In the land of Twilight, under the Moon

by Snow Moon

Forest (Unedited)


"The death of the forest is the end of our life." Dorothy Stang

After a long weekend at the Dragon's Lands dealing with some “diplomatic” discussions with the Dragon Lord Torch in regard some rouge dragons around Equestria, which were causing some community problems, Twilight Sparkle was on her way to Ponyville to leave her adoptive son Spike, the baby dragon was participating in this mission so he could enjoy with other young dragons. Although Twilight may think he just wanted to visit Torch’s daughter Amber. 

After the events in Ponyville no so long ago, Twilight has been really busy doing everything in her power to make sure Equestria’s relationship with its neighbors was in check. She didn't want to have any nasty surprises waking her up in the middle of the day. The amount of strange occurrences ever since Luna’s return were keeping her and her friends incredible busy, her sister Sunset and the others were dealing with their own problems too. Even her dearest sister Candace was busy dealing with some diplomatic trips around the west regions and Skystar was visiting her mother too. 

Flying next to her was Zipzee in pegasus form with a sleeping Spike on her back, the others were not with her, as they were needed to continue working on Canterlot making sure that the Night Guard was trained and ready for Luna to take command. The night goddess found that the moon princess works better and more smoothly without having to start an argument if she dealt with Moonflower and the others directly without Twilight in between. Twilight was already completely tired of trying to make Luna understand that she didn't care about Equetria’s throne, or being a princess, that the only position she cared about was with the star, which always backfire with an angry moon goddess regarding ownership. 

“My Queen, please don't get angry,” said a worry Zipzee. “The moon princess is not around to bother you tonight.”

“Our apologies our dearest Z,” responded Twilight changeling her thoughts, “we have done so much work lately which should be done by Celestia or Luna, not us.”

“But the dragons fear and respect you greatly,” responded Zipzee with inspired glimmering eyes.”the sun princess can't do that, not even the moon princess.”

“Still this a job for a princess not a goddess,” said Twilight sulking, “looks like this week there will not be cake or sweets for some princess.” 

“Can I eat the chocolate ones?” asked Zipzee with a big smile.

“Sure you can,” responded Twilight smiling at her,”just don't try to eat them all at once this time,” Zipzee started humming happily like a little filly while flying around Twilight.  

Back in Canterlot Celestia wake-up in panic, she felt like something horrible was going to happen. Using her magic she scanned the castle, she found her sister was with Moonflower going through paperwork, the night guard recruits were under Tempest overflowed workout in the training grounds. The one she feared the must was still on the royal gardens, probably just a bad dream she thought before going back to sleep without realizing the vengeful goddess that was coming after her “precious rewards”.

Unable to go to bed again, Celestia took the opportunity to visit her sister and see how things were going, she simply teleported to where she was. As she appeared was greeted by a unamused Moonflower holding paperwork on her hoof, while Luna was annoyingly going through so many paperwork on her desk. 

“Hello, Luna” said Celestia gaining their attention

“Princess Celestia!?” said Moonflower bowing in panic skillfully without dropping any paper. 

“Sister? Didst something befall?” asked Luna

“Oh do I need to have a reason to visit my dear little sister?” asked Celestia mischievously 
“Of course not sister!” replied in panic Luna

“Is okay, Luna. I just wanted to see how everything going for you,” said Celestia with a gentle smile. 

“Everything is going well, lady Sparkle madeth sure of it. that lady friends art a most wondrous help for us,” responded Luna with an unamused face.

“Well I'm glad to hear that,” said Celestia smiling at Moonflower who blush embarrassed by the complement before leaving the princess alone,”They are great ponies indeed, Twilight always said they were brought together by guiding stars.”

“Of course she did...” murmured Luna annoyed,”tell us sister, how art things coming along?.” asked Luna changing the subject.

“Things are...coming along,” responded Celestia sighing, “Twilight in on her way back from the Dragon lands, Cadance continue with her trip, Novo said she will wait for our personal visit to discuss the matter, Abyssinia’s queen contacted through Ambassador Catrina that we have their support,”
“But?” asked Luna.

“Things since the elements were used again have started to be to “chaotic” lately, specially on Ponyville,” said Celestia looking at the window. “Like since that  day the wheel began to turn for Equestria.”

“It’s been more than a thousand years after all” said Luna, “at least Discord still under its spell.”

“I just hope it will continue to do so,” said Celestia looking back at Luna, “or at least not until Sunset is ready for that trial.”
“So, lady Shimmer is the one thee wanteth to ascent?” asked Luna with a neutral expression.

“Is not what i want Lulu, is what harmony choose for Equestria,” responded Celestia as her ears fold back, “I don't want to choose between the two, I already did so to fight Nightmare Moon.”

Luna didn't respond, she knew her sister had the good of Equestria as priority, beside she didn't know that one of her students was already an alicorn. Luna just hoped that whatever alicorn Sunset Shimmer were to become wasn't one related to the night. She already has her hoof full with one annoying sparkling mare.

Moonflower was observing the training the other thestral were put through by Tempest, it was hard indeed, but nothing compared to the one she and the others did to be of use to Twilight, after all they were still young fillies at that time. 

When tempest ended the first part of the training program almost every thestral drop dead tired to the ground, she just sighed while moving her head in disappointment. Realizing Moonflower was there she went to her leaving behind the exhausted guards. 

“Good work,” said Moonflower with a smile at Tempest.

“Thanks,” replied Tempest, “ is she being a smart-ass again?” asked looking at the castle.

“He-he no, no tonight,” said laughing Moonflower, “Princess Celestia came by so I just left them alone.”

“Oh that’s not good, Celestia never wakes up before her time unless she needs some snacks,” said Tempest looking worry while thinking on the possibilities. 

“Everything is alright,” responded Moonflower waving her hoof, “Twily always make sure of that, besides if something really comes to happen Sunset would be the one to deal with it. No Twily.”

“True,” responded sighing, “at least she is sleeping much better,”

“Or just go use to the nightmares,” said sighing too. “Sometimes I wish for her to open up even more to us especially what is really worrying her.”

“I know, I desire the same,” responded Tempest, “but you know how stubborn alicorns are,” said with a small smile which Moonflower replied with one of her own before laugh.

“Well I better get back to work, I want to finish all of the paperwork before Twily returns,” said Moonflower leaving inside the castle. 

“See ya in the morning,” said Tempest as Moonflower waves at hoof at her, “Alright you useless pegasus wannabes time to make yourselves useful for your princess!” screamed Tempest as she returned to the field. 

A few days after Sunset and Fluttershy took care of the rogue dragon and saved their friends, Sunset was again involved with another problem, this time the town when completely crazy because of a mare zebra, until that day Sunset thought she had seen all, but never in her bright mind she imagine ponies were still xenophobic idiots like in ancient times, yeah, she knew some back in Canterlot, although those nobles were always “special”, but not Ponyville.
“Seriously, what's wrong with this town, Skystar and Moonflower were here before and no pony cares, but a zebra comes to town and everypony lose it.” said to herself as she returns home from visiting Zecora, the zebra shaman that lives in the Everfree forest. 

Sunset didn't pay much attention to her friends crazy warnings or silly superstitions, as she was the only pony that took the time to get to know the Zecora, besides Applejack younger sister Applebloom. Zecora was an expert on plants and potions, the tea she got from her was just to good the help her relax after a long day of research. 
Some of the ponies were still acting like morons whatever Zecora visited the town, but at least many more were able to change their way of thinking. Also she sent a report to the Princess regarding the situation and somepony from the castle was going to come to give the ponies a full instance course making sure that kind of situation never happens again. 

The idea finalizing her report and going back to even more important matters, made Sunset enjoy her walk, that was until she heard somepony screaming. As she ran closer to where she thought was the location, Sunset discover the young sisters of her friends running away from a cragadile, without a second thought she teleported right in front of the fillies and cast a shield around them, the cragadile slammed right at light brilliant amber shield. 

“Is everypony alright?,” asked Sunset keeping her attention to the beast. 

“Y-yes!” responded Applebloom

“T-thank you for saving us Miss Shimmer,” said Sweetie Belle 

“Y-yeah, that thing came out of nowhere,” said the small pegasus Scotaloo

“Why are you fillies inside the forest in the first place?” asked Sunset, none of the fillies responded only averted their eyes,”well, first let's get rid of this thing” saying so undo the shield and made it appear around the cragadile before gathering a great amount of magic power causing her to shine brightly, Sunset then send the beast flying into the forest far away from them. 

“”“Coooool!”””  said the fillies together with shining stars on their eyes.

“Alright let's get out of here before it decides to come back.” said Sunset, after saying so she teleported them all just outside the forest near a beautiful flower field. Soon Applejack and Rainbow Dash were racing right at them, just before they crashed Sunset ended up teleporting out of the way causing the two mares to crash in a nearby tree. 

“Sweetie Belle! Oh thanks Celestia, you are alright!” said Rarity taking her little sister on her hoof squishing her with a hug. 

“R-rarity! A-air!” said Sweetie Belle trying to breathe again. 

“Oh sorry darling,” responded Rarity realizing her sister. 

Sunset confirmed with her friends that the fillies disappeared from school since the morning, luckily she was on her way home from visiting Zecora when they were attacked. The three fillies were trying to get their cutie marks while exploring the Everfree forest, unfortunately they came across a cragadile during their “exploration”. As they were talking Zecora came out of the forest looking for Sunset that forgot some samples at her home. When the others saw her they panic and move away through the flower field, Zecora tried to warn them of something, but the way they were treating her make her change her mind and just moved Sunset way from the flower before leaving soon after giving Sunset her samples. The fillies and Sunset looked with disappointment the adult mares behaving like dump foals inside the flower field out of the road. 

“See girls, that's what happens when you skip school,” said Sunset looking at her friends with a neutral expression as the fillies just nodded in agreement as the mares were glaring at Sunset. With a teleportation spell Sunset left with the fillies to appear in front of the library where they parted ways. Once at home Sunset went straight to the kitchen to prepare some tea and relax before finishing her report. 

The next morning Sunset received a surprise visit from Twilight who was delivering Spike after returning from her diplomatic trip at the Dragon Lands. The only one accompanying Twilight was Zipzee for Sunset surprise was rare to see Twilight traveling without all of her friends. While Spike was preparing breakfast with Zipzee help, Sunset was talking  with her sister. It was good for her realize some stress while complaining of the dump things that keep happening around her. 

“How is your griffin friend?,” asked Twilight before sipping from her coffee mug.

“Oh Gilda? She went back home soon after she recovered,” responded Sunset with a smile.”She said will visit back again when she fell like it.” as she laugh. 

“Of course, like any other griffin,” said Twilight laughing,

“What about the others?” asked Sunset,

“Skystar is visiting her mom this week, the others are taking care of duties back in Canterlot,” responded as she looked at the kitchen, “they wanted to let Spike spend time with us without interfering, but we needed an escort so that's why Zipzee came too.”

“Are things better back there or nothing has changed?” asked Sunset worried. 

“Hmm still a pain on the flank, but the princess is no longer our problem,” said Twilight sighing,”she is busy with her upcoming duties and the new night guard which we us time to relax.”  

“That’s good,” said Sunset smiling as Spike and Zipzee arrived with the food, causing her to remember those breakfast in the castle with everypony, especially seeing the eggs on Spike, Zipzee and Twilight plates. 

“You sure you don't want some,” asked Spike looking at his aunt Sunset.

“You know what, I will take some it's been awhile since we share at breakfast at the actual time,” responded Sunset as she handle her plate to Spike with her magic. 

“Awesome!” responded the dragon with a smile. 

Their meal went without issues and after a lovely time together, Twilight retire to Sunset room to sleep and recover after the long trip together with Zipzee. Sunset returned to her duties at the library while Spike was taking a nap in the living room. Everything looked like was going to be a good normal day for her, but all ended as Rainbow Dash crashed into the library through the door waking up Spike in the process. Soon after all of her friends were gathering in the library although some looked a little different, specially Rarity having her mane and fur looking quite awful, or Pinkie with a huge tongue hanging out of her mouth. As Sunset saw that Applejack was missing Applebloom entered the library looking completely normal, except for the mini Applejack standing on her head. The first thing Sunset did after looking at the state of her friends was to laugh until tears were coming out of her eyes and was on the floor holding her sides as it was starting to hurt. Even Spike couldn't handle and laugh at them too. 

“Finish?” asked a pissed Rainbow Dash.

“No quite, but it hurts,” responded Sunset trying to stand. “What the hay happen to you guys?” she asked while cleaning her tears. 

“We were cursed by Zecora!” said Mini-jack 

“Zecora do potions, not curses,” said Sunset tired of the same ideas against her friend. 

“Who is Zecora?” asked Spike also cleaning his tears. 

“She is a witch that lives in the Everfree forest!” said a pissed Rainbow Dash.

“She is not!” responded Applebloom, 

“Applebloom is right she is not a witch, she’s just a zebra,” said Sunset, “technically a shaman.”

“Cool,” said Spike, “can I meet her?” asked to Sunset with an innocent smile.

“Sure, I will need to get some samples in a few days again,” responded Sunset, 

“Are you crazy!” said Rainbow Dash, “She cursed us with her crazy zebra magic! And you want to have a tea party with her!?”

As Sunset was going to respond to her friends complains and screaming when the door from the upper floor opens with a loud bang getting everypony attention. An angry Twilight with glowing eyes was glaring deadly at them from the door, before using the famous Canterlot voice from the princesses commanding for silence before closing the door with her magic returning to the bed. Everypony was sent flying out of the tree including Sunset and Spike landing right at the entrance. 

“Right, Twily just arrived this morning from the Dragon Lands” said Sunset while getting back in her hoof,”never wake her up during the day, she gets cranky.”

“Noted,” responded a pile made out of ponies in the middle of the road. 

Unable to convince the others Sunset didn't have any other option but to go with them to Zecora’s hut, Applebloom and Spike also went along mostly they wanted to finally meet her.

It was almost nightfall when Twilight wake-up, realizing she was sleeping on Sunset’s room she decided to get up just to find a sleeping Zipzee right next to her with a pleasing smile that brought Twilight a smile of her own. It was at while since she heard anypony on the library, making her way to the balcony she took fly as fast that nopony saw but a blur, looking into the sky as the sunset turned into the twilight and focusing her power she began to sing her melody as the stars came to live and the darkness of the night too over the sky. Soon the moon starts shining on the horizon as Twilight finished her song. Returning at the balcony she was greeted by a bowing Zipzee. Twilight leave the room and followed by Zipzee went into the kitchen, she was going through the food available only to be stopped by a nervous Zipzee that made sure to prepare the food herself, only to have Twilight rolling her eyes as she took her sit at the table. 

Time passed late into the night and nopony has returned at the library, Twilight was enjoying the free time while reading a “few” books, Zipzee was also reading while passing time waiting for the other to return. As the clock passes midnight, Twilight closes her book, place it on top of a big pile of books, stretched before she gazed Zipzee who was getting up.  Smiling at her Twilight walked out of the library to the front door. 

“Alright Z, it's time to find out why it's taking them so long,” said Twilight leaving through the front door. Zipzee saluted and went after her.  

Walking all the way through town, she discovered thanks to the help of a few ponies from town that Sunset and the others went into the Everfree forest looking for some witch, and seeing how frightened they behaved telling Twilight, she imagined was a powerful one. 

“We didn't know there was a powerful sorcerer living on the forest,” said Twilight walking with Zipzee on the Everfree. 

“I think if there was one the sun princess would have tell you about it,” responded Zipzee keeping an eye to their surroundings.

“True...” murmured Twilight as she started to scan the area with her magic, “we can feel the awful magic of the tree, and our sister’s, but nothing more about from any other unicorn.”

“Probably these ponies don't even know if it is a real witch, you know who ponies are with the unknown,” responded Zipzee with a sour expression. 

“We believe you are right dearest Z,” said Twilight bumping her friend with her tight “they get to miss the beauty of what the darkness of the night brings, and the mysteries of adventure.” said smiling at her. Continued into the forest they follow were twilight felt Sunset’s magic source. Along the way they saw a few strange bugs flying around which cause Twilight to felt a little nostalgic, even thought those were not her own feelings but those of a part of her, she knew what those little monsters were. He really brought everything he wanted here, although he could create more of his “toys” this little guys were the worst for farmers... thought Twilight as she continues. 

“Oh look my queen, such beautiful flowers! Let me get some for you!” said Zipzee as she was going to enter a peculiar flower field only to be stopped by Twilight’s magic.

“As beautiful they are my dearest Z, those are flowers you don't want to get close to,” said Twilight placing her friend next to her, “Those are Poison Jokes, they look innocent but their power could be like a really bad joke after a few hours.”

“Are they deadly?” asked Zipzee worry

“Neigh, just really annoying, but can cause temporary changes on your body,” responded Twilight as she continue her way into the forest. 

“What kind of changes?,” asked Zipzee. 

“Like those,” responded Twilight sighing as she pointed with her hoof to the mini pony stuck in a spider web crying for help as a doodle maned rarity was trying to help her. Looking at the chaos in front of them Zipzee couldn't help but laugh at their misfortune.

“Well we found them,” said Zipzee holding her laugh with a hoof. 

“You sure did,” responded Sunset appearing from within the forest followed by the rest of her friends with a sleeping Spike on her back. 

“Good night sis,” said Twilight with a grin, “We see you got your hooves busy while we were resting.”

“You don't want to know,” responded Sunset with a gloomy face. 

“Poison Joke?” asked Twilight

“Yeah, how do you know?” asked Sunset surprise,”I just discover that thanks to Zecora.”

“Well, we saw a few on the way her, and who is this Zecora?” said Twilight.

“Oh she is a new friend I met a few days ago, she is from Zebrica,” responded Sunset smiling.

“Hmm a zebra, she must have really good knowledge of plants and potions then.” said Twilight scratching her chin with a hoof, “she already give you the antidote then?”   

“Yeah, a simple herb bath apparently,” responded exhausted Rarity. “And I’m dying for one right now!” 

“So have you ponies meet this witch the town was talking about?” asked Zipzee

“Uh w-witch?” asked a sweating mini applejack

“Yes, we hear an evil with lives around these parts, so we thought you ponies were looking for her too,” responded Zipzee as Twilight scanned the different expression everypony was making while averting their eyes. 

“Do we miss anything important?” asked Twilight rising an eyebrow.

“Nah really miss Twilight, just adults learning their lesson,” responded a smiling Applebloom appearing behind Sunset. 

“Well, isn't this little filly really over due from bed time?” said Twilight smiling at the filly who give her an embarrassed smile. 

“Honestly, we all are,” responded Sunset as they continue exiting the forest.

“What a shame, is such a beautiful night,” said Twilight with a small voice mostly no pony heard her, except Zipzee that just rested her hip on Twilight for support. “We should return soon to Canterlot, there's our report to present and paperwork to do plus a sweet ban for the princesses to impose.” she said to Zipzee who show her a toothy grin.

“Sorry for not being there today, after you took your time to visit,” said Sunset after walking all the way back and they arrived at the forest entrance.  

“Is fine, you have your things to do, besides we needed the rest,” responded Twilight with a smile, “just made for it next time we see each other.”

“Sure, at the Gala then,” said Sunset with a small smile.

“Ugh, don't remind us please,” said Twilight with a sour expression. 

“I know what you mean...” said Sunset sighing, “see you around Lil' sis.” said Sunset with a smile as she hugged Twilight. 

“You too take care,” said Twilight returning the hug before stepping away from them to teleport, “just a little advise” she said grinning before casting the spell, “careful with the Parasprites.” Before Sunset could ask what she meant Twilight was gone. And in the middle of the night only a “WHAT!?” was heard coming from Pinkie Pie.