• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 47- Seeing Double

"So, Pinkie, why are there two of you in the room. I know things get weird when you are around, but this is like extra, extra weird," Silverstream looked between the two Pinkie's, "This isn't another Pinkie Pie clone from the mirror pool that Twilight talked about to me once in her lectures, right?"

Both Pinkie's looked at each other before laughing.

"Hi, Pinkie Pie!" The Pinkie on the left said to the other Pinkie.

"Hi, Pinkie Pie!" The other Pinkie answered back, "I love your mane!"

"You know? I was just about to say the same thing!" The other Pinkie said.

"Now there's literally two of them," Gabby put her head in her talons, "Please explain what is going on before one of us loses it!"

"I may have slipped through Twilight's magical mirror and made friends with the other Pinkie Pie in the other dimension. We talked about our friends and all sorts of things in-between and sometimes, since we know all our friends, we like to switch places for the day," Pinkie explained breathlessly. Gabby dropped her glass, which shattered on the floor. Autumn had a look of pure horror. Marble sank lower into her seat and Silverstream scratched her head harder.

Around Ponyville, ponies reacted with a mix of horror.

"Of all the worst things that could happen, that is by far the worst possible thing ever!" Rarity fainted on her couch as usual.

"I am going to have a strong word with them when their show is over!" Twilight fumed, her mane giving off some strong egghead smoke.

"Oh no!" Rainbow huffed in annoyance, "It was bad enough with a whole storm of them. Equestria can only handle one Pinkie Pie thank you very much!"

"Think of the animals!" Fluttershy quivered, "Will somepony please think of the animals!"

"I fear the amount of cider they could consume," Applejack shuddered.

"Do you store stuff in your mane?" Equestria Pinkie asked CHS Pinkie.

"Well duh!" CHS Pinkie waved a hoof, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, "It is the best place to pull something out in case of a random object emergency. I also have to power to made sugary treats explode!"

"Really! That's so awesome, I mainly set things off with a party canon!" Equestria Pinkie said with a manic smile, "I never leave home without my party canon!" With that she pulled the random canon out from an equally random place and pulled the trigger. Confetti showered down as every creature looked around with confused looks, but somehow smiling at the same time.

"Confetti fixes everything," CHS Pinkie smiled, "Really lights up the room."

"I could think of other things really," Autumn forced a chuckle.

"Do you throw the types of parties that will make creatures never forget for as long they live?" Equestria Pinkie asked her counterpart.

"I am the party planner and organiser at CHS! I know how to throw a good party together, either for my own school, or with another, like that time Crystal Prep came for the Friendship Games. It got so good, I grew an extra-long hairstyle and my ears went all pony-like. It was all super-duper fun! If the school wants a good time, I'm the go-to person for them. Is it the same for you and your parties?"

"Pinkie can through one good party, alright," Gabby smiled, "Even though griffons didn't get cutie marks, she still threw me one as an unofficial cute-ceañera for joining the CMC and it was the best thing ever!"

"What can I say," Equestria Pinkie shrugged, "It's what I do."

"She gave me a huge welcome party when I arrived in Ponyville when I joined the show!" Autumn added, "It was a party like no other, even from my village in the Peaks of Peril. She is really one lean-mean-party-planning-machine!" Autumn jumped out of seat with enthusiasm.

"Pinkie in nature, both here and there," Silverstream contemplated, causing both Pinkies to hug each other.

"You keep the party going on this side, and I'll keep partying well on my side!" Equestria Pinkie said with passion.

"That is a Pinkie Promise that we will keep forever!" CHS Pinkie smiled.

"When did it get all sappy all of a sudden? Even by griffon standards," Gabby asked the others, who shrugged, "You ponies have some weird things, both here and CHS."

"Aww, GROUP HUG!" both Pinkies declared, grabbing the others with their hooves and pulling them in. The others found themselves immersed in pink sugary hugs. It was an extra sweet one. Gabby managed to get hold of a microphone.

"We're gonna take a short break to get this over with," She tried to say under both earth ponies' powerful hugs, "See you back soon, or my wings will break badly!"

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