• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 69- Beauty Gem

"We are truly privileged to have a very special guest for us today. She is one of the Six Pillars of Old Equestria, and she is willing to teach us about he very art of beauty!" Pinkie Pie clapped her hooves together, practically shouting down the microphone in pure joy. Celestia help their listeners' ears.

"We are at the Crystal Empire's Royal Gardens to speak to her in person," Gabby informed their listeners, if they were still able to hear that is, "So please welcome to our show, Mistmane!" The old pony bowed graciously.

"Thank you, thank you," Mistmane spoke in her elderly kind manner, "It's a pleasure to be with you all young creatures." Every creature took their time to like at their surroundings. The Royal Gardens glistened with crystals, gems and diamonds, each one sparkling in the light. No crystal sculpture shone brighter or competed with another, as all individual had that special something that made them unique, as if they served their own purpose among others in the gardens.

"Wow, Mistmane! You're work is truly beautiful, like the legends that we listened to at the School of Friendship," Silverstream complimented, "So, Princess Cadance and Shining Armor let you be the Crystal Garden Designer?"

"Yes," The Pillar of Beauty simply said, "I was looking for work myself, so I arrived at the Crystal Empire, looking for a place to belong in this modern world. Princess Cadance said there was some open space at the back of the Crystal Castle, saying she wanted something that represents beauty and positivity. This was an Empire that had been under the rule of King Sombra, then magically appeared, along with the Tyrant King of the North. She wanted something that represented a better age, and to let the crystal ponies forget the troubles of the past."

"Well, I think you definitely succeeded in that," Autumn complimented, "It looks stunning! The colours just simply pop out!"

"Why does the inspiration come from?" Gabby asked next.

"Beauty comes from all around. You just need to open your eyes to fully see it. How about you try with your own crystal carving?"

"Really? You giving us a chance?" Silverstream's beak dropped to the floor, which Mistmane nodded, chuckling, "This day just got better!"

"So then, let's get started." Mistmane led them towards an open area in the garden. In the open space was a block of crystal, magical enchanted to make them more brittle, and so easy to carve and sculpt. They were of different colours of blues, greens, pinks and yellows.

"This is be just like Hearth's Warming Eve, isn't that right Marble?" She hugged her sister tightly, "The whole family, creating our Hearth's Warming dolls at home." Marble just hummed in agreement, rolling her eyes at the same time.

"In order to create something, you must find the beauty of what draws you to make something. The beauty of a special memory, a place or person. Whatever comes into your mind, use it to create your master piece," Mistmane instructed. Every creature closed their eyes, thinking of beautiful thoughts for inspiration. When that was done they nodded, opened their eyes, went to a coloured crystal block, and went down to work. Mistmane went from creature to creature, asking them about their inspirations.

"Mine will be about my other best-est sister, Maud Pie. She will love it, since she also loves rocks too. This is about the time when she helped me get my party canon back, using her Maud Sense to track him down!"

"Maud Sense?" Silverstream turned to ask.

"Runs in the family," Pinkie simply answered, as if it was the most obvious thing in the whole of Equestria.

"Right anyway, my inspiration comes from seeing the land for the first time after the Storm King's defeat," Silverstream giggled in glee, "Seeing how different things work and learning about new things, so I wanted to do the first thing that comes into mind, stairs!"

The others looked at her incredulously.

Gabby decided to step in with her inspiration, "I want to dedicate my sculpture to the CMC. They inspired me that even though I don't have a cutie mark, they showed me that helping others is what I do best. So this is a thank you to them.”

“That sounds lovely,” Mistmane complimented. She then turned to Marble. She was about to open her mouth, but, yet again, Pinkie came in.

“Marble will be carving something inspired by her job on the rock farm. She might be doing a model of our home.” Marble could only blush at her sister’s answer, nodding slowly at her sister’s response, “Whist I’m doing some balloons, inspired by the beauty of having fun at a party!”

“I’m inspired by nature whilst in exile. I’ll be doing a sculpture some butterflies that would often visit when I’m a alone. The way their wings would catch the light is just, just, simply beautiful,” Autumn stuttered at her memories.

They continued sculpting until, one by one, they finished their works. They stood back, admiring theirs and others. Their sculptures of stairs, Maud, butterflies and balloons.

“Thank you Mistmane, for letting us work in the garden and showing us around!” Pinkie jumped in excitement.

“It’s a miracle that you haven’t broke anything yet,” Gabby muttered.

“We will see you all again soon!” With that she threw her hooves out, knocking one of Mistmane’s earlier works. A domino effect came into effect, knocking each sculpture one after the other. All that was left was a pile of broken crystal all around Pinkie. Mistmane had a look of shock, before shouting out.


“Me and my big mouth,” Gabby sighed, “We will see you all again soon, if Pinkie can make it our alive.”

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