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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 70- Sisterly Rivals

"Welcome every creature to the annual Sisterhooves Social. For those who do not know what it even is, It's a special event for siblings to compete together in Ponyville. Today, we have been given special permission to commentate the event, thanks to the special judging committee!” Pinkie Pie introduced every creature to the event of the day.

“As well as pie eating contests, skipping challenges and the award for Best Sister Chant, the main event that every creature is talking about is the final obstacle race. It will involve, barrel jumps, hay pushing, egg balancing and grape pressing!” Silverstream described to their listeners.

“In addition, another big point is who are competing in it!” Gabby clapped her talons in joy, “They are Applejack and Applebloom, Rarity with her sibling Sweetie Belle and honorary siblings Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo. Autumn, let’s run some statistics.” Gabby let Autumn take over.

“Absolutely, Gabby. Applejack and Applebloom have the most wins in the Sisterhooves Social, and so will be hoping to bag another ribbon. They will be relying on their earth pony strength on the hay push and grape pressing.

Rarity may be a lady, but she certainly isn’t afraid to get her hooves dirty for her sister. They learnt the importance of sibling bonds one this race, so it will hold a lot more meaning to them. They came second, so are hoping for a clear first place.

Finally, we have recent winners Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo. They are honorary sisters right back from when they agreed to be there for one another on a camping trip, so I heard. They won by default when Applejack’s and Applebloom’s big brother, Big Macintosh, dressed as a mare. Now, they are hoping for a clear win.”

“Marble will be our eyes and ears with her trusty binoculars, right Marble?” Pinkie turned to her sister, who hummed in acknowledgment and nodded.

“Looks like every sibling is preparing to take their places at the starting line. Granny Smith will give the signal.”

“On your marks!” Granny Smith warned the competitors through the speaker. They took to the line, preparing themselves.

“Get set!” Everypony had their backs arched, ready and waiting.


“And their off, and Applejack and Applebloom gain an early lead as they enter the mud pit! Rarity seems to be touching as little of it as she can, but it’s a good thing she’s not out of the pit, because that would mean disqualification. Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash are giving it their all. Mud-covered, but still in!” Silverstream commentated first.

“Next we are at the barrel jumps, and Scootlaoo and Rainbow Dash are making light work of it! Their pegasus agility making it look easy. Sweetie Belle is hopping along nicely, and Applejack and Applebloom are also gaining a good distance. It’s still all to play for at this part of the race,” Autumn looked on. Marble was still using the binoculars, nodding to confirm the places of each sibling pair.

“We are now onto the crate climb, and it’s great to see each older sibling helping the younger one up. Truly a sign of bonding,” Gabby commented, “Rarity and Sweetie Belle are the first to land this time, followed by the Apple siblings and then Rainbow and Scootaloo. Rainbow won’t take coming last lying down.”

“Speaking of Rainbow, we are now onto the bit she is going to have to dig deep for, the pie eating! Rainbow seems hesitant, but a nod from Scootaloo is reminding her of what’s at stake here. Applejack and Applebloom have chomped their pies down like they were nothing! Rarity and Sweetie have clearing forgotten their table manners as their eat their pies with gusto. So Applejack and Applebloom take the lead!”

“The things I have to do to win,” Rainbow muttered as she ran.

“Applejack and Applebloom are using their earth pony magic to great effect for the hay push, Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo giving it their all. Rarity and Sweetie Belle are also trying their hardest. It’s so close to call and we’re only halfway through!” Silverstream squeed.

“Approaching the corner now and it’s onto the grape juicing! They all through their grapes into the vat and all the smaller siblings are giving it their all!” Autumn watched on the edge of her seat, “This reminds me of harvest back at the Peaks of Peril!”

“No time for a friendly talk now!” Pinkie screamed. She yanked the binoculars, causing poor Marble choke on the neck holder, “Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow have launched their apples for their siblings to catch. Did you see that Marble?!” Marbles face was turning blue, “I know! I can hardly breathe myself!” Pinkie continued without. looking towards Marble’s direction. She quickly released the binoculars, causing Marble to fall back, gasping for air.

“Now for the hardest part that will test Rainbow patience, the egg balancing! Rainbow seems to learn how to take it slow and steady as she, and Scootaloo, safely land the first eggs in the basket!” Silverstream continued, “Applejack and Appleboom, with the farming experience, place their eggs in second, with Rarity and Sweetie Belle coming third.”

“This is it now, every creature, the final leg. They’re speeding towards the finish line in a dust of smoke! We are literally at the end of our seats!”

“And the winner is…” Every creature said together…


“Congratulations to both Rainbow and Scoots for their second, and now official, win! They will receive their blue ribbons at the winning stand! As for us, it’s goodbye for now. We will be back in the studio for more GME! So don’t go anywhere,” Pinkie Pie concluded, “So from the Sisterhooves Social, it’s goodbye for now.”

Author's Note:

Sorry if it's been a while, but university exams are a nightmare. Luckily, I'm now on holiday ^^

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