• Published 17th Apr 2015
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I am God...apparently? - CrossRedstone

Lauren Faust wakes up one day in Equestria and guess what? Celestia and Luna tell her that A: she's the queen and B: they're her daughters. How will she cope? Will she stay or try to find a way back? Oh and she's an alicorn, of course.

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Political issue

Author's Note:

I couldn't think of a better name for the small OC in this chapter. If this chapter seems a little worse than usual, it's because I wrote it during break times in my new second mini job.

Even I am asking myself as to how I'm capable of holding that teacup with my hoof. It's almost like I have a magnet on each of my hooves. Lauren thought to herself.

After a long heartwarming hug, the three alicorns had started to actually eat breakfast. It was divine. Whatever the ponies made their jelly off, Lauren so wanted to have the recipe. And an actual tutor who could teach her magic. She made a mess, while eating breakfast, eating literally like an animal. Luckily none of the servant stuff was watching or passing by. She refused to be fed by Celestia or Luna, if only to distract herself that she was the monarch of the kingdom she imagined, when she was a child.

On another note, she had the distinct feeling that both Luna and Celestia were ready to cuddle with her. The constant "accidental" touches of wings and limbs were another indicator. Plus she herself had to resist the urge to pet them or hug them. They just looked cute in her eyes.

When (a admittedly messy) breakfast was finished Luna and Celestia rose up simultaneously. "Shall we show you around the castle mother?" Luna asked eagerly. She almost seemed like a child who wanted to impress her parent by showing her what she had made in school.

"Okay." Lauren answered carefully. On the one hand she had some questions and was hoping to get some explaining done. On the other hand, she still needed to sort out her thoughts about the overwhelming situation. Plus there was this childlike curiosity that wouldn't give her a rest.

And so the trio of alicorns walked outside into the huge hallway, with Luna being in the lead. How anyone could learn the layout of the castle was beyond Lauren. When she designed the palace she only decided on the location on the most important rooms that had something to do with the story in general.

The first wing they came across was one where statues of famous ponies were lined up on both sides. Musicians, inventors, professors, even a farmer was among them. "If I wouldn't know better, I'd say I've become lost in the history section of a museum." Lauren commented.

Celestia smiled. "Wait until you see the glass stained windows. You will love them."

Of course the windows were nothing new to Lauren. She even saw a few of which didn't made it into the show due to 20 minute time limit for each episode. Actually that time limit had ruined a lot of episodes in her opinion. One of the windows that wasn't seen in any of the episodes was about how a stallion brought a dragon egg to the princess. The backstory was supposed to be that the stallion saved the egg from a group of smugglers. Another one showed Cadance on how she ascended to alicornhood. Another one showing a pegasus flying alongside dragons during the dragon migration.

Finally they came towards the one showing the, as the fandom dubbed them, the "mane six" freeing Luna from her curse as Nightmare Moon. The group stopped by this one. "This..." Luna already was at a loss for words. For her it most likely was like telling your mother that she did something bad. Unbeknownst to the princesses, their queen was feeling guilty too. After all, she came up with the plot of Luna turning into Nightmare Moon. The scenario of her creating this world lingered inside her mind, thus the guilty feelings.

"Luna" Again before Lauren knew it, her wing was around Luna and brought the smaller alicorn closer to the bigger one. However this time she was aware of what she was doing before her mouth worked on its own again. As a result she was able to think about what she was going to tell the apparently younger alicorn. "I don't know what happened. And if you don't want to talk about it, you don't need to now. I can see that you regret what happened and I wan you to remember one thing: the past defines no one. It is important that we learn from our mistakes and not let us eat up from them. Okay?"

Luna nodded, nuzzling Lauren's neck. The red maned alicorn noticed Celestia standing on the side, looking a little jealous? That must be a first one for the sun princess. Not wanting to be the source of any sibling rivalry, Lauren stretched out her other wing, allowing Celestia to join in.

After five minutes of hugging and nuzzling, the three broke up. "How about you show me the gardens? I don't know about you two, but I could use some fresh air." Lauren suggested.

"Of course mother. Come, this way." Celestia took the lead and again they went through a seemingly endless maze of castle hallways. Occasionally they would meet some of the castle stuff or guard patrols. Lauren felt a little uneasy at those times, because of the bows and salutes everypony was giving her.

There was even a time, when they just so happened to be at the corner of a hallway that they heard a noble pony talking to one of the guards. "Whatever do you mean I can't see the princess? Don't you know who I am?"

"Oh dear..." Celestia muttered.

"Somepony thou art acquaintance sister?" Luna asked. Her sibling nodded.

"He's, without exaggerating, a real nuisance in day court."

"As I already stated, the princesses cancelled court proceedings for today and tomorrow. You'll have to come back the day after tomorrow, anytime earlier I'm not allowed to let anyone through who doesn't have permission from one of the princesses." The guard replied in a really bored tone.

"Don't talk to me in that tone you commoner! It is of the utmost importance that I speak with the princess."

"Is the safety of Equestria and/or its citizens in danger?" the guard replied, like one of those people from the phone service. At this point he could have gone through as a male version of Maud Pie.

"What I have to discuss with the princess is of no importance to you!"

Lauren facehoofed. "Yes, it is to no of the guards concern that a dragon is destroying the whole of Canterlot. Is he even listening to himself?"

"I have been wondering about that question for more than a thousand years." Celestia whispered.

"-and if you don't get me the princesses in the next five minutes, I'll make sure that the only work your children will get in this city is cleaning the sewers!" the noble pony continued.

"Why that..." Lauren suppressed what else she had to say. Cussing wasn't a thing in this world and she certainly wouldn't start it. "If things would go after me, I'd have let him clean the sewers. Isn't there a law against threatening an officer of the law?"

Suddenly Celestia grew a very evil grin on her face. "Luna, do you remember last week, when we went together through the outdated laws."

"Please do not remind us, sister. Tis was a real nuisance as you put it earlier. How nobles cling to taxes that bring them a few extra bits..." Luna shook her head, frowning. "Why is this so important?"

"There was one thing that stuck out to me, something I didn't thought of addressing, when I reformed the entire government system."

"We still think an absolute diarchy, ah excuse me mother, an absolute monarchy is wiser than your constitutional di- monarchy system." Luna commented.

"Exactly!" Celestia agreed.

"What?" the other two alicorns asked.

"Something I didn't address was mother. By this time almost everypony had forgotten about her. Yet she still has absolute power in terms of dictating or removing old laws, as well as a few other things."

Luna's eyes lit up at Celestia's words. Lauren was not sure whether she should laugh at the mischievous expressions of the princesses or worry that the two might try to use her to get rid of certain of ponies. She was sure if Celestia would use her political experience on Lauren, the red maned alicorn would most likely easily play into her hooves.

"Well then sister dearest" Luna walked around Lauren "as I belief, the queen just enacted a new law." she laid a wing on Lauren's back and smiled an innocent smile towards her sister.

"Indeed sister." Celestia nodded. "I think it is wise to inform the guards as quickly as possible."

Lauren decided that she had to speak up. "Celestia, Luna" What do I say? I really feel like I'm about to chide them as if they're my own daughters. But...I can't just let this disrespect towards the guards go on. He dedicated himself to protect his country with his life and what does this pony say?
"This is the only time." Lauren finally sighed. She expected the sisters to jump up and squeal, like a child you just allowed to stay at the amusement park a little longer. They didn't, but their smiles remained on their faces.

The trio proceeded into making themselves known to the ponies around the corner. The noble, a green stallion, who wore a blue tuxedo and had a simple book as a cutie mark, finally stopped his rant as he saw the two princesses approaching, along with a third unknown alicorn. For once the noble was at a loss for words. The guard turned around and gave a hasty salute.

"At ease private." Celestia said. "We just happened to come by and couldn't help but overhear your conversation. Book Cover, you should feel honored. You're the first noble to meet our mother Lauren Faust, queen of Equestria."

"Q-queen?!" Book Cover repeated.

"Tis funny. Nopony ever questioned why we didn't crown ourselves as queens." Luna stated. "Ah yes, now we remember thou Book Cover. Thou have been present last week, as we were discussing the laws of the old days."

Celestia picked up from there. "You might remember, we didn't come to finish everything, because of our different opinions. It's not that I don't appreciate your enthusiasm, I'm simply stating facts. I hope I didn't offend you in any way,"

"N-no, your highness, I-I fully understand. M-may I ask..."

"What this is all about?" Celestia finished. "You see there was one old law that gives the queen of these lands absolute power when enacting new laws. And she just enacted that everyone who threatens an officer of the law, has to clean the sewers."

"Ahahahehehe. I wasn't aware your highness had such a great humor. I assume a hallucination spell of sorts?" he motioned towards Lauren, who had to admit this was kind of funny. And she trusted Celestia that the pony deserved what was coming for him.

"'Tis wasn't a jest dear Book Cover."