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A mission ends with Fluttershy being revealed as a changeling. The Mane 6 pause on the walk back home to discuss this development.

Featured on Nov. 14 2019. :yay:

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Pinkie got back from the Crystal Empire, and it was business as usual until she noticed strange things happening around her. Is she the target of a conspiracy... or is it just her imagination?

Pinkie vector from:
Proofread by: Koekelbag

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Like ponies, changelings can get pretty paranoid at times. After all, it's not every day that a changeling gets kicked out of the hive for being a pony.

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A great many ponies made a great many mistakes leading up to the Canterlot Wedding.

Their biggest was assuming Cadance was the only target.

The Canterlot Wedding was two weeks ago. Celestia has not been seen in public since. She has a secret--something dark and terrible--something that could bring down all of Equestria.

Celestia is Changing. And only Twilight and Rarity can help...

Rated Teen for some (very) mild language.
Written as a comission swap for DJohnson22.
Cover art and edits by Angie.

Chapters (12)

Fluttershy has a very difficult question to ask Twilight Sparkle. A simple question, it seems, but first, she has to...

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This story is a sequel to Blue Moon Bloom

(Note: Spoilers in the comment section)

Rumble was always a quiet kid. It's only recently, since he started hanging out with Scootaloo, that anypony's really paid attention to him.

Until he announces he's got a bat-winged girlfriend. Whom he's going to wedlock (which is totally not the same thing as a wedding).

That suddenly gets him a lot of attention.

Now the rousette community of Ponyville has to contend with ponies arguing over one boy's decision to partake in a bat rite, while ponies are trying to figure out if they're allowed to be offended by their bat-winged neighbours' behaviour.

And Scootaloo? Scootaloo has more pressing matters to worry about than cultural clashes and child marriages, even if the latter involves someone she likes. And hey, it's not like she could do anything about it even if she wanted to, right?

Author's Notes: the third and for now final part of the Quorum Sensing storyline, and as such follows canon up to and including Season 2. Also contains massive spoilers for the previous stories.

Trigger warning: may remind people of racial/cultural frictions, as well as gendered ones.

Chapters (15)

This story is a sequel to Princess Celestia The Changeling Queen: Stories Behind the Mask

At the Royal Wedding, Chrysalis and the Changelings were revealed to all of Equestria.

But another mask was torn away that day. A mask born for a thousand years. A mask created on one promise. A mask, that has become synonymous, fused, to its bearer.

A mask that when ripped off, causes Twilight, her friends and Luna to question everything they ever knew about the one pony, one very important pony.

At the Royal Wedding, the meaning of the phrase 'Princess Celestia' changes forever.

NOTE: Chrysalis is NOT Celestia!!! That'd be impossible to pull off.

Credits to: Plainoasis for the design of the cover art
Note 2: Original cover art here: https://angelea-phoenix.deviantart.com/art/Contest-entry-Changeling-Celestia-337023552

Pre-read/edited by Zervziel,
Courage Fire
Aurora Borealis

Side Stories to this can be found: here.

Contribute to the TV Tropes Page (thanks to Babs_Seed72 for getting it up)

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Rainbow Dash, best pony, fastest flier in Equestria, all around awesome mare, was called upon to help with the wedding of her friend's big brother. And hey, she never leaves her friends hanging! Of course, when it turned out some kind of bug thing had replaced the bride, Rainbow was more then ready to fight. Heck, even after it seemed all hope was lost, the pegasus refused to give up.

So when she saw Shining Armor charge up a final spell, she smirked.

But when that spell reached her and flung her against the wall, her smirk devolved into shock...

Cover art is a combination of Deception is Magic vector by Helios and Sonic Rainboom Version One by SkyRings.

Chapters (18)

The Elements of Harmony. Six artifacts of legendary power that have provided for the peace of Equestria for over a thousand years. While Queen Chrysalis managed to deny the ponies their ultimate defense, she still lost to a different unexpected surprise in the form of a love-powered shield spell.

However, the Elements won't be so easily denied. Unbeknownst to anyone, they awaken in their vault and cast Chrysalis into another world to teach her a lesson or six about life and harmony.

Stripped of her power, trapped in a form unfamiliar even to a changeling, and at the mercy of the locals, Chrysalis must learn how to get along with others before she is allowed to return to save her hive. And if successful, she may just be allowed to keep her new friend... If he's willing, and if he can survive the drawbacks of being one of the rarest changeling classes ever seen:

A breeding drone.

Join a spoiled rotten queen and a workaholic electrical engineer in the retelling of an adventure that brought them together across the boundaries of space and time. Because sometimes, a little change isn't all that bad.

(Changeling Drone 'Gazer' design artwork courtesy of oFimFiction.net member 'More Dakka')

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This story is a sequel to You Can Fight Fate

Time loops? The end of existence as we know it? Fate itself conspiring against you? Who has the energy to deal with that kind of thing?

Not Cloud Kicker, that's for sure. She's a mare who knows what she wants out of life. An easy job, a nice house, and an endless supply of potential banging partners. Then one day a simple little flower vendor moves in down the street and everything starts to change.

As a side story to the main Time Loop Trilogy, you can expect massive spoilers in the comments for both the original stories and unwritten chapters of this one.

Chapters (18)
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