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A millennium ago, give or take, Princesses Celestia and Luna were nearly defeated by the most powerful villain that they had ever faced, Grogar, the dreaded lord of Tambelon. Thanks only to the whims of random chance, the two princesses survived that encounter, but have been forced to live in fear of the time of his inevitable return. That time is now...

...But whatever revival was intended has gone a little... wrong. Behind the wheels of Grogar's body is the spirit of a slightly extremely eccentric human. Equestria would have been lucky to survive the real Grogar, but will the ponies fare any better with this loon ruling Tambelon?

Sex Tag For Sexy Times Reasons, Gore Tag For Gorey Time Reasons.

You. Have. Been. Warned.

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We crash landed on a goddess.

Welcome to Airship Mauled, where everything could possibly be worse.

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It's an ordinary day in Ponyville, until Applejack says Twilight is purple. She should have known better.

Prereader: CoffeeBean

Para español: Aquí

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All he knew was his globe. He was left inside of it as punishment for his devious crimes, but that was hundreds of years ago. Still, he sits inside his spherical home, his mind slowly degrading as each day passes.

He can't even remember what he did wrong in the first place.

The scary thing is, neither can the alicorn who put him there.

Regardless of how justified his situation is, he knows for sure that he will make the absolute best of it.

His snow globe will be the best snow globe.

Cover image by HoodwinkedTales
Story input by Enigmatic Otaku and ROBCakeran53

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I somehow ended up in the past. I'm not sure how far back I am, but I do know this was even before Celestia. This is much less peaceful and kind then back home, and I will have to be careful. This is much different then I thought, and I will have to survive this Equestria if I want to get home alive. Maybe Celestia can get me back to the right time. This doesn't even look like Equestria, I wonder how far I went back. I need to keep my identity as an alicorn hidden for now, and see what this world is like.

Cover art was from: zoarvek. I did a few edits on it.

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Like ponies, changelings can get pretty paranoid at times. After all, it's not every day that a changeling gets kicked out of the hive for being a pony.

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The West. The Frontier. The Unknown.
Called by many names, this area of Equestria is dangerous and untamed, home to the most vile of all creation.
On the edge of civilization, a lonely little town sits atop Mare Mesa. Once a haven for scum and outlaws, the town has enjoyed five years of quiet ever since Valor strolled in one fateful day and became the town's Marshal. That quiet is shattered after a surpise attack by a ruthless gang of killers leaves the town in shambles, its mares and foals kidnapped by the outlaws. With the help of a mysterious stranger calling himself Tombstone, the Marshal sets off on a quest to rescue the kidnapped ponies and put an end to the crimes of the West's most dangerous criminals.

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"They are NOT my friends! They are my classmates, my pupils, my peers. Better yet, my classhates! Nopony worthy of anything except education! Make the world a better place, will ya?!" These were the words spoken by a subconscious Moondancer.

Before she had a visit from the Princess of Friendship, another royal pony paid her a visit. Due to reoccurring nightmares and an inability to admit her fears and concerns, Moondancer has grown to be grumpy and introverted. Can Princess Luna point her in the direction she needs to be in?

Takes place before season 5.

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Eclipse, a freelance Necromancer, Hot Shot, a retired wandering day guard, and Crescent Blade, a bat-pony night guard, get caught up in a cult's plan after a small mix up in a bar. They don't trust the cult, but help them on their goals. As they start to do more missions, and spend time with more friends, they slowly learn about the cult's true goals. They decide to fight the cult but what happens when friendship get’s in the way? Join the three unlikely heroes as they meet new allies, follow the cult's plan and learn about the cult's true goals. That is, if they can actually get along with one another.

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OC's used and their owners (some still yet to be used):
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Hot Shot - Darth_Pinkie
Cactus Jack - Caiustheshadowpony
Thunderbolt Sentinel- Thunderbolt Sentinel
Silver Screen - Hudson Hawk
Pea Gravel - Barnside
Val - Maskinos
Bleu Celeste (Blue) - Aeluna
Crescent Quartz - SilverBlaze0ne

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Hey! You, yes you! This story was made using all of these guys' OCs! So if you don't mind, go check them out. I'm sure they'll really appreciate it!

(Listed as their OCs) Tacitus, Garfield , Charming Thunder, Galaxy Nebula, Eclipse, Frosted Shard, Daffodil Spark, Shadow Wing, Paradise Oasis, Quillton Brooks, and Breeze! (Links broke. Will be added again soon.)

Vanilla Mocha always hosts a Nightmare Night party, every single year. But every year, at least half her guests end up leaving because it's not as thrilling, spooky, or Nightmare-Night-ish as they hoped. This year, Mocha is determined to turn a few things around. So when she tells everypony that she is making her cafe extra scary, something unexpected happens, and it turns out to not be planned for the party at all...

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