• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 89- Exploring Time

"Hello, every creature! This is the always awesome Rainbow Dash, and today I am we are going to find out if the Good Morning Equestria team have what it takes to be awesome explorers, just like Daring Do!" Rainbow introduced everypony to the show.

“And for those who do not know, who is Daring Do?” Gabby asked to Rainbow who let out a gasp.

“What? Not knowing who Daring Do is like not knowing who the Wonderbolts are! Seriously, where have they been if they haven’t heard of any of them?!” Rainbow huffed in annoyance at that, “Daring Do the most undeniably, unquestionably, uncool-est pony you will ever know! I read her books like loads of times.”

“And what are her stories about?” Silverstream asked next.

“Stories about exploring booby-trapped temples, defeating evil and discovering long-lost treasures in the deepest and thickest jungles in all of Equestria!” The others nodded in understanding as to what Rainbow Dash was explaining about.

“So then, inspired by the adventures of Daring Do, what are we going to do on the show today?” Autumn asked with interest.

“I have been to this awesome Daring Do convention in Manehattan where you can have a go at being Daring Do yourself, in a replica of one of the temples she explored. I have asked Applejack to help construct a course for all of your to try out! Isn’t that awesome or what?” Rainbow, surprisingly, squeed about what they were about to do.

“That sounds amazing!” Pinkie Pie jumped up and down on the spot in excitement, “So that would explain why we are outside, dressed as trepid explorers!”

“Exactly, Pinkie,” Rainbow said, “I want to see if you are explorer material. It contains similar bobby traps to the books, but don’t worry,” She reassured a quivering Marble, “They’re all just fake traps, like water sprays, confetti, streamers and Fluttershy’s animals.”

“You got Fluttershy into this as well?” Gabby asked in surprise.

“I had to Pinkie Promise that none of her animal friends would get hurt during this,” Rainbow reassured them.

“Forever!” Pinkie hauntingly said back.

“Right,” Rainbow said slowly, “Anyway, who’s up for playing some temple adventures?” Every creature, Marble less than thrilled, let out a cheer in excitement and started off at one side of the make-shift temple, courtesy of Applejack’s earthpony hard work and determination. The first obstacle in their way was a floor puzzle consisting of different creatures.

“Is this one of those traps where if you step on the wrong tile, something really bad will happen,” Gabby shivered. Looking on the walls on either side, they saw that they had holes in them. Best not to know what lies in them.

“Pinkie Pie is on the case,” Pinkie inspected the tiles closely, “There must be some king of pattern here. What is the difference between bears, lions, snakes and rats?” It was Autumn who gave out a gasp.

“Of course, rats are prey, whilst the others are predators!” The group nodded together. One by one, they jumped from rat tile to rat tile like stepping stones, supporting each other so they won’t fall and trigger the wrong tiles. Eventually they all made it across safely, giving a group hug in triumph.

“Well done!” Rainbow clapped as she stood by them, observing their teamwork, “And if you have stepped on the wrong tile…” Rainbow pressed a snake tile down, releasing streamers that looked like fire from the holes. The group breathed a sigh of relief.

“Now onto the next part of the temple!” Rainbow pulled a lever, and they almost tumbled into a pit where a punch of Fluttershy’s snakes lurked below, pretending to hiss menacingly.

“Snakes,” Autumn muttered to herself, “Why did it have to be snakes.”

“They’re very good actors,” Pinkie complimented.

“Try not to break the illusion,” Rainbow rolled her eyes, “Look for a way out.” The group started looking until they spotted ropes painted green to look like vines, hanging down.

“We’ll use those to swing our way out!” Gabby suggested. The others nodded and grabbed a rope each. Marble looked down at Fluttershy’s snakes and shivered, but Pinkie put a sisterly comforting hoof on her.

“Don’t worry Marble,” Pinkie reassured, “I Pinkie Promise that I will catch you if you fall.” Marble paused, looked down, then back up to Pinkie’s smile. Marble gave a hum and nodded.

“On the count of three, we swing,” Gabby instructed the group, “One, two, three, swing!” With all the force they gave, they launched themselves across the pit, the snakes hissing menacingly down below. Miraculously, they all reached the other side safely. Marble almost lost her grip on the rope, but Pinkie supported her as they shared a rope together to help Marble keep balance.

“You guys are nailing this!” Rainbow clapped her hooves, “Now onto the final section of the temple!” A door slid open and there, on the other side of the room, was a large cake. However, between them and the prize was a bubbly pool of custard representing lava. It was slowly bubbling upwards, threatening to fill the room.

“Look,” Gabby pointed to the wall where a sliding puzzle and keyhole was located, “I think that if we finish the puzzle, it will reveal the key and we can stop the custard!”

“You mean lava?” Pinkie giggled, “Tasty lava.”

“You know what I mean,” Gabby rolled her eyes. Autumn stepped forward with a confident look on her kirin face.

“I can finish it. This is what doing endless puzzles in exile was for!” She started sliding the parts around as she began to work furiously. The other creatures backed away slowly as the custard began to rise. After a while that seemed like forever, Autumn slid the final piece, revealing the key. She quickly took it and fit it into the keyhole. The custard/lava finally stopped and receded back. The others cheered in triumph.

“Congratulations,” Rainbow clapped for the group, “You have proven yourselves to be worthy explorers! Now take your prize because you deserve it!” They ran to the cake and ate with gusto, moaning in pleasure after a hard job well done.

“And on that tasty note, that’s all we have time for on G.M.E,” Pinkie said through her mouthful of cake, “Hope you have enjoyed todays show.”

“Special thanks goes to our instructor and guest Rainbow Dash, Applejack for building the temple replica and Fluttershy with her animal friends,” Gabby listed off.

“No problem,” Rainbow simply waved a hoof.

“Hope you tune in again on our next show!” Silverstream rounded off.

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