• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 45- Have A Sense

"So, how are you feeling Pinkie?" Gabby hesitantly asked the pink party pony. Pinkie just smiled and sighed.

"I feel much better thank you very much," Pinkie smiled her usual cheery smile, "Much better after my counselling with Starlight. Although, I think I may have given her some sugary nightmares. Hopefully Luna can help her with them. She did with me when fighting this strange blue-smoke thing that she created as punishment for being nightmare moon, but that's another story for another time."

"Right," Autumn said slowly, "In any case it's good to have you back in the studio. It's good to have some common sense back." At that moment, Pinkie's tail began to twitch rapidly. Pinkie's face when wide eyes and she quietly bolted under her chair. Marble, knowing her sister and what it meant, did the same thing. The others looked at each other in confusion.

"Pinkie? What in Equestria are you doing," Silverstream scratched her head with a claw. Pinkie hinted for them to duck under something.

"It's my Pinkie Sense! Something's gonna fall! Something's gonna fall!" Pinkie screamed and encouraged them down.

"Pinkie Sense? That's not making any sense," Autumn argued.

"You're the one not making sense," Pinkie hissed, "Not get down or something will bonk you on the head."

"Please, Pinkie," Gabby laughed, "This studio is perfectly safe. Nothing's gonna-" She was just about to finish when a flowerpot hit her one the head. The others looked at her in utter surprise.

"What did I say?" Pinkie chuckled, but looked at the broken flowerpot in confusion, "Now where did that even come from? Usually Twilight ends up with a flowerpot on her head."

"Gabby?" Silverstream asked the griffon with concern, "You okay?"

"Look, mummy! I'm a chicken! Cock-a-doodle-doo!" Gabby slurred dizzily before passing out on her seat. The others turned to Pinkie for an explanation.

"Basically, I get little feelings in my body, and they mean different things. A twitchy tail means something's gonna fall, a pinchy knee means something scary is about to happen and floppy ears means I need to give somepony a bath. Sometimes there are even combos, a combination of sensations that tell me something as well!"

"That's ridiculous. I don't believe it," Autumn chuckled.

"That's what Twilight said, but she somehow became the Bulk Bicep's punching bag to them. Sometimes not knowing something is part of the fun!" Pinkie said enthusiastically. The others simply nodded. They have gotten used to the idea that this was just another Pinkie Pie, and if it's a Pinkie thing, then it's best to leave it as a Pinkie thing.

"It also runs in the family. Maud has this Maud Sense that she can use to track ponies down. She used it to help find my party canon from somepony I traded it with," Pinkie continued her story.

"Does Marble have a Pie Sense then?" Autumn turned to Marble with fascination, who blushed under her gaze.

"Marble can sense the best place to mine for precious stones. Much like Rarity's gem finding spell when we ran into some diamond dogs. She can find the perfect stone in a pile of utterly non-perfect stones!" Pinkie hugged her sister tightly, causing her to blush deeper at her compliment.

"I want to build a nest and lay an egg! Spike can live with me if he wants, Grandpa Gruff," Gabby blabbered in her unconsciousness. The others choked back a laugher.

"Should we help her?" Silverstream chortled.

"I think every creature heard that loud and clear," Pinkie giggled manically, "I think we should see what she says next." As if on cue Gabby, unaware of it all, continued to babble nonsense.

"I want a golden statue of myself, titled Best Griffon Deliverer In All Of Equestria!" Gabby punched the air triumphantly.

"Now that doesn't make any sense. Probably something like most cheery Griffon will do nicely," Autumn laughed out loud.

"I'm glad You-Know-Who isn't here to talk about sense," Silverstream shivered as she turned to Pinkie, "You should've seen what he did yo our scavenger hunt whilst you and the girls were on that fake Friendship Mission and Starlight was left in charge."

"We had fun and we were being chased by eyeless worms!" Pinkie jumped excitedly.

"Actually," Silverstream slowly retreated, "I don't want to hear that story." The others quickly nodded.

"I want to peck the ground and eat worms!" Gabby gurgled. The others gagged.

"Okay that's it," Autumn said with a sickly face, "We are gonna take a break whilst we get the first aid kit. We'll be back soon whilst we help Gabby."

"A worm a day keeps the buzzards away," Gabby giggled in her sleep.

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