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A great many ponies made a great many mistakes leading up to the Canterlot Wedding.

Their biggest was assuming Cadance was the only target.

The Canterlot Wedding was two weeks ago. Celestia has not been seen in public since. She has a secret--something dark and terrible--something that could bring down all of Equestria.

Celestia is Changing. And only Twilight and Rarity can help...

Rated Teen for some (very) mild language.
Written as a comission swap for DJohnson22.
Cover art and edits by Angie.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 149 )

Rated Teen for some (very) mild language.

but you rated it Everyone?

holy crap thats horrible she can no longer have cake :fluttercry:

so that happened

Enh, I have something to do this morning, and Chapter 3 is a little short. Enjoy two chapters, a little earlier than 10 AM, ya animals :pinkiehappy:

Can Twilight get more screwed than this? Find out next time on dragon ball z!
This is getting interesting...

This reminds me of the newest episode "Triple Threat" where everyone thinks that keepings ponies apart instead of working together would be a good idea. o_O

No, what's gonna be worse is when they fall asleep. A certain dreamwalker's gonna get details.

Nah, Twilight's gonna go pop a couple benadryl, knock herself right out :)

Seriously, though, that's a great idea! I just wish I'd thought of it :)

How so?

This story is really well written, can't wait to see what future updates bring!

"How so?" <<< Because instead of involving others like Luna who could help, Celestia tries to keep herself from everyone else apart, even from her own sister and from Twilight's most trusted friends. Well, of course I don't know the direction the story is going to, but that's my first impression of the plot so far. :twilightsmile:

I wonder how the beans will be spilt

Thank you very much!

Ah, gotcha.

I wonder if anyone's thought to remind Twilight about those handy magic jewels they all got saddled with back in s01e02. :rainbowlaugh:

It's kind of strange that Rarity is taking such a central role in a story about Celestia turning into a changeling.


Well, she kinda fits what's going on...

it is stragne because not alot of stories have rarity being useful out side cloths so its a nice changeling of pase

You've earned yourself a like. The beginning was horror movie-worthy—still well-written—, but this was just delightful.
Friendship—and cosmetics—is magic :P

Thanks for writing :)

Thanks very much! I appreciate the compliment :)

Rarity, you stop that! Dapple greys are lovely!

They are quite adorable, arn't they?

Why did I feel like something would go wrong as soon as she stepped out of the carridge?
Really, how do you keep pushing out these chapters of very good quality so quickly? Keep it up, you're gaining even more followers of the story!


Thanks for the compliments! It really means a lot.

Really, how do you keep pushing out these chapters of very good quality so quickly?

Unlike other authors, I have everything written and edited before I begin posting. Though it's a little more work, it means that I can post a high-quality story in a short timeframe, and that my stories won't stall out in the middle.

For a second, I thought Celestia accidentally set the world aflame.
Yay, the world doesn't literally have rivers of fire? And Twily and Rarity stopped the inquisition.

Everything else though -whistles- time for the storm.

Thanks for writing :)

Comment posted by Crystal Static deleted Aug 23rd, 2017

I knew that the moment she would try to raise the sun, shit would go fubar. I fucking knew it, like when they first found the correlation between magic use and the transformation.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

She has laid eggs... IDK what will happen next

This is getting dark fast, the emotional trama is real.

no kidding, i love how realistic this is showing the reactions of Celestia and everyone around her. Most stories simply jump to the "oh your *insert pony name*, even though your a changeling, we accept you and everything is perfect" and there seems to be no issues in accepting that pony is now a changeling.

this shows the true mental trauma that any sane person would experience when undergoing something like this and it perfectly shows the realistic reactions of the populace.

i love it.

I know right? I love stories that have realistic psycology, it is just so more brutal and feeling and meaningfull, soooo good.

Hm, would it be weird if a group of actual changelings helped her cope?

That brainfart out of the way, I really like this story as well.
Kudos for saving it up and updating daily!

I think what Celestia now needs is a proper propaganda expert, who can somehow turn her current weakness into a strength. :twilightsmile:
Somehow I doubt she will get one soon. :ajsmug:




I'm glad you guys like it! This has been in the works for a long, long time, and the way it's being received is making me quite happy :)

Where Twilight and Rarity? Celestia need support!

poor celstia at least when she fully changes she can look like her old self at least

Wow nice story... I assume she's gonna see chrissalis

I hope being around Twilight and Rarity eases Celestia's hunger a little bit. Normally I would say that hunger for love should be one of Celestia's least problems but then she HAD to leave everyone, who could give her love, behind. :moustache:

I'm not seeing much point in the direction this story seems to be taking. I mean, the entire trip to see Chrysalis feels completely wasted. Nothing was learned, not even in the "It's the journey, not the destination" sort of way. Just empty threats and Chrysalis gloating.


Just wait until tomorrow :)

makes sense turn your enemies against there allies without the knowledge to turn them back

That's what I was thinking; why would she want to cover that up?

:raritywink: Because perfect single-color coats are all the rage, Darling! I mean, when was the last time you saw a paint pony, really? And if all it takes to fit in is a little makeup, then, well, why not?

Waiting for the mother of all beatdowns. Or bitch/dogfights. Whichever it will be.
And if all else fails, Twilight will prevail and, if worse comes to worst, just make a cure from scratch.

Welp I guess there's no reason not to wage a war of annihilation on you, Chryssiebug. :rainbowlaugh:

Bah. There is no cure. This can only end in Celestia taking over the Hive right out from under Chrysalis.

Okay, fine, I can see how this is wrapping up, but still I feel robbed of a longer story T^T
(that's a good thing; i want more)

Chryssi has a bit of a point. Ah well.
Friendship is magic~

Thanks for writing :)

Oh snap, the sequel will ship Queen Celestia and Thorax, won't it.

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