• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 65- The Twilight Zone

"How bad does Twilight freak out?" Autumn asked in curiosity.

In a certain Castle of Friendship, the alicorn of this topic of conversation spat out her morning tea. She whipped her head round, almost causing whiplash, to turn to the radio. Her eyes began to widen. Next to hear, Spike snickered.

"Do I want to get the dictionary for the definition of-" Spike's mouth was plugged with a hoof.

"Finish that sentence, and I will ground you for reading comics for one week," A smirk crossed Twilight's face.

"But I'm halfway through The Power Ponies and the Mane-iac's Revenge!" Spike whined.

"Then I suggest you keep you mouth shut," Twilight said through gritted teeth.

"Oh, first, she gets big news, and she goes into a panic attack. And then she paces, makes charts and lists and her mane starts to go all frazzled," Pinkie began acting Twilight with impressive impressions.

"Can you give me some examples of times when she was like that?" Silverstream asked, "All I remember was that strange phobia she had with ladybirds. There was also this one time we were summoned by the Tree of Harmony, and Twilight thought she got the wrong calendar for our term."

"Oh, you should have seen the time when Twilight heard there was this big test to do when we got called to save the Crystal Empire," Pinkie told her story, "Spike tried to tell her it was just a test, but that was a big mistake. The whole Golden Oakes Library jumped up into the air."

"The Crusaders told me of her moment when I faked a cutie mark," Gabby added her own bits, "Of course, griffons don't have cutie marks, but when they told Twilight, she does out, wanting to make a report about it," Gabby huffed, "I'm lucky that Twilight didn't find me. I don't think I will be able to take a moment when Twilight's in, as Scootaloo puts it, lecture mode."

"Why did you ask that question?" Pinkie Pie turned to Autumn with curiosity.

"It's just that I heard about what goes on around Ponyville, which appears have have seen many strange things happen. When the talk about Twilight's habits," She did an inverted hoof gesture at the word 'habits, "They also talk about some incident with a doll. Smarty Pants, I think it was called." She rubbed her chin, trying to remember Twilight's doll's name.

"Yeah," Pinkie Pie chuckled sheepishly, "Not one of Twilight's finest moments. enchanted her doll to create a friendship problem, making everypony in town fall in love with it. Princess Celestia was not pleased, judging the face she had when she teleported."

"I can imagine," Silverstream shivered.

"And then were was the Trivia Trot," Pinkie sighed, "Twilight had never more Twilight in that moment."

"Celestia burn me alive," Twilight moaned as she sunk deeper and deeper into the couch. Spike was trying hard not to laugh.

"Behold, Princess Twilight Sparkle, the princess of-"

"Finish that sentence and I can extend your grounding period," Twilight glared at her Number One Assistant. Her mane was frazzled, smoke coming off of it.

"Tell me right now," Twilight hissed, "Am I Twilighting ?"

Spike gulped and reached for his safety gear of tied pillows and a military helmet, similar to what he wore when he told Twilight that the Crystal Empire thing was 'just a test'.


Outside, Starlight was just about to knock on the door, when the Castle of Friendship jumped a good distance into the air, before landing with a meteor-like thud. Starlight froze, her hoof still in the air on when she was about to knock on the door.

"I will come back later then," Starlight called back, "I'll leave you to do your Twilighting."

"I'M NOT TWILIGHTING!" was all that Ponyville heard, rivalling Princess Luna's RCV.

The studio felt the impact of Twilight's Castle hitting the ground, plus the sound of Twilight's own take on the RCV. Every creature looked at each other in shock. Each creature turned to Pinkie Pie, who had a knowing smile on her face.

"You think Twilight heard-"


"You think she is-"


"And that-"



"...Well, that's all for today, every creature. Hope you are all okay after that and Ponyville is still in one piece. We will talk again soon," Gabby tried to round off the show the best she can.

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