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A man, a draconequus, a conversation they have, and food that doesn't taste like it's supposed to. Set in the Divided Rainbow wing of the Xenophilia universe.

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Gus, an engineering student, suffers a life-changing accident. While trying to recover, he finds himself waking up, being prodded by some sort of black and white animal. The next thing he knows, he's in a hospital with more animals around him and one human... and Ponyville is about to find out just what a scientific education means back where Lero's from.

At least Twilight will be thrilled.

Chapters (11)

A series of random glimpses into the Xenophilia universe from a diverse collection of authors and Xenofans - some moved over from the Xenophilia forum, others brand new and fresh from the stables - all stored here for your enjoyment.

But is it canon? Fanon? Head-canon? Who knows? That's up to you to decide.

All ficlets used with the authors' kind permission.

Chapters (84)

The Queen's dreams have plagued her splintered mind for as long as she can remember. Now she has an opportunity to understand her dreams with the arrival of a strange, but familiar creature. The only thing standing between her is his herd.

Chapters (4)

Bellerophon is found on the verge of death at the outskirts of the Everfree Forest. But instead of Fluttershy, Lero is found by Granny Smith Apple along the borders of Sweet Apple Acres. How will this change things for him, and what about everyone else?

Chapters (5)

Sometimes, things work out better than expected. Sometimes… they don’t. And sometimes you need a little help to make it all work out in the end.

The Mage. The Farmer. The Daredevil. The Party Pony. The Animal Caretaker. The Fashionista. They're always there. What spirit takes on each role can change. Some combinations work out even better than the world where Twilight Sparkle became an alicorn. Some combinations work out much, much worse. Princess Luna guards the places between - and so do all the other Princess Lunas. When one calls out for help, another responds.

Xenophile sociology applies, and a version of Lero did get found in the Everfree in both of these realities, but don't plan on seeing HiE.

Chapters (8)

Spike The Dragon has always loved to eat gems, but he'll eat vegetables and rocks as well. He's even tried fish, since Twilight joined Herd Bellerophon with its pegasus and human members. But now he's accidentally found out what meat tastes like.

What ponies taste like.

Fortunately, you get to decide how it all turns out! A Choose-Your-Own-Ending-I-Don't-Care story!

Chapters (8)

Further wanderings through the Leroverse. This fic continues on after the Xenophilia main story so you'll need to read that to be able to understand anything that's going on here. This fic may not be clop (so no explicit man-on-tiny-horse action to be found here) but the original is so you have been warned.

Most importantly, a huge shower of gratitude goes to AnonAuthor and AnonponyDASHIE for granting me permission to play around in their pool. Hopefully they won't need too much extra chlorine once I'm done. I'd also like to thank all my co-authors and guest authors. You're fantastic, every one of you.

Chapters (89)

Twilight Sparkle presents a collection of interviews, letters, essays, poetry and prose compiled over several years of her relationship with the human Bellerophon and his "herd", covering subjects as broad as Equestrian social taboos, comparisons of earth and Equestrian mythology, romance and the occasional recipe. Compiled by Twilight Sparkle, with foreword by Her Royal Highness, Princess Celestia.

(This is a bit of an experiment based on the worldbuilding concepts presented in AnonAuthor's Xenophilia [[NSFW] - caveat lector!], which intrigued me enough to want to take a closer look. It's likely you'll be very confused by this unless you read at least some of Xenophilia. Updates will appear as and when an idea pops into my head for a thing to add. And fair warning, some of this might come across very dry and dusty. Thank you academia! And thank you AnonAuthor for letting me have a go, and both AnonAuthor and AnonponyDASHIE for all the collab work they're doing. I'll make up for the dust by tossing in the odd piece of art now and then.)

Chapters (23)

He had shown her what it meant to fall, taught her to follow her heart no matter where it might lead. She loved him for it.

A Xenophilia side fic.

For the record this Lyra is not the Lyra of popular fanon. Not quite.

You might also want to listen to this. Just because.

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