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Something has happened and Twilight finds herself in a strange and dark new world. The Bipeds here have strange magic, advanced technology, and a lot of problems. She needs a few friends, and they just might need her. WORM crossover. Deadpan29 has created some great supplementary material that is canon to the story.

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One ordinary mare. One never-ending time loop. Infinite ways to die.

How long before she snaps?

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Reading an epic tale of one of the Third Hokage's missions, a 6 year old Naruto sets himself on getting some awesome summons of his own. Unable to find a contract on short notice, and not understanding why a contract is required, he goes through the necessary motions anyways and winds up in Equestria. Can Naruto convince the locals to let him be their summoner? Is the ninja world ready for the likes of Pinky Pie? Just how much will a young Naruto benefit from the Magic of Friendship?

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Twilight Sparkle hold a terrible secret! She is a changeling and can never reveal it to anyone. Pinkie Pie also hold a terrible secret! She is also a changeling and can never reveal it to anyone. Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Fluttershy all hold a terrible secret! Which is... actually the same secret. All of the background ponies hide their terrible secret, which is also the same one. Celestia XXIII can never reveal to her subjects that she is truly a changeling queen!

Everyone is convinced that everyone else would never accept their true nature and no one ever suspect the truth: Equestria is the land of friendship and love! Friendship is the big gimmick of ponies! Surely that means that everyone else are ponies and they're alone as deep cover changelings, right? Of course, no one realized that the last full-blooded pony truly died of old age centuries ago, the hive having effectively replaced ponykind. But well, they can't take chances! No way their fellow ponies, who are truly changelings (but they don't know that), would ever accept them as who they are truly (which they'd totally do), right?

Episodic, non-chronological scene format. Mostly meant to be comedic ; serious story arcs will be identified as such and thus, separated from the main scene collection.

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This story is a sequel to The Wizard and the Lonely Princess

Book Two of the Lonelyverse

Having returned to the Dursleys after a highly eventful first year at Hogwarts, Harry and the alicorns had been looking forward to unwinding. As it turned out, all their hopes were for nought. Between summer shenanigans, a crazy house elf, and learning Potter family history, they've got a full summer ahead of themselves. And when they get back to Hogwarts, they'll have to deal with giant snakes, idiotic teachers, and a gathering darkness. With things going off the rails, they've got a long year ahead of them.

And if they survive that, they still got to deal with the strange power surges and dreams that both Luna and Nim have been having since soon after the Summer Solstice...

Other stories in the Lonelyverse:
The Wizard and the Lonely Princess
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One day, Applejack was petrified by a cockatrice in the Everfree forest.
It was a long time before she was ever revived.

A story of moving through lives and the bonds forged in-between.

Was begun before the season four finale, so disregard anything in canon relating to Tirek. He does not exist in this story's timeline.

Thanks to Discord Kantus for prereading.

Now with a reading by Terminal Velocity. Click here to view.

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This story is a sequel to The Man With Two Names

For the past year, Jeremiah Walker has wandered Equestria in the company of Trixie Lulamoon, seeking atonement and passage back to his own world, unsure if he will ever find it.

For the past year, Loose Leaf has investigated the events surrounding the human’s disappearance. He releases a full report of that night’s riot, a story Ponyville isn’t quite ready to hear.

For the past year, Spike has built a fledgling movement in Ponyville, fighting for non-ponies’ rights to citizenship. The tales of prejudice in Loose Leaf’s report invigorates the campaign, but draws opposition to the growing cause.

Now that the report is circulating across Equestria and their cover blown, Walker and Trixie march onward to the newly emerged Crystal Empire, following the only lead he has back home. There he runs into the frantic Twilight Sparkle, the pony who urged along his departure from Ponyville, and now needs his help to save this kingdom. Alongside her is Spike, who recognizes the human is just the figure his movement needs.

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Twilight Sparkle, Celestia and Luna are transported into a strange alternate Equestria, the Land of Always Summer, where the day lasts forever and a terrible queen rules with an iron hoof.

Feel free to check out or add to the story's TV Tropes page.

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[img]http://i.imgur.com/6MrWqNZ.png[/img]Twilight takes on the most important task in her career as a princess of Equestria, when she opens up a magical portal to a distant world with extra-Equestrian intelligence. With her organizational skills and keen understanding of scientific principles, she leads diplomats and scientists in a well-planned expedition to a historic first contact.

The first exchange doesn't quite go without a hitch, however, as the portal opens near a pony ranch at Texas, Earth.

For the purposes of this fic, assume Equestria Girls didn't happen.

Former one-shot.

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My version of Lauren Faust ending up in Equestria. I probably got her character all wrong. Hey, I never met her, cut me some slack.

So, Lauren Faust is Queen of Equestria in this story. How will she react? How will everypony else react? And what does Pinkie's chimicherrychangas have to do with all of this? One thing is clear already. For Twilight and her friends it won't be the same.

Added AU tag, 'cause someone mentioned it would be safe. And when I think about it, I don't think we ever get to learn who the princesses parents are.

Just a note, this is set during season two. So the events of "A Canterlot Wedding" haven't happened yet.

Cover Art done by ZuTheSkunk

04.18.2015 Wait what? This story is hot? Wow. Thanks guys.

I got an editor. It's GaleSinger

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