gulp before taking up her place.

"You can do it, Fluttershy!" Pinkie cheered her friend. Fluttershy just sighed, took a deep breath and gave Gabby the Stare.

"Oh boy," Gabby shivered, "This is worse than Grandpa Gruff's!"

"Okay! Okay! I ate Mr and Mrs Cakes' latest delivery to Cranky Doodle because I was hungry! I had the weird dream that Spike and I were in this crazy land of ice-cream, but Rarity came and took her Spikey-Wikey away. Princess Luna thought that I needed counselling from Princess Cadance of all ponies."

In the Castle of Friendship, a certain dragon spewed his hot chocolate from his mouth. In Carousel Boutique, Rarity pricked her hoof whilst she was sewing.

“I learnt my lesson on that day, thank you very much,” Rarity huffed, “And now I’m going to lie on my fainting couch and eat ice-cream because of the stares I will receive tomorrow.” She huffed as she landed on the couch, cried until her mascara drizzled down with her tears, and levitated a tub of strawberries and cream ice-cream.

“Fifteen seconds,” Pinkie announced, “Could be better. Autumn, your next.” The kirin took and deep breath and stepped in front of Fluttershy, who simply sighed, nodded and gave the kirin the hardest stare she could muster.

“Is it me, or did I forget to put my flames out?” Autumn began to sweat, “I mean, I know hot, but this is a different kind of hot. It’s like there’s fire in her eyes!”

“Just like Maud when she and Rarity helped in get my party canon back!” Pinkie giggled, “Maud sure knows how to be angry.” Her other sister rolled her eyes.

“Must. Prevail. Can’t. Let. It. Break. Me,” Autumn said each word through gritted teeth. She began rubbing her head with a hoof, “This is harder than the Vow of Silence. Like way, way harder than that.” After a few more seconds she broke her silence.

“I once sang a song about toilets. Toilets, would you believe. But I was so lonely!” Autumn blurted out. The others gave her a weird look.

“And I thought my song about rubber ducks was weird,” Pinkie chuckled, “That was 33 seconds. Marble? Want to have a go?” Marble shook her head profusely, but Pinkie pushed her into place.

“There is nothing to worry about. You can do this, sister. I know you can.”

The moment Fluttershy’s stare turned on, Marble froze into place. The others waited to see what would happen, but nothing happened. Marble was stuck in her place. When Autumn’s record was passed, Silverstream cautiously stepped towards her and gave her a light poke to the side. Marble tilted over a fell on her side like a statue.

“Oh dear,” Fluttershy glanced at the frozen form of Marble, “I think I may have broken her.”

Gabby flew over to the table, “We’re going to have a short break here every creature! See you after the adverts!” She pressed the air button before yelling to the others.

“Get something for her to breathe!”

Chapter 20- Caffeinated Pie

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Gabby, Silverstream, Autumn and Marble were at the table, waiting for a certain pink pony to join them. Usually, Pinkie would arrive on time, but was later than usual, which was something of a concern to the group waiting. They were about to go on air any moment.

"Do you know where your sister is? Usually she would wait for you at the station then walk with you to the studio," Gabby asked Marble, who simply shrugged and shook her head. This was very unlike her sister.

"Wonder what's taking her so long?" Autumn pondered, "She loves the show, and it her show that she set up with us. Where could she even-"

Before she could even finish the sentence, A party canon exploded through the door, followed by confetti falling around them and the appearance of the pony they were waiting for. Pinkie however, was a lot different today. Her mane and tail were frazzled, much like when she was freaked with Applejack didn't know who Countess Coloratura was. Bit of odd things were poking out of her mane in weird angles, including a rubber duck, an apple core and several drank cups. Her legs were doing strange jitters that looked like she needed to use the little filly's room.

It was her eyes that disturbed the group. Both were bloodshot with shrunk pupils that darted around like a madpony, but this was a different kind of madness that they had been accustomed to. Her left eye seemed to have developed a nasty twitch. To top off the creepiness, her smile was as wide enough to break her face. The group looked at each other, daring one of them to ask the question. Gabby sighed and turned to the manic pink pony.

"Pinkie, are you okay?" Gabby asked slowly. Pinkie took a step forward to the table and gave her answer rapidly.

"Never better. I had the most productive night ever. Not only did I update my files in my Party Cave, but I manged to sort out the next topics for our show. You see, Spike introduced me to this wonderful drink called coffee the other day-"

"Wait," Silverstream stopped her by pressing a talon on her lips, "Spike gave you a coffee?" Marble shrunk down in her seat at the horror Equestria was about to witness. A day that will put it in the history books.

"You betcha!" Pinkie blurted out, "I feel awesome, and now I sound like Rainbow Dash, because everything is twenty percent cooler! I can't feel my legs, my tail, my everything!" She gave a giggle that matched her appearance. Autumn asked the next dreaded question.

"And may I dare ask how many you had since the last time we met?" Pinkie turned her head round, like a cross between an owl and a smiling clown doll.

"No idea! I lost count on the forty-third!" The others looked at her with great concern. Yep, Equestria is doomed. Silverstream then asked the final question.

"And how to you feel?" Silverstream asked slowly.

"How do I feel?" Pinkie repeated the question quickly "I feel like I can do anything! This is way better than when I took Discord's magic for the bell! I am the Party Queen!"

Correction. Equestria isn't just doomed. There isn't even a word to describe how bad this is going to be. Pinkie then gave a burst of laughs and crashed into the wall instead of leaving by the door. The others decided to carry their microphone equipment and chase after the crazed mare. This was no time to sit around the table and have a chat. This was something far worse than some bad guy from the dawn of Equestrian history coming back.

"Breaking news!" Silverstream shouted down the microphone, flying as fast as her wings could flap, "This is a Code Pink! I repeat! This is a Code Pink!"

"Pinkie Pie has gone full Pinkamena Diane Pie. Do not approach at any circumstances. Failure to do so will result in sugar overdose, confetti manes and a forever-questioning sanity."

"We will give you up to date coverage of her whereabouts, but do send them by dragonfire for any updates of where she may be. You are advised to hide at home, although it may be insufficient as Pinkie is known to break walls. Literally and figuratively," Autumn warned their listeners.

By now, every pony with a radio had triple-locked their doors, shut ever window, or put out a magic forcefield if they were a unicorn. In Canterlot Castle, a certain Princess of the Sun and Moon were counting up the party damage reparations if this continued. Yes, there was such thing as party damage, designed for a Code Pink.

The remaining hosts rounded a corner to Ponyville's main street, but they were in for a sight. The whole street was filled with party colours that would make a carnival seem dull in comparison. Desserts of every kind were sprawled across the walls of every building. Pinatas hung from every tree branch and instead of clouds, balloons filled the sky.

"I heard there was a time Spike gave Rarity a certain book that made her glamorise Ponyville," Silverstream explained whilst looking around, "This, takes it by a good country mile." The others nodded with horror.

"How did they stop it?" Gabby asked.

"Spike told the truth the Rarity and broke the spell, but there is no spell to break here. It's Pinkie. Just Pinkie." Marble sloughed onto the floor.

"How long will it last?" Autumn sighed.

"I guess until the coffee causes her to crash. It shouldn't be far from-"


The grouped followed the sound to see Pinkie in a pile of rubber chickens, fast asleep. The whole of Ponyville heard the sound of the rubber toys and came out to check if the storm was over. Thankfully, it was shorter than anticipated, shorter than when Pinkie cloned herself.

"We have found Pinkie Pie and she is out. Code Pink is over," Silverstream along with the whole of Equestria, breathed a sigh of relief.

Everyone turned to a certain dragon who was the cause of this very situation.

Spike turned to Twilight, who wore a strong glare directed at her Number One Assistant.

"I'll write a letter to Princess Celestia, saying the disaster is over, along with a very special report. Never, ever, ever, give Pinkie Pie coffee."

Chapter 21- How To Party 101

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"Good morning fellow listeners," Pinkie announced to Equestria, "And don't worry, I have been put under a total ban of coffee. I'm back, bigger and better than ever!"

"Thank goodness," Gabby breathed. The others nodded in relief, but knew that Pinkie was unpredictable in her own way. Luckily, Twilight managed to hide all the coffee in Ponyville and told every pony in town that if Pinkie were to receive even a cup of the brown stuff, Ponyville will probably never be the same again.

"I found that Twilight has this crazy book on slumber parties that she wrote. I thought, if Twilight can do one for the perfect party, why can't I tell your listeners who to make the perfect party!" Pinkie declared her intentions. The others looked at each other with knowing faces

"This is going to be good," Silverstream muttered, before Pinkie came face to face to hers.

"You bet!" Pinkie innocently shouted, "The first thing you have to do is get the perfect food. It isn't a party unless there is something for your grumbling tummies. The sweeter the better is what I say! Nothing says a party like a big delicious cake." She then, somehow, managed to pull out a pink frosted coat before slamming it into her face, munching it down as if it was the Equestria. she then thumped on her chest and gave a loud childish burp. The others were wondering how she managed to hide a cake in her mane, but stopped at mid-thought.

"Pinkie Pie?" Silverstream asked.

"Pinkie Pie," The others agreed. Marble just nodded knowingly.

"As for drinks, you can't say no to the fizzy variety. Lemonade, coke, fruit punches, anything to wash down a good solid meal." Pinkie then got cups and placed them in front of every creature, before reaching into her mane and pulled out a big bottle of lemonade.

"Next is the decor. It will never be a party without my," she paused before pulling out her go-to party weapon, "PARTY CANON!"

With that, she pulled the trigger, setting the canon off with confetti and streamers. The others were caught in its firing line, and when the explosion was over, they found conveniently placed party hats on their heads and party blowers in their mouths. The table somehow managed to he decorated with a checkered tablecloth and everywhere had confetti, streamers and balloons. It was as if everything was placed exactly were it was meant to be.

"Looking good, but it doesn't feel like a party yet," Pinkie pondered, "You need some lively music to really get every creature mingling. She jumped over to the table and pulled Marble to the centre of the party chaotic room.

"Good party music should be uplifting, fun to dance to and up to date with the charts. Not some boring music like what they play at the Grand Galloping Gala or Rarity's old mare music. Once you get the right music, every creature can dance! Come on, Marble! Dance!" Once again, she reached into her mane and pulled out a gramophone and vinyl. The room was instantly filled with happy dance music. Whilst Pinkie bounced around like usual, Marble just stood there, a blush slowly creeping up on her face as she did some simple waving.

"You really have to go all out!" Pinkie giggled as she was on her hind legs, wriggling like a snake, "Put those hooves in the air like you just don't care! Come on every creature! You're missing the party!" The others looked at each other, shrugged, and joined Pinkie and Marble on the makeshift dancefloor. Silverstream and gabby flapped their wings in time of the music, whilst Autumn swished her tail around in circles.

"Dancing is for every creature, no matter if you feel like you have four left hooves. She should have seen Twilight dance at the royal gardens!" Pinkie giggled at the memory. Some princess is never going to heard the end of that.

"Obviously, a good party is nothing without good friends. If good friends by your side, the party can last forever! Conga Line!" She shouted so that every creature can hear hear. They did what they instructed and soon a line snaked its way around the room.

"And that's how you throw and fun-tastic party! See you after the break every creature!"

Chapter 22- You Bucked Up

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"You join us here at Sweet Apple Acres with Applejack to tell us what goes on at the farm and how they produce all that delicious cider every season," Pinkie welcomed everyone, licking her lips at the idea of free mugs of cider. One rainbow pegasus is going to feel a twinge of jealousy today.

"Howdy y'all!" Applejack introduced herself to the listeners, "And well to Sweet Apple Acres. Each tree is grown with as much TLC, and it speaks for itself in the fruit of our labour!" Applejack lead the group deep into the orchard. Autumn giggled at the pun

"Our farm wouldn't be standing if it weren't for Granny Smith's discovery of zap apples new the Everfree Forest. The jam is second to none. And if it weren't for Granny Smith, there wouldn't be a Ponyville like today."

"This is amazing!" Silverstream looked around and looked at one of the apples, "They are so shiny, you can see your faces on them."

"How do you collect all of them?" Autumn looked around, "It would take forever!"

"Bumper crop season is the most busiest day of harvest," Applejack said before chuckling wryly, "Big Mac, my big brother, was injured and I promised to do all of them by myself. It didn't go as well as planned and I-"

"Poisoned all of Ponyville with your baked-bads, let a stampede of rabbits invade Ponyville and made Rainbow Dash crash into Twilight's old library whilst she was trying a new stunt," Pinkie interrupted without pausing for a single breath. Applejack just glared at her pink friend.

"You didn't have to tell them everything," She whispered to her friend in embarrassment.

"I think we get the picture," Gabby comforted, "So how do you get them all down? I helped you once with wing power, but what if you don't have wings. Do you use ladders?"

"Nope," Applejack answered plainly, "We use a good ol' buck."

"A buck?"

"You know?" Pinkie Pie said, oblivious to what she was going to say, "When a mare and a stallion love each other very much, they-" Applejack quickly put her hoof in her mouth. Marble silently thanked her, which Applejack returned with a tip of her hat.

"What I meant," She glared at Pinkie, "Was a simple back kick with on the trunk. Like this." She slowly released her hoof from Pinkie's mouth, in case anymore words would come out. When nothing came, she trotted over to an apple tree and took position. with one swift movement, she hit the trunk which shook violently, causing the tree to release its fruit. The others looked at her with amazement.

"It's nothing really," Applejack explained, "It just takes some practice and strong legs. I've gotten mine over the years."

"Can we try? Can we try?" Silverstream flew until she was face-to-face with AJ, giving her best begging eyes. Applejack looked unsure.

"Don't worry," Pinkie reassured, "What's the worst that could happen?"

"Where shall I start?" Applejack muttered, "You just had to say it." Applejack decided to see what would happen now that the dreaded sentence was uttered for the universe to decide. Gabby was up first.

"Now Gabby," Applejack warned, "Legs and wings are different. You don't want to sprain yourself if you get the angle wrong."

"Got it," Gabby replied confidently.

"Whenever you're ready," Applejack urged Gabby on. Gabby reared up and struck the tree with as much for as she could muster. However, having paws instead of hard hooves, the tree shook modestly, with only a few leaves falling off.

"Better luck next time," Applejack patted Gabby's shoulder comfortably. Silverstream was next.

"Give it all you've got," Applejack gave Silverstream a confident nod, which the hippogriff returned with equal confidence. She struck the with as much force as she could muster. Only a single apple fell and landed with a plop in the grass. Silverstream just picked it up and took a bite.

"You were almost there," Applejack chuckled, "Pinkie? Want a go?"

"I'm good," Pinkie sheepishly smiled, "I tried bucking when I got your cutie mark. It hurts when you mess it up." She shivered as she remembered the pain.

"Suite Yourself," Applejack shrugged, "Autumn, want a go?"

"Of course!" Autumn excitedly answered and headed towards the tree. She got into position and struck the tree with her back hooves. Several landed on the ground. Applejack gave a whistle of amazement.

"Wow, Autumn," Applejack mused, "Keep that up and I'll consider hiring you for the next harvest." Autumn just jabbed a friendly hoof at her side before she turned to the grey earth pony.

"There's nothing to it, Sugarcube," Applejack comforted Marble, "You can do it!"

"Yeah!" Pinkie stood next to her sister, "It's just a hop, skip and a buck!"

"That sounded like Rarity when she tried bucking to impress Trender Hoof," Applejack chuckled as she turned to Marble, "You can do it."

Marble gulped as she headed towards the tree, beads of sweat dripping down. the others gave encouraging smiles. Marble walked into position, took a deep breath, closed her eyes and bucked as hard as she could. What happened next was something no creature could have predicted. The tree snapped in two, sending the top half flying off into the horizon, where it landed somewhere with a massive thud, a cloud of dust and birds fleeing away from the disaster zone. The others looked at her with amazement, but none more stupefied than the farm pony.

"How?" Applejack uttered, which Marble blushed.

"Well duh," Pinkie said, "She works on a rock farm. Think of all those heavy boulders a pony has to carry all day and the carts you have to pull. Maud beat Rainbow Dash with a rock toss you know? It was amazing, if Maud hadn't said she doesn't like winning much." The others looked at her for clarification, but Pinkie gave them her usual smile as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Right..." Applejack trailed off.

"Why don't we all celebrate with some Apple Family Cider?" Pinkie said as she pronked down the path. The others looked at each other, before shrugging and following her. Marble just trailed behind. The last to leave was Applejack, who eyed the broken stump with horror.

"I knew something would happen. Granny's gonna give me an earful when she finds out. As they say, It's always the quiet ones that surprise you the most."

Chapter 23- Let's Get Physical

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"Hello Equestria! This is the one and only Rainbow Dash on Good Morning Equestria, helping every creature seize the day and be awesome!" Rainbow Dash introduced every creature for the morning.

"Now do does an awesome pegasus like yours truly, thank you very much, have the perfect morning? Why thank you for asking," She talked to her listeners, as is they were in the very studio room, "Nothing makes a good morning twenty-percent cooler than a morning exercise, and the rest of the team have joined us to do some morning stretches." The others were in the middle the studio, ready for whatever torture Rainbow Dash has got in stall for them. Pinkie, on the other hand was jumping with excitement.

"First, let's go into this nice and slowly," Rainbow said calmly, before shouting at the group, "Now give me one hundred star-jumps!" The group groaned, except Pinkie, who was jumping with giddiness. The others reluctantly joined in, each giving it the best they've got. Gabby was the first to slowly fall behind, and Rainbow was quick to pick up on it. Wearing her coaching cap and whistle, she flew face-to-face to the already sweating griffon.

"You call that star-jumps, or are you just a flailing fish out of the ocean?" Rainbow questioned the Gabby, causing her to jump faster. Eventually, when they all did fifty, they fainted to the floor, taking deep breathes.

"I don't know what was worse," Silverstream gasped, "Rainbow or the time Discord made a bugbear chase us."

"I know hot when I know hot," Autumn panted like a dog, "But that was a different time of hot."

Gabby lay still on the floor whilst Marble was in no good state either. Pinkie was the only one still standing without a bead of sweat.

"Aw, come one guys," Pinkie grinned, "That was super-duper fun!"

"Define fun," Gabby huffed.

"Okay every creature, Rainbow announced, "The next step is to seize the day is breakfast."

"Finally," Silverstream sighed, only to be shoved to the studio kitchen table, along with every other creature, by Rainbow Dash.

"When I mean breakfast, you need something to keep you going, but not something to crash the body. I'm looking at you Pinkie," Rainbow gave a glare.

"Does eight cupcakes, four jam-filled doughnuts and two eclairs count as breakfast?" Pinkie asked, causing the others to look at her with pure horror. Marble just rolled her eyes. Typical Pinkie.

"No," Rainbow Dash simply said, "What you creatures need is something nice and soothing. Cereal, toast, fruit and a nice cup of warm goodness is your go-to for the perfect morning." She then quickly made some cereal, toast and chopped fruit in her usual speed style. The others chowed down, whilst Pinkie just settled for a banana.

"Brush like a winner, wash like a winner, feel like a winner!" Rainbow declared, "Make everything you do feel like a race, feel the rush of the morning getting you ready for the day."

"You know not every creature treats everything as a race," Pinkie giggled, "It's like buckball, the best part of the day is having fun." Rainbow just rolled her eyes.

"Awesomeness just comes naturally," Rainbow puffed out her chest in pride, "Just do your thing as if there's no sun the next day. There is always light shining from the inside out from you."

"Keep telling yourself that," Gabby rolled her eyes.

"What about you fellow listeners?" Pinkie asked their listeners, "What is your morning routine, or are you a lie-in type of creature? Send them in via dragonfire."

Chapter 24- Cheesy Smiles

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"Hey, Cheese Sandwich," Pinkie hugged he friend, "Welcome to the show!"

"Great to be here, Pinkie," Cheese replied just as enthusiastically, "And what pleasure it is to be surrounded by so many creatures as well!"

"Glad to have you here on the show," Silverstream welcomed today's guest, "Pinkie just raves about you every time we have a conversation about parties."

"We planned the best party bash ever for Rainbow Dash," Pinkie retold her story, " It was the must fun-tacular thing you could possibly imagine!"

"Pinkie showed me as well that there is more to parties. What's important is seeing your true friends smile," Cheese wrapped a hoof around Pinkie, "She started my party career when she was just a filly, performing at a party. Been partying hard since."

"Smiles something precious and you notice instantly," Pinkie described, "Like that one patch of sunlight breaking through grey, dull clouds. When some creature smiles, you can't help but smile back."

"We all have good days, we all have bad days. However, it's what we do with those days that define who we really are," Gabby explained to their listeners.

"'Cause rainbows won't light up the sky, unless you let it rain!" Autumn said her signature line.

"Exactly!" Silverstream, "A smile can do more than anything you can possibly imagine. No matter how bad things get, it does as good that Equestria is filled with good creatures who just want to spread some good cheer."

"Now what about you creatures," Cheese turned to the creatures around him, "What makes you smile?"

"Nothing makes me smile than waking up to deliver my letters in the morning," Gabby said with pride, "Having a smile on my face means that those at the door while give you a smile too. It's a good way to feel great about yourself first thing in the morning. Breathing in the morning air, rain or shine, and spreading a bit of griffon-happiness, instead of the tough griffon streak we are known for."

"What makes me smile comes from the sky and sea," Silverstream explained with equal passion, "In the sky, you can fly with pegasi or other hippogriffs, and listen to birds in the Harmonising Heights. They produce the most beautiful sounds that just makes me so, so happy. Underwater, you can swim with the fish, make shell necklaces for every creature and leap out of the water. It's the best kind of fun in both worlds, which my brother Terramar agrees as well."

"My smile comes from when I perform my plays and comedies for other kirins back at my village," Autumn joined in, "I wrote them to all my kirin friends before and after my exile. Seeing the whole town come to watch the play, appreciating the time and effort the actors and writers take to put everything together is a joy to watch. The best time to to theatre is at night, when the whole stage comes alive under the moonlight!" Autumn sighed at the memories.

"My smile comes from other creatures' smiles," Pinkie explained, "A day without laughter is a day wasted. I sung a whole song about how good a smile is once and everypony joined in. It was like, one of the the best songs I have ever sung. Seeing all those smiles just fills me up with warmth fuzziness that makes my hooves all tingly with pure joy!" Pinkie then went into a drooling phase.

"Another thing that makes me smile are those absolutely, positively lovely foods. Ice-cream, candy, chocolate and cake. The joy of just stuffing those goodies into your mouth and letting it all the flavours wash over your mouth is simply delicious." Marble was quick to provide a tissue for her sister, only to be grabbed and pulled in by cheeks.

"Marble is most happy when he is out exploring all the rocks on our rock farm. She would go out and collect samples for her own collection! She even had a this big crush on Big Macintosh once during a Hearth's Warming get together with Applejack's family and mine. It was the sweetest thing ever!"

At Sweet Apple Acres, Applejack almost choked spat out her cider in shock. She turned to her brother, who's blush was redder than his coat.

"Is that so, Big Mac?" Applejack did her signature eyebrow raise, only this time more suggestive than suspicious. Big Mac only nodded his head in confirmation. It was at that moment Sugar Belle entered the room with a concerned gaze.

"Was she the only one?" She asked, sparks in her eyes. Big Mac prayed to Celestia he wouldn't be sleeping on the couch tonight. Being one of a few only decent stallion in Ponyville, he has a lot of explaining to do.

"We all have our things that make us smile," Cheese concluded, "If you are still looking for your smile, don't stress. It will come, just look for it inside you. We are have that ability to brighten up the world around you. Laugh hard and be kind. Smile's all round will come."

Chapter 25- Just Breathe

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"Good Morning Equestria. I am Somnambula, and this morning, we are going to take you away from all your troubles," Somnambula, the Pillar of Hope, sat with her back hooves crushed on a soft cushion, with the hosts all sat on similar cushions in front of her.

"This is so exciting! We have an actual hero of Equestria on the show! It's like Rockhoof all over again!" Silverstream quietly, but enthusiastically, declared, then paused, "Minus the smashing up the whole school."

"How fast to slow your lane is doesn't matter," Somnambula talked with a calm effect, "It is only the destination that matters. Now, I want all of you to close your eyes, join me as we relieve the stress and worries that we might have. By only breaking these walls, we can do further than we can possibly imagine."

"So soothing," Autumn sighed, "Your voice is like a warm breeze." Somnambula chuckled at the compliment.

"You mind is like a cloud, drifting free in the sky. We mustn't let that cloud be too heavy. Otherwise, it will become fog, and that will make our destination invisible to-"

"Oh, like the time Rainbow Dash tried to clear some patch of fog and I whizzed it back up again. It was super-duper fun!" Marble promptly gave a sister a glare of annoyance for interrupting Somnambula's motivational speech. Somnambula just rolled her eyes at her bearer's antics. She has seen enough of her craziness, light when she appeared on the Manehattan building lights.

"Yes, Pinkie," Somnambula said, trying to calm herself, "How let's all take a deep breath. Every creature take a deep breath in." Every creature did as she instructed, Pinkie taking a big mouthful of air.

"Now every, creature breathe out. Slowly and with care."

Every creature breathed out, but Pinkie's was different. She allowed her breath to carry her away, like a balloon without its hole tied up. When she finally landed away from her pillow. Every creature looked at her with the usual confusion Pinkie always gets. Somnambula turned to Gabby for answers.

"She's Pinkie Pie. That's all you need to know," Gabby simply explained. Somnambula just nodded with trepidation.

"That so super-duper relaxing, even better than Fluttershy's butterfly therapy. Twilight should really join into these. You should see her Twilighting. When she goes, she goes hard," Pinkie explained.

In the Castle of Friendship, the Princess of Friendship banged her head on the table.

"Well at least it's just a made up word, right?" She turned to her number one assistant, who held the Official Equestrian Dictionary.

"You might want to check again under T," Spike warned. She levitated the the dictionary and searched what she dreaded.

Twilighting (Verb)
To be involved in a serious so-called panic attack involving a messy mane, hyperventilation and small pupils in the eyes. Derived from the Princess of Friendship, Twilight Sparkle. See figure 1.0 for further details.

Underneath the definition was a ink drawing of said princess with a perfect panic look.

"Congratulations," Spike sheepishly said with trepidation, "You're officially a verb."

"Sweet Celestia..." Twilight squeaked.

"Now every creature, it's time to stretch. Those with wings, feel free to stretch them too. We much rid ourselves of the tension that is within out bodies," Somnambula instructed the hosts as she got up and stretched forward, much like a cat. The others did as she instructed, Gabby and Silverstream spreading her wings out in the process. Pinkie stretched as far as a long piece of pink silly putty. Every creature looked at her once again.

"How are can you stretch, Pinkie?" Gabby asked, though she feared the answer.

"Like this?" Pinkie said before holding her breath until her head deflated like a balloon and floated upwards. She opened her mouth and released all the air, causing her to fall back down to the ground. Every creature looked at her with stunned expressions, none more so than Somnambula.

"I can't believe this pony is in charge of saving Equestria," She muttered, "I fear the day she might doom it."

"Been there, almost done that," Pinkie chuckled wryly.

"I think it's best if we don't know about it," Gabby quickly intervened, which every head in the nodded.

"Well," Somnambula sighed, "I think that's my session over. Hope you all are more relaxed."

"Believe me, I think we're all relaxed not knowing what Pinkie Pie is capable of," Autumn joked.

"Just breathe and you'll be fine," Somnambula comforted them, "As they say, there are some things that are best left unsolved."

Chapter 26- Face The Music

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Applejack hurried back to the barn after her early morning shift. She had one destination in mind, and that was the radio. Somepony close was on the show this morning, and she was not missing it for the world. Having a quick breakfast of strong morning coffee and toast with applesauce, she switched on the device to listen to her foalhood friend on Good Morning Equestria.

"Dear listeners, we are joined by not one, but two great musicians of our time!" Pinkie hinted with so much optimism, her mane suddenly went up on its ends, "My mane is feeling extra-frazzled today!"

"Please welcome to the show, Songbird Serenade and Countess Coloratura!" Every creature clapped as the two singers smiled and waved at them.

"We're pleased you asked to join us today," Songbird started off, "After the success of the Friendship Festival, I have been touring for a while and it's nice to settle down for a nice normal conversation."

"Believe us," Autumn warned, "There is no definition of normal when you're in the same room as Pinkie Pie."

"Me?" Pinkie asked, "What don't you get about me?" Every creature in the room facehoofed.

"Moving on, let's start off with you Countess Coloratura," Gabby started things off, only for Coloratura to wave a hoof at her.

"Please, call me Rara. I got that name from a pony who saw nothing but my fame and talent. Rara is the name I got from somepony close who saw me as a friend, not by my fame," Rara waved a hoof.

"Applejack?" Autumn asked.

"Yes, we used to be friends since summer camp, I then travelled to Manehattan to perfect my music. That was when I unfortunately met Svengallop. He turned me into a different kind of singer than the one Applejack knew me back at the camp. He just wanted to spotlight for himself. It was thanks you Applejack that I saw how much I changed, and that being myself, I cannot go wrong."

"I take it you were close?" Applebloom came down the stairs to help herself with some breakfast.

"Like two seeds in an apple core, we were," Applejack hummed, "Seeing her with Savengallop, she was unrecognisable. Glad that she broke contract and started back to soloing. Best decision I think."

"And what about you Songbird? What has the music business taught you?" Gabby asked the other singer.

"I have learned something during the Battle of Canterlot," Songbird spoke up, "In the darkest times, music can be found. While I was trapped, singing took me away from all the bad. I was a literal songbird in a cage, singing for those who were downtrodden. Shame one of his henchmen rattled the cage to quiet me, but in that moment, I felt peace against all that was bad at the moment."

"Now let's get into some good stuff," Silverstream continued, "How would you feel about a collaboration?" Both stars looked at each other with some thought, before both smiling at the prospect.

"That may actually work," Songbird thought it through.

"I'm down for that," Rara answered back.

"Looking forward for a releasing song from you two soon," Pinkie clapped her hooves excitedly. Marble just rolled her eyes at her sister's usual excitement.

"How about you help us with some musical lessons?" Pinkie asked. The two singers looked at each other with uncertainty.

"Not the yovidaphone!" Silverstream cried out.

"Aw, why?" Pinkie gave a pout

"Just because!" Autumn interjected, causing both singers to look at each other with confusion.

"What's a yovidaphone?" Songbird asked.

"You don't want to know," Gabby warned them. Marble nodded her head with fear and dread at what her sister has in mind.

"How about a flugelhorn?" Pinkie said, pulling out the strange trumpet she played at the Crystal Empire, "I managed to get it right at the jousting, but the other times not so much." She took a deep breath before any creature could stop her.

What came out of the radio was a loud, muffled sound of Pinkie screaming the name of the instrument. It echoed out of the barn. Applejack was knocked off her seat, whilst Applebloom managed to somehow end up with half of her body lodged in the ceiling. What came outside was a horrible sound of splats which made Applejack recall a similar incident with the cursed instrument from Yakyakistan. Applejack got her sister down be her emergency lasso, before running outside to see what damaged has been done. Applejack almost fainted at the sight.

Every apple within the orchard was turned into a pile of mush and applesauce. it dribbled down the trunks into the baskets that were supposed to catch the actual fruits of their labour. Applejack sighed before turning to Applebloom.

"Go wake up Granny and Big Mac," She instructed to her little sister, "Applesauce Season came early again."

"I think they're already awake with a sound like that," Applebloom said before turning to tell them what happened. Applejack turned back to their prized family orchard.

"This is the yovidaphone thingy all over again."

Chapter 27- Crazy Little Thing Called-

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"Guys?" Pinkie asked on their morning show, "Do you remember that prank I pulled on you about your crushes?" That caused many faces to turn red at the memory, none more so than Gabby and Silverstream. Both looked at each other, wondering where this was heading and if they should make a hasty retreat. Gabby decided to be the first to ask.

"And why have you decided to talk about that moment?" Gabby gulped, sweat already starting to form.

"Because I brought in a very special guest to help explain everything about love," Pinkie excitedly explained. The others looked at each other with worry.

"And who would that be?" Silverstream asked with equal trepidation. Suddenly, Pinkie's back began to visibly shake.

"That would be my Pinkie Sense, telling me somepony is about to teleport into the room. Every creature, please welcome our very special guest..." She paused before a a burst of magic came into the studio.

"Princess Cadance!"

"Oh no..." Gabby squawked.

"I'll be ruined..." Silverstream gaped.

"Pinkie, I was so surprised to get your letter of requesting to be on the show. However, I could not turn down the offer as it is about everything that I specialise in," Cadance walked up the Pinkie and gave her a hug, which Pinkie leapt out into her embrace.

"Now," Pinkie started as she got back into her seat, "What does one mean when they say love magic?"

"Why don't we start at the very beginning?" Cadance suggested, "Love is a precious and powerful, more than some romantic novel. Love isn't just about a partner, but a family, a friend or even a pet. Love becomes more stronger though, of course, with those you form a promising bond in, most commonly with a partner."

At Carousel Boutique, Sweetie Belle looked at her romantic fantasy book before throwing it away.

"I learnt that the hard way three times already," She sighed.

"When we come into my love magic, it comes from within, as well as those who are in love or something else. I tap into the emotions of positivity, creating a powerful bond with another and then create it with another pony or creature. I push aside the negative emotions, and replace it with strong, positive ones. One example was when I helped settle an argument of two ponies when Twilight was a filly. I can even sense who's emotions for another using this to tell how some creature feels towards another creature," Cadance went into professional princess mode, causing Autumn to yawn slightly. Marble poked her out of her sleepiness.

"Like a love detector?" Pinkie raised a brow

"If you would like to call it that," Cadance noded.

Gabby and Silverstream tensed up at the mention of Cadance's last ability. Surely Pinkie wouldn't-

"Would you like to give us an example on us?" Pinkie wiggled her eyebrows.

Well, there goes that prayer out of the window. Cadance made a sly smile before closing her eyes, activating her magic and made a strong face of concentration. She first directed her horn to Autumn, who held her breath.

"I sense little interest in you, Autumn," Cadance announced as she deactivated her magic and looked at the kirin with a slight frown.

"Still haven't found any creature special yet," Autumn shrugged, "Most of my time was during exile with little things to have a conversation with." Cadance put a wing over her.

"It will come, and once it does, you will know/ Hold onto it and don't let it slip. When it comes to declare it, do it now, or forever wish you had." Autumn simple nodded in contemplation before Cadance lighted her horn up and turned to Marble.

"I sense a small amount of love before, but that has somehow left you." Marble blushed, hoping that her sister wouldn't-

"That would be Big Mac. They met and had a small crush with each other on Hearth's Warming Eve, but Big Mac is now married to Sugar Belle from Starlight's own village," Pinkie quickly explained, which Marble sighed. It didn't help that she caught them kissing under the mistletoe the next Hearth's Warming Eve they met.

"Heartbreak is always a hard one to deal with, but you must remember the good times you had with the one you had that special time with." Marble smiled and nodded with understanding. There are plenty more diamonds in the cave. Cadance moved onto Gabby who was sweating waterfalls in her seat.

"I sense that you have an interest, but torn against who already in possession. Is that jealousy I sense?" Cadance asked. Gabby just shook her head. Pinkie gave the eyebrow a raise. Gabby was glad to spend time with Spike away from clingy Rarity. Cadance however moved onto a bright red Silverstream. Cadance was positively buzzing.

"I sense a teenage crush, young and eager. You better express it soon, or risk going into an unhealthy lust for the one you desire most," Cadance warned, causing Silverstream to flap her wings to get rid of the heat.

"However, I'm more curious about your love, Pinkie," Cadance turned to the lead host, causing every head to turn to Pinkie. Silverstream and Gabby breathed a sigh of relief. It was Pinkie's turn.

"What do you mean?" Pinkie tried to be as clueless as she could muster.

"Something warm and radiating, coming off, like a happiness that only love could hold. Somepony with interests similar to your own," Cadance paused before smiling, "Cheese Sandwich?"

Rarity's gossip senses was tingling before, but declared, "I KNEW IT!" for the whole of Ponyville to hear.

"Understand your love, tame and and treasure it. Feel brave and it will come true before you could know it," Cadance simply said with a knowing smile.

"I-I think we will leave it there for today..." Pinkie trailed off. Karma was served that day for Gabby and Silverstream, and were both satisfied.

Chapter 28- In Your Dreams

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"What is the weirdest dream you ever had?" Pinkie turned to her colleagues, who looked at her with slight trepidation over what might be coming for them.

"You're not going to bring Princess Luna into this are you?" Gabby asked warily.

"Nope, but I'm sure she has some tales to tell us of what she encounters in the dream realm," Pinkie reassured.

"I had this strange dream once where all the pumpkins and blankets that I drew faces on came to life and we became besties. It was probably because of my isolation making me loopy. Applejack will know. We sang songs and played games together. It was the best time ever!" Autumn gushed over her strange dream, causing three of the members to look at her with disturbed faces, whilst Pinkie gave her her usual smile.

"I think it's the isolation taking its toll," Gabby said slowly.

"Definitely so," Silverstream added, whilst Marble gave a small nod and hum.

"Pinkie Pie introduced me to jelly, since we don't have it in Seaquestria for obvious reasons reasons. I mean, we do have jellyfish, but they're completely different and you don't want to mess with a jellyfish. Anyway, I dreamed that the whole of Seaquestria was turned into jelly and we were all swimming in the stuff! It was delicious and fun," Silverstream gave her usual giggle, but this time the others gave her a strange look.

"That sounds kinda gross," Autumn chuckled, "Do you know how thick jelly can be?"

"I think it sounds fun!" Pinkie, "Imagine the whole ocean as a giant edible pink trampoline!" She licked her lips at that.

"Yeah, imagine that," Gabby rolled her eyes before giving her weird dream, "Mine was flying with cotton-candy clouds and-"

"Wait?" Pinkie stopped her, "Could it be cotton-candy clouds that rained chocolate milk?"

"Yes," Gabby said with surprise "How did you know?"

"Because that was what Discord did when he turned Ponyville into the chaos capital of the world and-"

"WHAT?!" Gabby shouted and latched onto Pinkie's face, "You mean I missed my chance to see cotton-candy clouds that rained chocolate milk?"

"You should have been there," Pinkie sighed as she went into sugary bliss, "Who knew weather could taste for delicious."

"Oh come on!" Gabby sighed, "I wanted to fly and drink the milk rain like in my dream and dance with a giant candy cane about how and singing in the chocolate rain and what a glorious feeling that I'm happy again and-" Gabby was pulled right up into Pinkie's face.

"I do the references here, thank you very much. This studio only has room for one reference creature, got it?" Pinkie gave the griffon a stern look. Gabby just nodded, not knowing what would happen if she did continue. Actually, it was better if she didn't know.

"Good," Pinkie tossed the clueless griffon aside and then grabbed Marble by the cheeks again, "Marble isn't much of a talker, but I bet it has something to do with rocks and everything that sparkles right, along with the family?"

Marble looked at her with a blush, before nodding and sighing. Her sister was truly something.

"My dreams are super-duper crazy!" Pinkie did, doing her best impression of having dizzy eyes, "I mean they all have cakes! Duh! But also all my friends stuffing the sugary goodness like there's no tomorrow! I mean Spike had this crush dream where he presented Rarity with a house made up of ice-cream, but don't worry Gabby, Spike with dream of something nice for you."

"My life is ruined," Spike groaned in his bed, causing Twilight to roll her eyes with a chuckle.

"I once had this dream of covering myself with whipped cream," Pinkie said out loud, causing Autumn, who was sipping her forest tea, to spit it out, "And Princess Luna came and asked me I was okay. She had a look that said that I needed psychiatric treatment. I mean what's wrong with covering yourself with whipped cream?"

"I can think of a few meanings," Autumn choked as Gabby patted her back.

"What weird dreams have you creatures had? Be sure to send them in by dragonfire! Good Morning Equestria is coming back soon!"

Chapter 29- A Chance Of Chaos

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"Hello every creature, and welcome to to daily weather report by yours truly, Discord the Lord of Chaos. I won't be reading the usual weather report from Cloudsdale as it is completely normal, and so predictable. So I thought that I would spice things up a bit, because why Celestia not?

Today will be sunny side up, and by that I mean expect scrambled showers and an eggy atmosphere. Today will be a cracker of a morning. By the afternoon, expect a sweet chance of some cotton cloud gathering eastwards, bringing in some chocolate rain showers. We are certainly in for a treat. By Luna's night, make sure you stay up to witness a once in a lifetime event, as flying pigs will shoot across the sky.

Tomorrow, it will start off with Celestia having her usual pancakes for breakfast, so she better get outside as there is a high chance of some Spring syrup showers coming in by the early morning rushhour. By that, I mean sugar rush hour. Expect to see the odd sprinkle rainbow once that has cleared. The afternoon will be followed by a glorious sunset with pies rising from the horizon. You certainly don't want to miss a slice of the action.

The following day will be a case of mist and fog with a strong gust of pepper in the wind as it is pepper-fever season. Make sure you have your handkerchiefs ready as we are expecting high levels of pepper dust in the air. It is enough to blow the houses down, literally. Then there will be a light drizzle of sugar powder, blanketing northern Equestria heavily, so bring out your cakes if you are too lazy to dust them up yourselves.

That concludes the weather report for the upcoming day. I have been your host, Discord, and it was a pleasure to be on the show. Back to you in the studio. So how did I do?"

Discord turned to the others who were sat at the studio table. He made a news reporter costume for himself, complete with professional glasses and holding several script papers.

The others on the desk looked at him with a mixture of fear (Autumn Blaze), horror (Marble), amusement (Silverstream), dreamy bliss (Gabby), or pure excitement (Pinkie Pie).

"Equestria is going to freak out," Autumn said as she looked at the Gabby and Pinkie's faces, "Why am I the only one who thinks this is going to far, and I was the one who got loopy in exile. It doesn't make any sense!"

"Dear kirin, what fun is there in making sense?" Discord wiggled his brow as he said his signature phrase. Autumn was about to say something, but paused.

"I give up," She muttered.

"Really? Can this happen? Can this really happen? That is the best weather report I have ever heard!" Silverstream flew to the air, waving her arms around, "Most of our reports in Seaquestria during the Storm King's rule was mostly boring current and tide changes."

"Dreams do come true," Gabby sighed in dreamy bliss, "I can finally know what it's like to eat a cotton-candy cloud and drink chocolate milk rain."

Marble sank down into her seat in pure horror. Equestria was doomed.

"I think that was the most delicious weather report I have ever heard!" Pinkie leapt out of her seat, "I will certainly prepare for that!"

Equestria was never the same during those days, and Celestia and Luna, along with a very angry Fluttershy, banned him from doing weather reports after that. Rarity had to design a new 'edible weather couture line' which she found horrendous. Applejack was mostly upset for her orchard trees having syrup being fed into its roots. Rainbow complained that sleeping on a cotton-candy cloud just wasn't the same as a normal cloud. Plus, it was super sticky and hard to get off her feathers. Twilight was there berating the Lord of Chaos for his weather.

"Truly a delicious report..." Pinkie said as she helped herself for more syrup for her pancakes.

Chapter 30- On Dry Land

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"Thank you inviting me onto the show," Princess Skystar thanked her relative Silverstream, "You and I have so much catching up to do."

"I know, long time since the Storm King's reign has ended. I have learnt so much new things about living on land," Silverstream waved her arms with excitement.

"Hello to a special Good Morning Equestria morning," Pinkie said, ignoring her repeated word, "She ahs agreed, along with her mum, Queen Novo, to be on the show. Please welcome Princess Skystar!"

"It's a pleasure to be here. I have so much to talk about! I don't know where to start. We must start from when me and Pinkie first met when the Storm King invaded Equestria. We made shell necklaces for every fish, sang songs, did underwater conga lines and-" Autumn promptly but a hoof on her mouth.

"I can see why you're related," Gabby chuckled.

"Now," Autumn instructed, "I'm gonna let go, and you are going to talk slowly, got it?" Skystar nodded with understanding. Autumn released her hoof from her mouth.

"We are here to discuss what new things you have discovered on dry land," Pinkie giggled, anything interesting that caught your eye?"

"Silverstream informed me what she discovered by writing to me all the time when she's free. Stairs sound super duper awesome!" Skystar flapped her wings with enthusiasm.

"Why are stairs so amazing?" Autumn asked with a perplexed look.

"Because when you're underwater, you can just swim up. With stairs you can just appreciate every step you take to get to where you're going. The destination doesn't matter sometimes, it's how you get there that makes it worthwhile. Every step gets you closer to where you're going," Skystar explained elaborately.

"You could also fly?" Gabby pointed at her wings for emphasis.

"Same thing as flying," Skystar shrugged before continuing with her love of new discoveries, "There was also plumbing. Pipes sound super-awesome. Like with underwater, things just flow freely. With pipes you can direct things anywhere!"

"So, how do you use the..."Gabby trailed off. Marble was about to turn green. Silverstream patted her back gently.

"We have all our bathrooms facing the sea currents to direct all the waste away," Silverstream explained softly, though the last sentence was unnecessary.

"We call it, feeding the fishes," She added, whilst Skystar rolled her eyes. Marble looked much more greener, Pinkie stuck out her tongue in disgust, Autumn cringed at the remark and Gabby tried to look at a different direction.

"That makes living on land more favourable," Autumn quipped, with the others nodding in agreement. Marble, dashed out of the studio room.

"Is she okay?" Skystar asked.

"She's had worse things," Pinkie reassured, chuckling wryly.

"I mean," Silverstream continued, "I discovered that I love painting! Painting is so cool. Of course, you can't paint underwater, but you can do it freely on land. I tried to do something to remember the Tree of Harmony after it was destroyed by King Sombra. It may not have gone so well, but it was super fun!"

"Seaspray was raving about how you showed him the stairs," Skystar added, "After showing him around the School of Friendship, he wanted to add some to the navy ships. It really helps carrying the heavy stuff around!"

"And every day brings something new! The good things just keep piling on when there is something out there, waiting to be discovered!"

"And a day without laughter is a day wasted," Pinkie said at random, causing every creature to give a good laugh. Marble returned to from her time in the studio toilets.

"Feeling better?" Pinkie patted her sister's back. She gave a small hum and a nod as she usually does.

"Thank you for coming once again onto the show. New things are always something fun in our lives," Pinkie concluded.

"Thank you for having me. I always wanted to try some new foods on dry land as well," Skystar thanked. Silverstream turned to her with a smile and a chuckle.

"And do you remember the time Spike was in his molt and you described that his scent was like brussel sprouts with cotton candy!" Silverstream shouted, "I heard you in that closet thingy and tried it myself. It wasn't as bad as it sounds."

Marble rushed out of the studio once again...

Chapter 31- Touch The Sky

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"Hello every creature far and wide, and thank you Twilight for being on the show so we can try something different out," Pinkie introduced every creature to the show.

"I am fully aware of all your antics, so I am unsure why you want me on your show today," Twilight sounded slightly nervous with what Pinkie Pie wanted today.

"Well," Pinkie started, "We are outside today because we want to try something different. From our team, only Gabby and Silverstream here have wings to fly, whilst me, my best-est sister Marble and Autumn are stuck on the ground. I was wondering if you could to that cloud-walking spell you did when we saw Rainbow Dash's Best Young Flyer's Competition. You know, the one where Rarity fell out of the sky and Rainbow saved her by doing her awesome Sonic Rainboom?"

"How could I forget that day?" Twilight rhetorically said, rolling her eyes, "However, I think that this request is simple enough, and since Gabby and Silverstream can fly. Now, every creature gather round and hold onto each other."

"This is so exciting," Silverstream clapped her claws together, "I did this before when Starlight performed the spell before the whole crazy Cozy draining magic thing."'

"Starlight can do a cloud-walking spell to?" Twilight raised a brow, "Go, Starlight." She muttered the last part with little enthusiasm.

Every creature gathered around Twilight and held hooves, talons and claws to each other as she activated her magic. They were soon all surrounded by a glow of deep pink magic that disappeared inside of them. They looked at each other in confusion.

"Did it work?" Autumn asked.

"Only one way to find out," Twilight answered as she flew up to gather as much clouds as she can to make a platform, where the team could all land on. After some time in the air collecting, she pushed the cloud down.

"One the count of three. One. Two. Three," Pinkie announced and every creature hopped on. Autumn was the first to say something.

"This feels really nice! It's so fluffy and carries your weight perfectly. There is a light sag, but you don't fall through it," Autumn jumped up and down with giddiness, like a filly on a trampoline.

"Marble thinks its super-duper cozy, like you could sleep on it. Isn't that right sister?" Pinkie pulled an arm around her sister, who could do nothing but nod with a small blush.

"Clouds are so cool!" Gabby lay down on her area, "I could see why Rainbow Dash loves to sleep on them. They make a good place to nap."

"Okay," Pinkie instructed, "Twilight, Silverstream and Gabby, can you lift this cloud up so we can have a better view from way up high!" She waved a hoof to signal them. the three of them did and pushed the cloud higher. The others looked down from the ground as everything became smaller and smaller.

"So welcome to the area where those with wings can reach," Gabby puffed her chest proudly, "So what do you guys think?"

"And I thought the views from the Peaks of Peril there something," Autumn gazed around, "But this is truly something special!" Marble however, was clinging onto the cloud, cowering.

"Do you have fear of heights Marble?" Her sister asked, which marble simply nodded, "You have nothing to fear. Twilight, Silverstream or Gabby will catch you if you fall. All you have to do is stay clear from the edge." Marble rolled her eyes. Stay clear from the edge was the equivalent of telling some creature to not look down, because they will always look down. Pinkie then gave a gasp and pointed her hoof.

"To your right," She went into tour guide mode, "You can make out Cloudsdale in the distance, with the weather factory. They make every type of weather there. Just don't eat the rainbows. They're spicy," She chuckled at the painful memory, which Twilight laughed as well.

"The best part is, no view is the same wherever you go in the sky," Gabby said, "I love a good view as much as the next creature, but I always look forward to the next one."

"Just like a party?" Pinkie asked, causing many heads to turn to the party mare with confusion.

"Being at a party is great with all your friends, but there will also be another party with lots more fun the next time! Not trying to copy yourself, or feel like you're alone and having to make friends with random objects." She chuckled at the last point.

"What happened?" Silverstream turned to Twilight.

"As Rainbow Dash said to me, you don't want to know," Twilight simple said.

"Well that is all for today every creature," Gabby rounded before things escalated again, "We will be down to the ground with out next show. See you all again soon!"

Chapter 32- My Kingdom For A Cake Pt.1

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"Is it true that Princess Celestia likes her desserts?" Silverstream asks.

High on a certain castle, perched precariously on a lonely mountain, the Princess of the Sun spat out her morning tea, which was very un-princess like. Her sister, feasting on her pancakes, turned towards the radio. This was about to be interesting, but for her only.

"And where did you get that idea from?" Pinkie asked with a knowing smile?

"I found this lying around from Ponyville Day School's Foal Free Press, with the headline Princess Celestia Just Like Us," Silverstream held up the headline from the Cutie Mark Crusaders attempt at journalism.

"I see old habits never fade away, isn't that right dear sister of mine," Luna giggled with a raised brow, which Celestia shot her sister one of her hot glares.

"Believe me," Pinkie said, "Our princess is never to far from a sugary treat. Our princess has a strong sweet tooth, as you can see from the picture."

"Princess Celestia, ruler of the sun, lover of desserts?" Gabby half-teased, "What to call her? Cake-Lestia?"

At that comment, Luna burst out into a fit of laughter,I collapsing onto the floor in a fit of giggles. All Celestia could do was hold her head in her hooves. Her dignity was going down the drain today.

"Princess Cake-Lestia, Princess of pastries!" Luna declared in her Royal Canterlot Voice so that the whole castle could hear it, "That is going down into my nickname list."

"I am never going to live this down for as long as I live," Celestia huffed.

"Would that be Celestia's downfall of an enemy uses a cake against her?" Autumn quipped, before doing a Celestia impression, "My cake! My cake! My kingdom for a cake!"

"What is wrong with every creature?" Celestia rolled her eyes, "I love a sweet treat as much as the next creature. Why is that surprising!"

"I think it's something to do with that picture of the newspaper. One good look and ponies will throw ideas of what you are in an instant," Luna had stopped her fit of laughter and was now rubbing her chin with a hoof in thought. Celestia raised a brow.

"Remember when Sunset Shimmer introduced us to an invention from her world. The video game player, if I recall correctly. If I would send a picture of that incident you played all night to the press, would out subjects see you as a game addict?" Celestia teased back, which Luna whipped her head round in pure horror.

"You wouldn't dare!" Luna answered in pure horror. Celestia teleported a picture of a very exhausted Lunar Princess, with bags under her eyes and headphones in her ears from that night she stayed up to play a game that Sunset brought from her world.

"I may consider it as payback for this morning," Celestia hinted before turning back to the radio.

"You should see the look Celestia made when I ate all of the Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness, or what's left of it. She really wanted a slice of that big cake. Her face was like 'My precious cake!'" Pinkie told her story, along with a manic Celestia expression.

"And I wanted a piece of it, and more," Celestia sighed. Luna just snickered.

"She still has a fun side though," Pinkie countered, "She made fun at Mr and Mrs Cake for tea, that time when we saved Celestia's play and Twilight told me about the time she joked about being a good teacher with Sunset Shimmer. She likes a good joke as much as the next pony, or creature."

"Nice to see that your princess has a fun side, despite being a ruler. It have been hard ruling for so long, yet finding time to relieve the stress of it all," Gabby wondered.

"Indeed, the paperwork is something less to be desired, but now I have a sister back and I do find some time from being away from ruling a kingdom. In the end, I'm just a pony wearing a crown, doing my own job in the world," Celestia said to Luna, who nodded.

"We are old, but our spirits are young," Luna said, "And that is something we can do all the time. Sisters or rulers, we define who we are by taking a step in the right direction. No matter what our past have been."

Both sisters hugged each other, laughing in remembrance of the good times, and thinking less of the bad.

"Well, I hope the Princesses are listening," Pinkie smiled, "Though I think we have flustered Celestia enough for one day. Hope to see you all again soon!"

I will have to think of something to get back at them for this morning, Celestia thought. Time to write a letter to her most faithful student and Princess of Friendship for a plan.

Chapter 33- Revenge Best Served Sweet Pt.2

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"Have you read the Foal Free Press? You won't believe what's on the front papers!" Silverstream waved the paper in every creature's face, causing many heads to turn.

"What does it say? It's not the Crusaders isn't it?" Pinkie said in alarm, remembering when the CMC tried their luck with journalism, causing Ponyville to be humiliation central of Equestria. Silverstream shook her head.

"It's from some new writer called Sweet Crusher. I've never heard of her before," Silverstream scratched her head in confusion.

"What does the paper say?" Autumn asked with trepidation. Silverstream looked at the page before her face contorted into one a pure horror.

"It's about all of us!" Silverstream said in shock and terror.

"What?!" Every creature in the room shouted before Gabby grabbed the paper and turned it to the front page.

"GME's Secrets Revealed: Read About It Here," Gabby read as she turned to the first page, a very cute picture of Marble sleeping with a rock she carved in the shape of Big Mac. Every creature turned the mare in question. Marble just wanted her seat to swallow her whole.

Marble Pie: The Mare In Need

"Need I ask?" Autumn turned to the earth pony, who now had a deep blush on her face. Pinkie was the first to comfort her.

"When I get my hooves on her, I will give her a piece of my mind!" Pinkie punched the air in pure anger.

"You might want to hold onto that promise," Autumn warned her as she presented Pinkie with the next column. Pinkie Pie was surrounded by inanimate objects, her mane down when at the time when she thought her friends didn't like her parties. Pinkie Pie looked at the picture with pure shock. That shock turned to horror.

Pinkamena Diane Pie Has Lost The Party

"How could someone like her get an image of that! That was ages ago and it's not what it looks like, I swear!" Pinkie tried to salvage whatever party dignity she had left.

"It was a misunderstanding between friends that resulted in me being completely different. Sure, my mane goes down whenever I'm said, but it was just a bad phase!"

Silverstream grabbed the paper next and turned to her part. The picture was off her getting to excited about stairs to the point of wanting to lick one of the steps.

Silverstream, The Over-Curious Hippogriff

"But...I...What?" Silverstream spluttered, earning some weird looks from the others.

"That's taking curiosity over the top, right?" Gabby asked, before turning the page to her part. Her column was her incident when she flew to eagerly at her first post office job in Ponyville, colliding into an postbox, letters flying everywhere/

Special Delivery, Griffon Class

Gabby only blushed at the picture, wondering who in Equestria managed to get that moment. It took forever to get out of that mailbox that she somehow managed to squeeze into and apologies to the homeowners for the incident. Autumn let out a comforting giggle before turning to the final column. It showed the overexcited kirin with her painted pumpkins and blankets, along with her sock puppet, talking to ponies about her inanimate friends.

Looney Autumn Blaze

"It's true! I do have a problem!" Autumn burst down into tears.

"That's what I said when the Crusaders wrote about me being a Party Animal," Pinkie crossed her forelegs and huffed.

"The question is, who in Equestria could have done this to us?" Gabby asked the group, who turned to the paper and saw one final paragraph of the column.

Think of it as payback for all the cake remarks last time.

Your faithful listener,

Princess Celestia

Dead silence filled the studio as every creature turned to each other with a mixture of awe, dread and incredulous faces.

"Wow," Gabby said simple, "Who knew Princess Celestia had that in her?"

"We're never going to live this down," Silverstream whimpered.

"It will pass," Pinkie reassured them, "Same with the Crusaders. We all have our embarrassing moments..." She gave a wry chuckle at the end.

"Dear listeners," Autumn said to their outside audience, "We are going to take a small break from there. Hopefully we will come back sill alive after today."

Marble promptly switched the air button off.

Chapter 34- Cheesy Romance

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"Hello Cheese!" Pinkie greeted

"Hello Pinkie!" Cheese greeted back.

"Great. Now there's two of them," Gabby sighed.

"You mean two of Cheese or two of Pinkie? Because they act the same and talk at the same ridiculous speed," Silverstream scratched her head in confusion.

"How's the party business going?" Pinkie asked.

"Great! Travelling after that boring old factory has really given me back my smile. Seeing ponies and creatures of all sorts happy is something that makes me happy for what I do. How are you finding your life's purpose?"

"My life is purposing just fine. I told my friends that we both need to see others' smiling in order to do that, and I'm doing it everyday by being on the show. As they say, a day without laughter is a day waster," Pinkie said, producing out canons all over the room and firing them, showering the group with confetti.

"How- Right, Pinkie," Autumn just shrugged it off.

"See? You're learning." Pinkie comforted Autumn, who just grumbled.

"Cheese wanted to be on the show for a very special reason, but didn't give us an explaination," Gabby explained to their audience. Cheese simply nodded and turned to Pinkie.

"So Pinkie I would like to ask a favour from you," Cheese gave his full attention to the party mare.

"Sure what is it?" Pinkie asked, tilting her head to the side. The others looked at each other with odd looks, wondering where this was going. Cheese gave a deep breath as sweat began to pour down his brow, something every unlike him.

"Pinkamena Diane Pie, you were the reason right from the very start that I found my purpose. The moment I saw you at the first party when I left to see the world made me realise my calling. The moment I joined the party when I was a colt, I never felt such joy like that before, so that's why I became the party pony just like you," Cheese said with careful wording and a serious tone.

"Why did you use my full name?" Pinkie asked in confusion.

"Is he?" Autumn asked the others.

"You helped me again when we were planning Rainbow Dash's Birth-iversary, showing me that making your friends have a good time is way more important than simply proving you are the best party-planner in all of Equestria. You helped help me see that seeing your friends smile is something valuable than some silly title for yourself," Cheese continued his speech. Pinkie was close to tears.

"I think..." Silverstream whispered, but wanted to see where it was heading and not rely on false hope.

"Lastly, you helped me get back to my true purpose at the factory when I lost my way. You pulled me back to see that sometimes in order to feel complete, you just have to go out there and see creatures smiling to know that everything is going to work out fine. I didn't need to be cooped up in an office when I could be out there doing what I love, and that's making creatures party and have fun with friends and family," Cheese took a deep breath as he continued.

"You helped me in more ways than you could ever know, Pinkie. I know that together, we are not just going to make creatures happy, but be even better when we are together," Cheese finished, before he got out of his seat and took a step towards Pinkie.

"Life can be a party, but a party is even better if you have somepony there to celebrate everything you with," Cheese trembled, before reaching into his mane, pulled out a small velvet box, opened it and went down on one foreleg.

"Pinkamena Diane Pie, will you marry me?" Cheese asked with trepidation and fear. Pinkie peered into the box to see a golden hoof-ring, decorated with diamonds in the shape of balloons, engravings of party canons and confetti and a large central diamond with Pinkie's cutie mark in the centre.

The room was dead silent. Not a creature spoke as all eyes were on Pinkie, waiting for her to answer that all-important question. Pinkie herself was in stunned silence, looking blankly at Cheese Sandwich. A single tear rolled down her cheek, her lips trembled and her mane became even more puffier, if that was even possible.

"Yes! Yes I will marry you!" With that, Pinkie launched herself into the air and fireworks began to take off from her mane. Every creature cooed at the answer, tears streaming down their faces. Marble was the most happy, tears pouring down in waterfalls.

"That was the best speech ever!" Silverstream did a somersault in the air.

"That was so sweet!" Gabby wiped tears from her eyes.

"I knew it! I just knew it!" Autumn danced around the studio.

"Well there you go listeners," Silverstream announced, "Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich have official done it live on Good Morning Equestria! That's all for today and we will be back for some more joyous fun next time!"

When the news was announced, Equestria was in the mood for celebration. All but one white unicorn mare.

"Out of all of us to get a taste of romance first, It was Pinkie Pie?!" Rarity screamed for all of Ponyville to hear.

Chapter 35- Philosophy Time

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"Hey guys, I got a mix of casualty dilemmas!" Pinkie announced as she produced a list of questions from her mane. The others looked at her with puzzled looks.

"Pinkie, we're not doctors or casualties. Leave that to Nurse Redheart," Gabby said with an unsure tone of where this is going.

"No, silly. A list of Casualty Dilemmas. These are questions that have a double meaning and confuse the listener," Pinkie explained, "I got them from Twilight when she was conducting this strange report on thought theory, and she was wondering if we could give it a try," Pinkie explained.

"Like what questions?"

"What came first: The griffon or the egg?" Pinkie read the first question from the list.

The room fell dead silent. Then every creature turned to the only griffon in the room. Gabby looked between them, sweat pouring down her face.

"Of course the egg came first!" Gabby threw her talons in exasperation, "Then the griffon that will grow out of the egg will make the egg again. Done! Next question."

"If you drop the soap on the bathroom floor, does the floor get clean or does the soap get dirty?" Pinkie read the next question for all to listen. They turned to each other at that odd one, before Autumn gave her view on the question.

"I would say both really, because the soap would carry the stains of the floor across and get the floor clean at the same time." The others hummed in agreement.

"Nothing like a bit of cleaning," Pinkie hummed in acknowledgement, "Just make sure you get the right remover from Zecora, and not the shampoo or the other way round. Rarity learnt that the hard way."

"I think it's best if we don't listen to what happened," Gabby shivered, imagining Rarity's reaction to a nearly bold head.

"Which orange came first? The color or the fruit?" Pinkie continued.

"That would be the fruit. Ponish didn't have a word for that, until explorers from the three tribes discovered it and introduced it during the joining of all three pony tribes," Silverstream giggled. The others turned to her in confusion.

"And where did you learn something like that?" Autumn asked the hippogriff.

"I've never seen an orange before! I had to look it up!" Silverstream did another giggle. Marble sighed. Some creature spent too much time underwater.

"Who put the alphabet in alphabetical order?" Pinkie Pie read.

"That sounds more of a generic question," Gabby said, "It was the great unicorn scholars with their magical skills."

"If you get out of the shower clean, then why does your towel get dirty?"

"Same with the soap one," Gabby said, "You wipe away the dirty whilst you are cleaning, hence the towel gets dirty. Simple."

"These questions are interesting and all, but I have no idea what Twilight was intending to do with them. What really sets Twilight going is when she gets all whacky when she gets a test or creates a checklist," Pinkie threw the list away.

"That's way you see her, flying around with a long scroll of things," Silverstream, "She must be the most organised pony ever!"

"Correction, she is. Her freak outs prove that. When she gets some big news, she mega freaks-out. She has officially became a verb in the Equestrian Dictionary!" Pinkie said, sounding proud.

"Well, I think it's best to let the viewers decide the answer to those questions. I hope they don't cause a debate too long," Gabby sighed.

"Well, we are going to take a break from the questions, and let's play DJ PON-3's new song, Hit Me With That Bass!"

Chapter 36- Ball Game

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"Hello every creature to today's show!" Pinkie said, "I am joined by my crew, along with my buckball team Fluttershy and Snails to teach my friends here the rules of buckball! This is super exciting, and I think every creature here is excited to learn a new sport."

"Define excited," Gabby, "Try nervous. I was never the sporty sort." Marble was quivering as well. This was going to be an interesting game.

"Don't worry," Snails reassured, "Do what I do and try not to think about it. Seriously, I don't think about things at all. Like ever." The others gave Snails blank looks.

"We felt the pressure as well when me and Pinkie started before we were a official team," Fluttershy reassured them, "Just have fun and don't worry about it at all. It'll be fun, I promise." The others were more relaxed at that statement.

"Now then, the game usually requires a unicorn, pegasus and an earth pony, but we can improvise with what we've got," Pinkie suggested to her colleagues, "Silverstream will he the referee and start the buck-off in the centre, Gabby with wings can be the pegasus, Autumn can levitate stuff with like a unicorn and Marble can be the earth pony because, well, she already is one!" Marble rolled her eyes at her sister's remark.

"No then every creature, let's play some buckball!" Pinkie cheered. Whilst Team Ponyville cheered, Team GME looked rather nervous.

"How about we start with a quick demonstration?" Fluttershy suggested. Team GME nodded in agreement. Pinkie decided to explain the rules.

"Applejack explained to me when she introduced us to the game is that the two earth ponies are on offense. They meet in the middle of the field for the for the buck-off. They aim to be the first to buck the ball." Silverstream threw the ball into the air and Pinkie gave the ball a strong kick, sending it over to Fluttershy who caught it in her signature tail catch.

"The pegasus is on defense and they will try to keep the ball away from the goal basket and passes back to the earth pony in their team who tries to aim it into the opposite team's goal basket," Fluttershy explained before spinning the ball in her tail and flinging it back to Pinkie, who did another powerful buck. Gabby, being scared at the incoming ball, ducked and the ball landed into the basket.

"The unicorn's job is to catch it into the basket around the borders of the field," Snails finished.

"So is that everything clear?" Pinkie asked Team GME. Every creature nodded, but still some lingering nervousness on their faces.

"Let's play buckball!" Pinkie shouted with excitement, "Don't worry. we'll take it nice and easy to begin with! Silverstream with commentate the game for us!" Silverstream waved to the team, holding up a microphone. She stepped into the centre, holding a ball for the opening buck-off. She threw it into the air and Pinkie was the first to kick the ball.

"Pinkie wins the buck off, passing it to Gabby who catches it in her talons. She's launches it back to earth ponies in the centre, but Marble has taken the buck!" Silverstream commentated with excitement.

"Nice one Marble!" Pinkie congratulated her sister, who blushed at the comment.

"The ball heads is heading to Fluttershy now who catches in her tail, does her signature tail spin, and launches it back to teh centre field!"

"This is getting good!" Fluttershy laughed.

"Pinkie takes the buck again and Fluttershy passes it out, Pinkie takes a strong kick, Gabby just misses it and Snails catches it in the goal. that makes it one-nil to Team Ponyville!"

"Let's go again!" Pinkie said, "This is getting good!" The others nodded as they were starting to get the hand of it. Silverstream took another ball as the earth ponies gathered at the centre. Silverstream threw the ball again, but Marble plucked the confidence to take the buck.

"Marble wins the buck-off impressively, taking the ball to Fluttershy, who launches yet another brilliant save and highspeed ball launch. Pinkie is next to take the buck and Gabby catches it in her wing, throwing it to centre field again. It seems Pinkie will win- no! Marble just beat her too it and gives a tremendous buck. Fluttershy certainly didn't see that coming and misses the ball, and Autumn catches it with perfect precision! The scores are now tied one-to-one!"

"This is amazing!" Autumn declared, "My first ever catch and it felt so good!"

"Unfortunately, we can't play forever," Pinkie sighed, "But maybe this will be a new activity in our free time, and it will give Team Ponyville some practice in time for the Equestria Games. If every creature is up for that arrangement?" Every creature nodded with enthusaism.

"Well, that's all we have time for today creatures. Hope to see you all again soon!"

Chapter 37- Harmony Talking

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The show was going well, with every creature talking about certain topics over drinks at the table, whilst listeners were giggling and smiling at the content. Suddenly there was a flash of light from outside the studio door, and a ball of white light descended into the room. When the ball disappeared, there stood the Princess of Friendship, but yet it wasn't like Twilight Sparkle that the others knew of. This Twilight was sparkling and shining all over, and had a face of serenity and calm, unlike Twilight's usual manic and bubbly self whenever something is overdue. Whilst the others looked on in confusion, Silverstream made a happy squee and leapt from her spot at the table.

"I don't believe it!" Silverstream shouted in excitement, "The Tree of Harmony! The actual Tree of Harmony is here!"

"What?!" every other creature in room exclaimed before turning to the glowing figure of Twilight.

"But I thought that the Tree of Harmony was, well, a tree!" Gabby scratched her head in obvious confusion, "Can the tree turn into Twilight""

"And it was destroyed by King Sombra and then regrew as a treehouse!" Pinkie was visibly confused, which is something very rare, "If the real Twilight was here, she would be Twilighting hard about what is going on right now!" The others shivered at the idea before looking at the strange mysterious figure that showed up. Eventually it decided to talk.

"I am the Tree of Harmony, but only in spirit. You can call me the Spirit of Harmony if you would like," It said in a monotone and plain voice. The others looked at each other and shrugged.

"And why are you here, Spirit?" Gabby asked with nervousness, "Is Equestria in peril?"

"Is there some new bad guy from the dawn of Equestria that has returned?" Autumn asked next.

"Did I leave the oven on?!" Pinkie gasped. The others looked at her with deadpanned looks.

"What?" Pinkie shrugged, "It happened before."

"You have spread friendship and laughter very well with this show you have put," Spirit said with honesty, "I wanted to see it for myself and share my story as I watched Equestria grow and prosper into a great land for all creatures to share harmony together."

"Well come and tell your story. I bet somewhere right now, Twilight is in the library with her radio, getting a long scroll reading to take notes," Autumn half-joked.

"How did she figure that out?" Twilight said as she sat on her sofa, with all the things she needed.

"It's a mystery, " Spike sighed as Spirit began to tell her tail.

"The Pillars of Equestria infused their magic into a single seed from which I grew, deep in the Everfree Forest. There I grew, stronger as each generation passed, until I had the power to keep Everfree's dark powers at bay. It was then that the Lord of Chaos came, turning the land into his plaything. Ponies suffered under his rule of eternal chaos. That was when the Princesses of Day and Night found me and saw used the Elements of Harmony that I bore fruit from to defeat him."

"This is like an epic story in the making, because it was one!" Silverstream listened intently.

"Stories are where memories go when they are forgotten, young one," Spirit smiled, "Otherwise where did the idea come from in the first place? They built the Castle of the Two Sisters where I lay to mark where the Elements of Harmony lay. However peace something fragile as the Princess of the Night turned into the Nightmare Moon. The Princess of the Sun used the Elements on her sister, but with the Castle of the Two Sisters destroyed, Canterlot rose into existence, and I, along with the elements, remained dormant and forgotten for a millennia, gone to the winds of time to nothing but stories."

"Then Twilight came?" Autumn asked, which Spirit nodded.

"With Nightmare Moon's returned, Twilight and her friends managed to find the Elements and defeat Nightmare Moon again, restoring her to the Princess of the Night and reuniting her with her sister. The elements were brought back into the present, with defeating Discord, unlocking the Power to defeat Tirek and help the Pillars of Old Equestria the value of friendship when used against the Pony of Shadows," Spirit continued on when Silverstream piped up.

"This is where I come in!" Silverstream said with super-charged energy.

"I showed you and your friends that friendship is in all creatures. I came into this form because of grew and adapted, like how friendship adapted between different creatures. Even when the evil filly drained magic, she forget just how powerful the magic of friendship was, and I used it to help free you to save Equestria again. Even destroyed, the spirit of friendship remains. Because of you and your friends selfless deeds, I still live in my own way, as the power of friendship does, with or without the elements."

There was silence as Spirit concluded her tale. Autumn wiped a tear away.

"That was beautiful," She whispered.

"Amazing," Gabby gaped.

"I was a part of it!" Silverstream smiled.

"I was there first!" Pinkie shot back jokingly. Marble sighed happily with tears with her eyes.

"Remember, all of you. Friendship is powerful, no matter where it is. Hold it with all your heart and you will shine. When your adventure ends, another will begin. Friendship grows like a tree. It may take time and troubles, but it will be the most satisfying fruits. Not fruits for the stomach, but of the soul and shared."

With that, she vanished into thin air, leaving speckles of magic dust in the air.

Chapter 38- The Mane Mystery

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"Welcome to our challenge of the day, The Mane Mystery!" Pinkie announced, the others were looking at each other with concerned faces. What has the party pony got in store for them this time?

"The game is simple, guess what's in my mane!" Pinkie simple instructed, "Each one of my hosts will reach into my wonderful fluffy mane and guess what's inside! Gabby will go first, followed by Autumn, Silverstream and Marble. They will describe what they feel, as anything can be in my mane, literally."

"I wonder what route this will go to?" Gabby wondered out loud. The others simply nodded with a mixture of fear and dread. Gabby took a step forward and dove right in with her right talon. What surprised her was how deep her mane actually was. It was so deep that her arm disappeared all together.

"So then," Pinkie said, "Describe what you feel first." Gabby dug in until she felt something.

"It has a very rough surface, almost like scales I think," Gabby described the best she could, "Then there is one part that seems to separate into two and, but one side is wet and the other is still scaly. There appears to be two bumps on one side and ends at a tip on the other. I wonder what it could-argh!"

Gabby pulled her arm out of Pinkie's mane and found a certain green alligator clamped onto her talon. She screamed, as did the others in the room.

"Gummy! That's where you've been. Come to Pinkie now, your scaring Gabby here," Pinkie cooed at her pet alligator. Gummy let go of Gabby's talons and walked over to Pinkie, his eyes slightly turning at awkward angles. Gabby, on the other hoof, was doing what she can to wipe off Gummy's drool.

"I took one for the team there," Gabby groaned. The others looked at her with sympathetic looks.

"Autumn, you're up next!" Pinkie beckoned. Autumn gulped, took a step forward and reached on.

"Whatever it is, it's smooth and round with what appears to be wheels at one end and a hole in the other. Wait, there appears to be a long piece of string that's very tight. It's as if I could-"

That was all Autumn could say as she pulled the trigger and a heavy load of confetti knocked her off her hooves. She got off, coughing confetti out of her mouth.

"Your party canon, I presume?" Autumn spluttered with a deadpan look.

"I wonder how in Equestria did you manage to figure that out?" Pinkie giggled innocently.

Silverstream was up next. with how one ended up with a wet talon, and the other with a mouth of confetti, she was nervous to what she would get. Taking a deep breath, she reached in and rummaged around.

"Something that appears to be smooth with several strings," she plucked a few, only to be deafened by the sound produced out of Pinkie's mane. She stumbled back with her ears still ringing, whilst the others managed to cover theirs.

"That as loud," Pinkie giggled.

"I weigh a pound?!" Silverstream shouted, "Are you calling me fat?!"

"No!" Pinkie shouted, "I said that was loud!"

"You bark like a hound?! But you're not a dog!" Silverstream shouted back. Gabby just got Silverstream back into place and pushed Marble into the game. By now, Pinkie's sister's hooves were trembling and she looked back to the others. Autumn and Gabby were encouraging her, but Silverstream was still trying to get the ringing out her her eyes. Marble sighed and reached on, but upon first contact, she felt something burst along with something soft and moist. She pulled her hoof out, to find it covered in cake and frosting. At least it wasn't something too nasty.

"Now I'm hungry!" Pinkie reached in and pulled out the cake Marble squashed. With one bite, she ate the cake whole.

"Yum! We are going to take a break here, creatures," Pinkie talked as she chewed, "Be sure to come back soon!"

"We are going to shake?!" Silverstream blushed, "I can't dance to save my life!"

"Be cool and stay tuned," Pinkie finished.

Chapter 39- Let's Rock

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"We are joined by my best-est sisters in the world!" Pinkie said before clasping Marble by the side, "Not just you Marble, but also Limestone Pie and Maud Pie. Say hello to every creature, and every creature say hello to everypony!" Both creatures and ponies looked at each other with uncertainty, with the exception of Limestone who just huffed and folded her forelegs.

"Don't worry about Limestone," Pinkie encouraged the others, "She is more lime than stone sometimes, but Maud is super excited to be on the show! Look at her face. I've never seen her like this before. The last time was when me and my friends made rock candy necklaces together." The others turned to face Maud's usual blank face. Gabby leaned over to Autumn to whisper in her ear.

"I think she is more Rock than Pie," Gabby whispered, causing Autumn to snicker. Gabby turned away to find her face to face with an annoyed Limestone.

"Gaze into these eyes, griffon," Limestone warned, "Hurt one of my sisters and I will give you a piece of my mind. You got that?" Gabby gulped and simply nodded.

"I like all of you in the room," Maud spoke in her monotone voice, causing every head to turn to her, "The variety of creatures in the room reminds me of the deposits made upon layer layer over time. We are a layer each and we make up a beautiful thing that is all together sturdy and precious."

"Okay," Silverstream scratched her head, "That was deep." Autumn on the other hand was buzzing.

"Like the way the light shimmers off everything, like it all suddenly woke up the moment you saw it and everything is connected in its own little magical way. That we are a part of the everything. That maybe there's just one thing and we are all it?" Autumn smiled a big goofy smile.

"I like you," Maud said plainly, "We should write poetry sometime. I write poetry too."

"Really?" Autumn, "What do you write about?"

"Sedimentary resonance, erosion and weathering," Maud answered.

"Right," Autumn said slowly.

"See?" Pinkie smiled happily, "You're bonding already!" Limestone just huffed and folded her arms.

"You are totally like all the other griffons back at Griffonstone. All tough and hard to crack," Gabby noted. This only cause Limestone to huff again in annoyance. Pinkie just came over to defuse the tension.

"She's just jealous 'cause I'm getting married and Maud has a boyfriend now," Pinkie giggled as Limestone shot her a glare.

"I'm not jealous! Who said anything about jealous?" Limestone tried to act innocent, but the others saw right through it, "Besides, Marble had a crush on Big Mac before he went with that Sugar Belle mare from Starlight's Old Village." Marble blushed at that.

"You just need somepony to chisel away that hard exterior and find that gem inside of you," Silverstream teased. LimestoneThat we are a part of the everything. That maybe there's just one thing and we are all it. Limestone only sank deeper into her seat.

"Somepony who could erode your sharp cliffs and smooth you out," Autumn added in.

"Somepony who could be the diamond of your eye," Gabby chipped in.

"The gravel in your hoof," Pinkie added her own two bits.

"I like these rock puns," Maud simple said, "I should add them to my next love poem on rocks. I particularly like your joke Autumn, because limestone is a common cliff rock that is easily eroded due to the saltwater."

"I get it!" Autumn said, "Limestone, erosion and love!"

"May the ground swallow me whole," Limestone said with both hooves holding her face.

"Ponyville isn't on a sinkhole spot, due to lack of underwater reservoirs in the area," Maud explained. The others laughed.

"You know what I mean!" Limestone growled.

"I think we are going to take a break here. Hopefully Limestone will relieve some of the pressure," Pinkie winked at the pun.

Limestone was going to have a long day.

Chapter 40- I Hear Wedding Bells

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Every creature, both in the studio and at home listening were waiting to hear the news of when Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich were finally tying the knot. The other element bearers, along with Spike and Starlight, were huddled around the library radio at Twilight's castle, the students were listening intently to their one in the school and even the princesses themselves were making sure no detail was missed.

"So details," Silverstream giggled with excitement, "Guest list, roles, venue and everything in between. Say everything you got and don't leave out any details!"

"The venue is going to be at Canterlot Castle at the main hall, the same place Princess Cadance and Shining Armor had their wedding. Princess Celestia, Luna and Twilight had offered the place for us as it was large enough to have every creature far and wide come along," Pinkie started off, "Cheese was most honoured to have the wedding their. He was exploding with excitement."

"Guest list?" Gabby asked next. Pinkie reached into her mane and pulled out a list. Every creature had learnt to stop questioning how deep her mane went after that challenge.

"All my friends, you guys, the princesses, pillars, reformed villains from far and wide and parents and guests, which will be tricky as everypony in town is practically my friends. It will one one packed wedding!" Pinkie threw the list into the air and caught it in her mane.

"Any important roles?" Autumn continued the questioning.

"I've got a list for that. Seriously, I've become Twilight today," Pinkie chuckled before reaching in and pulling another checklist, "Twilight will be our speaker to official tie the knot for us, Fluttershy on bird choir, Rainbow doing the Sonic Rainboom, Rarity on dress and suits and Applejack on catering. It will be the same as Cadance's and Shining's wedding, but with a few adjustments here and there. Spike will be hosting entertainment this time without me."

"Special honours?" Silverstream carried on.

"My dad will walk me down the aisle, Limestone and Marble will be the maids of honour as I chose both of them. Maud to be my best mare, Twiilight, as mentioned, as speaker. I chose the Cutie Mark Crusaders as the flower fillies as they did a good job just time and all the other girls will be the bridesmaids."

"And finally, the honeymoon?" Autumn questioned next.

"We're thinking of somewhere just as energetic and lively as we are. Maybe Las Pegasus, but that's undecided for now," Pinkie rubbed her chin in thought.

"Has Cheese met the parents?" Silverstream asked with worry.

"Don't worry," Pinkie reassured the others, "It wasn't as disastrous as what happened with Applejack and her family's encounter with them one Hearth's Warming Eve. Cheese really charmed them with his happiness. I haven't seen them smile that hard since I got my cutie mark. Limestone even softened when Cheese showed her his lime cheesecake recipe. Something her sourness and the cheesecake's sourness cancelled them out!" Pinkie clapped her hooves with happiness.

"Well, I'm glad that you are excited for the big day. I think every creature, both in the room and elsewhere are hoping that you and Cheese's wedding will go smoothly and we are with you every step of the way," Autumn wiped a tear from her eye, "Don't worry, these are happy tears, and happy tears leads to rainbows that are even brighter!"

"Thank you all!" Pinkie said, with her own tears in her eyes, "I promise this will be the best wedding in all of Equestria, and it will be even better to celebrate with all my friends by my side!"

Chapter 41- What A Picture

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"So creatures," Pinkie announced excitedly, "Rarity has connections to this really cool celebrity who wants to have a front page cover of creatures and fashion. She then came to me and I happily gave her permission to use all of you creatures as models." The non-ponies cheered in excitement.

"Who is this celebrity?" Gabby asked, just as the door flew wide open and a blue earth pony with pink and black fashion googles and a black-white striped dress emerged from the doorway.

"I, Photo Finish, have arrived!" The famous fashion photography made a flourishing entrance into the studio, "I, Photo Finish, along with these creatures from across the land, are here to make each one fabulous!"

"I'm starting to get scared," Silverstream quivered.

"Nay, little one," Photo Finish waved a hoof, "I will show you a side you will never have seen before. Every creature in this room has a chance to shine. Yes, I can picture it in my mind. I will make you sparkle. I will make you dazzle. I will make you the most beautiful creatures in of the land!" She got out her fashion toolkit and got ready.

"Now let's make with the magics!" She pulled Gabby from her chair and got her behind a folding screen where no one can see her. All the other other creatures could only hear Gabby groaning, gasping, grunting and gagging as Photo Finish applied make up, accessories and everything in between. They only knew her torture was over was when her struggling stopped.

"I have finished!" She excitedly announced to the group, "Behold, my creation!" She folded the screen away to reveal Gabby, but done differently. She wore a dress that resembled armour that griffon soldiers wore, giving a fierce beauty. A golden chest plate hung down, engraved with patterns and decorated with jewel. White robes were at the back, her wings snuggly in front. Gabby looked slightly disturbed at the whole ordeal.

"What was the most terrifying thing that has happened in my life," She whimpered. Photo Finish, however, was looking at her next target. She then turned to Autumn, who let a small gulp in fear.

"You next!" Photo pointed to the terrified kirin, before yanking her back into the blinds.

"What the mane! Watch the tail! Watch my everything!" Autumn pleaded behind the screen. After another several seconds of letting Photo do her work, Autumn's look was revealed to the others. It was oriental with beautiful robes reflecting the wonders of nature. It was a dark pink, with patterns of butterflies and dragonflies. A headdress was crowned on top, with dangling jewels which cascaded down the side of her head.

"Well," Autumn paused before simply saying, "That was certainly an experience I will never forget..." She trailed off as she looked at her new robes, "Though I do look good."

Silverstream was next to face the photographer's fashion wrath. It followed the usual yanking, plenty of screaming, and a big reveal to top it all off. Silverstream was dressed in something that represented the land and sea. Light blues on one end complemented her pinkie coat and wing feathers with accents of white fluffs to symbolise the sky and clouds. The other end slowly got darker with bubble patterns, symbolising the sea. She wore Roman golden olive wreaths on her head and a seashell necklace hung loosely around her neck. She looked at herself before a big smile formed on her face.

"This is amazing!" Silverstream waved her claws about, a usual thing she does when she gets pumped up. Photo Finish turned.

"Now, let's make with the picture!" Photo signalled. Marble breathed a sigh of relief, happy she wasn't going to be part of the ordeal they had to go through.

"Places every creature, as I want it to blow the presses away!" She barked orders to get every creature into the desired angle. With that, she opened her camera case and began dazzling them with the camera. It took several minutes of barking instructions and dazed creatures before she called it a day.

"Fabulous! Fabulous!" She gave them a copy of the finished photo before packing her stuff up, "You can keep them as a reminder of how fabulous you are, both in and out." She then gave a posh bow.

"I, Photo Finish, now go!" She finished, before zooming out of the room. Every creature looked at each other and down at their robes.

"Can we really keep them?" Silverstream asked.

"I think that was her idea," Pinkie answered, "Maybe to make you feel that every style can work, with a bit of imagination. They would look great at some event, like the Grand Galloping Gala."

"I would love to keep them," Gabby sighed, "Though that was definitely an experience I won't forget."

The others nodded in agreement.

Chapter 42- The Muffin Mare

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"Derpy, so glad that you are able to take time off from the post office to join the show," Pinkie hugged the grey pegasus with great passion, "I was surprised at your request for a cooking tutorial for your favourite muffins, but I was more than happy to help, aren't we creatures?"

"Of course," Gabby clapped her talons with enthusiasm, "Derpy always hands out plenty of muffins during our breaks, so learning to bake our own batch is the perfect way to say thank you. You do not want to cross between her and a muffin."

"My sweet, sweet, muffin," Derpy sighed, "I will never forgive that one time a certain blue dragon smudged one that I was about to eat on a wall. I never got the chance to savour that muffin." Derpy's lips began to tremble. The others thought it was best to get things cooking.

"Let's get baking before Derpy floods the studio with tears," Silverstream urged them, "Seriously, what is it with you ponies and crying out waterfalls? Rarity and Pinkie do so in bucket-loads. Anyway, first you need to set the oven onto 180 Celestius and gas mark six. Cream together one-hundred and ten grams, or four ounces, of butter with sixty-five, or two-and-a-half ounces, of caster sugar. This should take around three minutes." Silverstream got to work with creaming the first two ingredients in until thoroughly creamed and fluffy. She passed the bowl to Gabby

"When that is thoroughly mixed together, sieve in one-hundred and ten, or four ounces, of plain flour, one-and-a-half table spoons of baking powder and a pinch of nutmeg, but not much. Mix thoroughly until nice and smooth." Gabby got to work with everything and passed the bowl to Derpy, "I'm so glad that the baking powder being used is the same one to help Gilda spread friendship with."

"You need to let it set for one hour in the fridge, preferably over night, but Pinkie promised to use her friendship-guaranteed quick ingredients," Derpy smiled, "When it comes to baking, Pinkie's got you covered, like me at the till during my shifts."

"A promise is a promise, especially a Pinkie Promise," Pinkie smiled before jabbing a hoof and giving a serious face to Autumn, "Never break a Pinkie Promise, you got that?" Autumn just ducked down and silently nodded.

"Very good," Pinkie went back to normal as if it was nothing. Gabby just passed the bowl to Autumn so she could get to her part. With trembling hooves, Autumn got the paper molds out.

"You need to get about a spoonful of mix into each paper mould and then place the blueberries in. You don't want too much blueberries, otherwise they will burst. You can bigger fruits like raspberries and blackberries, but consider the moisture and size of the berries before adding. Place them in the oven for around 20 minutes," Autumn instructed. Pinkie then placed them in a baking tray and popped them in the oven.

"So how's the post office doing these days?" Pinkie asked, "Got any strange encounters?"

"Hearth's Warming Eve is our busiest time. One time, I mixed up Rarity's present to Applejack and it went to some faraway acorn farm. I got no reply back, so I think they were happy with that surprise present. Another time, Princess Celestia and Luna came to visit because Luna wanted to send her first postcard to her sister since the post office closes at night. I found that a bit strange," Derpy told her stories to the others.

"Remember the time Rarity hauled over a big box of things that Spiked like and you immediately closed the post office thinking it was all for shipment?" Gabby asked Derpy about the incident, which caused her to chuckle.

"There are days when I get into accidents. Believe me, I just don't know what went wrong. One time, I dropped a flowerpot, anvil, hay wagon and piano when on heavy delivery rounds once. I never knew where they landed," Derpy pondered at that.

"So that's what dropped on my head when I was investigating Pinkie's Pinkie Sense!" Twilight growled at the radio.

There was a ding, signalling the hosts and guest that the muffins were baked. Pinkie got them out and allowed them to cool for a few minutes.

"And that's how you bake one-hundred-percent Derpy approved muffins. What do you creatures think?" She took a bite and turned to the others, but they were preoccupied with their own.

"This is way better than when Applejack poisoned the whole town with earthworm muffins. Even Sugar Belle's during Starlight's old village," Pinkie munched happily.

"I wish our beaks were bigger," Silverstream and Gabby said together.

"I'm just glad I'm not the oven this time," Autumn sighed.

"Well, that is all for today, fellow followers. Be sure to tune in for our next show and a big thank you to Derpy for coming over and showing us how to make proper muffins," Pinkie talked as she chewed happily.

Chapter 43- Vow Of Pinkie

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"So Pinkie," Gabby wondered to the pink mare in front of her, "I've seen you going around Ponyville sometimes where you do this strange thing and then you touch your eye with a hoof. Care to explain what it is?" Marble looked at her with a pleading look. She didn't know what she was getting herself involved in. Pinkie gasped theatrically. rivalling Rarity's dramatic nature, then grabbed the poor griffon by both faces until her beak was touch her nose.

"You don't know what a Pinkie Promise? How could you not know what a Pinkie Promise is? A Pinkie Promise is a promise you must keep at all times. Losing a friend's trust is the fastest way to lose a friend! A Pinkie Promise is something you must keep," Pinkie explained quickly and then shoved Gabby's face closer to hers until both faces were squished, "Break a Pinkie Promise and you will regret it. Understand?"

Gabby gave a deep gulp, sweat running down her brow. She quickly gave a silent nod of understanding. The others quivered in their seats. Marble, knowing all about the dreaded Pinkie Promise, just sighed.

"And what happens in you do break a Pinkie Promise?" Silverstream hesitated. This caused Pinkie to turn her head robotically to Silverstream, revealing a frazzled mane, pupils reduced to pinpricks and a smile that could threaten to tear her face in two. She leaned forward and whispered in her ear, but loud enough for the group.

"Just ask Applejack when today is over. I'm sure she will be more than happy to tell you the whole story," Pinkie said softly. It was calm, but it hid a slither of ice that could freeze one's very soul. Silverstream shrank back into her seat, a nervous smile on her face.

"What happened?" Autumn dared asked. Marble crouched lower and lower into her chair.

Pinkamena Diane Pie has arrived. Her mane had gone down, flat and lifeless. Her colour slowly darkened and her eyes began to move into the opposite direction. A manic laugh echoed around the room, causing the creatures to flinch.

"You want me to tell you what happens if you break a Pinkie Promise? Do you? Do you? Okay, I will tell you what happens if you do decide to break a Pinkie Promise," Pinkie giggled manically.

"Is it me or has the room suddenly gone dark?" Gabby whispered to Autumn.

"First, I discover that some creature has broken the sacred Pinkie Promise," Pinkie grinded her teeth together, "Then I EXPLODE IN ANGER!" Pinkie let out a fiery anger that could rival Celestia's celestial body. She leapt into the air, smoke bellowing out of her ears like the Friendship Express.

"NOPONY BREAKS A PINKIE PROMISE!" She raged out. Then the sirens sounded around the whole studio.

"That would be the smoke detectors," Autumn muttered under her breath.

"I will make that creature regret breaking that promise? I will make cupcakes-" She paused at that, "Not actual cupcakes because I don't want to poison the town again, but I will make something out of them until they are nothing but a pile of jittering mess! Applejack may have gotten lucky with her good persuasive techniques, but if I find out any creature who dare cross the Pinkie Promise when I'm around, they are gonna have it big time!" Pinkie roared. The others were in pure horror and fascination at where she was going.

"Is it that bad?" Silverstream asked Marble. Pinkie's sister just nodded with pure horror on her face.

And just like that, Pinkie's hair puffed up, the colour game back to her and her eyes dilated back to normal.

"And that is what happens if you do decide to break a Pinkie Promise," She smiled, as if her whole drama didn't happen at all, "Now to you understand?"

Every creature just decided to nod and get that out of the way.

"Do you have an identity crisis sometimes?" Autumn hesitated.

"That would be Fluttershy with the whole sassy-goth-posh thing that happened when she was doing at Rarity's Manehattan Boutique once, but I'm pretty stable."

"Stable for you perhaps," Gabby said quietly.

"That is all for today's show every creature. And remember, break a pinkie promise, and I will find you, I will hunt you down, and when I do, you're gonna swear to never break another Pinkie Promise again!" Pinkie said in her cool, but warning voice.

Chapter 44- Pinkamena Diane Pie

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"So, Pinkie is just having a moment some counselling-talk sessions with Starlight at the student counsel right now, after that episode she went through last time we aired," Silverstream shivered and turned to Marble, "Is this the first time she went this," She paused, trying to think of the right words, "Berserk?"

Marble sighed and shook her head, then turned to Autumn and motioned for her to lean in. Autumn complied and leaned in so Marble could whisper into her ear. Autumn jerked back in shock at what Marble told her, and the others were interested to hear what she had to say.

"Unfortunately, this isn't the first time she went into this. She once thought that her friends didn't like her parties before, and so made friends with some random objects," Autumn told the group, who were eagerly waiting her answer.

"So that's what she was talking about in our other chats," Gabby sighed, "Does her mind go to these places from time to time?"

Marble whispered in Autumns ears again, "There was also that moment when Rainbow didn't like her pies that much, Applejack told her during their latest Hearth's Warming gathering that she imagined her destroying her pies with laser-eyes for some reason as well."

"Laser-eyes? Seriously?" Silverstream scratched her head in confusion, "That's confusing and random."

"It's Pinkie Pie we're talking about," Autumn rolled her eyes, "Random is her middle name, Pinkie Random Pie." Marble quickly leaned into Autumn who nodded with wide eyes.

"Apparently, her full name is Pinkamena Diane Pie," Autumn quickly quipped. Marble continued to tell them more.

"Then there was that whole thing with the yovidaphone. Remember that thing?" Autumn asked, causing the group to roll their eyes and groan.

"How could we not forget about that thing," Gabby groaned at the mental pain of that cursed instrument.

"Her friends told her she wasn't good at it, but when she lost it she felt unfulfilled without it. She went all down and everything around her seemed to lose its touch," Autumn continued for Marble.

"What do you mean by that?" Silverstream asked Marble.

"Flowers started wilting around her, balloons deflated, her party canon didn't go off as usual and mirrors cracked," Autumn shivered. The others were equally disturbed.

"That's something you don't see everyday," Gabby said. Marble continued to tell more about Pinkie's antics.

"Maud got a letter from her and asked if she could help move her things back home on the Rock Farm so she could move to Yakyakistan to see learn with the masters at it," Autumn told Marble's story.

"Well, I'm just glad her friends managed to bring her back. Her lessons are super fun, despite the occasional randomness, but that's what makes her Pinkie," Silverstream chuckled.

"Pinkie may have her crazy moments, but that doesn't cover up that fact that she can throw a good party. Seriously, Pinkie is one lean-mean-party-planning machine!" Gabby said so.

"I wonder how Starlight is doing with Pinkie Pie right now?"

Meanwhile in Starlight's office...

"I used fake sugar in my latest batch of cakes! And I just wanted a nice costume party! I just invented another random holidays because I haven't planned a party in three days! Three days! I faked Princess Celestia's signature to approve a national cake day as well so Rainbow doesn't get sick of pies all the time! Because you know who Celestia is with cake, right? Right? I once thought Rainbow's mane was actual rainbows and took a lick out of it when she was sleeping by the lake once, and it turned it it tasted like a mane in the first place!"

Starlight sat with her hooves in her ears as Pinkie Pie rambled on like the madmare she is.

"I once had a dream of sleeping on a cotton candy cloud, and Princess Luna went to Discord demanding an explanation. I interrogated Spike to ask what the best jewels are in all of Equestria, but I ended up putting him to sleep with magic sleep crystals! Sleep crystals for Celestia's sake!"

"I want a pay rise," Starlight groaned through gritted teeth.

It was going to be a long day at the office.

Chapter 45- Have A Sense

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"So, how are you feeling Pinkie?" Gabby hesitantly asked the pink party pony. Pinkie just smiled and sighed.

"I feel much better thank you very much," Pinkie smiled her usual cheery smile, "Much better after my counselling with Starlight. Although, I think I may have given her some sugary nightmares. Hopefully Luna can help her with them. She did with me when fighting this strange blue-smoke thing that she created as punishment for being nightmare moon, but that's another story for another time."

"Right," Autumn said slowly, "In any case it's good to have you back in the studio. It's good to have some common sense back." At that moment, Pinkie's tail began to twitch rapidly. Pinkie's face when wide eyes and she quietly bolted under her chair. Marble, knowing her sister and what it meant, did the same thing. The others looked at each other in confusion.

"Pinkie? What in Equestria are you doing," Silverstream scratched her head with a claw. Pinkie hinted for them to duck under something.

"It's my Pinkie Sense! Something's gonna fall! Something's gonna fall!" Pinkie screamed and encouraged them down.

"Pinkie Sense? That's not making any sense," Autumn argued.

"You're the one not making sense," Pinkie hissed, "Not get down or something will bonk you on the head."

"Please, Pinkie," Gabby laughed, "This studio is perfectly safe. Nothing's gonna-" She was just about to finish when a flowerpot hit her one the head. The others looked at her in utter surprise.

"What did I say?" Pinkie chuckled, but looked at the broken flowerpot in confusion, "Now where did that even come from? Usually Twilight ends up with a flowerpot on her head."

"Gabby?" Silverstream asked the griffon with concern, "You okay?"

"Look, mummy! I'm a chicken! Cock-a-doodle-doo!" Gabby slurred dizzily before passing out on her seat. The others turned to Pinkie for an explanation.

"Basically, I get little feelings in my body, and they mean different things. A twitchy tail means something's gonna fall, a pinchy knee means something scary is about to happen and floppy ears means I need to give somepony a bath. Sometimes there are even combos, a combination of sensations that tell me something as well!"

"That's ridiculous. I don't believe it," Autumn chuckled.

"That's what Twilight said, but she somehow became the Bulk Bicep's punching bag to them. Sometimes not knowing something is part of the fun!" Pinkie said enthusiastically. The others simply nodded. They have gotten used to the idea that this was just another Pinkie Pie, and if it's a Pinkie thing, then it's best to leave it as a Pinkie thing.

"It also runs in the family. Maud has this Maud Sense that she can use to track ponies down. She used it to help find my party canon from somepony I traded it with," Pinkie continued her story.

"Does Marble have a Pie Sense then?" Autumn turned to Marble with fascination, who blushed under her gaze.

"Marble can sense the best place to mine for precious stones. Much like Rarity's gem finding spell when we ran into some diamond dogs. She can find the perfect stone in a pile of utterly non-perfect stones!" Pinkie hugged her sister tightly, causing her to blush deeper at her compliment.

"I want to build a nest and lay an egg! Spike can live with me if he wants, Grandpa Gruff," Gabby blabbered in her unconsciousness. The others choked back a laugher.

"Should we help her?" Silverstream chortled.

"I think every creature heard that loud and clear," Pinkie giggled manically, "I think we should see what she says next." As if on cue Gabby, unaware of it all, continued to babble nonsense.

"I want a golden statue of myself, titled Best Griffon Deliverer In All Of Equestria!" Gabby punched the air triumphantly.

"Now that doesn't make any sense. Probably something like most cheery Griffon will do nicely," Autumn laughed out loud.

"I'm glad You-Know-Who isn't here to talk about sense," Silverstream shivered as she turned to Pinkie, "You should've seen what he did yo our scavenger hunt whilst you and the girls were on that fake Friendship Mission and Starlight was left in charge."

"We had fun and we were being chased by eyeless worms!" Pinkie jumped excitedly.

"Actually," Silverstream slowly retreated, "I don't want to hear that story." The others quickly nodded.

"I want to peck the ground and eat worms!" Gabby gurgled. The others gagged.

"Okay that's it," Autumn said with a sickly face, "We are gonna take a break whilst we get the first aid kit. We'll be back soon whilst we help Gabby."

"A worm a day keeps the buzzards away," Gabby giggled in her sleep.

Chapter 46- The R.C.V

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"Hello every creature, Pinkie said loudly. We are joined outside today by none other than her Royal Highness, Princess Luna!" Pinkie welcomed the Princess of the Night to the show. The other creatures and Marble clapped their hooves together with equal enthusiasm.

"I must admit, dear Pinkie," Luna smiled, "I was surprised to receive a letter that my sister delivered to me from Twilight Sparkle. Nontheless, I have taken time to come onto your show of antics to see what you have requested from me."

"It was mostly some of the creatures here that wanted you on the show today," Pinkie explained, "Why don't you see what they want from you?" With that, Luna turned to the griffon, kirin and hippogriff, who were grinning big smiles at the presence of the princess.

"And, pray tell," Luna questioned, "What is your reason to summoning me onto this show of yours?"

"We want to hear your Royal Canterlot Voice!" Gabby said with excitement. Luna gave her a questioning gaze.

"And why would you want to hear that?" Luna asked with great interest.

"We heard everything about it from Pinkie Pie and how you used it during your first Nightmare Night in Ponyville," Silverstream giggled in equal excitement, "We just want to know what it sounds like with you, Your Highness, and to experience it ourselves."

"I see," Luna said slowly, "Forgive me, but I may have lost it slightly as in these modern times, I have found little use of it. The only time I had used it was during a meeting about comforting some ponies that there aren't any timberwolves near their town. Let us say it had the opposite of the desired effect," Luna sighed, "I had my sister clear that up for me. However, if you want a demonstration, than a demonstration you shall have!" Luna triumphantly declared, causing the others to cheer. Marble, who was less than thrilled cowered to the ground, hooves ready in her ears.

Luna stepped forward, performing her royal posture and stance. She lifted a hoof in the air, steadied herself and delivered her Royal Canterlot for all within hearing radius to hear.

"Dear citizens of Equestria, it is I, Princess Luna. Princess of the Night, Raiser of the Moon and Defender of the Dream Realm. Protector of the Kingdom of Equestria and those who reside within its borders!" Luna declared to all who heard her voice. When she turned around, she found various faces of shock, awe, wonder and slight fear.

"Incredible," Gabby gaped.

"Amazing!" Silverstream waved her arms excitedly.

"That was spectacular," Autumn gave a big wide smile.

"Please," Luna waved a hoof, "My dear sister has a far more impressive Royal Canterlot Voice. However, she is much more reserved in using it and only uses it to cower those of her ire."

"Don't remind me," Silverstream shivered, "My ears were still ringing when she delivered it when she was 'acting'." Silverstream did a gesture of connotation marks for emphasise Celestia's acting skills. Luna chuckled.

"Indeed. I have heard of that incident," Luna giggled at her sister's expense.

"Now it's my turn!" Pinkie declared, causing the others to turn to her in confusion.

"I will perform the Royal Canterlot Voice with this," Pinkie reached into her mane and pulled out the biggest megaphone both creatures, ponies and alicorn have ever seen.

"What is that?!" Autumn screamed.

"Well, duh silly, it's a megaphone. I used it once when Rainbow Dash flew away to join the Wonderbolts Academy, telling her to write sometime. I didn't think she heard it though. It went like this."

Every creature tried to stop her, but Pinkie took a deep breath and spoke into the megaphone for all to hear.


What came out of the megaphone was a soundwave that caused the trees to bend, the nearby mountains to by down to their master and rivers to flow upstream. Every creature fell to the floor, plugging their ears with their hooves, talons and claws. When that was over, Pinkie turned to the group with her usual manic smile and disheveled mane.

"Was that loud enough?" She asked the group, who were in a similar mess.

"I think that was loud enough," Autumn muttered.

"That was truly something," Luna gaped with an open mouth.

"That's Pinkie for you," Gabby sighed, "I think she broke the sound barrier with that, but she can break many creatures' sanity."

"Believe me, dear griffon, I know," Luna shook her head. Silverstream checked her microphone didn't break before concluding the show.

"What will be all for today creatures. If you are are deaf after that, we will see you for our next show. Please give a huge thank you for Princess Luna for coming onto the show."

"Pleasure," Luna simple said.

Chapter 47- Seeing Double

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"So, Pinkie, why are there two of you in the room. I know things get weird when you are around, but this is like extra, extra weird," Silverstream looked between the two Pinkie's, "This isn't another Pinkie Pie clone from the mirror pool that Twilight talked about to me once in her lectures, right?"

Both Pinkie's looked at each other before laughing.

"Hi, Pinkie Pie!" The Pinkie on the left said to the other Pinkie.

"Hi, Pinkie Pie!" The other Pinkie answered back, "I love your mane!"

"You know? I was just about to say the same thing!" The other Pinkie said.

"Now there's literally two of them," Gabby put her head in her talons, "Please explain what is going on before one of us loses it!"

"I may have slipped through Twilight's magical mirror and made friends with the other Pinkie Pie in the other dimension. We talked about our friends and all sorts of things in-between and sometimes, since we know all our friends, we like to switch places for the day," Pinkie explained breathlessly. Gabby dropped her glass, which shattered on the floor. Autumn had a look of pure horror. Marble sank lower into her seat and Silverstream scratched her head harder.

Around Ponyville, ponies reacted with a mix of horror.

"Of all the worst things that could happen, that is by far the worst possible thing ever!" Rarity fainted on her couch as usual.

"I am going to have a strong word with them when their show is over!" Twilight fumed, her mane giving off some strong egghead smoke.

"Oh no!" Rainbow huffed in annoyance, "It was bad enough with a whole storm of them. Equestria can only handle one Pinkie Pie thank you very much!"

"Think of the animals!" Fluttershy quivered, "Will somepony please think of the animals!"

"I fear the amount of cider they could consume," Applejack shuddered.

"Do you store stuff in your mane?" Equestria Pinkie asked CHS Pinkie.

"Well duh!" CHS Pinkie waved a hoof, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, "It is the best place to pull something out in case of a random object emergency. I also have to power to made sugary treats explode!"

"Really! That's so awesome, I mainly set things off with a party canon!" Equestria Pinkie said with a manic smile, "I never leave home without my party canon!" With that she pulled the random canon out from an equally random place and pulled the trigger. Confetti showered down as every creature looked around with confused looks, but somehow smiling at the same time.

"Confetti fixes everything," CHS Pinkie smiled, "Really lights up the room."

"I could think of other things really," Autumn forced a chuckle.

"Do you throw the types of parties that will make creatures never forget for as long they live?" Equestria Pinkie asked her counterpart.

"I am the party planner and organiser at CHS! I know how to throw a good party together, either for my own school, or with another, like that time Crystal Prep came for the Friendship Games. It got so good, I grew an extra-long hairstyle and my ears went all pony-like. It was all super-duper fun! If the school wants a good time, I'm the go-to person for them. Is it the same for you and your parties?"

"Pinkie can through one good party, alright," Gabby smiled, "Even though griffons didn't get cutie marks, she still threw me one as an unofficial cute-ceañera for joining the CMC and it was the best thing ever!"

"What can I say," Equestria Pinkie shrugged, "It's what I do."

"She gave me a huge welcome party when I arrived in Ponyville when I joined the show!" Autumn added, "It was a party like no other, even from my village in the Peaks of Peril. She is really one lean-mean-party-planning-machine!" Autumn jumped out of seat with enthusiasm.

"Pinkie in nature, both here and there," Silverstream contemplated, causing both Pinkies to hug each other.

"You keep the party going on this side, and I'll keep partying well on my side!" Equestria Pinkie said with passion.

"That is a Pinkie Promise that we will keep forever!" CHS Pinkie smiled.

"When did it get all sappy all of a sudden? Even by griffon standards," Gabby asked the others, who shrugged, "You ponies have some weird things, both here and CHS."

"Aww, GROUP HUG!" both Pinkies declared, grabbing the others with their hooves and pulling them in. The others found themselves immersed in pink sugary hugs. It was an extra sweet one. Gabby managed to get hold of a microphone.

"We're gonna take a short break to get this over with," She tried to say under both earth ponies' powerful hugs, "See you back soon, or my wings will break badly!"

Chapter 48- All Creatures Great And Small

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"Silverstream, why don't you invite your friends from the School of Friendship to our show?" Pinkie suggested to the hippogriff to the crowded studio room for today's show. Silverstream simply nodded with her usual excitement.

"In the studio today we have my friends from Twilights' School of Friendship. they are Yona the yak, Gallus the griffon, Sandbar the pony, Ocellus the changeling and Smolder the dragon. So guys, what do you think of the studio?" She asked her friends as they looked around.

"It looks amazing," Ocellus said.

"For pony standards, it's alright," Smolder simply shrugged.

"Yona like this place," Yona said in her usual third person.

"Could be cooler," Gallus simply put his compliment.

"Totally cool, dudes," Sandbar said.

"And how has school treated you so far?" Gabby asked the group, "How did you all meet?"

"Let's just say our first day of school didn't go so smoothly," Sandbar rubbed the back of his head upon reflection, "Twilight was so obsessed over some book by the EEA, that's the Equestrian Education Association by the way, that she made our first day of school quite a rough one." The other's nodded with agreement.

"Being the first time seeing different creatures together, we didn't know what to think of each other," Ocellus continued, "It was when we ran away from school that she started to bond, seeing we are not so different after all."

"When Chancellor Neighsay closed the school, we still wanted to hang out," Smolder said, "We ran away from our kingdoms, unintentionally threatening our kingdoms to start a war, and we hid in the...What was it called again, Ocellus?" She turned the knowledgeable one of the group.

"The Castle of the Two Sisters," Ocellus, but chuckled sheepishly, "But it turns out the Everfree Forest wasn't the best place to hide. Got attack from strange creatures from the Everfree Forest, Twilight and her friends saved us, reopened the school with new rules made by herself and the rest you know of."

"What happened then?" Autumn asked.

"We learnt about the consequences of rivalry with Rainbow Dash and Applejack, learnt about traditions and gave our friend here a proper holiday to celebrate," Every creature gave Gallus a group hug, who groaned.

"I'm lucky there isn't a camera in the studio," Gallus groaned. However, his prayers were called short when there was a flash and a mechanical sound. The students and hosts turned to Pinkie who had, somehow being Pinkie, got a camera out of nowhere.

"That's a keeper," Pinkie gave her usual smile. Silverstream decided to continue to save his friend from embarrassment.

"Then we save Equestria from Cozy Glow when she planned to drain Equestria's magic, with help from the Tree of Harmony, which tested us with our worst fears before," Ocellus said.

"Yona friends became heroes for that day, and we showed Cozy!" Yona gave a strong telling, which the others laughed.

"And you showed us something about the true meaning of friendship too," Pinkie said, turning to Sandbar and Yona, "By being yourself in front of your friends." Yona and Sandbar looked and blushed together, "Where's my camera again."

"Don't!" Sandbar and Yona shrieked in horror.

"Anyway," Smolder continued, "Fluttershy taught diversity to the dragons during Dragon Hatching Season finally united all the kingdoms together to face Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy Glow."

"Sounds like you guys had your own adventures, like me and my friends," Pinkie gave a big smile.

"One adventure leads to another, so the story continues with all of us," Autumn smiled.

"And we are still learning about friendship along the way," Sandbar smiled at the group. Silverstream wiped a tear and held a microphone.

"We are done for today, every creature. Hope to see you all again soon!"

Chapter 49- Drop The Bass

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"We are at DJ PON-3's studio in Saddle Row to teach us how to be DJs!" Silverstream waved her claws in the air with excitement, "And I thought plumbing as exciting!" The others didn't know how to take that, but just rolled with it. Silverstream had some strange passions. Gabby once found her kissing a flight of stairs. The only one who wasn't pulling strange faces was Pinkie, who giggled.

"Yes, fellow listeners," Pinkie smiled, "We are live from Manehattan at DJ PON-3's party palace upstairs from Rarity's Rarity for You to let her teach us the art of getting ponies on the floor and busting out some super cool moves!" DJ PON-3, or Vinyl to those who know her by her real name rather than her stage name, gave a solid salute of respect.

Vinyl got to work, she started showing them how to 'wub' without breaking the the vinyl disks. Silverstream and Gabby had to take extra care with that, as talons of delicate vinyl material didn't mix. The others had no problem with getting their hooves on the deck. Marble simply bobbed her head to the music.

"This is amazing!" Autumn clapped her hooves, "Wait till the over kirins from the Peaks of Peril hear this type of music. They will never get it out of their heads." She paused at that, "Although, that will start to get annoying to the point where they could go full nirik from constant earworms. That will be a different sound of silence to take in." The others laughed at Autumn's remark.

"This is certainly something I could get used to," Gabby looked around at the dance studio, "The light-up floor is something special. You can really feel the dance music, not just hearing, but seeing the way the lights dance in tune with the beat. With the levers and buttons you can listen to specific aspects of a song too!" Gabby clapped her talons and took to the dance floor.

Vinyl gave a huge smile and selected one of her common studio anthems. Gabby started bobbing her head and swaying her body to get used to the rhythm. When it became more recognisable, she grew bolder, swishing her tail in circles and splaying her wings out. The others cheered has as she danced.

"Let's see if this dancefloor can take in the heat!" Autumn shouted out and joined in with Gabby on the floor. She jumped around and waved her hooves in the air. Soon the others were on the floor except Marble, who just continued to bob her head as she stood at the edge of the dancefloor. She smiled as she watched the others dance like there was no tomorrow.

Soon Pinkie spotted a some buttons and plonked her way towards them.

"Oh, and what do these buttons do?" Pinkie asked the head DJ, who gave a wide smile. Three buttons were there at the part of the deck where Pinkie was pointing a hoof at, coloured blue, green and red. Vinyl pressed the blue one first. Suddenly smoke machines appeared from the walls and billowed out white smoked that fogged up the dance floor. The creatures laughed as the smoke floated around them.

"So cool!" Gabby said as she flew close to the ceiling to get a better view. Vinyl waved a hoof, signalling that she only just got started. Pressing the green button, multiple disco balls dropped from the ceiling. Lights shone on them as they spun, their sequins catching the light and reflected the rays of light all around. The others cheered as they specks of light shone on their bodies as well.

"Now this is a proper party!" Silverstream screamed in delight. It was then that Pinkie spotted the red button.

"Base Canon: only to be used in dire DJ emergencies? What does that mean? Can I press it?" Vinyl froze and started waving her hooves, desperately and praying that Pinkie will understand what she was about to do. Pinkie's smile grew bigger and bigger. Creatures had stopped dancing, or bobbing in Marble's case, and turned to look at Pinkie's face with a knowing what will happen. When Pinkie has that smile, you better run a mile.

"I'm going to take that meaning yes, yes, yes!" Pinkie raised her hoof before Vinyl could stop her, "One bass canon coming right up!" And she lowered her hoof and pressed the button.

What happened next went by in a loud blur. The whole apartment jumped several feet in the air as both studio and boutique touched the sky. That moment lasted only for a few seconds as gravity plopped the apartment back into place. Inside the studio, creatures were lifted into the air and crashed onto the ground with dizzying moans. tables, chairs and other items were splayed out across the floor. Rarity's boutique down below may not have escaped similar damage upstairs!

"Pass-out!" Silverstream said dizzily, before she fainted on the dancefloor. Pinkie just stood there, as if the whole spectacle did nothing to her, being Pinkie.

"So that's what a bass canon does! Can we do it again?" Pinkie turned to Vinyl, who had a pink-shaded glasses fallen on one side, a shocked expression plastered on her face.

"NO!" Cried every creature in the room.

"You creatures are no fun," Pinkie pouted and crossed her forelegs.

Chapter 50- Timey-Wimey

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"Hello everypony to the show!" Silverstream introduced every creature to the show, "And today we are here with a very special guest from the town to be on the show to talk about everything on time."

"So to stop us from wasting time ourselves, please welcome to the show, the good Doctor Whooves," Every creature clapped to welcome the guest, who waved his hoof in dismissal.

"Well, the pleasure is all mine to say the least. And I guess you are all wondering what business time has to do with everything, right?" Every creature nodded with curiosity. The Doctor soon went into proper lecture mode.

"Time. Time doesn't pass. The passage of time is an illusion, and life is the magician," The Doctor started off, before being interrupted by Pinkie.

"You mean like Trixie's illusions and magic tricks?" Pinkie tilted her head.

"Probably something more complicated than that. Time is more like Trixie's smoke bombs I think. It's more of a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff," The Doctor tried to explain, but trailed off as it escaped from him.

"So like how the glass is holding the smoke of times in place?" Gabby questioned.

"Precisely, young griffon!" The Doctor said, "The smoke is all that wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff, and the ball of glass holds it all together. Not like some piece of strong on the end of a balloon," He paused at that, "No offense Pinkie."

"None taken," Pinkie waved a hoof.

"Life only lets you see one day at a time. You remember being alive yesterday, you hope you're going to be alive tomorrow, so it feels like you're travelling from one to the other. But nobody's moving anywhere. Movies don't really move-"

"Oh I love going to the movies," Pinkie jumped in again, causing the Doctor to groan in annoyance, "I love the popcorn and slushies and sweets and eating it all in front of the big screen!" The others laughed at that. The Doctor coughed into his hoof to get every creatures attention.

"As I was saying. Movies are just lots and lots of pictures in a film. All of them still, none of them moving. Just frozen moments. But if experience those pictures one after the other, then everything comes alive," The Doctor rambled on in his professional tone of teaching. Silverstream yawned.

"This makes Twilight's lectures more interesting," Silverstream sighed, causing Doctor Whooves' eye to twitch.

"Okay then, let's talk about you and all your friends over time," The Doctor rolled his eyes, "It's true that you all didn't have the best start, but over time you learnt about each creature didn't you?"

"I thought we are the ones interviewing you," Autumn interjected, only to have a hoof to her mouth.

"Now, it's rude to interrupt somepony when he's talking you know?" The Doctor stopped her. Autumn's horn began to flame.

"Now, as we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves. I think you learnt that together with the rest of your student friends," The Doctor continued.

"I believe Starlight didn't want to relive the whole time travel thing, and your fieldtrip was rather uninteresting," Silverstream said, "Smolder told me about her experience."

"Oh," The Doctor realised, "That might explain it, and I wanted to get back into my other projects."

"Looks like time wasn't on your side there," Pinkie snickered, causing the others to laugh. The Doctor just crossed his hooves together and stuck his muzzle in the air.

"I'm afraid they couldn't find the time for it," Gabby laughed.

"Well creatures, I'm afraid that's all we have time for today. Thank you for the good Doctor here for being with us to chat the ins and outs of time. Be sure to tune in next time for more talks. However, it's bye for now," Pinkie rounded off whilst every creature were still in fits of laughter.

"I learnt that as well with the Cutie Mark Crusaders!" Gabby smiled, which the Doctor nodded.

"Friendships form over periods of time, and we move with them. We all change. When you think about it, we're all different creatures all through our lives. That's how friendships grow into something special, isn't it? And I've always wondered why I wasn't chosen to be a new teacher at Starlight's process," The Doctor huffed.

Chapter 51- How Does Your Garden Grow?

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"We are outside today with some very special guests with us on the show, giving us a demonstration into some gardening tips," Pinkie welcomed every creature to the show, "They are Ponyville's local flower experts with the in-bteween knowledge of how to grow the perfect flowers. Please welcome Roseluck, Daisy and Lily Valley!" The three 'flower ponies' smiled as the creatures clapped.

"Today we are going to give you a simple guide to create your perfect garden," Lily started the group off. In front of them were some flowers to plant, compost and flowerpots. Pinkie, true to her random nature, so brought chocolate buttons, sweets and cupcakes. The reason to bring them to the show was something not to be questioned, as every creature and resident Ponyville ponies have come to accept.

"We are going to start simple with how to plant your favourite flowers into a plant pot," Roseluck continued, "Firstly, be sure to make sure it has drainage holes at the bottom. You don't want to drown your flowers." Gabby and Silverstream found that their pots were without holes. Thinking quickly, they decided to make some with their claws and talons. The flower ponies watched their work with a smile.

"This is super exciting," Gabby chuckled as she worked, "With Griffonstone being so dull these days, I think this is the best way to spread some colour and cheer."

"The only thing we can grow underwater was seaweed for harvest and coral. Seaweed is easy, but coral takes ages to grow with specific requirements, like the correct position of light, current nutrients and growing space," Silverstream mused as she poked some more holes.

"Next, to help with water circulation and spread when watering your plant, place some terracotta fragments at the bottom and layer some compost on top. Repeat this until you are around three-quarters full," Daisy instructed next. The creatures got to it with theirs.

"Now we are at the point of planting your desired flowers," Rose pointed out, "We have chosen an array of flowers for you all to choose from." She pointed to their cart of potted plants of varying height and colours.

"When arranging your flowers, it's best to place the tall ones to the back, medium in the middle and small ones to the front. Play with the position to get a good idea where they should be. The creatures rushed to the flower cart to select their flowers. After some close inspection, they rushed back to their pots.

Silverstream, with her love of colours, chose an array of common wild meadow flowers, with spots of orange, yellow and deep purples. Autumn chose a collection of deep reds, connecting her nirik side. Marble chose flowers that reflected her soft side. as went with soft pinks and purples. Gabby with with bright pinks and reds, saying that she wanted to spread some cheer in Griffonstone. Pinkie, true to her name, went for every shade of pink flower she could find.

"Gently wiggle the flowers out of their own pots and place them in the desired position. Get the compost until level and water them to help the adjust to their new home," Daisy instructed them in the next step. The others did so and soon, each creature had their own pot of colourful, refreshing flowers.

It was then that Pinkie reached into a mane and got some smaller pots, causing the others to look at her curiously. She reached did what the flower ponies had instructed her to do, but then planted the chocolate buttons, sweets and a cupcake into individual pots. The flower ponies collapsed onto the floor.

"The horror! The horror!" Roseluck shouted in disgust and shock, "That's a waste of a good cupcake!"

"Think of the fillies! Will somepony please think of the fillies!" Daisy begged Pinkie.

"What are you doing?" Autumn asked with a bemused look.

"I was wondering, if you plant seeds and they grow into flowers and trees, why not chocolate and cupcakes to make a cupcake tree? I've had dreams of them before, you know? Just ask Luna." This just caused the others to laugh.

"You know that doesn't work right?" Silverstream said, but this caused Pinkie to grab Silverstream by both hooves, pulling her in.

"It will work! And when it grows, it will produce the best sweet, chocolate and cupcake trees to rival even Sweet Apple Acres. It will be Sweet Sugar Acres. Imagine an entire crop of harvested cakes and candy!"

"I think that would be a sugar rushed nightmare." Gabby shivered at the idea.

"The horror! The horror!" Lily called from the ground where she lay.

"And I thought Professor Rarity was dramatic," Silverstream scratched her head. Marble just groaned and did a silent facehoof off to the side.

"We are going to take a break to tell Pinkie why a cupcake tree is impossible and a Sweet Sugar Acres isn't happening," Autumn groaned, causing Pinkie to pout in sadness, "But we will see you all soon. Happy planting every creature."

Chapter 52- Noble Of Nobles

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"Well creatures, today we have a very special guest with you all. From the capital city Canterlot, he is going to talk about the ins and outs of high society," Gabby said, "It will certainly give Griffonstone a run for their bits, which griffons will probably squabble over for."

"Please welcome to the show, Fancy Pants!" Autumn Blaze said introduced the classiest of Canterlot ponies to the show, who waved politely.

"I see, it is a privilege to be on your little morning talk show. You are a rather colourful bunch, which I hope you don't mind me saying," Fancy looked around at the creatures sitting with him at the main hosting table.

"Believe me, some are more colourful than others in more ways than one," Silverstream clapped her claws together, "Now please talk to us on your go to guide on how to make it big in Canterlot!" She gave an excited giggle, which Fancy Pants smiled in his usual polite gentlecolt way.

"You just have to know who everypony is in Canterlot. It's all about connections with the ones at the top, I'm afraid. Rarity interested me when Princess Celestia invited her to stay at the castle," Fancy rubbed a chin in memory.

"Technically, it was Princess Celestia's pupil, Twilight Sparkle, who had connections with both Rarity and the Princess to invite her to Canterlot to stay. It was through Twilight that she managed to get access to the main hall, which was the same hall used to host the Grand Galloping Gala, to celebrate her birthday. It was the position of Twilight's birthday that it was next to your garden party," Pinkie linked the ponies breathlessly. Every creature looked at her with stunned expressions.

"Whoa, that's a look of connections," Autumn tapped her hoof in thought.

"You don't say," Fancy, "Anyway, the next thing you need to so is look about. Stand out from the crowd in your own way, but be reserved. In Canterlot, the last thing you need to do is cause some scandal in front of some higher celebrity or class pony."

"So no party canons?" Pinkie asked, right on cue, coloured party canons that reflected the creatures's colours appeared next them and fired, confetti flying around the studio. Every creature just gave a small glare at Pinkie, who giggled sheepishly.

"Best not," Fancy looked around at the colourful explosion, "Think charm. Think polish. Think edge."

"Sounds very strict really," Gabby said, "Griffonstone would take forever to follow that sort of style."

"Remember when Yona tried it with Rarity? That didn't go so well to plan," Silversteam chuckled.

"Those poor, poor cupcakes," Pinkie sobbed ramosely, "And I didn't manage to take a single bite. They were all nothing but a pile of yak-smashed messed that night." Pinkie began to cry waterfalls and crashed into Marble, who blushed and tried to pry her crying twin sister off of her.

"Compose yourself, Pinkie," Fancy tried to comfort her, "The best thing you can do is try to stay calm when there is madness all around. Believe me, being followed by mares wanting your attention can be tiresome, even for me. However, you must be a true gentlecolt, no matter what the conditions are."

"Think of it like royalty. Being adored all the time must be exhausting," Silverstream added in, "Being related to Princess Skystar and Queen Novo, they talk nonstop about how they would love to take a break from duties.

"They should do what Princess Celestia and Princes Luna did and take a break from it all. Their break together could have lasted longer, if Twilight didn't break some magical amulet that helped her control the sun and moon whilst they were gone," Pinkie giggled, "As if it wasn't a terrifyingly, big responsibility."

"Not helping, Pinkie," Autumn tried to tell her. Marble nodded at Autumn's message.

"Next, you need to look apart. A good outfit the screams ponies and creatures to look at you is a must in order to make it big in high society. It must be your signature style," Fancy told the group.

"Like this?" Pinkie reached into her mane and pulled out her party outfit she wore for Rainbow's Birth-iversary.

"Well, that's one way to make a statement," Fancy chuckled nervously, "But what Rarity taught me is to simply be the best self and never forget the roots of where you're from. That was something I seem to have forgotten in my pursuit of all that glitters in the big city."

"Well, there you go every creature," Gabby rounded off, "And that's how to make it big in the big city. Thank you to Fancy Pants for being on the show, and that is all for today creatures. Hope that you will tune in next time. Bye for now!"

Chapter 53- Yak Business

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"As official Friendship Ambassador to the Yaks of Yakyakistan, thank you Twilight for that position by the way, I have used this status to invite a very special yak to our studio," Pinkie puffed her chest in pride at her achievement. The others were unsure of this.

"That would explain why everything in the studio is covered in bubble-wrap," Gabby sighed as she looked around the studio. Almost every square of the studio, from the tables, chairs and everything that is classified as furniture, was covered in safety wrapping material. Even their seats were covered in bubble-wrap.

"Seriously," Gabby continued to look at the new studio decorations, "This makes safety delivery at the post office look inefficient in comparison."

"I haven't seen bubble-wrap before!" Silverstream sad as she popped a few bubbles from her seat, "This is amazing! It's like, super satisfying when you pop them with a claw!" She gave her usual giggle of excitement when she finds something new. Autumn and Marble shifted in their seat, obviously uncomfortable with the seats' new layer of protection.

"This is obvious something I will not enjoy," Autumn muttered. Marble sighed. It was going to be a long day.

"So without further ado, let me introduce Prince Rutherford!" As Pinkie said that, the door smashed wide open, revealing the Prince of the yaks on the other side. The other creatures stare wide-eyed at the sight, Silverstream less so. Knowing what Yona was like, she had a faint idea where this was going.

"Prince Rutherford!" Pinkie cried out in sheer joy, but the others had the looks of sheer terror.

"Pink Pony!" Rutherford called out, "When yak received letter, yak was happy to come and talk. Yak proud of yak traditions and yak is happy to share them with other creatures here." He pulled a bit of his hair out to reveal an eye to look at the other creatures in the room.

"Yak is going to like this. Yak is going to show creatures what it means to be a yak!"

"So tell us, what it means to be a yak?" Autumn asked with her strained smile.

"lion pony asked a good question," Rutherford answered, causing Autumn to look somewhat offended.

"I am a kirin, not a lion pony," She huffed, but Rutherford moved on.

"Being a yak means to be strong. Yickslurbertfest is a festival to celebrate what it means to be a yak," Rutherford told his tale.

"I know. I've been there," Pinkie giggled.

"Let me guess," Silverstream rubber her chin in thought, "It involves a lot of smashing?"

"Yes! Yaks love to smash. It is the first part of holidays," Rutherford smiled in pride, "We sit round fire and tell stories. We have huts to sleep, listen to music and eat yak cakes." He brought some for the others to try some. The cakes towered over the hosts.

"Try some in one bite," The prince said, "Is yak tradition."

"One bite? How are you meant to eat that in one bite?" Autumn asked in fear.

"Like this silly," Pinkie opened her mouth wide and swallowed the cake whole. The other looked at her in shock, but they really should have gotten used to this by now.

"Impressive," Rutherford commented, "Yak impressed."

"It's nothing," Pinkie waved a hoof and smiled, "I once ate the Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness whole, ribbon and all. Although eating the ribbon may not have been a good idea. Mr and Mrs Cake were thrilled to hear that they won, but when they asked where the ribbon was, I simply said that they will get it after I went to the little filly's room."

Every creature's, including the yak's, faces turned green at that image.

"Yak music is best music."

"Do you want me to play the-"

"NO!!!" Every creature stopped her from saying the very instrument. Ruther then but on an angry face.


This caused the group to be torn. Either let the studio become a scene of destruction that would make Tirek's rampage look weak in comparison, or listen to Pinkie's playing on that instrument that they can't say for Celestia's sake. In the end, to save them the damage costs, they opted for Pinkie's playing. Pinkie squeed loudly. and got out her Yakyakistan instrument. Luckily, the group came prepared, ordering DJ PON-3's special sound-cancelling headphones.

"And a-one, and a-two, and a-I-know-what-to-do!" Pinkie counted in before letting out her deafly playing. Luckily Silverstream lowered the sound so listeners can have their eardrums spared.

"We are going to take a break there to save our ears," Gabby sighed, "We will be back once this torture is over."

Chapter 54- A Flurry Of Cuteness

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"Hello Headmare Twilight" Silverstream welcome her teacher and head of the School of Friendship to the show, "And who is this little bundle of joy you've got with you?" Twilight chuckled as she levitated Flurry to Silverstream to held her gently in her claws.

"This is by niece, Flurry Heart. She is Cadance and Shining Armor's daughter who I am baby sitting for them while they have some royal duties to get down to business with," Twilight introduced to the group to the baby alicorn, who was observing the group with deep interest. At that news, Pinkie's eyes bulged at hearing this. Twilight was quick to reassure her.

"Don't worry Pinkie. Flurry won't make a mess out of Sugarcube Corner like last time. Cadance and Shining was quick to send a note to ask me beforehand, so that I can check my schedule." Pinkie breathed a sigh of relief. The others looked at the two friends in confusion.

"Care to tell us what happened at Sugarcube Corner?" Gabby asked with curiosity. Twilight sheepishly chuckled with a small blush on her face.

"Cadance and my brother unexpectedly dropped in one day to when the foals at Cheerilee's school caught the Horsie-Hives. Unfortunately it involved getting cupcakes from the children when Pinkie was on duty at the till. I thought Spike was looking after Flurry with the Cake Twins but things didn't go so well according to plan," Twilight told them. Pinkie continued on

"We didn't see what happened, but let's say it involved some ruined cupcakes and a messy Sugarcube Cupcakes," Pinkie whimpered, "Those poor, poor cupcakes. They will never have the pleasure of being digested by somepony who deserves them." The others simply nodded, not getting what Pinkie Pie was implying.

"She sure sounds like a little trouble maker doesn't see?" Autumn rubbed Flurry's head, causing her to giggle. Both Twilight and Pinkie looked at each other before bursting out into laughter. The others, once again, looked at each other in utter confusion.

"She is a little trouble maker," Twilight said between laughs, "She even broke the Crystal Heart, simply by crying."

"WHAT?!" The group cried out.

"The Crystal Heart? The very relic that helps keep the Frozen North at bay and was used against King Sombra?" Silverstream said.

"Very good knowledge of pony history, Silverstream," Twilight nodded in confirmation, "It was quite a shock to say the least. She even blew a hole in a book we thought could save the relic and the Empire. However, Sunburst managed to figure out that the Crystalling was the only way to save the Crystal Empire."

"She could be the princess of explosions if she keeps that up," Gabby chuckled, only to suddenly duck as a golden laser of magic was aimed at her. Stunned faces, including Twilight turned towards the source. Flurry sat their pouting, with her forlegs crossed.

"Flurry, say you're sorry," Twilight said sternly. Flurry shrunk back, teleported, and gave the griffon a big softy hug. Gabby cooed and looked into her big eyes.

"How can you not forgive her with eyes like that?" Gabby sighed as Flurry flew back to sat on Twilight's lap. Twilight told the hosts another mishap involving Flurry

"There was another incident during Hearth's Warming Eve. Me and our friends drew names out of Applejack's hat to get only one friend a gift. I got Pinkie, so I decided to cook a dessert by Chancellor Puddinghead. However, it need precise measurements. Flurry messed up the recipe when we weren't looking, causing her to create a pudding monster of slime."
Twilight gave Pinkie an apologetic look, but waved a hoof.

"It was lucky that I some reindeer magic stuff," Pinkie giggled.

"Speaking of Flurry, where is she exactly?" Silverstream asked with a wiggle of the eyebrows. Pinkie and Twilight looked down to find a book in her place. Twilight and Pinkie began to frantically look around, praying to Celestia that she didn't cause any more trouble. The sound of giggling and laughter soon caught every creatures' ears, and they all turned their heads to a surprising sight.

Marble was on the floor, tickling Flurry with a smile on her face. The sight of them both, caused the group to give a large D'aww. Upon hearing the group's response, Marble turned to the group. A deep blush spread across her face like a apple. She quickly handed Flurry back to Twilight and went to her seat, hiding in her mane like Fluttershy.

"I didn't know you were great with foals, Marble?" Pinkie smiled, "Maybe you should look after Mr and Mrs Cake's twins some time?" Marble blushed deeper and nodded slowly.

"Well," Autumn smiled, "That's all re have time for today. Thank you Princess Twilight for bringing Flurry along, and we will see you all again soon!"

Chapter 55- Black And White

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"Ponies and creatures far and wide, today we have a very special guest on our side," Pinkie giggled at her introduction, hinting at who was on their show today.

"A resident from the Everfree, helping mix potions when she's free," Silverstream added her own part.

"Her story, she is willing to share, a lesson to treating all fair and square," Gabby chimed in.

"So please welcome Zecora to our show, let us make her feel at home!" Autumn introduced every creature to the Everfree Forest's resident zebra. Zecora clapped her hooves, congratulating them on their attempts of imitating them.Marble just hummed in congratulations.

"I am pleased that you all have rhymed, and I feel that I will enjoy my time," Zecora smiled as she looked at her interviewers.

"So, let's get this rhyming out of the way," Silverstream started as she flew over to observe the new guest, "I've never seen an actual zebra before!"

"Thank you, and indeed I am unique, which was one reason why the ponies had the creeps. Every time I come to town, every shop I went was closed down," Zecora sighed in sad memory, causing the creatures to look at her with sympathy. Pinkie smiled, knowing things soon turned out for the better.

"What changed for you?" Gabby asked, "Griffons are like that, with their bad temper that we are known for. Believe me, I know the feeling."

"It all started with some Poison Joke, with caused Pinkie and her friends quite some woes. They thought I was the cause of this tragic magical slip, and came to me with a very bad fit. I showed them I'm more than just a cover, and fixed with a cure with no bother," Zecora told them her story with her usual rhyming way. The others simply smiled at her way of storytelling.

"I take it things went okay from there?" Autumn asked, which Zecora nodded.

"I found my place in this lively town, a place where trouble can be found. From parasprites to Spike's growth spurt, it's a miracle no pony got hurt," Zecora chuckled, recalling the times her knowledge and special needs were required, "Even Applebloom when she got the Pox, it's lucky I had the flower to cure and fix the right spots."

"You had quite an experience dealing with the town's mishaps," Gabby contemplated to the zebra.

"Even training Twilight that there was more than magic, when Trixie exiled her it was tragic," Zecora rubbed her chin thoughtfully. Then there was a time when I had to flee, when vines of black were too wild for me. I gave Twilight a potion to look into the past, to help get our troubles on the right track."

"What other things have happened during your time in Ponyville?" Autumn got her going again.

"Twilight thought Discord made her friends like his antics, I gave her a potion to see if it could do the trick. I gave Applebloom and the Crusaders potions to learn, but that left their manes singed and burnt. I may also have caused Rarity to go bold, a mishap on which bottle to get a hold." She chuckled sheepishly at that, a blush on her face at that memory.

"Well, at least Rarity learnt something about shining from the inside out, along with rocking a new hairstyle as a bonus," Pinkie smiled a big smile at that.

"There was a time when I caught Swamp Fever, causing Fluttershy much less sleep for her own sake either. The cure was just honey of Flash Bees, and helped more recover to live and be here."

"There was the time as well when you were helping Spike with his molt smell, which wasn't so bad as I smelt. Seriously, how bad are brussel-sprouts-covered-in-cotton-candy?" Every creature gagged at that description, "And Fluttershy told us the time when you switched Angel and Fluttershy around to help them appreciate how hard each other's lives are. You certainly gave Vet Doctor Fauna a scare that day.

Zecora just gave a wink in understanding.

"Well, Zecora," Silverstream round off today's interview, "Thank you so much for coming onto our show, and I'm glad that everypony in Ponyville has welcomed you with open hooves. Hopefully we can speak and talk about everything zebra-related at the School of Friendship, who would make a great science teacher! See you all again soon, fellow listeners!"

Chapter 56- Easy As Pie

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"We are back in the studio kitchen today with a very special guest for today," Pinkie clapped her hooves together in excitement, "He has taken a break from Wonderbolt duty to show us his pie recipe, though Rainbow Dash, might not approve." She chuckled at that inside joke.

"Please welcome fellow Wonderbolt Soarin onto our show," Gabby welcome to stallion to GME. Soarin nodded to all the creatures in the kitchen with him.

"It's great to be on something other than a Wonderbolt's show," Soarin smiled, "Apart from flying, another thing I love is a good pie. The best one I had was Applejack's at the Grand Galloping Gala. It's a shame none of those high-class nobles think her pastries are lowly common food. They're missing out on the good, simple, humble stuff." Soarin licked his lips at the memory.

"I'm glad you like them," Pinkie smiled, "Nothing like a good family recipe, handed down from generation to generation, in order to make it perfect. Speaking of family recipes, you have a family recipe for pies that you are willing to share to us."

"Yep. I have my special brambly and blackberry pie. Applejack's may have everything with apples, but sometimes, you can't beat a good combination," Soarin smiled, "So without further ado, let's get baking. Add one-hundred and ten grams of chopped unsalted butter with two-hundred and twenty-five grams of plain flour and mix until it resembles breadcrumbs. Some creature can start greasing the pie tin as well."

Pinkie pie got to work with mixing the butter and flour, whilst Gabby starting greasing the tin.

"When the pastry is mixed, add eighty grams of caster sugar. Mix again and add an egg. Mix once more to form a solid pastry mix." Silverstream took over mixing, adding the ingredients as instructed by the Wonderbolt.

"Then wrap it and let it chill for thirty minutes or so," Soarin told Marble, who placed it into the fridge.

"So how did you come to like these pastries?" Gabby asked.

"It all comes down to flying really," Soarin answered, "After training, you are exhausted, especially when you have a certain pegasus captain barking orders blowing her whistle. Something sweet really takes the stress of the day, and really good on a big night out like the Gala." Marble got the pastry out when the time was up to begin rolling on a powdered surface. She placed it over the tin with and pushed the dough in to avoid any air bubbles.

"Good job, Marble," Soarin patted the shy mare on the shoulder, causing her to blush at both the compliment and the contact, "Now just cut around the edge and poke some holes in the base." Gabby, using her talons, did so skillfully.

"You need to heat the oven at one-hundred and seventy Celestius," Pinkie instructed their listeners, "I learnt that over my experience. I have a good pie-ling system for all the pie recipes." The others snickered at the pun.

"For the filling," Autumn said next, "You need two-hundred and fifty backberries and the same amount for sliced brambly apples, along with seventy grams of brown sugar for caramelising the apples. Prepare fifty grams of melted butter, one tablespoon of cornflour and one-and-a-half teaspoons of cinnamon powder. All you have to do is mix everything together, cover and set aside in a fridge and wait until the oven is heated and ready!"

"Weight down the pastry and give an initial bake for fifteen minutes. Steam bake for another ten minutes with one-hundred millilitres of water in a try at the bottom of the oven for around ten minutes. This is help the pastry be nice and crumbly," Silverstream came in, "Thank you Pinkie Pie for that baking friendship lesson."

"No problem," Pinkie waved a hoof.

"With the remaining pastry dough, roll and cut into slices," Soarin moved on, "Get the mixed fruit, get them into the pie and layer over with the stripes. It can be whatever pattern you like, from a simple layering, to a weaving pattern."

"Wash it all over with egg to give it all a nice shine, and then bake for another forty-five minutes!"

"So what was your reaction to Rainbow Dash not liking pies?" Pinkie nudged Soarin's side.

"How can you not love the crispy pastry and sweet filling of a pie?!" Soarin sighed in defeat, "However, you cannot force somepony to change what they like. Friendship is like baking, a combination and right measurements ensure a well-baked friendship, with plenty of patience, love and understanding." Soarin smiled.

"Good. I was wondering whether that the fact will put you off trying to date with her, if you can keep up that is," Pinkie hinted, causing the others to groan.

"What are you talking about?" Soarin spluttered, "I don't know what you're talking about? I'm not dating her? I am definitely not in her awesome category! Is it hot in here? I think it's the oven that's making me hot." It was at that moment the oven told every creature that the pie. A flustered Soarin quickly took it out to allow it cool and every creature tucked in with gusto.

"And on that tasty note," Silverstream talked between bites, "We shall call it a day! Thank you to Soarin for coming along and we will see you all again soon! Keep baking."

Chapter 57- A Founding Story

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"It's a great privilege to have with us today a special pony who has witnessed the very start of this town," Pinkie Pie announced to their listeners, "So please welcome to our show, Granny Smith!" Pinkie shouted with enthusiasm, causing Granny Smith to jump out of her seat in fright.

"Gosh darn it!" Granny complained, wincing slightly, "Carry on like that young lady and you will frighten the living seeds out of my core!"

"Sorry about that," Pinkie chuckled with a hoof over her mouth.

"So, Granny Smith," Silverstream ignored Pinkie's antics, "We want you to tell us the founding of Ponyville."

"This reminds me of those times hustled by the fire, as cosy as apples in a delivery barrel," Granny chuckled, "Why don't you y'all get comfy, and forgive me, Mah memory ain't what is used to be."

"This is just like Grandpa Gruff's storytelling," Gabby clapped her talons in excitement.

"Don't worry," Pinkie reassured, "There won't be any miserably ever afters." Granny Smith cleared her throat to get every creatures' attention.

"Ah was a completely didn't mare back in the day, with less wrinkles than an apple ripe for harvest. Me and Mah family were your run of the mill pilgrim travellers, back in the young days. We went about, collecting seeds to sample with. Our luck changed when we came across the most glamorous city we have ever laid eyes on, with the most glamorous Princess to boot. By apple-pickin' chance, she stopped at our booth, with my Pop showing her our seed collection. Celestia also saw how weary we were, and knew the right place to settle," Granny started her story.

"It's like when we found the right place to hide when the Storm King invaded," Silverstream interrupted, causing Granny Smith to chuckle.

"If you could say it like that, strange pink bird-pony," Granny chuckled, earning a confused look from Silverstream at the remark, "Anyways, where was Ah? Oh, yes. We went there and built our first home, but farming and growing an orchard doesn't happen over night. There were times when we are as thin as a stalk. Being next to the Everfree Forest, we were warned of what horrors lay there, but when there's critters, there's food, and where there's food, there's seeds."

"This is getting tense," Autumn rubbed her hooves together.

"It was scary, alright," Granny agreed, "The sounds of the night will forever stay with me, but I stumbled upon the most stangest apple tree I have ever laid eyes on. Ah must get some seeds, I thought, and did just that. However, after getting some, out of nowhere, some timberwolves appeared!"

Marble clung to Pinkie in fright, who patted her sister in a comforting way.

"I ran home with my tail between my hindquarters!" Grabby motioned with her forelegs, "And Ah was lucky to get there in one piece! The strangest thing is, once we planted them, they grew lickety split. Ah observed the fruits' cycle round the clock, and noted how they tied into how the weather affects the Everfree Forest, how the timberwolves howl when the zap apples first start growing, and how they zapped away if you didn't pick 'em all in one day."

"They can give Rainbow Dash a run for her bits," Gabby chuckled.

"Ah learnt the perfect technique to making the perfect zap apple jam. How to be kind to bees, how to choose the perfect jar, how they liked pink pilka dots. News of our special jam spread far and wide, and ponies couldn't get enough of them. Some even deciding to stay with us and built their own humble abodes. One such resident was Stinkin' Rich, Diamond Tiara's great-grandfather who helped make Zap Apple Jam a sensation. before we knew it, we had ourselves a nice little town, bustling with all kinds of ponies. And that is how Ponyville was founded."

A round of applause sounded in the studio as Granny finished her tale.

"Thank you kindly," Granny bowed her heads, "And speaking of zap apple jam, it happened to be in season right now." She pulled a large jar from behind her.

"Why don't Ah treat you all on our break!"

"Rainbow jam on toast!" Silverstream flew into the air in delight, "You can count this hippogriff in."

"Us too," Autumn licked her lips, "I'm starving!"

"We're going to enjoy some proper jam for our break now!" Gabby concluded for today, "Hope to see you all again soon!"

Chapter 58- Shine Like Diamonds

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"We are really excited to have with us a very special musical guest on the show with us today!" Pinkie smiled her usual big smile when she gives out the news, "We had Countess Coloratura. We had Songbird Serenade, but now we are introducing the Pony of Pop. Please welcome to the show, Sapphire Shores!" Every creature clapped their appendages together for their musically talented guest.

"Creatures, please, the pleasure is all mine," Sapphire waved a hoof to thank them, "With Pinkie having connections to all the great musical talents, as well as Rarity being my main designer for all my show dresses, you should thank them."

"So, let's face the music, so to say," Autumn started off, "How did you get interested in the music world?"

"I guess you could say that my family in Canterlot were a well known jewellers and nobles came far and wide to get gifts for their special somepony, to simply to treat themselves, if they had the budget for it," Sapphire started off, "Strange enough, was wasn't so keen on all that glitters, wanting to find my own way to shine. Luckily I had a supporting and loving family, who instantly picked onto my musical skills. With the money from their shop, they got me the lessons I needed. That when my cutie mark and journey started."

"When did you start making it big?" Silverstream urged her on.

"It was hard making it to the big stage, I was a pecious gem among those who are already shining bright. I needed polish, which is where DJ PON-3 Studios helped me. With that polish and cutting, the Label helped me get to where I wanted. It was hard though, with my first album, In The Rough, got off to a rocky start. However, I was undeterred, and wanted to keep trying. It was at that point where I started to get noticed and receive critical acclaim," Sapphire continued from where she left off.

"And where did Rarity come into this?" Gabby wondered.

"I heard about her designs from fashion critic Hoity-Toity, and I just had to see her for myself along with her works. They caught my eye immediately. I fell in love with her particular line of diamond garments for my Sapphire Shores' Zigfilly Follies Tour and ordered her to make some more. She needed to head out to get some diamonds for that," Sapphire told her story.

"Took more trouble than needed," Pinkie muttered under her breath, recalling Rarity and their encounter with the Diamond Dogs. The others looked at each other and shrugged, probably thinking Pinkie was being Pinkie.

"After completely my order, with such precision and accuracy I might add, I offered her the role of my lead client, which she accepted with great enthusiasm. Have you heard her scream?!" Sapphire winced at that memory.

"Believe me, it was worst when she added remover potion to her mane," Pinkie sighed, "Ponyville shook like it had never been shook before. Not even from that stampede with cows."

"What happened?" Autumn asked

"Just read up on Photo Finish's article on the most fabulous manes in Equestria. That's a good place to start," Pinkie simply said. Sapphire continued on.

"The next job was for my tour and Rarity made me this gorgeous headpiece. However, just as she was about to hand me the box, her little sister, Sweetie Belle if my memory serves me right, ran away with it. I later learnt that she sabotaged it to make it fall without a key hidden stitch. To make it up, she sewed a dolphin in the middle."

"A dolphin!" Silverstream clapped her claws, "Why a dolphin! I love swimming with dolphins!"

"I had a dream swimming with them" Sapphire smiled at the young hippogriff.

"That still counts to me," Silverstream giggled.

"When is you next tour?" Autumn asked with enthusiasm.

"With Rarity's connections to fashion, there is also Pinkie's connections to music stars. I have manged to get a tour with other leading artists in Equestria. Coloratura, Songbird and I will be together in the summer!"

"Well that all sounds amazing!" Autumn, "We wish you luck that it will go smoothly and well with all of the other stars. That is all we have time for today and we hope you have enjoyed our very special guest, Sapphire Shores. Here's her song, Serves Her Right for you all!"

Chapter 59- Daring Reveal

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"Creatures far and wide, we have a very special guest with us today, one who is willing to reveal her true-self, live on this very show!" Pinkie Pie gave a large squee at the news.

"She has agreed to come onto the show after her series of books, which are critically acclaimed, is over and is looking for something beyond seeking artefacts and temples," Silverstream announced.

"So without further ado, writer and real-life temple explorer," Gabby paused, allowing Autumn to finish the sentence.

"Please welcome to our show, Daring Do!"

The explorer give a welcoming gesture on her hat whilst all the other creatures clapped for her.

"I think Rainbow Dash will be broken after this show," Daring rubbed her chin, chuckling at the thought.

"I can imagine," Silverstream laughed as well.

"Anyways, let's start at the beginning-" She was interrupted when the studio door flew open and they a blue and rainbow blur came in.

"Woah, woah, woah!" The afore mentioned pegasus waved her hooves, "The most awesome pony, besides me of course, is on Good Morning Equestria, and didn't think of inviting me along as well?!" Rainbow gaped at the hosts with annoyance. Daring smiled and rolled her eyes.

"What happened to no interruptions during live broadcasting?" Autumn huffed, smoke coming out of her horn.

"Now, hold your fire, Autumn," Rainbow waved her hooves frantically, "But please let me be on the show with Daring Do. You can't deny me of that now?!" Rainbow gave the hosts a pleading look. They looked towards Daring with a look, asking for her permission. Daring sighed, shook her head and smiled.

"Since she's already here, you might as well," Daring shrugged, causing Rainbow to punch the air.

"This day just got even more awesome!" Rainbow gave a fangirl-ish scream, catching every creature off guard.

"Presenting the most awesome pony in Equestria," Gabby sarcastically mocked.

"Wait? Is this still on air?" Rainbow asked.

"Eeyup," Pinkie replied with her smile. Rainbow knew where this was going.

"And every creature heard my scream?"

"Eeyup," Pinkie answered again. Rainbow crashed to the ground.

"Should I also tell our listeners that you like to visit Ponyville's local day-"

"Anyways," Gabby thought it was best to save some of Rainbow's reputation, "Where did Daring Do start with you, Rainbow?"

"That's easy. I was in hospital after a accidental crash. I going to be there for a Few days, but it might as well be a few months, or a few years!"

"Hey, I wrote that in one of my books as well. I was with a broken wing in a thick jungle," Daring pointed out loud.

"I realised at that time that it was okay to like reading, and it doesn't mean that you are an egghead through and through. Twilight offered the chance for me to borrow Daring's series from her old library. I read them every night to Tank!" Rainbow continued with excitement.

"And how did you and Daring meet exactly?" Autumn asked the duo.

"I delayed my next book for a few months due to a new incident involving Ahuizotl and the so-called Ring of Destiny that he would use to create a heatwave with over rings," Daring explained her predicament, "At the time, I believed that I had to do this alone, but Rainbow showed me that a little help can go a long way." She smiled at Rainbow, who gave another fangirl-like squee.

"Together, we managed to bring down the temple and defeat Ahuizotl," Rainbow finished off.

"Was this the only encounter you two had?" Silverstream asked.

"No, but many," Daring smiled, "Another time was when she and this strange talkative stallion helped me secure another artefact from Doctor Caballeron. Using Rainbow's action skills, my tomb skills and his knowledge of puzzles, we managed to secure the artefact first. We thwarted Doctor Caballeron's plans by releasing the temple beast onto them," Daring chuckled.

"Their faces were priceless!" Rainbow laughed.

"When was another encounter?" Gabby pushed them on, but Pinkie took over.

"There was this one time when Daring thought of retiring because of her actions at Somnambula's Village, but it was just Doctor Caballeron using her name to get what he wanted with the town's jewels. He damaged her reputation, but we learnt that you should never give up hope and to fight a good fight, but be responsible for your own actions. We manged to reveal his plans to the town and they ran with no jewels to take!" Pinkie told her story without a breath, causing every creature in the room to be stunned. Daring gaped and whispered to Rainbow.


"It's Pinkie," Rainbow rolled her eyes. Daring simply nodded and continued from way Pinkie left off.

"My reputation was again on the line when Doctor Caballeron published his own book, exposing my mistakes and secrets. When Fluttershy is recruited by Doctor Caballeron to find the Truth Talisman of Tonatiuh, I helped Rainbow Dash save her. What we didn't expect was for her to and Caballeron to become friends. Ahuizotl was there, and we all learnt that we were in the wrong by taking artefacts that he was supposed to be guarding from us. We made promises to each other to never take anything from the Basin again."

"Wow, you guys had a lot of adventures," Silverstream admired, which Pinkie, Rainbow and Daring nodded and laughed together.

"It had been quite a journey," Daring contemplated, "But fun nonetheless."

"Absolutely!" Rainbow laughed as well.

"That's all we have time for today," Silverstream smiled, "Hope to see you all again soon!"

Chapter 60- Some R&R

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"We are at Ponyville Day Spa today because we are going to get a tour and some handy tips about relaxation from managers of this establishment," Pinkie said with her usual bubbly excitement.

"This will certainly be a new experience, not that I'm complaining," Gabby mused, looking at the building in interest, "I usually just stop by to deliver new lotions and remedy ingredients, so a massage will certainly be something new." She clapped her talons in excitement.

"Great!" Pinkie shouted, scaring every creature, "Please welcome our guests on this tour, Aloe and Lotus!" She opened the day revealing the two spa twin sisters, who waved them in. Every creature's noses instantly caught the smell of herbs and shampoo fragrances, creating an air of calm.

"Welcome to our spa! Ve hope you will enjoy ze experience!" Aloe beckoned them in. Every creature looked around to take in the sight and smell. Ponies walked to and fro, wearing plain towels and gowns. They spotted Rarity and Fluttershy just moving into a nearby corridor, probably doing their routine spa meetup. Other in the waiting corner with a gown on, reading a magazine, was-

"Rainbow Dash?!" Silverstream shouted out, causing the pegasus to jump out of her seat with a yelp, throwing her gown off and trying her best to act normal. A small blush on her face told the host otherwise.

"What are you doing here?" Autumn asked, a hoof over her mouth. Rainbow was about to say something to save her tomboyish reputation, but Lotus came in.

"Rainbow Dash is one of our most loyal customers. She comes in to order her daily pampered muscle massage and indulgent hooficure." Rainbow Dash's face turned a darker shade of red at that. Every creature turned to each other, before laughing their flanks off.

"Yeah, yeah, lack it up," Rainbow Dash huffed.

"We'll let you enjoy your pampered muscle massage and indulgent hooficure," Pinkie mocked, earning her a sharp glare from the pegasus.

"Anyway," Gabby tried to contain her laughter, "I believe you are giving us a tour of the spa." The spa twins looked at each other, before nodding.

"Come right this way, every creature," Aloe guided them. After walking a good distance from the waiting room, they came across a row of wooden doors.

" 'Is here is our saunas, a member of staff takes care of an individual steamer to make each one nice and warm. Occasionally we melt some ice for extra moisture, or fragrent water so ze odour wafts the room," Aloe pointed out, "We have special group saunas as well. Would you like a try?" Every creature nodded and went into one of the group sauna rooms. They instantly felt their muscles relax as the warm moisture hit them. They all gave a sigh of satisfaction.

"This is relaxingly amazing!" Silverstream lolled her tongue out with a satisfied look on her face.

"Thank you," Aloe smiled, "Why don't we show you the other facilities?"

Aloe and Lotus went around the spa, showing the different departments and allowing some of them to sample them. Silverstream took to the claw filing, Pinkie loved the mud-baths, Gabby felt extra-relaxed the specialist wing massages and Marble gave a content sigh with the bubble baths.

At the end of the tour, every creature came out fully relaxed with content smiles on their faces.

"Now that was a great day at the spa," Pinkie smiled and sighed happily, "How did every creature find it?"

"The Peaks of Peril's waterfalls cannot compare to the wonder of those hooves," Hooves gave a dopey smile of content, "Is it true that Celestia and Luna came here for a makeover?"

"That is true," Lotus giggled, "Luna wanted to go disco, though I have no idea why Celestia chose a goth theme."

"I guess she wanted to be the dark side of the sun for the day," Gabby giggled.

"They invite creatures from far and wide, they even invited a sea serpent for Cranky Doodle and Matilda's wedding," Pinkie pondered out loud.

"Wow!" Silverstream clapped her claws.

"Well, that's all we have time for today, every creature," Pinkie finished off, "Thank you to Aloe and Lotus for showing us around the spa. If you happen to visit Ponyville, be sure to pay a visit to the most relaxing places in all of Equestria!"

"It's a pleasure!" Aloe smiled

"Be sure to come again soon. Every creature is welcome," Lotus added in.

Chapter 61- Family Rock

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"We are welcoming back the best-est ponies on our show today, every creature," Pinkie was bursting with excitement, "I have asked them to join us from my rock farm and have agreed to join us again today!"

"I didn't!" Limestone grumbled.

"You said yes in my head, so that's good enough for me," Pinkie smiled, "So please welcome my other sisters, other than Marble here," She rubbed Marble's cheeks together, who blushed, "Limestone and Marble Pie!" The other creatures clapped together. Limestone just huffed and sunk into her seat.

"It's a pleasure to be here, Pinkie," Maud said in her usual monotone voice, "I particularly like the special mixture in the bricks and cement to aid in the studio's acoustics."

"Thanks, I guess," Gabby gave a strained smile, "You should compliment Octavia and Vinyl for allowing us to borrow their studio. Maybe you should tell them."

"I will keep that in mind," Maud simply answered back.

"How are you related to them?" Silverstream asked. This caused all the Pie sisters to look at each other, then back to Silverstream. Limestone took it hard.

"You've got a problem with that?" Limestone growled, causing Silverstream to recoil back.

"N-no, it's just that Pinkie is the most excited one of the group," Silverstream tried to defuse the tension.

"Gaze into the eyes of Limestone Pie, you pink chicken-horse. Cross me and my family, and I will crush into with enough pressure, that you will become nothing more than-" Pinkie quickly cut in.

"Okay Limestone, I think Silverstream got the message," Pinkie pushed Limestone back, Silverstream nodding quickly in understanding, sweat dripping down her face.

"We may all be different, but we are family nonetheless. It doesn't matter if we are different. Family isn't just a name or heritage, it's all about looking out for each other. Like how sandstone comes in many layers, we are layers under one family," Maud explained simply. Every creature turned to Maud with stunned faces, Limestone and Marble included. Pinkie wiped a tear from her eye.

"That was beautiful Maud," Pinkie smiled warmly, "You can put that as your next poem somewhere."

"I will call it, The Family Foundation Stone," Maud simply described.

"She can also do stand-up comedy," Pinkie excitedly told the others. They looked to Pinkie, then back to Maud, then back to Pinkie. Just accepting that it was Pinkie Pie, they simply gave small strained smiles and nodded quietly.

"What do you call a pony without a horn or wings?" Maud gave an example.

Dead silence...

"Earth Pony." At that Pinkie burst out laughing. The others were clueless at the punchline. Limestone just rolled her eyes whilst. Marble gave a blush as she silently chuckled.

"Yeah," Autumn slowly with semi-sarcasm said, "I can see how they are related."

"And can you believe that we might me also related to Applejack's family as well?! Think of all the apples and pies!" Pinkie then went into another sugary fantasy, "Creamy, creamy apples and pies, with a fresh pouring of custard on the side."

"Pinkie!" Limestone huffed, "Focus!"

"What? Oh, sorry!" So yeah, "Think about having a double large family! We've had two Hearth's Warming's now. Though the first one went a bit haywire, We had the our family come over to Sweet Apple Acres for their Hearth's Warming and share their traditions!" At the memory Marble winced slightly.

"What's wrong?" Gabby asked Marble, who blushed a bright red.

"She's just sad that she saw her crush and marefriend kiss under the mistletoe," Pinkie giggled.

"Ouch," Autumn winced.

"But don't worry," Pinkie comforted her sister, "There are plenty of diamonds in the cavern, you too Marble." Limestone facehoofed.

"Not this again," Limestone huffed.

"I think we will take a place there to save Limestone from embarrassment. Thank you, Pinkie, for inviting you're sisters back to talk about family more," Silverstream chuckled nervously.

"Thank you!" Limestone huffed, "Maud promised to show me her Ponyville-adjacent living area."

"You will like it," Maud smiled.

"Did Maud actually smile?" Gabby gasped.

"I smile all the time," Maud answered plainly.

Every creature laughed.

Chapter 62- Dream A Little Dream

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"We are in the presence of a very special guest, from all the way from Canterlot itself," Pinkie gave a squee of excitement, "She is here to talk about everything about dreams and nightmares and some of the best things to help every creature some well rested rest."

"So please welcome her royal highness, Princes Luna to the show!" Every creature clapped their hooves together in welcome to the Lunar co-ruler of Equestria.

"It is a pleasure to be on your show, dear creatures from across the land," Luna said graciously.

"So tell us, what do you do every night?" Gabby started Luna off.

"Well, about from night court, the odd paperwork and catching up on my one-thousand years of absence, I make sure the night is peaceful but checking on everypony's dreams in Equestria," Luna smiled as she told them her routine.

"And what do you do? Go around every house in Equestria, knocking on their door in the middle of the night?" Gabby scratched her head in confusion.

"That would be a rather exhausting routine," Lune chuckled, "But in truth, I check restless minds by venturing into the Dream Realm."

"The Dream Realm?" Silverstream repeated, "What is that?"

"A place where minds meet and dream. It a complex place to simply describe by words. It s a plain of a connection of minds. I can sense dreams forming, even nightmares. If it's such a case, I can enter the dreamer to help calm their worries."

"Sounds like a busy night," Autumn thought out loud.

"Believe me, it is a rather tiring process, even for me. I wake up every morning with a craving for something strange," Luna answered with a huff.

"Like what? chocolate?" Pinkie perked up.

"Not for the mornings. I once had a whole pineapple, skin and all. There was also one morning when I had the banana peel rather than the whole fruit instead." This made the hosts have looks of horrified looks and disgust.

"You may think it sounds disturbing, but you should try it," Luna gave a sly smile.

"We'll take your word for it," Gabby chuckled and gave a wry smile.

"Have you discovered anything fun in other's dreams..." Pinkie gave a sly smile. Luna smirked back.

"I could start with a certain pink pony's dream about a certain stallion perhaps, sleeping together on a large bad of cake."

Dead silence. Silence that you were able to hear a pin drop. Every creature turned to Pinkie, whose face was beginning to turn from pink to bright red.

Then every creature started laughing.

"Fair point," Pinkie squeaked.

"Nothing to be ashamed about having a dream you most desire," Luna reassured, "I can tell you of a certain young dragon's crush for a white unicorn who resides in Ponyville."

In the Castle of Friendship, a certain Princess of Friendship looked down at his number one assisstant with a knowing face. Spike turned to the radio with the pleading look.

Don't talk about the ice-cream dream. Don't talk about the ice-cream dream was repeated again and again in his head.

"There was one certain dream of him presenting said white unicorn to a ice-cream house, though it was cut abruptly," Luna tapped her chin with a hoof.

"And now I'm ruined," Spike sighed. Twilight giggled.

"An ice-cream house does sound like a good idea. Think of how much ice-cream Rarity goes through when she's in full drama-mode," Twilight said between fits of laughter.

"Though there was this one time Twilight Sparkle was swimming in a sea of books," Luna hummed in thought.

At this Twilight turned her head to the radio in shock. It was Spike's turn to laugh. It was then a sound could be heard from the window.

"EGGHEAD!!!" A certain pegasus with a rainbow mane and tail shouted out.

Twilight groaned. This was going to be the talk of the town for some while.

"Though the funniest dreams I have seen have come from my dearest sister of mine."

Celestia's morning tea was spewed from out of her mouth. She wouldn't, Celestia thought in horror.

"You should see her in her dreams, stuffing her royal mouth with all sorts of sugary desserts," Luna laughed at her sisters' sweet dreams.

"I will be giving her double, if not, triple paperwork when she comes back after this one," Celestia groaned.

"Well, then. Any tips for having a good night's sleep?" Silverstream asked.

"Listen to something calming, like the sound of waves crashing to the shore, or the sweet scent of lavender helps as well. I hang them around the castle to help the maids and guards off-duty to have a peaceful slumber," Luna suggested.

"Well, I'm afraid that's all we have time for today, every creature," Autumn concluded, "Be sure to tune in next time!"

"And have wonderful, fantastic, dreams about all sorts of things like-"

"Pinkie." Luna said to the party pony, her horn lighting up.

"Yes?" Pinkie turned to the lunar princess.


Pinkie instantly felt limp and collapsed on top of Marble. She smiled and patted her sister's head.

"Thank you," Autumn sighed.

"You're quite welcome," Luna laughed.

Chapter 63- Of Land And Sea

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"Silverstream, why don't you introduce us to our special guest that we have in here today?" Pinkie smiled to the excited Silverstream.

"Every creature, meet my best brother in the whole of Mount Aris and Seaquestria, Terramar!" Silverstream hugged her brother with sibling affection, "He is here to tell us about problem that the Cutie Mark Crusaders helped to solve and everything else about our kingdom."

"So tell us, what was your friendship problem?" Autumn asked with excitement and interest.

"My problem was choosing where I should belong really," Terramar sighed as Silverstream rubbed his shoulder with affection, "Our dad lives mainly in Mount Aris, whilst our mum lives under the sea in Seaquestria. Most hippogriffs have already decided where to go to."

"What did you choose Silverstream?" Gabby asked.

"Oh, that's easy," Silverstream replied quickly, "I chose Mount Aris so I could fly through clouds, watch a sunset, paint impressionism and study plumbing! And let's not forget stairs!" Silverstream gave an excited squee as she listed all the things she could do on land.

"I however, was torn between the best things each world had to offer," Terramar continued, "Both had their push and oull factors. That's what the CMC was supposed to help me with."

"What do you mean by supposed? They helped you, right?" Pinkie titled her head in confusion.

"They did in the end, but they had their own opinions over mine first as well. Sweetie Belle wanted Mount Aris for the Harmonising Heights, but Scootaloo wanted me to be in Seaquestria because, to her, swimming as a seapony felt like flying. It didn't help me in making my mind up, so I chose to have a place so I won't be able to make a decision."

"So what made you decide? What did you choose?" Pinkie Pie asked with a large smile.

"After the CMC realised their mistake, they saw that with family, you don't have to decide. Our parents, Skybeak and Ocean Flow said to me that you are more than where you live, and that family will always be there. I chose to live in both the land and sea," Terramar smiled, earning another affectionate hug from Silverstream.

"What's been happening since then?" Autumn asked.

"I get letters from Silverstream about the School of friendship from time to time. It always interests me to see what lessons are like in that school," Terramar replied happily.

"Oh, they are sup-er-duper fun alright!" Pinkie bounced on her seat. Terramar looked at the group in confusion.

"Is she always like-"

"Yes!" The group laughed, or nodded in Marbles case.

"Anyway, there was this one time that Silverstream hadn't returned home for the break," Terramar looked to his sister to carry on the story.

"I wanted to work on a project with cockatrices. I ventured into the Everfree Forest and made friends with one who I named Edith," Silverstream continued.

"Wait? You made friends with a cockatrice?! An actual stone-turning cockatrice?!" Pinkie screamed.

"Yes..." Silverstream said slowly.

"Fluttershy would be so proud," Pinkie muttered.

"Anyway," Terramar continued with the story, "Starlight was supposed to be her counsellor for the project, but she was adamant that the office was closed for the break. Silverstream took her project and Edith to the treehouse that the Tree of Harmony grew out of."

"Then I attended The CMC's appreciation day, as they helped me with finding my purpose of belonging in both places," Terramar rounded off their story.

"Sounds like you two had quite an adventure in both Mount Aris, Seaquestia and Equestria," Gabby thought out loud, "What are you like as siblings?"

"I'm more of the calm one," Terramar started off, "My pastime just involves some simple swimming and flying. I like to perch on a rock and see the sunset and stars twinkle in the sky."

"Whilst I love to swim with the fish and leap with the dolphins. I love to fly through clouds and squawk with birds!" Silverstream listed her likes off whilst Terramar rolled his eyes with a smile, "I made shell necklaces with Princess Skystar, learnt what stairs are and I really want to get into plumbing, or take up impressionist paints!" Silverstream began listing off the things she could do on land like what Pinkie would do with Parties. Terramar urged the hosts to finish up for the day.

"A-and with that, every creature, we are done for today. Thank you to Silverstream for inviting her brother on the show, and we will see you all again soon," Autumn concluded.

Chapter 64- Shovelling Stories

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"We are in the presence of one of the great Pillars of Equestria, He is here to talk about his stories, both past and present. Not like the present as in the gift though," Pinkie chuckled as she introduced their listeners to their new host, " Please welcome to Good Morning Equestria, the great and mighty Rockhoof!"

Everypony welcome the big stallion to their show. Rockhoof stood their standing, bowing humbly with a smile.

"Well, Twilight wanted me to tell more stories of my adventures of my old days in Equestria, and what better way than here on this show. Technology sure has moved on from one-thousand years," Rookhoof complimented as he looked around the studio, "They certainly didn't have all this fancy whatsit back in the good ol' days." He found his seat and took it. The only problem was the chair couldn't support his weight, so it buckled and broke under his mass.

He stood their, blinking dumbly. Pinkie tried to contain her laugher, but broke into fits of giggles anyway. Silverstream roller her eyes whilst the others looked at the chair with a sad sigh. That was going to put a heavy price on their property damage bill. At least that was the only thing that would get broken today, right?

"Did I ever tell you the time I took on a Tatzlwurm?" Rockhoof lifted his shovel and plunged it into the floor, leaving a large dent on the waxed wooden floor. Apparently Rockhoof was going to be a yak in a china store, or studio, today.

"No. What happened?" Silverstream squeed as she readied herself for another story from Equestria's storyteller.

"I thought it was just another day. I was out for my stroll in the mountains, feeling the wind rush through my mane. I was just about to reach the summit of a mountain, when the ground began to shake. At first I thought it was an earthquake, but then the ground beneath me ruptured, and out came the dreaded Tatzlwurm!"

His listeners gasped at his description.

"I've never seen such a hideous beast in all my life, and that was saying something. I looked at it, and it looked at me. Then, it took a dive towards me, and I leapt and rolled away." He demonstrated this by rolling, crashing into a nearby wall. Plaster broke off on impact, leaving a slightly dazed Rockhoof with a dent in the wall.

"It roared in anger as its next meal escaped him, tentacles flying out of his mouth! It took another dive at me, but I escaped again." A window was the next causalty, shattering on impact as Rockhood dove, pretending to escape the imaginary Tatzlwurm.

"However, there was this one time it got too close for comfort, opening it's mouth to have its meal. I manged to jam it's mouth with my trusted shovel, got it and whacked the living stars at it," Rockhoof gave the shavel a twirl, knocking off books on a nearby shelf in the process.

"And now the tables have turned. It was me on the attack this time, hurling stones left right and centre at the horrid monster. I was all over the placing, throwing and diving each time!" He took a dramatic roll towards the group. Gabby and Silverstream flew out of the way, Autumn, Pinkie and Marble leapt out of the way, holding every creature's microphones from damage. The only thing they couldn't save in time was the table, Rockhoof colliding with it on impact. Splintered wood flew everywhere, leaving Rockhoof in the centre of the studio.

"It was a competition of strength and stamina now. Who would tire first? Who would get the upper-hoof? We played this game for a long time, either beast or pony backing out! However, it was yours truly who came out victorious! After one effective rock throw to the noggin, the Tatzlwurm gave up, retreating back underground in defeat. And that's how I encountered and defeated the dreaded Tatzlwurm!" Rookhoof gave one last flourish on his shovel and puffed his chest out in pride.

That pride soon deflated as he looked at the mess he caused. He then turned to the hosts, who stood their with varying looks of annoyance or awe.

"Hehe..." Rockhoof chuckled sheepishly, "Guess I went overboard, again. Sorry."

"That was amazing, well, not the mess, but you know what I mean!" Silverstream waved her arms around in excitement.

"Well, this is going to be a nightmare to explain to the repair team, as well as Octavia and Vinyl," Autumn huffed.

"We're going to take a break here to figure out what we're going to do," Pinkie giggled wryly, "Hopefully the studio will be brand new and things will be up and running again!"

Chapter 65- The Twilight Zone

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"How bad does Twilight freak out?" Autumn asked in curiosity.

In a certain Castle of Friendship, the alicorn of this topic of conversation spat out her morning tea. She whipped her head round, almost causing whiplash, to turn to the radio. Her eyes began to widen. Next to hear, Spike snickered.

"Do I want to get the dictionary for the definition of-" Spike's mouth was plugged with a hoof.

"Finish that sentence, and I will ground you for reading comics for one week," A smirk crossed Twilight's face.

"But I'm halfway through The Power Ponies and the Mane-iac's Revenge!" Spike whined.

"Then I suggest you keep you mouth shut," Twilight said through gritted teeth.

"Oh, first, she gets big news, and she goes into a panic attack. And then she paces, makes charts and lists and her mane starts to go all frazzled," Pinkie began acting Twilight with impressive impressions.

"Can you give me some examples of times when she was like that?" Silverstream asked, "All I remember was that strange phobia she had with ladybirds. There was also this one time we were summoned by the Tree of Harmony, and Twilight thought she got the wrong calendar for our term."

"Oh, you should have seen the time when Twilight heard there was this big test to do when we got called to save the Crystal Empire," Pinkie told her story, "Spike tried to tell her it was just a test, but that was a big mistake. The whole Golden Oakes Library jumped up into the air."

"The Crusaders told me of her moment when I faked a cutie mark," Gabby added her own bits, "Of course, griffons don't have cutie marks, but when they told Twilight, she does out, wanting to make a report about it," Gabby huffed, "I'm lucky that Twilight didn't find me. I don't think I will be able to take a moment when Twilight's in, as Scootaloo puts it, lecture mode."

"Why did you ask that question?" Pinkie Pie turned to Autumn with curiosity.

"It's just that I heard about what goes on around Ponyville, which appears have have seen many strange things happen. When the talk about Twilight's habits," She did an inverted hoof gesture at the word 'habits, "They also talk about some incident with a doll. Smarty Pants, I think it was called." She rubbed her chin, trying to remember Twilight's doll's name.

"Yeah," Pinkie Pie chuckled sheepishly, "Not one of Twilight's finest moments. enchanted her doll to create a friendship problem, making everypony in town fall in love with it. Princess Celestia was not pleased, judging the face she had when she teleported."

"I can imagine," Silverstream shivered.

"And then were was the Trivia Trot," Pinkie sighed, "Twilight had never more Twilight in that moment."

"Celestia burn me alive," Twilight moaned as she sunk deeper and deeper into the couch. Spike was trying hard not to laugh.

"Behold, Princess Twilight Sparkle, the princess of-"

"Finish that sentence and I can extend your grounding period," Twilight glared at her Number One Assistant. Her mane was frazzled, smoke coming off of it.

"Tell me right now," Twilight hissed, "Am I Twilighting ?"

Spike gulped and reached for his safety gear of tied pillows and a military helmet, similar to what he wore when he told Twilight that the Crystal Empire thing was 'just a test'.


Outside, Starlight was just about to knock on the door, when the Castle of Friendship jumped a good distance into the air, before landing with a meteor-like thud. Starlight froze, her hoof still in the air on when she was about to knock on the door.

"I will come back later then," Starlight called back, "I'll leave you to do your Twilighting."

"I'M NOT TWILIGHTING!" was all that Ponyville heard, rivalling Princess Luna's RCV.

The studio felt the impact of Twilight's Castle hitting the ground, plus the sound of Twilight's own take on the RCV. Every creature looked at each other in shock. Each creature turned to Pinkie Pie, who had a knowing smile on her face.

"You think Twilight heard-"


"You think she is-"


"And that-"



"...Well, that's all for today, every creature. Hope you are all okay after that and Ponyville is still in one piece. We will talk again soon," Gabby tried to round off the show the best she can.

Chapter 66- Weather You Know It

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"Thanks to Twilight's cloud-walking spell and with Rainbow Dash being our most awesome guide toady," Pinkie welcome their listeners to the show, "We are inside Cloudsdale's Weather factory to show us how Equestria's weather is made."

"That's right! The most awesome pony guide is going to show why we pegasi are the masters of the weather. Now let's get our protective gear on and get this tour started." Every creature got suited up with protective clothes and Rainbow Dash led the way.

"Now for this room, I need you all to be super quiet with no sudden flapping from Silverstream or Gabby. We are in the Winter Room, which is where we make all of the snowflakes by hoof. It's a delicate job, understand?" Every creature nodded before she quietly opened the door. Twilight was trailing behind them, her horn lighting up when she felt the cloud walking spell would fade. Every creature looked around in awe as they watched pegasi work, caving away the blokes of ice to create delicate snowflakes.

"When did this all start?" Silverstream asked quietly, in awe of what was going around them.

"There was a time when the winters were harsh, with pegasi not being able to command the snow as they wished. But then a young blind pegasi filly, Snowdrop if I remember correctly, found a way to control them, crafting the snowflake from a piece of ice. From that day on, winter's were gentler, and we were able to see the beauty of Winter's blessings. It was the best way to control snow which the pegasi wanted," Twilight explained.

"Yeah, yeah, Professor Egghead, they get the picture," Rainbow quipped, earning a glare from Twilight. They quickly moved onto the next room, containing shelves of bottled lightning.

"This is another delicate room, so no sudden movement, I learnt that the hard way when I tried stopping winter," Rainbow chuckled sheepishly, "This is our lightning room, where we store lightning in enchanted bottles to put them in clouds. They use them when a particularly large storm is needed, "One got so bad that Rarity and Applejack stayed with Twilight in the old library." This caused Twilight to sigh at the memories.

They quickly moved on to a room with painful memories.

"And here is where we make the rainbows!" Rainbow said proudly. When a rainbow is matured, we scoop it up and poor it down for the whole of Equestria to see." The group gave a sound of wonder. Autumn on the other hoof, had other ideas.

"Don't even think about it," Pinkie motioned to the kirin to stop while she was ahead.

"Rainbows won't light up the sky unless we let it rainbow," Autumn shrugged, before dipping her hoof into the rainbow liquid. The others tried to warn her not to, but she quickly put her rainbow colour hoof into her mouth. At first, nothing happened for a second, until Autumn's face began to light up with every colour of the rainbow. She panted heavily like Winona after a long day of herding.

"Spicy!" She breathed out quickly before dashing to a nearby water fountain and dunked her head in. The other creatures looked at each other before laughing hard.

"Her faces were priceless!" Gabby laughed with tears in her eyes.

"Laugh it up," Autumn gurgled underwater.

"What did I tell you?" Pinkie sighed and shook her head, "Rainbow's are spicy."

"Onto the next room," Rainbow motioned, Autumn running to catch up with the group. The next room contained a massive glass column with water held with it.

"Rain is important," Rainbow puffed her chest proudly, "And Ponyville was part of an event to get rainwater from the group to the weather factory."

"How did you manage that?" Gabby scratched her forehead with a talon.

"Every pegasi in Ponyville had to create a tornado to get the water up, with a combined wingpower of eight-hundred," Twilight explained, "Fluttershy also took part. She believed her low wingpower wasn't enough, but with convincing she did her part to get the water we needed up. It just goes to show just how every small thing matters."

"I think Fluttershy should be very proud of what she accomplished that day," Rainbow nodded.

In her cottage, Fluttershy had a bright red face to match Applejack's apples. Nervous squeaks came out of her mouth.

"And that completes our tour of the weather factory," Rainbow finished off, "Hope you enjoyed it. Better than last time when Starlight's spell failed, causing creatures to fall through the clouds right?"

"Definitely!" Silverstream squeed.

"I can't feel my tongue," Autumn muttered.

"Well, thank you to Twilight and Rainbow Dash for showing us around," Gabby chuckled at Autumn's remark, "We will be back for another time, every creature. Until then, it's goodbye for now."

Chapter 67- Critter Care

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"Thank you Fluttershy for welcoming us to your animal sanctuary today," Pinkie thanked her friend for the invitation to the open space. The other creatures, who were new to the site, looked around with curiosity and awe.

"This place is huge, and with so many animals,” Silverstream said with excitement, “How long did it take to create this space?”

“Well, I had some difficulties to begin with,” Fluttershy explained, “My friends brought different ponies who they thought would be able to help me with my dream. However, there was some conflict on what I wanted over there’s, which ended in a teeny disaster. I learnt to stand up for what I believed as right and to believe in accomplishing my dreams. With the help from my friends, plus a very special pony that me and Twilight helped in a friendship mission, we were able to create this sanctuary that I envisioned.”

“It will certainly make Rarity proud with what you’ve done,” Pinkie complimented, causing the timid pegasus to blush at the comment.

“And who was it for, or was it just for the animals?” Gabby asked next.

“It was for Ponyville’s local vet, Doctor Fauna,” Fluttershy chuckled sheepishly, “I may have told every pony and every critter in Ponyville that she was the best vet. So everypony and every critter may have come to her, causing her to be overworked and the animals decided to stay.”

“So you created this sanctuary as a way to say sorry?” Silverstream scratched her head with a single claw.

“Well, I guess you can say it that way,” Fluttershy giggled, “It’s so that when animals have been inspected by Doctor Fauna, she can take care of their injuries, take them out here to recover and then, when they are fully healed, they can leave as they please.”

“That sounds fun!” Pinkie jumped to joy before spotting somepony in the distance, “And speaking of Doctor Fauna, guess who’s over there!” She pointed a hoof to where the local vet pony was. She was currently inspecting a family of otters, feeding them fish as she worked as a treat for their good behaviour.

“Doctor Fauna,” Fluttershy called, “We have visitors.” Doctor Fauna turned around to see the hosts of G.M.E.

“Well flutter my butterflies! Why didn’t you say so earlier?” Doctor Fauna smiled and waved them over.

“Hope we weren’t interrupting your treatment,” Autumn apologised.

“Don’t fret about it,” Doctor Fauna reassured them.

“So what’s it like working here and at the local vet?” Gabby asked.

“I enjoy both really, if I’m honest,” Doctor Fauna said, “Though that one time when Zecora switched Fluttershy and Angel Bunny was one that completely took me by surprise.” With wide-eyed faces, the others turned to Fluttershy for clarification. She squeaked and hid her face behind her mane in the usual cute way.

“Angel and I had an argument about spending time together when we worked. Zecora had the idea of seeing our problems by switching our bodies. It was an interesting experience to say the least and it made us appreciate our time together,” Fluttershy quietly told what happened.

“Wow,” Gabby gaped.

“At the same time, I was trying to solve the case if a strange gecko lizard, which was in fact a fire-breathing lizard,” Fauna chuckled.

“Well, thank you for sharing your stories and time at the sanctuary,” Pinkie thanked and gave Fluttershy a big hug, “Sorry to keep it short, but we must really let them get to work. Healing doesn’t happen overnight now does it?”

“A little love and care goes further than you could image,” Fluttershy giggled.

“We just do our best in easing every critter’s pain and relieve them in the best way we can, no matter on animals or ponies,” Doctor Fauna smiled as she went on with her next thing on a checklist.

“That’s good to hear,” Gabby smiled, “And I hope you will give each animal as much love and attention as you can.”

It was at that moment a white rabbit came along and tapped Fluttershy on the leg.

“And speaking of time and care, alright Angel I did promise you to take you out for a tea party.” Angle did a small jig with his legs.

“Bye ever creature,” Fluttershy left with a wave of her wing.

Chapter 68- Rising Up

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"We are joined today by two lovely bakers from Ponyville, who are going to tell us about their story on how they came into the world of baking and some of the fun times from Sugarcube Corner,” Pinkie Pie declared with enthusiasm, “They have been kind enough to employ me at Sugarcube Corner for quite some time, so I wanted to say a super-duper big thank you for all they have done and this was the best way I could.” She smiled to the guests, who smiled back in gratitude.

“So without further ado,” Silverstream started off, “Please welcome to the show Mr and Mrs Cake!”

“Thank you for inviting us, Pinkie,” Mrs Cake thanked in sincere gratitude, “Pinkie was practically begging us to come along and tell you creatures about all the shenanigans that has happened in our humble shop.”

“So where to begin?” Gabby asked the pair.

“I guess the first major even that has happened at our store was when Princess Celestia arrived for a tea party with the Ponyville residents,” Mrs Cake started off, “It was a packed event, with Spike managing the food for us with his Dragonfire.”

“It would have been alright if it weren’t for a certain pony eating Princes Celestia’s cake right in front of her,” Mr Cake chuckled as he and his wife turned to Pinkie with a knowing smirk. All the pink pony could do was chuckle sheepishly.

“However, we did get a good laugh when Princess Celestia pulled a prank on us,” Mrs Cake chuckled as she recalled the princess’ joke.

“That sounds like you all had fun,” Autumn complimented, “Now let’s talk about foals.”

“Having twins was one thing,” Mr Cake continued, “But try having one who was a pegasus, who was a really strong flyer, and a unicorn with strong magical outbursts!”

“Or trying having a baby alicorn with both at the same time!” Pinkie spoke out loud.

Every creature looked at her with deadpanned looks.

“Anyway, Pinkie Pie, once again, came in, this tine wanting to be their babysitter, and we told her that it was a big responsibility,” Mrs Cake explained, which Pinkie nodded her head to.

“I underestimated, what a BIG responsibility it was. I had to resolve to dumping flour on my head in order to make them happy,” Pinkie told her story, “But now, me and the twins are on good terms and we love to spend time with each other.”

“That would explain why we were on a flour shortage for the next week,” Mr Cake rubbed his chin in thought.

“Then were was the MMMM, or Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness. It was originally for the Canterlot Dessert Contest. It was an awkward scenario to say the least. We won with some other competitors, but when Pinkie came back, we asked for the ribbon. She said to wait for a few hours. It took forever to get the stink off of it,” Mrs Cake rolled her eyes.

Every creature’s face turned a shade of green upon hearing that.

“That’s a little too much information there, Honey-Bun,” Mr Cake nudged his wife.

“I think that’s enough of your stories in Ponyville,” Silverstream squeezed, “Why don’t you tell us how you got into baking.”

“That would be me,” Mrs Cake raised a hoof, “It’s all thanks to Applejack’s, Applebloom’s and Big Macintosh’s mother Pear Butter. Just like Applebloom, she help me find my talent in baking. She'd be my taste-tester, help with the decorating, and prep new ingredients. Over the years, I perfected my recipes,” She recited what she told the Apples about their mother, “I met Mr Cake here, and used their mother’s skills to pass on baking skills from her to him. It took off from there, and we got married.”

“I was not the best baker at the time, but we worked hard to get my skills to perfection. We moved to Ponyville when because of the zap apple jam seasons. We wanted to see what it would do to our business. What we didn’t expect was for our business to boom. Pear Butter helped with most of the zap apple prep, though, which helped a lot. Sugarcube Corner is always busy at zap apple season,” Mrs Cake continued.

“Well, thank you, Mr and Mrs Cake spending your time with us outside the bakery to be with us. We better let you go before something happens to your foals,” Silverstream finished off.

“Thank you for having us again and it was a delight,” Mr Cake thanked the hosts.