• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 106- High Stakes Pt.7

“Welcome back for more action at the Equestria Games in Manehattan as they happen,” Pinkie welcomed every creature back for the next day of events, “I am the one and only Pinkie Pie, not like that time when I cloned myself lots of time, and this is my best-est sister in the world, love you too Limestone and Maud, Marble! She is super-duper excited to be here with all of you, aren’t you Marble?” Pinkie wrapped her foreleg around Marble for another crushing hug. Unable to even hum a response, Marble simply nodded her head, her face turning blue.

“But we are not alone in the commentary booth,” Pinkie continued, “Joining us from the Reformed Unicorn Podcast is Starlight Glimmer!” The unicorn waved her hoof.

“Thank you for the invitation for joining you today,” Starlight thanked, “We are at the main arena to watch the high bar for the athletics section, with many kingdoms and cities that make up our Equestria hoping to claim that gold medal. Shall we go over the rules for our listeners, Pinkie?” Pinkie nodded excitedly, with Marble passing the official Equestria Games Committee to Pinkie.

“The rules are as easy as pie, which I like, except Rainbow Dash,” Pinkie said in her usual rambling voice, “The bar will be set at two-metres to begin with, increasing each round by an extra five centimetres. The athletes must clear it with a runup of fifteen metres and jump over it. If they miss, they are allowed a second and third attempt, but failing to pass both those attempts means disqualification. This will narrow down until we get our final with the final height to decide who will get gold, silver and bronze.”

“Thank you, Pinkie,” Starlight thanked as Marble took out another scroll which contains the list of competitors, “Now let’s see who is hoping to get their hooves, claws and talons on these medals. We should point out that winged creatures are not allowed to use their wings when crossing the bar and creatures able to use magic aren’t allowed to use that either.” Starlight rolled out the scroll the reveal the competitors.

1. Yakyakistan
2. Manehattan
3. Califoalnia
4. Changeling Kingdom
5. Vanhoover

“We have the debut of Yakyakistan and the Changeling Kingdom who are hoping to do well. Yaks may seem bulky and a little clumsy with all their, well, smashing, but don’t underestimate the height they gain when doing those smashing jumps,” Pinkie warned as she wrapped a comforting hug around Marble.

“We wish every athlete the best of luck as we go down onto the arena now for the high bar, and first up is Yakyakistan at the two metre mark.” The yak athlete took to the runway and began charging towards the high bar apparatus.

“We takes a strong charge and jumps backwards, doing a lovely curve. He covers the right height to make it look like nothing!” Starlight looked down in awe, “He crosses it with ease on the first attempt and he’s through to the next round!”

“Onto the host city’s hopeful of Manehattan now,” Pinkie moved on as the athlete took his position behind the line, “He takes the charge and jumps with a perfect curve and lands onto the crashmat without touching the bar! Manehattan is through as well!” Marble clapped along with the crowd for the host city hopeful.

“Califoalnia is up next as he takes his position and begins to curve his runup to the bar. He jumps and…OH NO! he has taken the bar with him! That will be a foul and he is allowed another attempt to cross it,” Starlight gasped as the bar fell along with the athlete.

“Everything is being set up as he goes for his second attempt now,” Pinkie continued as Marble was on the edge of her seat, “He takes another run, and he fails again! He gives the signal to the adjudicators that he has done all he can, and I’m afraid Califoalnia are out of this round.”

“Commiserations to Califoalnia as the Changeling Kingdom athlete takes his place. He takes the runup and jumps into a beautiful curve, jumping over the bar and safely onto the crashmat and the next round!” Starlight announced as an applause erupted from the stadium for the newcomer.

“Finally, it’s Vanhoover. He takes his position, runs a strong curve towards the bar, gets to the jump and tackles the high bar beautifully. He is also safely through to the next round!” Pinkie announced.

“So we are on round two with the bar raised to 2.05 metres!” Starlight said, “And Yakyakistan is up to take their second jump to stay in the competition. He takes the charge and jumps. He clears it and lands safely onto the crashmat. Yakyakistan is through to the third round!”

“Hopefully Manehattan can repeat their success as well as he takes the curved runup and jumps. However, it’s too early and he misses the bar! He is allowed a second attempt as the bar is being set back in place right now,” Pinkie gave a theatrical gasp as the bar fell, “He takes the run, does the jump perfectly this time and succeeds in making it to the third round.”

“The Changeling Kingdom is next,” Starlight announced, “He takes the charge up and clears it effortlessly without a singly flap of his wings! The Changeling Kingdom are also through to the third round!”

“Finally it’s Vanhoover,” Pinkie finished off the round, “He takes the run-up, jumps and clears it as well! All of these kingdoms and cities are going through to the next round!”

And so it went on, each athlete taking a jump at the raised bar at each round, though eventually some had to call it a day despite all their efforts. Vanhoover failed at 2.15 metres on their third attempt to conquer the bar, whilst Manehattan managed to cross it at 2.25 metres on the second attempt. The bar kept being raised until it reached 2.35 metres once the top three managed to clear all of the previous heights.

“We now have our final three at 2.35 metres every creature!” Pinkie announed to their listeners, “This will all come down to the number of attempts between Yakyakistan, Manehattan and the Changeling Kingdom. Yakyakistan is up first. He takes the charge, jumps and… hits the bar! I’m afraid it has to be a second attempt from him.”

“He goes back to the start of the runway as the bar is being put back into place,” Starlight watched at the edge of her seat, Marble covering her eyes, “He runs, he jumps and he successfully crosses over the bar on his second attempt. That will be a silver if this keeps up.”

“Manehattan is up next,” Pinkie looked on excitedly, “He runs and jumps, but fails to successfully cross it as he hits it! He won’t take gold either! So this is second attempt as he runs to it and… HE MISSES IT AGAIN!” Starlight and Marble jumped at Pinkie’s scream.

“I gives the signal that he has given it his all, meaning Manehattan will have to accept bronze!”

“So if the Changeling Kingdom can pass this one on the first attempt, they will claim gold,” Starlight confirmed as all eyes turned onto the changeling, “He runs, he takes a strong jump into the air and clears it! He’s done it! Gold to the Changeling Kingdom!”

“Well,” Pinkie concluded, “Hoped you enjoyed our coverage of the Equestria Games first athletics part and we will see you all again very soon for more sporting action!”

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