• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 8- Pinkie Logic Is Best Logic

“Pinkie, how do you do all those things that seem to defy logic?” Silverstream asked with great interest. Next to her sister, Marble’s eyes shrunk to pinpricks as she prepared to the whole universe to crash in.

“Whatever to you mean?” Pinkie asked innocently.

“You know. The whole pull things out of your mane thing along with popping up and random places. You even slowed things down when you need them to.”

Marble, by now, was praying to Celestia that things aren’t going to take a turn for the worst.

“Oh, I stash random objects all over Ponyville and the school just in case of random-object-emergencies,” Pinkie delightfully explained, “As for the others, I simple have no idea.”

“Really?” Gabby wondered.

“My sisters, including Marble here,” She gave her sister a good mane rub, much to Marble’s annoyance, “They call it the Pinkie Logic.”

“The Pinkie Logic?” Autumn questioned.

“Yep. The motto is simple: don’t question it, just go with it.”

There was a silence as every creature in the room and beyond the radio processed the new information. Pinkie’s friends have decided to listen together about what this morning’s gossip. Twilight buried her head in her hooves.

“This is the Pinkie Sense all over again,” She mumbled as Spike chuckled.

"What a Doozy of a day that was," Spike joked knowingly.

“Um, I quite like it,” Fluttershy, “It doesn’t hurt your head too much when you say it out loud.”

“Darling, Pinkie Pie is just, well, Pinkie Pie,” Rarity quipped with elegance, “Sometimes I even question about how legitimate her family relations are. Especially to Maud…” She trailed off in thought.

“Applejack could be related to her,” Rainbow turned to the farm mare, “Does that mean you can do all the things that Pinkie can do?”

Applejack thought long and hard. Twilight, on the other hand was in just as deep a thought about the prospect. Applejack was then disturbed when Twilight pulled off her ‘This calls for some research face’. Applejack dreaded what her experiments might lead to.

“I rather not say,” Applejack said slowly, “I think Equestria can only take one Pinkie Pie. Plus, I may be related, I may not.”
Twilight sagged a little at Applejack’s refusal, but that made the farmpony breathe a sigh of relief. The five listeners turned their attention back towards the radio.

“What do you have in your mane anyway?” Autumn Blaze asked as Pinkie rummaged in her mane. A lot of noise could be heard through the radio, from clattering to even squeaking.

“Bit bag, fake wings, balloons, emergency energy cupcakes, bat-“

“Why a bat?” Gabby asked worryingly.

“I stash pinatas all over Ponyville, in case of pinata emergencies!” Pinkie answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. The others simple nodded. Pinkie continued her rummaging.

“diary, quills, notepad, crowbar-“

“WHY A CROWBAR!” Silverstream shouted with horror.

“Mr and Mrs Cake’s twins got stuck with some silly cheese and string and I tried to get them out. Me and Rarity ended up going to Zecora’s for some remover and shampoo.”

“Just make sure to ask for labels,” Rarity quipped. The others nodded.

“Rubber duck, oh, hi Gummy!”

“You have a pet alligator!” Silverstream exclaimed. The others looked mortified. Marble just rolled her eyes at her sister's usual antics.

“Yeah. This is Gummy. Don’t worry, he’s a baby and doesn’t have any teeth!”

“Should have called him Toothless,” Autumn joked with relief.

“Basically you have a lot of stuff,” Gabby quickly broke in, but kept an eye out on the alligator.

“Yep. Pinkie Logic is best Logic!” Pinkie laughed.

“That actually makes more sense than putting it all together.” Autumn quipped.

“Well that’s all we have time for this Morning! Here’s Countess Colouratura, with Behind the Veil.”

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