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Two years after the attack on Equestria, Queen Chrysalis finds herself broken and unable to go on, but there is hope. Discord and the original Queen Chrysalis came up with a spell many years ago, bring a girl from another dimension to Equestria, and she would become the new Queen. Though she would have the previous Queen to help her take on the ultimate disguise.
Though this is not all the new Queen faces, a dark force has risen, with power strong enough that even the old queen fears it. Their choices could affect the future of Equestria, and not just for pony and changeling, but every creature! Who will survive? And can something that the Queen has denied for so long, be the key to their success? Read on to find out!
Knowledge (Chapter 27 and on)
Meep the Changeling

Gore Tag for death and slightly descriptiveness of such
Sex Tag for eventual talk of sex and implied sex.

Cover art done by me, under my nonsite name Lexni. (But if anypony feels like drawing one that pertains to the story better, feel free!)
Story takes place during Season 4 of the show. And though we might see background ponies introduced after that or some canon stuff learned after that, most changeling canon now being made in season 6 will either be used if it is still relevant to my plans, or will be ignored. (Changelings hatching into Larva for one example.)

Chapters (33)

Princess Twilight, for all of her knowledge, didn't particularly know that much about Celestia or Luna's past. In an attempt to figure out more about her peers she digs up the infamous time travel spell. Jumping at the chance to gather first-hoof about the only other immortal ponies she dives head first into the past!

Finding that she has stumbled into helping the Princesses on a mighty quest she isn't hesitant to lend a helping hoof but her resolve is quickly tested when not all is what it seems and the past, and present, of Equestria is put at stake!

Follow Twilight, and the would-be Princesses, across the world as they track down dangerous artefacts, delve into dilapidated dungeons and avoid disaster in a race against time itself!

  • Romance will, eventually, be between Luna, Celestia and Twilight.
  • This story will include gratuitous amounts of cuteness at times.
  • There will be action and a little dark here and there, but only because it's the past and fighting does occur. It won't be a regular thing, trust me.
  • There is time travel and Twilight will be jumping around the timeline. But don't think about it too much!
  • The AU tag is only there due to the Princesses still being there, as well as the whole world existing before Equestria thing.
  • The world this story takes place in is: Equestria and Beyond. I absolutely love the detail which was put into this. Obviously there's parts not included, such as the Crystal Empire, etc.

I'm thankful to Dusk Melody for reading through and helping me realise the direction I wanted the story to go in.

Spelling, grammar and general thoughts have been provided by TheGreatEater

The source of the image used is: Magnaluna - Eye contact

Thanks for featuring! <3 Love you peeps!

Chapters (22)

This story is a sequel to Knowledge is Power

Three years have passed since Twilight Sparkle disappeared into Apochrypha, followed by her friends. Will Equestria have changed in their absence? Will Apochrypha have changed them?

An unknown future awaits, but whether it will be bright or dark is something known only to those who have the gall to claim they are a higher being, and even that might not be enough to foretell everything.

All the while, something from the distant past returns.

Cover art provided by https://www.fimfiction.net/user/866/Cold+in+Gardez

My little pony is owned by Hasbro

Elder scrolls is owned by Bethesda Softworks

Chapters (41)

Chrysalis sent Twilight deep into the abandoned caves beneath Canterlot to stop her from interfering with her conquest of Equestria, but what if that was not the first time Twilight has been down there. And what if Celestia was not the first individual to take notice of Twilight's potential, nor the most powerful. What happens when the hunger for love clashes with the hunger for knowledge. And which will Twilight choose?

Cover by Santafer

My little pony is owned by Hasbro
Elder scrolls is owned by Bethesda Softworks

Chapters (34)

One day five fillies are wandering through the forest and slaughter a pack of timberwolves, impressed, the god of chaos offers them a chance to go to a monster-hunting school, little do these fillies know that they are about to enter a world of bloody evolution.

Faced with discrimination, criminals, terrorists, and unending hordes of abominations led by a wicked witch, how will four foals survive? And how will this new team change the world of Remnant?

[Note: I've decided that every 50 likes, I'll release another chapter in a row, instead of following the usual schedule. PS, New chapters every Monday and Friday, since, with how chaotic my current situation is IRL, those are the only times I can upload.]

(Hey! It got featured!)

Chapters (57)

Twilight Sparkle is undeniably a prodigy and has the skill and knowledge of a unicorn five years her elder as well as the power of one as well. This knowledge and power has drawn Princess Celestia's attention, with the alicorn beginning to wonder if the young unicorn will be the one to fulfill an ancient prophecy that would save her sister. A prophecy that would have come to fruition, had the alicorn's own checkered past not come back to doom the filly to a life of fire and brimstone.

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Updates twice a month!

Chapters (97)

Twilight did her duty. She saved everypony she could, except herself. Now trapped by an evil cult, in more pain than she has even been in before, and dying on a sacrificial altar, she calls for help. The Nightmare answers.

Will Twilight become the next evil to threaten the world or will the Nightmare simply be glad to have some freedom? One thing is for certain, Twilight's life will never be the same again.

The Editors
Cander (CH 1-Current)
Yutah123 (CH 8-9)

Now with an excellent reading by StraightToThePointStudio (Currently only up to CH 21)

And we even have art!
[Warning Spoilers] Twilight's Nightmare Art

Chapters (121)

This story is a sequel to In the Hall of the Mountain Queen

Every action has consequences, no matter the intent. To clear her slate, Twilight Sparkle will go to any lengths to settle the score with Celestia, even if it means a fool's errand to a land ravaged by chaos.

The Lost Continent of Panthalassa beckons. Monsters, immortals, and creatures whose names are whispered with reverence and fear stand between Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Thieves, and the path home.

Based on the worldbuilding and expansion of the original oneshot, In the Hall of the Mountain Queen. Serving as a continuation.

Artwork by lilfunkman.

Special thanks to Alto, Timaeus, Cynewulf, Vdrake77, CouchCrusader, Beltorn, and all my friends for their ongoing support in writing this.

Chapters (14)

Their universe has come to an end, two goddesses sacrifice what is left to make sure it doesn't happen again. But fate lets them start over somewhere else...

Twilight Sparkle was dying because of the magic flare she emitted during her entrance exam to Princess Celestia's school, when she was about to destroy herself along with everypony on the school grounds a deity offered the little filly a deal that would change not just her life but the world itself.

NEW cover art by Lmkyouki

Also thanks to G33kySt3v3 for helping with the editing. :pinkiehappy:

And thanks for those 8K+ views :twilightblush: and the 400+ likes :yay:

Twilight's team art by Lmkyouki

wow Featured 10-21-2018 ~ TY :twilightblush:

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