• Published 17th Apr 2015
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I am God...apparently? - CrossRedstone

Lauren Faust wakes up one day in Equestria and guess what? Celestia and Luna tell her that A: she's the queen and B: they're her daughters. How will she cope? Will she stay or try to find a way back? Oh and she's an alicorn, of course.

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The truth gets out

Author's Note:

Alright, something that needs to be mentioned. I'm not good at writing Luna's dialogue. Heck, in my own language the "old style" is even more annoying, so bear with me.

Now, I am a spontaneous writer. Not only that, but I write things, when I'm in the right mood. I don't have any kind of schedule.

However, this chapter was mostly written, when I was NOT in the right mood. (Apologies to my editor at this point.) And you guys know why?

Because you wouldn't quiet down! Every two to three days someone had to ask, when is going to be the next update! Stop it! I have four other stories on this side alone and I already neglected two, because this one here is getting so much hype! BE PATIENT, PLEASE!!!!

I'm a happy person, I'm a happy person :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy:

Sorry, yesterday has been stressful. Birthday + Job Interview, you know.

This looks more beautiful than I could ever imagined. How do they keep this place clean? She snorted. Duh Lauren. M-A-G-I-C. Well, I hope it's magic, otherwise I so do NOT envy the housemaids. Castlemaids? Maids in general. She mused, now well stuck in her daydream.

Note to self: make special episode. Hmm...."Celestia's tour through the castle?" Eh, I can think of a better title later. Hmm...maybe a grumpy Luna. Yes, she should scare the tourist with the Royal Canterlot Voice, because they disturbed her sleep. Maybe I should add Pinkie Pie or Cheese Sandwich, as the stereotypical tourist? Camera, Hawaiian Shirt, the possible hi-jinks...

"Your highness?"

"Huh?" Lauren was brought "out of the zone" by her own "tour guide". She looked up to find herself standing in front of yet another pair of double doors, which didn't look particular different from any of the rest. Yeah, I wouldn't want the maid's job...

"We're here." The maid's voice broke into Lauren's re-descent into reverie.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was caught up in my own thoughts." Lauren apologized. Focus, Lauren!

She looked up at the big double doors. Celestia and Luna are behind these doors, she thought to herself. This should be interesting.

The maid opened the door for Lauren, who thanked the mare. How do hooves even work? Can I blame cartoon physics?

Those thoughts had to wait, as there were two princesses waiting for her beyond the doors. Okay, Lauren. You can do this...

She took a breath, summoned all her courage, and the red-maned alicorn walked into the dining hall.

Lauren had expected a grand dining hall, with a long table, with marble and gold accents everywhere. Instead she'd found herself a "little" (relatively speaking), and somewhat cozy room. A wooden table had been placed in the middle. Various salads, fruit baskets - (I've never seen some of those fruits before) - small treats, cake and even some rice. Luna surprisingly handled (hoovled? magicked? let's go with handled) chopsticks very well.

As she eyed the bounty stacked neatly on the table, Lauren felt the two sisters' gaze, cranking up the already simmering pot of nerves to boil.

They didn't teach you in school how to react, when you meet fictional characters you created.

"Well, this is awkw-ARRGH!" Lauren found herself in a bone crushing hug, Luna's mane drifting in front of her nose. Lauren's instantly moved to hug back, her wings wrapping around the princess, pressing her closer, her head nuzzling into the back of Luna's neck.

"Don't worry, Lulu. I'm here now," she comforted, rubbing Luna's back with a hoof.

Poor Lulu, always so...


Her train of thought derailed spectacularly, her eyes flicked open in sudden panic.

What EXACTLY am I doing?

She pulled back, stumbled and put a hoof on her head, as if to quell a headache she felt she should be having.

"Wait, what just happened?" she asked, her.mind racing. "I-I'm sorry about this. I-I didn't know what came over me. Sorry." she apologized with a sheepish grin, rubbing the back of her head.

Way to make a first impression Lauren. She admonished. She examined the sister's reactions.

Luna had an expression on her face, which Lauren couldn't quite place. Was it worry? Disappointment? Confusion? It seemed to be a mix of the three. As for Celestia, she had slowly walked around the table, during the time the two other ponies had been hugging, and was now right beside her younger sister. Lauren caught the two exchanging a quick glance with each other, before Celestia spoke up.

"Are you alright mother?" she asked.


Lauren shook the thoughts from her head, noting the now worried looks on Celestia's and Luna's face.

"What? I-I..." - Lauren took a deep breath - "I'm sorry, I'm pretty sure I just misheard you princess. And again, I'm sorry for acting like this, Princess Luna. I honestly have no idea what came over me."

The siblings seemed taken aback by Lauren's attitude. Luna walked closer and put a hoof on Lauren's shoulder. "Mother?" she asked tentatively. "Thou should still be resting. Thou still look a little pale."

Eeeenope. I heard it right. They say Honesty is an Element of Harmony... She groaned internally. Oh come on, "they", YOU say that, YOU are the one who tries to bring the message across. She sighed. My thoughts are really messed up. I better focus.

Lauren pushed the hoof of her shoulder and immediately regretted it, as she saw the hurt on Luna's face. "I think there's something we need to clear up first, before the situation gets any more awkward." - no easy way to say this - "I'm not your mother. You have to have confused me with someone else."

She had wanted to avoid any more awkwardness, but Lauren still managed to cause another awkward silence. She really knew what to say, after that, and from the looks of it, neither did they.

I'm still not sure this isn't a hallucination.

Luna was the first to find her voice again. "What art thou saying? Art thou not Lauren Faust?"

"W-well, that is my name. However-"

The former human was cut off by Celestia raising her hoof. "I'm sorry for interrupting, but do you remember how you arrived here?"

Lauren titled her head in confusion, her ears twitching. "What does that has to do with the situation?"

"Please answer the question." the solar princess replied. "It will become clear afterwards, I promise."

"Okay..." Something in Celestia's voice reassured Lauren. It was strangely different hearing her voice in real life and not from the speakers of a television, or even from Nicole.

"I have no idea how I got here, to be honest. I just woke up here and...now that I think about it, I mistook you for one of my friends, didn't I?" - the last part was directed at Celestia. - "I should also mention and this is going to sound crazy," - This whole situation is crazy. - "but I'm actually not a pony."

The two princesses raised an eyebrow at this statement. "I'm a human. A human is...a bipedal creature. We always cover ourselves in clothes, since we have no fur. I guess the best comparison I can make is we look similar to minotaurs only with feet instead of hooves. And without horns on our heads."

Again the two sisters exchanged a glance with each other. It seemed like they could hold entire conversations simply by looking at each other. Lauren wouldn't be surprised if this was actually the case. She imagined that when you lived forever, you had time to come up with something like that.

She could also see the apparant worry on the faces of the princesses.

Better to get the most awkward things out of the way. Although there still is this one thing...

"So, you're saying you're from another world?" Celestia recapped.

"Y-yes? Hard to believe, I know..."

"But," the solar diarch pressed on, "if that is the truth, then how did you know our names? Or that we're princesses?"

"Uhh..." I guess I should come clean.

"Moreover, the way you acted towards Luna, it was as if you had known her for a long time."

"That's...actually a good point." Lauren admitted.

Celestia walked closer, lit her horn, and stared, not at Lauren, but somehow through her, as if she was just a pane of glass and there was a large cake on the other side.

"What are you doing?" Lauren asked, uncomfortably edgy in the face of the display of magic.

"Do not fret," Luna reassured. "'Tis merely a spell to confirm our suspicions."

Lauren calmed down a little, watching the light play across Celestia's horn. It's okay, Celestia values harmony, she's not going to hurt me...

A golden aura surrounded Lauren for ten seconds, until it disappeared. Lauren barely noticed anything. Celestia had closed her eyes at this point, making it look like she was deep in thought. Patiently the other two alicorns waited for her to open them again and when she did, a sad smile appeared on her face.

"Umm, if you don't mind me asking, what was this all for?" Why did I decide again that she would always be so vague?

"What I did was a spell that would analyze your DNA and determine your age."

"Alright." Quick DNA check? I certainly hadn't thought of that. Wait a moment... "My...age? You could have just asked, I am turning 41 this year."

Celestia just gave her a long,sad look. "I am certain now." she said quietly, letting out a sigh.

"Sister, please do not keep us 'out of the loop'." Luna said, a little bit annoyed.

"The results of the spells are very clear. You are older than 41 years that much is sure." Celestia smiled."And more importantly, you are indeed our mother, Queen Lauren Faust."



"O-o-okay." Lauren chortled a laugh she didn't feel. "I'm pretty sure that this is a fever dream. I'm most likely still in my bed, back at home and I am probably just overworked."

There is more than enough evidence that this isn't a dream. She gritted her teeth. Be quiet brain. Her heart raced, and she began breathing heavily. I'll wake up in my bed, and it'll all be just a dream.

Both sisters moved forward and hugged her, obviously picking up on her distress.

"You were found after using a powerful spell." Celestia explained. "It doesn't happen often, but depending on the circumstances a strong spell might cause enough damage to the brain to cause temporary amnesia. Your reaction to Luna earlier must have come from your memories buried in your subconscious."

This can't be right. Magic doesn't exist. This place is just a figment of my imagination. Those two, Luna and Celestia, they aren't real.

But...why does everything feel so real? Why can I feel their fur? The warmth their bodies are giving off? Their breaths down my neck? And...why did it feel so right to treat Luna as if she was my own child?