• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 115- Racing Time Pt.2

“Every racer is at the line and in position,” Pinkie looked at the racers in their carts, “The course will be intense! The will start at Ponyville Day School, going down into the marketplace and around Town Hall. Then pass North Ponyville past the outside of Sweet Apple Acres.”

“Then they will near Whitetail Woods, famous for the Running of the Leaves,” Silverstream continued, “Past Saddle Lake and down into East Ponyville past the Castle and School of Friendshiip and down into South Ponyville, passing Carousel Boutique and Ponyville Hospital and into West Ponyville.”

“West Ponyville will see them drive by Sugarcube Corner, past Town Hall one last time and back to complete a lap,” Gabby rounded up, “This is going to be quite a race with four laps to complete! I’m so excited I could just explode!”

“Been there, done that,” Pinkie chuckled, earning a round of confused faces from the others. Autumn decided to get the race started before they start questioning Pinkie’s antics again. levitating the black and white flag in her magic.

“Racers!” Autumn announced to every racer, “On your marks! Get set! Go!” At the wave of the flag, they sped forward.

“Good luck to every racer on the track today!” Cheerilee waved her pompoms, “And let’s hope there will be no more collisions!”

“And off they go, whizzing past Ponyville Day School and down the market place. Everypony and creature is out to see the spectacle, from their windows to the roofs!” Silverstream looked at the houses, where ponies and other creatures have come to watch the Derby.

“Sweetie Belle’s fabulous cart is in the lead, though Rumble is coming in close behind,” Gabby watched the racers intently, “As for the other creatures, Smolder’s cart is taking a strong position, with Gallus’ traditionalist cart also making a strong start on the first lap.”

“Going around Town Hall now and now our racers are heading north to Sweet Apple Acres,” Autumn looked from the high booth on top of a hill near the school, “They are making their way through Whitetail Woods and pass Saddle Lake. Onto the next route through East Ponville.”

“The students of the School of Friendship are outside now as they wave at the passing racers and they make it back behind the Castle of Friendsip and onto the final part of the lap,” Silverstream looked on.

“Onto the last part of the lap now,” Pinkie continued, Marble looking down with her pair of binoculars at the spectacle, “That is the first lap complete as they make their way around Town Hall and onto the second lap.”

“It seems Sweetie Belle has fallen behind as Scootaloo has now taken the lead, Dinky is coming close though. Applebloom is taking it nice and steady with her cart,” Gabby watched as the racers went over the line and onto the second lap.

Amongst the racers, Scootaloo had a determined look on her face as she sped down the track. Smolder and Ocellus were equally giving it their all with Gallus having the time of his life. Diamond Tiara and Silverspoon were also trailing behind, but loving the thrill of the race. The other creatures and ponies from both schools were feeling the rush of racing getting to them.

“They are now up passed Sweet Apple Acres,” Silverstream commentated, “Into the beautiful Whitetail Woods, whatever the season and into East Ponyville, the spectators there waving and cheering for our racers.”

“They are almost onto the third lap as they complete their tour around Sugarcube Corner and they pass the line for the third lap,” Autumn said next, “Scootaloo is claiming a strong lead against Sweetie Belle and Dinky this time!”

“This is so exciting!” Pinkie jittered in her seat, “If you want speed, try shoving your fae with whipped cream. That comes out of the can super quick!” The others gave a blank stares, but nodded their nods slowly as if trying to understand Pinkie’s random creamy thought.

“Anyway,” Gabby moved on, “They are now past Ponyville Day Spa and the edge of the marketplace as their round Town Hall and going into the final lap!”

“Go racers go!” Cheerilee shouted, the others looking at her with amused looks with her costume.

“And this is it every creature,! Silverstream announced, “They are now onto the final lap! It’s anyone’s race as they all cross at great speed! They are like sailfish in the water!”

“Past the day school and through the market place,” Autumn watched and said quickly, “Up the path to Sweet Apple Acres and through the woods and past the lake!”

“pass the second school and behind the Castle of Friendship as they are on the last leg of the race!” Gabby was on the edge of her seat.

“Final tour around Sugarcube Corner as they close in on the finishing line!” Pinkie said as all the creatures were at the tipping point as they waited to see who would cross the line first.

“And the winner is… Dinky!” Silverstream announced first, “Scootaloo comes a respectable second, Sweetie Belle claiming third place!”

“A big congratulations to Dinky and to every creature taking part in the annual Applewood Derby,” Autumn thanked.

“We hope you enjoyed today’s coverage of the Derby to every creature everywhere and we will be back soon for more fun and talks on G.M.E!” Gabby rounded up, “We will see you all again very soon! But from all of us here today in Ponyville, it goodbye for now and hope you will have a great day wherever you are, in Equestria or beyond!”

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