• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 66- Weather You Know It

"Thanks to Twilight's cloud-walking spell and with Rainbow Dash being our most awesome guide toady," Pinkie welcome their listeners to the show, "We are inside Cloudsdale's Weather factory to show us how Equestria's weather is made."

"That's right! The most awesome pony guide is going to show why we pegasi are the masters of the weather. Now let's get our protective gear on and get this tour started." Every creature got suited up with protective clothes and Rainbow Dash led the way.

"Now for this room, I need you all to be super quiet with no sudden flapping from Silverstream or Gabby. We are in the Winter Room, which is where we make all of the snowflakes by hoof. It's a delicate job, understand?" Every creature nodded before she quietly opened the door. Twilight was trailing behind them, her horn lighting up when she felt the cloud walking spell would fade. Every creature looked around in awe as they watched pegasi work, caving away the blokes of ice to create delicate snowflakes.

"When did this all start?" Silverstream asked quietly, in awe of what was going around them.

"There was a time when the winters were harsh, with pegasi not being able to command the snow as they wished. But then a young blind pegasi filly, Snowdrop if I remember correctly, found a way to control them, crafting the snowflake from a piece of ice. From that day on, winter's were gentler, and we were able to see the beauty of Winter's blessings. It was the best way to control snow which the pegasi wanted," Twilight explained.

"Yeah, yeah, Professor Egghead, they get the picture," Rainbow quipped, earning a glare from Twilight. They quickly moved onto the next room, containing shelves of bottled lightning.

"This is another delicate room, so no sudden movement, I learnt that the hard way when I tried stopping winter," Rainbow chuckled sheepishly, "This is our lightning room, where we store lightning in enchanted bottles to put them in clouds. They use them when a particularly large storm is needed, "One got so bad that Rarity and Applejack stayed with Twilight in the old library." This caused Twilight to sigh at the memories.

They quickly moved on to a room with painful memories.

"And here is where we make the rainbows!" Rainbow said proudly. When a rainbow is matured, we scoop it up and poor it down for the whole of Equestria to see." The group gave a sound of wonder. Autumn on the other hoof, had other ideas.

"Don't even think about it," Pinkie motioned to the kirin to stop while she was ahead.

"Rainbows won't light up the sky unless we let it rainbow," Autumn shrugged, before dipping her hoof into the rainbow liquid. The others tried to warn her not to, but she quickly put her rainbow colour hoof into her mouth. At first, nothing happened for a second, until Autumn's face began to light up with every colour of the rainbow. She panted heavily like Winona after a long day of herding.

"Spicy!" She breathed out quickly before dashing to a nearby water fountain and dunked her head in. The other creatures looked at each other before laughing hard.

"Her faces were priceless!" Gabby laughed with tears in her eyes.

"Laugh it up," Autumn gurgled underwater.

"What did I tell you?" Pinkie sighed and shook her head, "Rainbow's are spicy."

"Onto the next room," Rainbow motioned, Autumn running to catch up with the group. The next room contained a massive glass column with water held with it.

"Rain is important," Rainbow puffed her chest proudly, "And Ponyville was part of an event to get rainwater from the group to the weather factory."

"How did you manage that?" Gabby scratched her forehead with a talon.

"Every pegasi in Ponyville had to create a tornado to get the water up, with a combined wingpower of eight-hundred," Twilight explained, "Fluttershy also took part. She believed her low wingpower wasn't enough, but with convincing she did her part to get the water we needed up. It just goes to show just how every small thing matters."

"I think Fluttershy should be very proud of what she accomplished that day," Rainbow nodded.

In her cottage, Fluttershy had a bright red face to match Applejack's apples. Nervous squeaks came out of her mouth.

"And that completes our tour of the weather factory," Rainbow finished off, "Hope you enjoyed it. Better than last time when Starlight's spell failed, causing creatures to fall through the clouds right?"

"Definitely!" Silverstream squeed.

"I can't feel my tongue," Autumn muttered.

"Well, thank you to Twilight and Rainbow Dash for showing us around," Gabby chuckled at Autumn's remark, "We will be back for another time, every creature. Until then, it's goodbye for now."

Author's Note:

Reference to the YouTube fan video story Snowdrop by Silly Filly Studios.

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