• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 46- The R.C.V

"Hello every creature, Pinkie said loudly. We are joined outside today by none other than her Royal Highness, Princess Luna!" Pinkie welcomed the Princess of the Night to the show. The other creatures and Marble clapped their hooves together with equal enthusiasm.

"I must admit, dear Pinkie," Luna smiled, "I was surprised to receive a letter that my sister delivered to me from Twilight Sparkle. Nontheless, I have taken time to come onto your show of antics to see what you have requested from me."

"It was mostly some of the creatures here that wanted you on the show today," Pinkie explained, "Why don't you see what they want from you?" With that, Luna turned to the griffon, kirin and hippogriff, who were grinning big smiles at the presence of the princess.

"And, pray tell," Luna questioned, "What is your reason to summoning me onto this show of yours?"

"We want to hear your Royal Canterlot Voice!" Gabby said with excitement. Luna gave her a questioning gaze.

"And why would you want to hear that?" Luna asked with great interest.

"We heard everything about it from Pinkie Pie and how you used it during your first Nightmare Night in Ponyville," Silverstream giggled in equal excitement, "We just want to know what it sounds like with you, Your Highness, and to experience it ourselves."

"I see," Luna said slowly, "Forgive me, but I may have lost it slightly as in these modern times, I have found little use of it. The only time I had used it was during a meeting about comforting some ponies that there aren't any timberwolves near their town. Let us say it had the opposite of the desired effect," Luna sighed, "I had my sister clear that up for me. However, if you want a demonstration, than a demonstration you shall have!" Luna triumphantly declared, causing the others to cheer. Marble, who was less than thrilled cowered to the ground, hooves ready in her ears.

Luna stepped forward, performing her royal posture and stance. She lifted a hoof in the air, steadied herself and delivered her Royal Canterlot for all within hearing radius to hear.

"Dear citizens of Equestria, it is I, Princess Luna. Princess of the Night, Raiser of the Moon and Defender of the Dream Realm. Protector of the Kingdom of Equestria and those who reside within its borders!" Luna declared to all who heard her voice. When she turned around, she found various faces of shock, awe, wonder and slight fear.

"Incredible," Gabby gaped.

"Amazing!" Silverstream waved her arms excitedly.

"That was spectacular," Autumn gave a big wide smile.

"Please," Luna waved a hoof, "My dear sister has a far more impressive Royal Canterlot Voice. However, she is much more reserved in using it and only uses it to cower those of her ire."

"Don't remind me," Silverstream shivered, "My ears were still ringing when she delivered it when she was 'acting'." Silverstream did a gesture of connotation marks for emphasise Celestia's acting skills. Luna chuckled.

"Indeed. I have heard of that incident," Luna giggled at her sister's expense.

"Now it's my turn!" Pinkie declared, causing the others to turn to her in confusion.

"I will perform the Royal Canterlot Voice with this," Pinkie reached into her mane and pulled out the biggest megaphone both creatures, ponies and alicorn have ever seen.

"What is that?!" Autumn screamed.

"Well, duh silly, it's a megaphone. I used it once when Rainbow Dash flew away to join the Wonderbolts Academy, telling her to write sometime. I didn't think she heard it though. It went like this."

Every creature tried to stop her, but Pinkie took a deep breath and spoke into the megaphone for all to hear.


What came out of the megaphone was a soundwave that caused the trees to bend, the nearby mountains to by down to their master and rivers to flow upstream. Every creature fell to the floor, plugging their ears with their hooves, talons and claws. When that was over, Pinkie turned to the group with her usual manic smile and disheveled mane.

"Was that loud enough?" She asked the group, who were in a similar mess.

"I think that was loud enough," Autumn muttered.

"That was truly something," Luna gaped with an open mouth.

"That's Pinkie for you," Gabby sighed, "I think she broke the sound barrier with that, but she can break many creatures' sanity."

"Believe me, dear griffon, I know," Luna shook her head. Silverstream checked her microphone didn't break before concluding the show.

"What will be all for today creatures. If you are are deaf after that, we will see you for our next show. Please give a huge thank you for Princess Luna for coming onto the show."

"Pleasure," Luna simple said.

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