• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 102- Eye On The Ball Pt.4

“Coming to you live from the Equestria Games, it’s time for a new sport to the games that have been growing in popularity,” Autumn welcomed every listener back, “Buckball has been growing ever since the Buckball Hall of Fame has opened up in Appleloosa. Now, with the full support of the Equestria Games Committee, it has been fully integrated into the games. Joining me from the Reformed Unicorn Group is Starlight Glimmer.”

“Thank you for allowing me to join today,” Starlight thanked, “And we have quite a match to watch down below. The qualifiers were decided by heats before the games and now we have reached the grand final to see who will be in the chance to win that coveted gold medal.”

“And joining me to watch the game for this very reason is Marble Pie. I think you know why Marble wanted to come and watch this game from the booth, don’t you Starlight?” The talkative kirin and unicorn turned to Pinkie Pie’s sister and almost did a double take. Marble was dressed as a proper fan, with the Ponyville flag on her back, Pinkie Pie mask and body paint on her and a kind smile on her face.

“Quite,” Starlight said slowly, “Two teams have triumphed and have reached the final, with bronze being agreed to go to Vanhoover during the semi. As you all may have guessed, the team from Ponyville have triumphed, with long-standing rival Appleloosa playing against them for that gold.”

“It’s the match every creature is talking about, and I think Marble is here to support her sister and wish her all the best of luck, right Marble?” Autumn asked Marble, who blushed and ducked, giving a small nod.

“Well I think it’s sweet,” Starlight complimented, which only made Marble’s face a brighter shade of red, “So let’s break down the rules for those who haven’t heard about buckball, shall be Autumn.”

“Since this is mainly a pony game, consisting of a pegasus, unicorn and earthpony, the EGC decided to stick to ponies until new creatures can be a part of it. The two earthponies are on offense. They meet in the middle of the field for the buck-off. They both try to be the first one to kick it,” Autumn explained first.

“The Pegasus is on defense. She tries to keep the ball from going in the goal and passes it back to the Earth pony on her team,” Starlight paused to allow Autumn to finish-off explaining.

“And all the unicorns float these baskets around the outside of the field and catch as many balls as possible for their team. The match will be timed until full time is announced, with the team with the highest score winning,” Autumn rounded up.

“Now let’s look at Team Ponyville, consisting of Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Snails. They are a strong team with a equally strong winning history. It’s all about focus, and remaining calm under pressure. Basically do what Snails say, and not to think about anything,” Starlight giggled at Snail’s method, “It’s simple but quite effective.”

“And the other hoof, Appleloosa’s team consisting of Applejack’s cousin Braeburn and his Appleloosa squad are equally formidable. It will take a lot of planning to find a flaw in their tactics,” Autumn countered. It was then that a whistle blew from over on the field. The match was about to begin.

“Here it is, every creature. We will now see which team will win the gold. Good luck Appaloosa and Ponyville,” Starlight wished both teams luck as Braeburn and Pinkie Pie took to the centre of the field for the buck-off. The referee threw the ball high into the air.

“It’s Pinkie that kicks the ball off, who tries to score the first goal, but the pegasus from Appleloosa catches it with a strong hoof and launches it back into centre field,” Autumn watched in full attention.

“Braeburn bucks if off, but is caught by Fluttershy’s famous tail catch. She spins it almost to a blur and throws it back to Pinkie, who bucks it with confidence. The pegasus tried to save it, but it’s no good. It lands in the basket, securing Ponyville’s first point of the match!” Starlight clapped her hooves together. Marble smiled as she waved her miniature Ponyville flag.

“Time for round two as the referee calls the earthponies for the second buck off. He throws it into the air and Braeburn wins the buck-off for Appleloosa! Fluttershy catches it with a wing whilst still in the air and throws it back to Pinkie,” Autumn commentated.

“Pinkie does a triple bounce attack before head-butting the ball away from Braeburn, but this time the pegasus is prepared. She catches it with a hoof and throws it to Braeburn, who bucks it with confidence,” Starlight continued.

“Fluttershy is there to save it and does a tail flick with the ball. Pinkie is there to buck it off, and the pegasus isn’t there to save it! It’s now two-nil to Ponyville!” Autumn said in shock. Marble was grinning now.

The game continued back and forth until half-time, when Ponyville was leading by four-three. Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity were there to cheer from the crowd. Rainbow, being their coach, was there to give them tips and support when she was allowed down to the field. Twilight was observing in the royal booth, clapping, but trying to practice her royal image.

Second half-started off strongly for Ponyville like the first, Pinkie showing off her bouncing tricks around centre-field. Fluttershy proved to be a strong defender of the basket goal, performing confident tail and wing tricks with every catch. Snails had a smile with every catch of the ball, moving around the outer-field with the basket in his magic.

“Alright, this is it every creature,” Autumn was on the edge of her seat, as was Marble and Starlight, “It’s now five-four to Ponyville. If they manage to score, they would have won the match. This is getting intense!” Marble was biting her hoof as she looked down to the field.

“The referee calls the two earthponies to the field with a final whistle blow and throws the ball one last time. Pinkie Pie claims it with a powerful buck and the pegasus has caught it. She throws it back which, Braeburn manages to buck away,” Starlight said with a sweat on her brow.

“Fluttershy clears it away with another tail-spin. Braburn looks like-no-Pinkie Pie takes the buck unexpectedly. It catches the pegasus totally by surprise and it goes straight into the basket goal!” Autumn jumped up from her seat. The crowd went wild as Ponyville was announced the winner of the match.

“And that is another gold for Ponyville! A big congratulations to Ponyville as they win Equestria Game’s first buckball match final!” Starlight smiled as she turned to Marble, who waved her flag with pride.

“That is all from Manehattan’s Buckball Arena! Hope you have enjoyed the match and we will be back for more sports from the Equestria Games!” Autumn concluded.

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