• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 49- Drop The Bass

"We are at DJ PON-3's studio in Saddle Row to teach us how to be DJs!" Silverstream waved her claws in the air with excitement, "And I thought plumbing as exciting!" The others didn't know how to take that, but just rolled with it. Silverstream had some strange passions. Gabby once found her kissing a flight of stairs. The only one who wasn't pulling strange faces was Pinkie, who giggled.

"Yes, fellow listeners," Pinkie smiled, "We are live from Manehattan at DJ PON-3's party palace upstairs from Rarity's Rarity for You to let her teach us the art of getting ponies on the floor and busting out some super cool moves!" DJ PON-3, or Vinyl to those who know her by her real name rather than her stage name, gave a solid salute of respect.

Vinyl got to work, she started showing them how to 'wub' without breaking the the vinyl disks. Silverstream and Gabby had to take extra care with that, as talons of delicate vinyl material didn't mix. The others had no problem with getting their hooves on the deck. Marble simply bobbed her head to the music.

"This is amazing!" Autumn clapped her hooves, "Wait till the over kirins from the Peaks of Peril hear this type of music. They will never get it out of their heads." She paused at that, "Although, that will start to get annoying to the point where they could go full nirik from constant earworms. That will be a different sound of silence to take in." The others laughed at Autumn's remark.

"This is certainly something I could get used to," Gabby looked around at the dance studio, "The light-up floor is something special. You can really feel the dance music, not just hearing, but seeing the way the lights dance in tune with the beat. With the levers and buttons you can listen to specific aspects of a song too!" Gabby clapped her talons and took to the dance floor.

Vinyl gave a huge smile and selected one of her common studio anthems. Gabby started bobbing her head and swaying her body to get used to the rhythm. When it became more recognisable, she grew bolder, swishing her tail in circles and splaying her wings out. The others cheered has as she danced.

"Let's see if this dancefloor can take in the heat!" Autumn shouted out and joined in with Gabby on the floor. She jumped around and waved her hooves in the air. Soon the others were on the floor except Marble, who just continued to bob her head as she stood at the edge of the dancefloor. She smiled as she watched the others dance like there was no tomorrow.

Soon Pinkie spotted a some buttons and plonked her way towards them.

"Oh, and what do these buttons do?" Pinkie asked the head DJ, who gave a wide smile. Three buttons were there at the part of the deck where Pinkie was pointing a hoof at, coloured blue, green and red. Vinyl pressed the blue one first. Suddenly smoke machines appeared from the walls and billowed out white smoked that fogged up the dance floor. The creatures laughed as the smoke floated around them.

"So cool!" Gabby said as she flew close to the ceiling to get a better view. Vinyl waved a hoof, signalling that she only just got started. Pressing the green button, multiple disco balls dropped from the ceiling. Lights shone on them as they spun, their sequins catching the light and reflected the rays of light all around. The others cheered as they specks of light shone on their bodies as well.

"Now this is a proper party!" Silverstream screamed in delight. It was then that Pinkie spotted the red button.

"Base Canon: only to be used in dire DJ emergencies? What does that mean? Can I press it?" Vinyl froze and started waving her hooves, desperately and praying that Pinkie will understand what she was about to do. Pinkie's smile grew bigger and bigger. Creatures had stopped dancing, or bobbing in Marble's case, and turned to look at Pinkie's face with a knowing what will happen. When Pinkie has that smile, you better run a mile.

"I'm going to take that meaning yes, yes, yes!" Pinkie raised her hoof before Vinyl could stop her, "One bass canon coming right up!" And she lowered her hoof and pressed the button.

What happened next went by in a loud blur. The whole apartment jumped several feet in the air as both studio and boutique touched the sky. That moment lasted only for a few seconds as gravity plopped the apartment back into place. Inside the studio, creatures were lifted into the air and crashed onto the ground with dizzying moans. tables, chairs and other items were splayed out across the floor. Rarity's boutique down below may not have escaped similar damage upstairs!

"Pass-out!" Silverstream said dizzily, before she fainted on the dancefloor. Pinkie just stood there, as if the whole spectacle did nothing to her, being Pinkie.

"So that's what a bass canon does! Can we do it again?" Pinkie turned to Vinyl, who had a pink-shaded glasses fallen on one side, a shocked expression plastered on her face.

"NO!" Cried every creature in the room.

"You creatures are no fun," Pinkie pouted and crossed her forelegs.

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