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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 71- Food Fit For Royalty

"Sister? Is that a chef's hat on your head?" Luna asked her sister Celestia. Luna had heard a strange commotion in the kitchen on her way to get a hard cup of coffee after a hard night’s shift defending nightmares. At first, she thought it was the chef’s preparing for lunch and dinner meals. However, that changed when there was more clattering than usual, as the chefs know the royal kitchens like the back of their hooves. What she didn’t expect was her sister, with a chef’s hat on top instead of her crown, gathering ingredients. Luna, knowing her sister well, may have some idea what she is baking.

“Hush, Luna,” Celestia instructed, “It’s starting.”

“And what, pray tell, is staring?” Luna quirked an eyebrow. It was then that Luna noticed a new addition to their castle kitchen. A radio stood next to Celestia and was busy adjusting the reception onto Good Morning Equestria.

“Good Morning Equestria, and welcome back to the show!” Pinkie Pie welcomed every listener, “As promised on our schedule, we are in the studio kitchen to bake a cake!”

“I should have known…” Luna trailed off, “Sister, if this continues, I will have to consider ordering the guards to, well, guard the kitchens and have some advisor place you on a diet!”

A spatula, which was in Celestia’s magical grasp, clattered loudly onto the benchtop. She turned to her sister in one of pure horror.

“You wouldn’t dare!” Celestia whined.

“Try me,” Luna beckoned with steely eyes, “I have been concerned of my dear sister’s rear quarters recently, as part of keeping within royal appearances.”

“Then how about this, dear sister,” Celestia proposed, “I challenge you to a bake off!”

Luna blinked in surprise.

“A bake off against me? But you’ve seen how bad I was at pancakes!” Luna exclaimed.

“If I can follow Pinkie’s instructions perfectly, then I have free rein of the kitchen. If you win, you can put me under surveillance,” Celestia justified. Luna took these points into consideration, before she finally nodded in satisfaction. Turning to the chef’s wardrobe, she put down her crown and replaced it with a chef’s hat.

“It is on, sister!”

They both turned to the radio to the radio to hear what their challenge was.

“Today, we are going to make a marble cake, not to be confused with this Marble right next to me!” Pinkie explained, hugging her sister who blushed in her embrace.

“You are going to need two-hundred and twenty-five grams of soft butter, caster sugar and self-raising flour equally, milk, four eggs, vanilla extract and coco powder. Pre-heat the oven to one hundred and eighty degrees Celestius, gas mark four.” Gabby listed the ingredients.

Celestia opened the cupboards with her magic and levitated the required ingredients for herself and Luna, who was busy heating the oven. Just because their royalty doesn’t mean they can’t do things themselves. They both looked at each other with a sibling competitiveness.

“First simply add the butter, sugar, eggs and flour. Then add one teaspoon of vanilla extract and around nine tablespoons of milk. Whisk well until nice and smooth,” Silverstream gave the first instruction. Autumn did as she was told, adding the correct amounts when required and mixing well.

In the kitchen, both sisters were mixing their own cake batter. Luna was whisking with full force, whilst Celestia was more reserved.

“This reminds me of the days when duties weren’t so busy one-thousand years ago,” Luna sighed, “Things are a lot more busy in this day and age.”

“What memories,” Celestia gave a soft melancholy smile, “Time together seems to be less and less.”

“When the mixture is nice and smooth, place around five tablespoons in a separate bowl. Add two tablespoons of coco powder into the separated mix and mix until browned!” Pinkie gave the next step. Marble, the pony, separated the mixture out, Silverstream adding the coco powder. It was Gabby’s turn to stir this time. Autumn got to work preparing the baking tin.

“Just you wait sister,” Luna warned as she mixed her coco with the separated mix, “Soon you will say goodbye to your beloved fridge!”

“Very unlikely dear sister!” Celestia countered, “We’ll see who is laughing.”

“Right, time for the fun part!” Pinkie declared, “Put the main vanilla mixture first, then add the coco mix at different areas. Swirls the colours together, but not much for a full fusion of them! Put it in the oven and bake it for around fifty minutes.”

Both sisters put their cakes in the oven, where they eyed their cakes with full attention, like Timberwolves eyeing their prey. By now, the staff have arrived to start their lunch shift, but at the sight of the two royal sisters staring at the oven like cats caught everypony off guard. Even the guards themselves. One had the courage to take a step and look at what they were baking. Her eyes lit up and she rushed to the group, explaining what they were doing. It was at that time the timer for fifty minutes set off.

Everypony, sisters and staff, looked at the two cakes. They both looked like a regular marble cake, as well as smelling like one. However, it all came down to the inside and taste. Both sisters agreed that they would let one of the chefs be the judge. She cut a slice each and took a bite of each one. Both sisters gulped as she stepped in front of the two for the verdict.

“After much consideration,” the head chef paused, “I can reveal that the winner of this bake-off is…”

It was so quiet in the kitchen that you could here a parasprite flutter.




“One thousand years on the moon, and I can still bake like back then. Celestia dear sister, that means no fridge or midnight snacks for at least two months. As long as needed to get your royal shape back.”

With that Luna strode out of the kitchen in triumph. The chefs turned to a defeated Celestia.

“And it was meant to be double-chocolate cake for pudding for dinner…”

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