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[First Person] [Alternating Perspectives] [Equisverse Era 1]

(Gore tag is for descriptive combat scenes.)

Many years after the changeling attack on Canterlot, in a land far from Equestria, Chrysalis Swarm returned to it’s former strength. The swarm of vicious bandits cut a swath across the land with twice the cruelty of the time before their defeat. Countless cities, towns, and even other changeling hives fell to their cruelty and lust for power.

Amongst them was the Diamond Hive, a peaceful people of ancient and storied past. The only survivor of her people’s slaughter is a young changeling scout named Jade. With nothing save a satchel of emotion-charged stones, her mother’s sword, and a map in the form of a riddle, Jade must now journey to the one place Chrysalis's was unable to terrorize, Equestria.

The Kingdom of Equestria, a place thought to be nothing more than myth. A place where the streets are made from gold, for the very sun and moon make it their home. Only there can safety be assured, and only there can a changeling find enough love to enter her final stage of development, become a queen, and ensure her people survive once more.

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For my fan’s convenience: This story takes place in an alternate timeline of the Equisverse. No storyline beyond that of The Bridesmaids, Horseshoes, and Dinner at Ravenloft happens or will happen in this timeline. However, some world events, elements of the setting, and concepts from other works of mine apply, but this only pertains to concepts such as thaumaturgic current. This is the more “serious” timeline.

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This story is a sequel to The Bridesmaids

[First Person] [Alternating Perspectives][Equisverse Era 1]

Last year, during the changeling invasion of Canterlot, Colgate, Lyra, Bon-bon, Vinyl, and Octavia discovered their friend Twinkleshine was actually a changeling named Meep. While most of them were hurt by the deception, their friendship was ultimately strengthened by the truth.

As fate would have it, Lyra, Bon-bon, Vinyl, and Octavia each have their own equally dark secrets. Ones they hide as deeply as Meep hid her real identity. Time has a way of bringing everything to light. This time, it's an invitation to dinner.

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[First Person] [Alternating Perspectives][Equisverse Era 1]

Twinkleshine has a secret, one which defines her very existence. Colgate knows her secret and it has her head over hooves in love with the oblivious mare. Fed up with Shine's failure to notice Cole, their mutual friends Lyra, Bon-bon, Vinyl, and Octavia hatch a scheme to get Shine to fall for Cole. However, they choose to hatch their little plot next week at Princess Cadence's wedding, where Twinkleshine's secret catches up with her. Can friendship survive a dark secret kept for longer than the friendship has lasted? Can the friends emerge from a Canterlot Wedding unscathed?

This story has been completed before any of it was uploaded for your enjoyment.

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[Third Person] [Equisverse Era 1]

In a world of fruit eating bat ponies, Pattern Steel was born a blood drinker. Bullied, hated, and thought of as a monster Steel grew up learning to fear other ponies. When her colony through her out Steel's parents found her a home in Ponyville where Steel has worked for many years as a blacksmith. Being both nocturnal and a recluse Steel almost never talks to anypony. But one night, a pegasi and her daughter arrive at Steel's workshop hoping to get a new set of shoes unintentionally beginning the chain of events which will heal the emotional wounds Steel has carried for her entire life.

This story is something of an experiment of mine. I want to know if I can make a story composed of short stories. In other words an ongoing fic where each chapter is a self contained story, but still part of a sequence of events. Let me know if you like how it turns out!

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