• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 6- Rain Or Shine

"How does the weather work around here? It doesn't make any sense," Gabby suddenly asked one talk show morning.

"Couldsdale's Weather Factory," Pinkie excitedly explained, "Weather pegasi help create the weather, from snowflakes, to rainclouds and many more. Side note, just don't eat the rainbows. They're...spicy," Pinkie shuddered.

"Okay," Silverstream hesitantly joined in, "That could be a great question for this morning! What is your favourite weather?"

"Well duh," Pinkie quickly jumped in,"Parties are always good with a nice warm sunny day. Children having fun, dancing, singing. You just can't beat it. Plus there's always ice cream." Pinkie then went into her usually sugary fantasies.
"Sweet, sweet, glorious ice-cream. With your choice of sprinkles and chocolate flake and crunchy cone..." Pinkie drooled as her fantasy took hold of her.

"Pinkie, your slobbering the table," Silverstream giggled. Marble was quick to provide her sister a hankie and wiped her mouth while Pinkie still kept her daydreaming face.

"Oh, I just love to sing and dance in the rain," Autumn decided to join to skip where Pinkie might be heading, "Because you know what they say. Rainbows can't light up the sky unless you let it rain. And when the clouds part and the sunlight catches the last drops of rain, the most beautiful rainbow can been seen of the Peaks of Peril."

"Up on the high peaks of Griffonstone," Gabby told the group, "The snow is beautiful. Every griffon is busy with each other, but they miss the beauty of the first flakes falling to the ground." Gabby's eyes began to sparkle.

"That cold feeling when the snow touches your tongue, making snow angels and snow griffons are a so much fun!"
"Windy days are when the Harmonising Heights really come alive with sound," Silverstream spoke with passion, "The wind channels through Mount Aris, creating it's own symphony that matches the birdsong and the streams trickling down beautifully."

Unfortunately, Pinkie managed to suppress her fantasies for now.

"Marble loves the days when it's just cold enough to see a thin blanket of fog across the rock farm!" Once again, Marble found herself uncomfortable held in Pinkie's famous face hugs.

"She loves to jump and play in the fog all morning!" Marble mentally facehoofed at her sisters remark and wished the seat she sat on would eat her whole.

"Well, that concludes this morning! Time for DJ PON-3's Bass Time. Have a great morning!" Silverstream concluded.

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