• Published 11th Sep 2019
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Twilight's Nightmare - Nightsclaw

Twilight in her most desperate of moments issues a cry for help, she was not expecting the Nightmare to be her saviour.

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CH 28.4 Noble's 'Delight'

Author's Note:

Just a little chapter, main release on Friday.
Stay tuned for CH 28.5 The Difficulties in Becoming a Nightguard

Noble Guide was paradoxically both in a good and a bad mood.

The good news was the most capable analyst in the RGIS was now out. She apparently now was little more than a plaything for Luna.

The bad news was the nobles he was trying to manipulate had dragged him along to their impromptu celebration of getting that abomination out of Celestia’s Solarguard.

At least he managed to direct them to somewhere where there would not be ponies to tell tales about him being here. With his contacts with the papers, he could control any rumours that the press tried to capitalise on.

He was playing with the idea about if he should try and sabotage the approval process for the wedding between Twilight and Luna or if he should help them.

If he hindered them, then he could turn public opinion against them and cause lots of minor hassles for all of the princesses to deal with. Yet if he helped them, he could get them both out of his way for at least a month, and that could be a golden opportunity.

If there were a way he could make it seem like Celestia was delaying things, he would. He had heard about the shouting match that happened in Ponyville even if none of the papers dared to publish anything about it. It only took one printing press being reduced to slag to convince the rest of the press to not go anywhere near that story.

Twilight was still an unknown. She had not done anything to demonstrate the full extent of her blood magic. If he could not turn her against Celestia then it would be safer to keep a master of forbidden magic as far away as possible during the final moments of his plan.

Blueblood said something dumb. Of course he did. That snivelling brat of a noble only thought he had power. The only thing he had was a now nearly pointless title hoofed down to him because he happened to be a direct relative of Princess Platinum. Oh, how he wished he could clean up some of the nobility. But alas their corruption and distraction were far too useful to his plans.

Another noble raised his glass to Noble Guide. He idly clinked it as the said nobel mentioned satisfaction in getting the hybrid out, but lamented that he didn’t manage to get the demand to have her wings removed through.

He would have rather studied her. Sure her wings may have been removed in the process, but it would have been for the benefit of knowledge, not just the mutilation for the sake of humiliating the poor mare.

He could not fathom why Celestia kept these useless ponies around, let alone in power, it must be some sort of trick, some kind of trap for the worst sorts. The only alternative was that she was simply lazy, and you would not have total control of a country for over a thousand years by being lazy.

They are ruled by an Alicorn, the most perfect of Hybrids. Yet they seem to have no problem conveniently forgetting that fact when wanting to torment all hybrids as the least of the lesser ponies. He could only imagine what the nobility would think or do if she managed to get to a position of actual power over them. Probably assassination attempts or even open rebellion. Maybe I should arrange it for the distraction. I’ll need to keep an eye out for the opportunity.

One of the other nobility was sucking up to Blueblood. It was almost sickening. This Jet Set and his wife Upper Crust were two of the main ponies that were so against any power for anypony that wasn’t a unicorn. They at least had the sense to not let their beliefs be known to the public. If I succeed in my plans, then you two are going to be some of the first ones to go. Consideration of that helped him make up his mind about whether to help Twilight and Luna. It would be too much of an advantage to have her out of the picture for the month. The fact that it would help him identify what nobles to discard after he took power was also a benefit.

After a few hours of letting this ‘celebration’ ramble on Noble Guide excused himself. He needed to plan more. He said his lines just as he would if he were an actor on stage, then excused himself back to his home.

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