• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 41- What A Picture

"So creatures," Pinkie announced excitedly, "Rarity has connections to this really cool celebrity who wants to have a front page cover of creatures and fashion. She then came to me and I happily gave her permission to use all of you creatures as models." The non-ponies cheered in excitement.

"Who is this celebrity?" Gabby asked, just as the door flew wide open and a blue earth pony with pink and black fashion googles and a black-white striped dress emerged from the doorway.

"I, Photo Finish, have arrived!" The famous fashion photography made a flourishing entrance into the studio, "I, Photo Finish, along with these creatures from across the land, are here to make each one fabulous!"

"I'm starting to get scared," Silverstream quivered.

"Nay, little one," Photo Finish waved a hoof, "I will show you a side you will never have seen before. Every creature in this room has a chance to shine. Yes, I can picture it in my mind. I will make you sparkle. I will make you dazzle. I will make you the most beautiful creatures in of the land!" She got out her fashion toolkit and got ready.

"Now let's make with the magics!" She pulled Gabby from her chair and got her behind a folding screen where no one can see her. All the other other creatures could only hear Gabby groaning, gasping, grunting and gagging as Photo Finish applied make up, accessories and everything in between. They only knew her torture was over was when her struggling stopped.

"I have finished!" She excitedly announced to the group, "Behold, my creation!" She folded the screen away to reveal Gabby, but done differently. She wore a dress that resembled armour that griffon soldiers wore, giving a fierce beauty. A golden chest plate hung down, engraved with patterns and decorated with jewel. White robes were at the back, her wings snuggly in front. Gabby looked slightly disturbed at the whole ordeal.

"What was the most terrifying thing that has happened in my life," She whimpered. Photo Finish, however, was looking at her next target. She then turned to Autumn, who let a small gulp in fear.

"You next!" Photo pointed to the terrified kirin, before yanking her back into the blinds.

"What the mane! Watch the tail! Watch my everything!" Autumn pleaded behind the screen. After another several seconds of letting Photo do her work, Autumn's look was revealed to the others. It was oriental with beautiful robes reflecting the wonders of nature. It was a dark pink, with patterns of butterflies and dragonflies. A headdress was crowned on top, with dangling jewels which cascaded down the side of her head.

"Well," Autumn paused before simply saying, "That was certainly an experience I will never forget..." She trailed off as she looked at her new robes, "Though I do look good."

Silverstream was next to face the photographer's fashion wrath. It followed the usual yanking, plenty of screaming, and a big reveal to top it all off. Silverstream was dressed in something that represented the land and sea. Light blues on one end complemented her pinkie coat and wing feathers with accents of white fluffs to symbolise the sky and clouds. The other end slowly got darker with bubble patterns, symbolising the sea. She wore Roman golden olive wreaths on her head and a seashell necklace hung loosely around her neck. She looked at herself before a big smile formed on her face.

"This is amazing!" Silverstream waved her claws about, a usual thing she does when she gets pumped up. Photo Finish turned.

"Now, let's make with the picture!" Photo signalled. Marble breathed a sigh of relief, happy she wasn't going to be part of the ordeal they had to go through.

"Places every creature, as I want it to blow the presses away!" She barked orders to get every creature into the desired angle. With that, she opened her camera case and began dazzling them with the camera. It took several minutes of barking instructions and dazed creatures before she called it a day.

"Fabulous! Fabulous!" She gave them a copy of the finished photo before packing her stuff up, "You can keep them as a reminder of how fabulous you are, both in and out." She then gave a posh bow.

"I, Photo Finish, now go!" She finished, before zooming out of the room. Every creature looked at each other and down at their robes.

"Can we really keep them?" Silverstream asked.

"I think that was her idea," Pinkie answered, "Maybe to make you feel that every style can work, with a bit of imagination. They would look great at some event, like the Grand Galloping Gala."

"I would love to keep them," Gabby sighed, "Though that was definitely an experience I won't forget."

The others nodded in agreement.

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