• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 81- Dungeons And Hosts Pt.1

“In a land where evil reigns supreme, an unlikely band of heroes stand together against the darkness. Welcome to the world…Of Ogres and Oubliettes,” Spike welcomed every creature to the show and the game.

“Nice dramatic introduction, Spike,” Pinkie complimented in awe. When Pinkie went to Spike asking if he was willing to share his love of this Guys’ Night traditional game, he leapt at the chance, if Big Mac and Discord was there. The group were hesitant to invite Discord, but were won over when the Lord of Chaos, under the supervision of Fluttershy, Pinkie Promised to behave and turn the studio in the world of Ogres and Oubliettes and turning it back after the show.

“Spike, you’re the expert,” Silverstream pointed out, “Why don’t you tell us what exactly Ogres and Oubliettes is.”

“Of course, Silverstream,” Spike answered willingly, “Ogres & Oubliettes is a fantasy role-playing adventure game. We have named our main villain the evil Squid Wizard, or as we call him, the Squizard!”

“Personally, I found this game on the boring end to begin with,” Discord crossed his mismatched arms, but the game warms up to you. We have been doing this for our Guys’ Nights ever since, even when that time Big Mac temporarily made up with Sugar Belle.” At this, Spike perked up.

“Eeyup,” Big Mac added with a hint of embarrassment.

“Does this mean Skellinore will be at the game?” Spike asked, almost pleadingly. At this Discord chuckled.

“Nope,” Big Mac answered easily.

“Spike, she's an imaginary one-dimensional paper cut-out skeleton,” Discord mocked, stroking his goatee. Spike was about to answer, but Pinkie beat him too it.

“Less backstory-ing, more playing!” Pinkie declared, “What’s the story of this game?”

“The Squizard has laid siege to the last free city in Spiketopia. That's the name of the land. He's kidnapped a beautiful unicorn princess named Shmarity,” Spike explained, gaining a lot of strained laughter from the G.M.E. cast. Spike blushed.

“Don’t worry Spike,” Discord gave a sly smile, “Fantasy and dilutions are my type of thing, both in figure and literally.” The others weren’t too sure how to take that

“That’s a totally different thing,” Spike tried to continue from his hint, “First of all, we need you all the come up with names. I am sorcerer Garbunkle, Big Mac is knight Sir McBiggun and Discord is Captain Wuzz. This is a game that requires imagination.”

“I will be Lady Explodes-A-Lot, like the last time we played together after our trip from Yakyakistan. Armed with her party canon, she is posed and ready for a surprise attack!” Pinkie squeed whilst the others took their time. Gabby spoke first.

“I will be Guard Swiftstroke. Fast as the very winds that blows through Grifftonstone, she is armed with her trusty blade, ready to bring down wrong doers to justice,” Gabby said with determination.

“I’ll be Typhoon Force,” Silverstream suggested, “With spears made from the sharpest magical shells found at the bottom of seafloor. She is a fighter of the land and sea, with hurricane force speed to match!”

“I am Inferno,” Autumn informed, “With a burning desire to fight for the downtrodden and oppressed over the land of Spiketopia. Wielding her enchanted fire-sword, said to have been forged in the heart of the sun, a single touch will burn its very victims!” Autumn released some nirik fire for dramatic emphasis, earning some surprised and intrigued noises from the others.

“And Marble will be our special spy, Silent Night. Her stealth to spy beyond enemy lines is unmatched. To those who do not go gentle into that good night, she will snuff out theirs in an instant,” Pinkie wrapped an arm around Marble.

“Alright, is every creature happy with their characters’ names and weapons?” Spike looked around, the group nodding in confirmation, “If that’s the case, Discord, could you do the honour?” Discord gave a theatrical bow before snapping his fingers. The Studio morphed and widened, the ceiling becoming an open sky. Carboard mountains and die as rocks appeared.

The G.M.E. hosts grabbed their wearable microphones as they were fitted with comfortable glistening armour, or a jester bard in Pinkie’s case, and a wizard hat, cape and grey beard for Spike. They admired their new look, though they were shocked when Big Macintosh was a unicorn.

Silverstream had a fitting armour that would make her look like a tough challenger in Proud to be a Hippogriff Day. Complimenting the armour was a sharp spear, glistening wickedly in the light. The tip was a sharp, pointed razor shell.

“If daddy saw me, he will be so happy!” Silverstream clapped her claws together.

Gabby’s armour was like something out of the griffon history books, reflecting the times of Griffon Wars and skirmishes. A sturdy helmet was on her head with a feather plume. She wielded a strong trusty sword, well-polished and sharpened.

“This is so amazing!” She could simply saw as she looked at herself up and down.

Autumn’s armour was something reflecting her calm kirin, but ferocious nirik side. It was elegant, hot with a hot ferocity, with specially enchanted fire-proof metal. Complimenting it was a burning sword. Autumn gave a few movements with it in the air.

“Hope the baddies are ready to feel the heat!” Autumn confidently declared.

Marble wore a shimmering reflective cloak and mask, similar to what Rainbow Dash wore when she played. She had a bow and arrow as her weapon, the quiver loaded with special arrows that will fly true and quick. Marble looked unsure about the whole getup, but a comforting hug and smile from her sister told her everything will be just fine. It was just part of Discord’s magic and he can always turn the studio back to normal with a snap of his fingers.

“Now,” Discord smiled his manic happy smile, “If every creature’s ready, it’s time to play Ogres and Oubliettes.”

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