• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 11- Games For All

“We have some exciting news for the upcoming Equestria Games!” Pinkie read a newsletter to the listeners, “The upcoming games will be hosted in Las Pegasus, and as a sign of friendship and bondage, the EGA (Equestria Games Association) has announced that all creatures are too be welcome into the games! Isn’t this so exciting!” Pinkie shouted down the microphone.

“Not just griffons like the games in the Crystal Empire!” Gabby announced just as excitedly, “But we are talking about hippogriffs, changelings, yaks, kirins and dragons! Every creature far and wide will be bonding over competition!”
“And that is friendly competition,” Silverstream added with a smirk, “I am talking to you Rainbow and Applejack.”

A certain pegasus and earth pony laughed sheepishly at Silverstream’s comment.

“So what event are you most excitedly to see at the new and improved games?” Pinkie asked, “Be sure to send them once again by Dragonfire! But let’s ask our studio for their favourite upcoming events!”

“We hippogriffs will definitely win the swimming races!” Silverstream chimed, “The Association may need to change the rules to exclude bias with out pearl magic thingy, but we were the masters of the waters when we were in hiding from the Storm King. I am also looking forward to the rowing competitions as well since our navy is second to one.”

“Just don’t let a certain pillar give instructions when lost in fog,” Pinkie snickered.

“Seaspray told me of that accident,” Silverstream sighed, “It took ages to get the ships back and plug up the holes.”

“You hippogriffs may be the best on water,” Gabby joined in, “But in the air we are second to none. We may have come third in the relay in the last Equestria Games, but we have been training hard since Griffonstone welcomed friendship more! Remember when Spike sent Cloudsdale’s an-“

“I don’t think it’s best to talk about that moment,” Pinkie quickly interrupted, “The less we remember that the better.”

The whole of Equestria breathed a sigh of relief. One certain dragon, however, decided to bury his head in the ground to hide his red, sweating face.

“Buckball has been added as the games’ newest event!” Pinkie excitedly added, “That means me, Fluttershy and Snails will be representing Ponyville at the games!”

“Goodness, does that mean that Fluttershy will be both in the Buckball and Relay? That’s a lot of pressure!” Autumn wondered.

“As long as she doesn’t focus on the thousands of crowds and pairs of eyes watching her every movement, she will be fine!”

“So many eyes watching me!” Fluttershy squeaked, “Too. Much. Pressure. I cannot cope.” The poor pegasus was now in a hyperventilating fit. Twilight was quick to give the poor pegasus a paper bag.

“She just had to bring that up,” Twilight sighed and rolled her eyes, “This is just like when Fluttershy had stage fright all over again.”

“I am most looking forward to the athletics,” Autumn thought, “We kirins love to run wild and feel the wind. Our Nirik forms are when we really feeling the heat! Pun intended.”

“Just don’t set the track on fire and everything will be fine,” Pinkie joked. Marble just rolled her eyes as usual.

“And Marble is most excited about the final archery show down. Hopefully, we won’t have some accident like last time happening, but anything could happen!” Pinkie squeed as she locked Marble into another hug.

“Well what event are you most looking forward to about the games! Put your thoughts through. And speaking of sports, Here’s Countess Coloratura with Eye on the Prize.”

Author's Note:

A tribute chapter to the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo, cancelled due to the pandemic last year. Hoping countries will unite in sportsmanship, respect and honour after such a difficult year it has been.

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