• Published 11th Sep 2019
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Twilight's Nightmare - Nightsclaw

Twilight in her most desperate of moments, issues a cry for help. She was not expecting the Nightmare to be her saviour.

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CH 12 Connections and Consequences

The sound of Grey's quills endlessly scribing and the rustle of scrolls moving, filled Twilight with nostalgia. A sad smile crossed her face. All of that time from before she truly knew what friendship was. All of that time, when all she wanted was to be left alone, free to read in peace.

Now that she had it, all she wanted was the distractions to come back. Rainbow crashing through the window. Pinkie and her surprise parties. If only I could walk out the front door and see my friends. She wishfully thought.

She glanced up, looking for Dreams. She craved being enclosed in those perfect wings once more. But no, she was not back yet. She had left to prepare a bath for her. She had to admit that just the thought of it seemed divine.

Her mind thought back to the many spa trips she shared with the girls. Was this what it would be like in a few hundred years? Her, all alone, missing her friends, her family? No, I will not believe that is Harmony’s Plan for me.

Setting aside her dark contemplations, Twilight slowly looked around the Grand Golden Oaks Library, taking it all in. Her Library was perfect, full of more books than she could count, every detail as if It was made just for her. She let out a quiet laugh. A whole plane of existence, just for me.

She ran a hoof over the floor, listening to the sound and feeling the texture of the wood. Everything felt real, not a single detectable fault. What is Cadance's Bastion like? And why did nopony tell me that I had one? How many more surprises am I going to find now that I’m an Alicorn? She mused, face twisting to a frown.

Looking at the doors, her friends, the parts that Celestia locked away and the others. The small door with just the Star she guessed was something to do with the original Twilight. Her attention focused on the last two. Why would she have a wing of her library dedicated to Luna? If what Dreams said was true, that would mean she has a connection with Luna.

Her eyes travelled back to her friend's doors. Could she use these connections to send messages? Could she scry on her friends and check how they were doing? Could she use her magic and bring them here? “A group hug would be perfect right about now,” Twilight said to nopony.

Her eyes fixed on the most troubling door and narrowed. The symbol of her mark covered by that of the Nightmare. What does it mean? Was I ever taken over by the Nightmare? Is that one of the memories that Celestia hid from me?

After her bath, she would have a lot of reading to do, and when her magic recovered, it would be time to experiment. Just the thought of all she could learn sent a shiver of anticipation through her.

Sudden motion behind the seal caught her eye, it looked like there was a little more fresh blood on the chains. She looked over at Grey. She was not much of a conversationalist apparently being unable to talk.

Twilight glanced at the blood. Feeling sorry for myself achieves nothing. She berated herself. It took no time to decide to help, and only moments to form a plan of action.

Briefly pausing at the implications of what she was going to attempt, she shrugged. It was her mind, she could do what she wished. No form filling required beforehoof.

She carefully checked her body, muscle by muscle. Slowly stretching, twisting, rotating herself, she concluded she was good for limited activities. She dragged herself to her hooves. Still weak but moving, she smiled.

Seeking out and finding some wood that was not part of the tree itself, she concluded a small table was her best option. She lit her horn and set to work.

She would be using simple low powered spells she honestly never thought she would use again. Or am I using them for the first time? Twilight thought as her eyes flicked to the patchwork toy.

What would her parents think, what would Shining think? Her eyes fixed on the white book. Are my parents my grandparents? She was going to have to have a lot of long talks with a lot of ponies. Celestia would know but did she dare confront her?

A week ago the thought that under some definitions, ‘Celestia was her mother’ would have filled her heart with joy. Now she just felt betrayed and scared. What will the Princess do if she finds out I know, let alone the fact that I practically gave my body away?

Twilight shook her head, getting back to her self appointed task. She would have enough time to work the rest out later.

She cut, shaped and remade it into a wooden tunnel. It was about large enough for books to be passed through. Any larger and she doubted she could make this work. She might be an Alicorn, but she doubted she was in the same league as Celestia, yet. So she would just have to be smart about it.

Now if I mix this strengthening array with parts of this shield sapping spell, reconfigure it to work vs Seals. Now to specialise it against Solar, Astral and Fire aspected magic.

“Thank you, Starlight.” Who knew our weekly magic duels would prove useful here.

Aiming her horn at her new creation, Twilight fired a thin beam of magic. It was an ingenious modification of a surface cleaning spell to turn it into a disintegration beam. When did I come up with this? She briefly pondered.

With long practiced aim and control, she danced the beam over the wooden surface, etching arcane runes in intricate patterns. Smiling as she worked, Twilight began to hum Dreams’ lullaby. The tune and working towards an objective did wonders to lift her mood.

“And done.” With a flourish Twilight set her creation spinning in her magical aura.

She walked to Grey's seal, her newly constructed gift held in her magic. Grey looked up at her, the quills falling still in the air for a moment. Twilight met her intense eyes and tried not to be overwhelmed by the bitterness she saw within, she smiled in greeting."

This is for you, you should not have to hurt yourself just for helping me." Twilight moved the wood towards the chains with her magenta magic.

Grey pointed to her horn with a hoof and shook her head. Twilight stopped, eyes wide. Grey’s foreleg was made of wood, it was painted to match her coat colour perfectly. At this range, there was no mistaking it for anything other than a prosthetic.

Twilight looked at her own foreleg, her stolen foreleg. She could feel her body start to tremble. No, I will not break down, I have a job to do. She demanded of herself. Deliberately taking a breath and recalling Dreams' Lullaby, she stilled her body.

Twilight looked back up "So no magic touching the seal?"

Grey nodded, so she set to work without her magic. Taking the wooden tunnel in her front hooves Twilight reared up, using her wings for balance, she moved closer. Twilight started to force it between the chains, twisting it this way and that. The runes glowed taking in the golden energy but only barely loosened the chains. It felt like she was pushing Tom without the benefit of her earthpony might.

Her limbs burned, her back legs were really not happy about supporting so much of her weight, let alone pushing something through the seal. Her efforts were spreading the chains apart by just the smallest margin. She would do this. She had stood against every challenge put in front of her, this would not stop her.

A growled curse escaped her as she pushed harder. Something twisted inside of her, power rushing into her straining muscles invigorating them. The magically reinforced wood creaked under the increased grip. She used all her might, She could feel the floor crack under her rear hooves.

The tunnel suddenly slipped forward, and the sharp blades on the chains bit into her flesh. She hissed in pain but pressed on, it was so close, just a little more, and she would be done.

Grey reached into the seal, fresh cuts causing her blood to mix with Twilights. Grey grabbed the chains, prying them apart if only a little. With a final lurch, it was done.

No longer needed, the strange power reinforcing her faded. Twilight slumped dropping tiredly back to all fours.

She dearly hopped the fresh blood deposits were the last either of them would have to pay. Her eyes glanced at the multiple cuts on her forelegs, it was still fascinating to watch her flesh perfectly knit itself back together. If only it would clean the blood from my coat too.

The passageway now in place, Grey took a step back and nodded. She raised a hoof, tracing the shape of a smile over her expressionless face. Twilight’s answering smile was radiant as warmth filled her chest. She was helping ponies again. She half expected her mark to glow, signifying another job well done, another mission complete.

The sound of hooves clapping behind her caught her attention. Twilight, startled, quickly looked, only to be caught up in a surprise hug by Dreams’ warm wings.

"Oh, my little Star" Dream said, nuzzling her, a beautiful, joyful smile on her muzzle.

Twilight blushed, the hug was nice. It added to the growing warmth inside of her. Everything was better with Dreams’ wings around her.

Grey waved before heading back to her task, some of the bitterness in her eyes missing. Dreams did a double-take. "So that is what she looks like when she is happy?"

Twilight laughed, for this moment at least, she was happy. She pressed against Dreams’ body, returning the embrace.

"Bath’s ready, it's a bit of a walk to get there so..." Dreams smiled mischievously as her silver aura lifted Twilight.


"The water will be cold by the time we get there if I let you walk". Dreams placed Twilight on her back, legs hanging down either side of her body.

"I'm not a foal."

"Your hurt, every pony needs help when they are recovering and you little Miss Element of Magic are no different.” Dreams said, sticking out her tongue.

Seeing Dreams act like a foal was just too much, Twilight laughed.

"Much better."

Dreams cantered off, heading to the stairs. Feeling the motion of Dreams Muscles under her was a different experience than simply being carried in her magic, it was pleasant.

Twilight regarded the door with Nightmare’s mark atop her own. Shaking her head, she spoke, “Dreams, is there any way we can help Nova? She is down there, isn’t she?” Twilight pointed a hoof at the floor.

A growl came from below. Nova can hear me? Twilight thought.

Dream not seeming to have noticed the growl answered “No… I don't think so not unless you can defeat Celestia’s seal.”

“What about cutting through the floor?”

Dreams shook her head, “No, that would just hurt you and damage your wellspring, as long as that door is there, there is no other way down to the basement.”

“Knock three times if you can hear me,” Twilight said

Dreams stopped walking and gave Twilight a puzzled look. “Who are you…”




Dream jumped before looking down puzzled.

“Nova, do you remember the old Telegram code?” Twilight said.

A pattern of knocks followed.

“Yes, we have communication!” Twilight cheered. If it were not for Dreams’ wings holding her, Twilight would have jumped off her ride, performing a happy dance right then and there; or fallen flat on her face given how weak she was feeling.

“Well, Miss Nova, Twilight here is going to have a bath. You can talk all you want later,” Dreams said.

Another series of knocks and a hungry growl came from below. Twilight blushed, her face felt like it was on fire, but she could not take her eyes off Dreams, not with Nova’s suggestions.

Dreams started moving again. Twilight now more aware of Dreams’ attractive body and how the muscles felt moving beneath her. Why did you have to point out just how perfect she looks. She thought as she relaxed against Dreams’ warmth. The fatigue from helping Grey dragging her eyes closed.

If this is my prison, at least it has more company than the moon. She thought as she let herself start to fall asleep to Dreams warmth and comforting scent once more. She noticed Dreams’ magic lifting something from the floor as they passed Rainbow’s door it looked like a screwed up bit of paper, but Twilight did not care. I can clean the library later. She thought as rest claimed her.

Twilight was clean, relaxed and feeling worlds better. The warm scented water and Dreams’ talented hooves had managed to work some life back into her body, removing all traces of blood from her coat. She would not be doing the Running of the Leaves any time soon, but she could freely move about. She just didn't want to at the moment.

She let out a contented hum as she examined her bathroom, it was huge. The bath itself was fed by a heated waterfall and was large enough for at least ten fully grown Alicorns. Truth be told, it was more a pool than a bath. Other than the wood and natural stone decor that fitted the library so well, it would happily fit in Canterlot Palace.

Rarity would love this place. Twilight thought, her mind lazily beginning to construct a spell to bring her here.

She looked over to Dreams who was lounging next to her. Dreams stretched out and smiled softly at Twilight.

“So you are back with us?” Dreams said with a cheeky smile.

“Too comfy to words.” Twilight lowered herself in the water relishing its warmth.

“But it's time for a learn something,” Dreams teased.

Twilight’s ears immediately were erect, turning to focus on Dreams.

Dreams lifted her hoof from the bath, an orb of water seemingly stuck to it. “There are a lot of things you have not been told about Alicorns my Little Star.”

Twilight eyes fixed on the orb, it was clearly not unicorn magic. She leaned closer to her, horn lighting with a few analytical spells. Her eyes going wide as the results started to come in. Something was blocking her magical scan. No, not blocking it was causing it to bend around the orb.

“Boop,” Dreams said, placing the orb on against the end of Twilight’s muzzle.

Twilight scrunched her muzzle and pulled her head back looking at the ripples going through the water. “Is this just some effect b...”

Dreams laughed.“So are you ready for your lesson?”

Lesson? Just like that Twilight's ears were upright and alert.“Here, now?”

Dreams nodded, “Yes the water will be useful.” She tossed the orb into the air catching it with the other hoof.

“I can’t take notes here,” Twilight said, her eyes tracking the orb as her mind frantically tried to come to some conclusion on how this was possible.

Twilight once more found her nose meeting with the water orb again. She could feel it, there was some sort of boundary around the water. It was magic of some type, but not unicorn, pegasus or earthpony. Something about it felt familiar, but where had she encountered anything like this?

“There are at least five types of ponies that make up an Alicorn….”

Then Twilight remembered the magic felt similar to what she had experienced in the Crystal Empire. Her eyes were wide, and her hunger for knowledge apparent. She leaned in close, almost muzzle to muzzle to Dreams. “So I’m part Thestral and Crystal Pony?”

“That’s right My Little Star,” Dreams said. her only reaction a small smile.

Twilight grinned. the praise felt intoxicating on its own. More so than Dream’s lovely scent. Focus, Twilight, focus. There was learning to be done. She would save thinking how sexy Dreams looked or the fact they were so close they were almost kissing for later.

She pulled back sitting up on her haunches, looking every part the attentive student. “So what features do Alicorns have from these two?”

Dream raised the orb of water. “This is Crystalpony magic. Think of it as an improvement of the grip field all ponies project from their hooves, just much more versatile. Crystalponies have it flowing over their bodies, acting as armour. To harm them, you need to first shatter this protection, and as you have seen from the water orb, it can be hard to get through it with magic. With practice, it can be used to cut solid matter and even catch spells.”

Dreams pushed the orb of water towards Twilight. “Try and lift it with a single hoof.”

Twilight reached out with a hoof placing it against the orb. She could feel the cooling sensation of the Crystal-Magic, her grip seemed to just slide off it, just like the scanning spell had.

Twilight narrowed her eyes, she could feel this magic so she could interact with it. Placing her hoof firmly against the orb she reached for and pulled on this Crystal-Magic.

The orb imploded, water splashing everywhere. Twilight blinked and looked sheepish.

“Not what I was expecting, but amazing progress My Little Star.”

“But I failed…”

“Look at your hoof.” Dream nodded to the hoof.

Twilight’s hoof and lower leg were covered in shimmering magenta crystal. She flexed her leg; everything moved correctly. “Wow.”

“Once you have your Crystal-Armour in place it takes no effort, no concentration to maintain it, for a Crystalpony it regenerates on its own, for us Alicorns we have to deliberately reform it.”

“So the individual tribes have advantages over Alicorns?” Twilight said frowning at her hoof shaking it.

“More like they have a head start with their own abilities and given they only have one....”

“They can spend more time to master it.” Twilight placed her front hooves together and pulled on the Crystal-Armour. The crystals dissolved into light flowing over the other hoof before reforming. “How do I get rid of this?”

“Hold out your hoof,” Dreams instructed.

Twilight complied and waited expectantly. A blur of motion and a substantial impact smashed into her hoof. The sound of shattering glass and the shards falling into the water.

She was expecting pain, she was expecting something. The only thing she had felt was the impact, and her hoof being knocked back. Twilight looked up, seeing that Dreams had clearly struck her. She blinked unsure what to say.

“Until you have it mastered you will probably have to smash it to be rid of it.”

“Oh, that's a bit wasteful.”

“And so is teleporting everywhere you could easily walk.”

“I will have you know I save at least four hours a week by reducing travel time using short-range teleportation.”

“If you value your time over stockpiling your magic reserves then yes it is better.”

“Is that why Celestia is so powerful? She just keeps saving her magic, year after year, hardly using any of it?”

Dreams nodded. “Yes, the more magic you try to force yourself to hold, the slower it will recover. On the other hoof constantly using your power will strengthen your magic and allow you to recover faster.”

“But it still pales against an Alicorn who has been hoarding their magic for hundreds of years?” Twilight asked.

Dreams nodded. “Shall we move on with the lesson?”

“So, Thestrals?” Twilight asked.

“Yes, Thestrals, you should be able to freely swap between pegasus and thestral features. How do you think Luna can still have fangs or have her eyes change when she is angry?”

“Show me.”

Dreams did, the shift happened slowly her ears gained tufts, her eyes became slited. Twilight bit her lip, she liked what she saw. This silver maned beauty of the night was not a Nightmare. She was a dark temptress in full glory.

Desperate to hide her reaction, Twilight grabbed Dreams by the shoulders and shouted, “Teach Me!” She blinked before continuing in a bashful whisper, “Please.”

Only taken back briefly, Dreams responded, “Of course, My Little Star.”

“The Thestral magic is best left until you get a taste for it.” Dream put on a warm smile. “Your homework for this subject is to take the first step on your own. All you need to do is to channel a little of your Alicorn power through your eyes. Then try to force yourself to see in the dark. When things seem to brighten, you have succeeded and are ready to learn more.”

Twilight raised her hoof as if in class. “How do I deliberately channel my Alicorn power?” Twilight’s eyes sparkling with interest. New magic and homework, things just kept getting better and better.

Dream frowned. “Yet another thing that she kept from you.” She smiled at Twilight with pride. “Then you are truly amazing to be as powerful as you are without knowing that.” She paused, taking on a thoughtful look. “What can you tell me about Alicorn Power?”

“Not much.” Twilight shrugged currently too focused on the lesson and her sexy teacher to even consider Celestia withholding yet more things from her. “Only that it is the core contributor to what makes Alicorns Immortal.”

“True but it is so much more than that. Alicorn magic in the purest form does almost nothing other than making one seem impressive. Its true strength comes from combining with other types of magic. It arguments and strengthens whatever it is mixed with.”

“So If I channel it into my horn when casting spells it will amplify them,” Twilight said, settling back comfortably in the bath. Not being able to take notes was a pain but the sheer luxury was more than making up for it.

Dreams nodded, “Ever since your ascension all your spells have been infused with just a trace of Alicorn power. That little bit was enough to at least double their potency.”

Twilight thought back to helping Grey, she closed her eyes and sent her senses inwards seeking the core of the power that lent her strength. It was one of the first meditations Celestia had taught her.

Her wellspring was still depleted and out of balance, but it was steadily healing. It took moments to find the three types of magic she was used to.

Her unicorn magic blazing like a magenta star. Her earthpony and pegasus magic were almost lost against its brilliance.

Looking around, she searched for something more. She found a few faint whispers of at least three other magics but nothing matching what she was looking for just a vast sea of empty space.

The space between! She realised, all the space in her wellspring was no longer an empty void like when she was just a unicorn. No, now it was all full with the faint previously ignored glow of her Alicorn Magic. It was binding all the different types of magic together, allowing them to coexist without destructively interfering with each other.

She reached out to it, pulling just the smallest amount into herself, spreading it out throughout her body, her wings, her horn, her hooves.

Twilight opened her eyes and was greeted by Dreams' pleased smile. Twilight’s body felt alive and powerful. She stretched, she could tell that she was still weakened. Yet she felt physically stronger than she had since the time she had the combined magic of all the other Alicorns within her.

“Just like that, My Little Star.” Dreams pulled her into a hug.

Twilight leaned into the hug hiding her blush from Dreams. Having the Alicorn power infusing her whole body was not just strengthening her muscles; it was amplifying her sense of touch, Dreams coat against her, the warmth radiating from her just felt lovely.

She could stay like this forever; regrettably, Dreams pulled back from the hug to continue the lesson.

“Out of all the magic, Alicorn magic is the most affected by emotion, it will twist the magic, altering it to fit the intent you hold in your heart. Other ponies that you are near may be emotionally affected when you use Alicorn magic depending on how you feel. Normally awed or terrified, but other responses can be crafted.”

“If you hold too much anger or hate towards a pony, you will not be able to heal or protect them unless you forgo using any Alicorn magic. In fact, if your hate is enough, you might even harm them with the attempt.” Dreams warned.

Worry crossed Twilight face, she certainly did not want to harm anypony by accident, let alone when she was trying to help them. A few moments when she was angry or frustrated with her friends crossed her mind. Might she hurt them by mistake if she felt like that again? Despite the relaxing environment, panic started to build in her chest.

A wave of water crashed into Twilight. She spluttered, getting the bathwater out of her nose and mouth. “What did you do that for?”

“It broke your chain of thought, right?”

Twilight considered then nodded “Thank you,” she said halfheartedly.

“You have nothing to worry about. All you need to do is channel the Alicorn power away from your horn when you cast, and it will act like normal unicorn magic.”

“So, back to what I have mastered.” Twilight nodded, feeling much calmer now. She had options and knew how to avoid the problem.

“Now this next lesson is rather pleasant, but you can not share it with anypony but another Alicorn.”

Twilight raised an eyebrow.

“To an Alicorn, this is as basic and important as preening. To a normal pony, this would be painful even possibly lethal. Come lay down and spread your wings,” Dreams said, guiding Twilight into the shallows of the bath.

“Now, as an Alicorn, you have all the internal ley lines of the other tribes. Unlike the other tribes having the wrong energy flowing through them is not harmful.”

“So I could channel Earthpony magic through my horn?”

“Yes, it is a standard technique in Alicorn horn fencing. Now pay attention as I am the only one you can practice on, and I would rather not feel too much pain today.”

Dreams held a hoof up, Twilight could feel the magic beginning. She focused on it as the air rippled. Letting her senses shift to see the magic, it seemed like green nature aspected magic danced with blue wind magic. All of it held together with the silver glow of Dreams’ Alicorn magic.

“The mix should be half and half. By matching part of it to the leyline to be affected, you force it open. The opposing energy can then cleanse the leylines of any residue.”

“Residue?” Twilight asked in confusion.

“Unless an Alicorn has total control and focus, a little of all the types of magic flow in every leyline. This causes a residue to build up. This leads to a lack of sensitivity and fine control. With you formerly being a unicorn and a powerful one at that, all your ley lines are going to have huge amounts of unicorn magic residue. Ideally, this should be done weekly for perfect health.”

Why did Celestia or Luna not tell me any of this? Twilight thought with anger. Keeping secrets was one thing risking my health is another.

“None of those dark thoughts now, My Star.” Dream’s hooves descended upon Twilight wings.

The mixed energy forcing into her leylines. Twilight gasped, her wings went numb yet flared with sensation. She trembled, trying to figure out what she was feeling. Pain, pleasure, touch or heat? It was like every sense was just shouting, leaving nothing but an incomprehensible noise.

Slowly it calmed and in its wake came clarity, she could feel every feather, every slight movement of the air around her. Twilight let out a satisfied moan as Dreams' expertly continued to work on her wings. She could feel her pegasus magic flowing so much better. Buck me, weekly? Who would not want this daily? She thought.

On a whim she twitched a primary, forcing pegasus magic though it. The feather crackled with lightning. Yes. She had never been able to get that to work. Who knew it was due to a common Alicorn health problem. I'm going to give Rainbow a run for her bits when I get back.

Dream applied more pressure, Twilights back arched. All thoughts of racing a pony she might know, fell out of her mind. This was divine, for once in her life, she was tempted to ask for that little extra that would turn this from the best massage ever to something more. She just knew that if she made that request Dreams would not deny her. No, I have things to learn, this is still a lesson.

Dreams moved from one leyline to the next changing the mix of magic needed for each one. Twilight committed each instruction to memory, how much magic to use, each observation and each bit of advice. The only surprise was that her unicorn ley lines were mostly clear due to how overpowered that aspect of herself was in comparison to the others.

By the time it was over, Twilight was utterly helpless and almost purring. She was oblivious to the world around her. As Twilight’s senses and mind recovered, she found herself laying beside Dreams who was enjoying a cup of tea.

“Welcome back,” Dreams said.

“That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt,” Twilight said, her eyes slowly focusing on Dreams.

“So do you remember the lesson?” Dream asked as she lay down, spreading her own wings.

Twilight let her eyes roam, admiring Dreams body, she was perfect. Her every feature crafted to appeal. Ever since Nova's comment earlier, she was finding it hard not to just reach out and touch her. She moved atop Dreams to get better access to the wings of the larger Alicorn.

She pressed her hooves against Dreams flight muscles, letting a mix of earthpony and pegasus magic force its way into Dreams leylines. Dreams hissed and flinched slightly. Guilt flared in Twilight, she quickly readjusted her field. Dreams slight moan let her know she had both the mix and power right.

Was Dream the Nightmare? Did it make any difference? She called for help and was answered. Twilight remembered the power reaching out for her, the offer, and her acceptance. If there were a court that dealt with evil possessing spirits, it would be a pretty open and shut case. Her current situation was infinitely better than being on the Altar bleeding, slowly dying.

“Dreams,” Twilight said.

“Hmm,” Dream answer was fogged with pleasure.

“Why are you so good to me?”

Looking up over her shoulder Dreams answered “It makes me happy, and I love how cute you can be,” her eyes had a strange expression for a moment, “Especially when you blush.”

Dream tensed her body in all the right places, her wings spread showing off her magnificent plumage, horn tilted just so to catch the light and now looking straight into Twilight’s eyes.

Twilight blushed, breathing hard. Nova’s contented purring vibrated in Twilights chest. She was straddling the back of the most beautiful mare she had ever seen, and with that one look, she felt wanted, she felt desired.

If Dreams was the Nightmare, Twilight was not expecting being seduced by the darkness to be so literal. She felt like she was a character from one of Rarity's books.

“My Precious Star, is this what you want,” Dreams husky voice sent a tingle down Twilights spine her wing suddenly extending. She could feel the pose her body was taking, a mix of unicorn and pegasus courtship displays. Horn presented and wings spread. A small part of her mind was telling her how ridiculous she must look.

“Yes,” She almost whimpered “No.. maybe” Twilight whined.

Dreams ended her display, reaching up, slowly twisting and rolling on to her back so she could place a hoof on Twilights cheek. “Then we wait, My Little Star.”

"And if I don't want too?" Twilight purred. Where did that come from? She leant down pinning the larger Alicorn and running her horn against Dreams’ neck, channelling just a trickle of power,

Dreams closed hey eyes accepting her advances, letting out a small moan of pleasure. “Oh, by the Stars.”

What am I doing? This is not like me. Twilight thought. Then it clicked. I have just opened up a connection with a part of myself? Former self? Mother? Ahh, this is so confusing. That part is known for her passion, and I am definitely feeling passionate right now.

She could feel the fire building in her chest, and for the first time, it was not from rage. If she could not control herself, control Nova, she knew exactly what she would be doing over the next few hours. She had read many books on the subject, especially the one on Alicorns that Cadence gave her as a gift after her ascension. She even had a checklist prepared just in case, even if it was filed in the will-never-need section.

Is this what drives other ponies to physical relationships? Is this part of what I have been missing? Twilight thought impressed with herself that she could still think so clearly.

With Nova pushing her, the fact she had zero experience was not the crippling hindrance, she used to think it was. She wanted this, she needed this, she would have this. Twilight's mane and tail flickered, now waving, shifting to warm flames.

A push with her unicorn aura here, a press of a hoof infused with earthpony and pegasus magic there. Dreams turned to putty in her hooves.

What she was doing excited her, the fact that she had no control terrified her like nothing else. "Nova, stop it," Twilight commanded. Nothing happened. As her ability to think started to fade, that shrinking part of her panicked “Please…” she begged almost sobbing.

All at once, her breath calmed, and her heart slowed. The want, the desire, the need was still there but distant as if waiting. The fire in her chest cooled as her mane returned to normal. Taking a deep breath, Twilight looked up to see a now concerned-looking Dreams.

"Are… are you ok my Little Star?" Dreams said still breathing heavily. In moments, gone was the demeanour of the seductive mare, she was back to being the concerned mother. Even if she was struggling to get her wings under control.

The familiar comfort started to replace most of the heated desires Nova had gifted her.

"Of course I am ok, I am fine,” She babbled. “I just want to talk to my friend and ask what to do about the most beautiful mare I have ever seen coming on to me, oh and the fact she lives in my mind, not forgetting I have never really been interested in anything like this before. Nothing strange here at all, nope not at all!" Twilight laughed nervously.

“You think I'm beautiful?” Dream smiled.

Twilight blushed. “Very.”

“And the only reason you stopped was that Nova was influencing you?”

Twilight absently nodded, it was all she could do, pinned by Dreams’ intense stare.

“Then we had better see about getting in contact with your friends, my Precious Star. If there is a single chance in Tartarus, you want to continue what you started. Then I will help you move both the Sun and Moon to make it happen.”

Twilight looked into Dreams eyes they seemed to be slightly slitted, they blazed with determination and hope.

The nightmare tried to bring eternal night because she was lonely and you just offered somepony that could be her a chance at a relationship. What have I just unleashed? Twilight thought to herself. She did not know if she should feel terrified or exhilarated. Nova’s rumbles let her know precisely what an unleashed Dreams could do to her. She let her eyes fall closed as she trembled with anticipation, she was definitely exhilarated.

A powerful force wrapped around her. “Eep,” Twilight’s eyes shot open. She was enveloped in Dreams’ silver aura and was moving, being dragged through the air at speed.

Dreams stepped out of the water, a burst of force and heat magic and they were both dry, if a little fluffy looking. With that done, Dreams galloped off, Twilight trailing behind her levitating.

“Watch out for that wall!” Twilight shrieked covering her face with her forelegs.

They got back to the main chamber of the library without Twight hitting any walls, but it was a near thing with Dreams’ haste.

“Ok, here are your links to your friends,” Dreams said pointing with a wing as the marked doors. “If we are lucky it should be as simple as going in to be able to talk to your friends.”

Twilight needed romantic advice, and with no way to contact Cadence, Rarity was the best pony for the job. So she carefully pushed open the door to Rarity’s wing and entered.

It was still part of the tree, but everything was decorated in Rarity’s impeccable style. The vast wing extended as far as the eye could see, branching off into fine restaurants, workrooms and Celestia knows what else. Bolts of fabric, dresses and other articles of clothing shared space between the books with fine jewels and pictures of everypony her friend knew.

Twilight let her eyes linger on a group photo of her and all her friends. She missed them all dearly.

A flash of motion caught her attention. She turned seeing an open book sat upon a beautiful gem-encrusted lectern as a self animate quill wrote.

Twilight moved up to the open book reading the words as the lavender quill scratched across the page. One of my feathers she noted.

Rarity spoke, “Are you quite sure we need to hurry this much darling?” All this rushing is just murdering my mane.

“It’s about Twilight, she is here in Ponyville,” Rainbow said.

All concern about fashion left Rarity’s mind. “Twilight,” She whispered almost not daring to believe what she had just heard.

I’m home? Or at least my body is...Wait just a minute, that book is recording what is happening right now from Rarity’s point of view, even her thoughts. Twilight smiled; she had contact with her friends after a fashion, but it was such a breach of trust. Would they be happier knowing or not knowing their entire lives were being recorded here?

Twilight scanned the books she could see around the wing. Some were instructional books, at least two on spells, hundreds on fashion and gem cutting. All of her skills recorded for the ages. She thought with awe.

Most of the books were like the journal currently being written. A quick mental calculation based on the writing speed, apparent page count and the number of journals. This stretches back to at least our defeat of Nightmare Moon. I can see what Dreams meant by part of my friends would always be with me.

Pulling one of her own feathers, she created a quill of her own. Charging it with magic, she wrote in the current journal.

Rarity can you hear me, is this message getting through to you?

“It is almost like she is already with us, I just can not wait until this is all over and we can relax in the spa together.” Rarity said, a smile forming on her face. Somehow she just knew Twilight was alright.

Rarity galloped off towards the castle full of more hope than she had been in days. If not for the fact it would have been unladylike she could have giggled at the stunned look on Rainbows face at her abrupt change of pace.

So some effect but not enough for direct communication. Twilight tapped a hoof against her chin. So my options are to check Luna’s wing for dream walking or Nightmares for ‘other’ options. She looked back through the open door at where Dreams was still waiting in the main library. The Dream Realm is Luna’s domain, and I don’t know if I can risk letting her know yet. So only one choice left. She made her decision.

“My Dream.” Twilight smiled. She could definitely get used to addressing Dreams this way. “Thank you for being here for me.” She said as she approached Dreams.

“You are welcome, My Star.” Dreams bowed her head respectfully.

Twilight moved closer, wrapping her wings around Dreams. She placed a hoof against Dreams’ cheek with care. “I am about to investigate Nightmare’s wing… Will I find anything about you there?”

Dreams froze, she stopped even breathing. And there is my answer. Twilight thought.

“Yes,” Dreams’ voice was weak and trembled as she lowered her head.

“Please explain,” she said, keeping her voice soft as she held Dreams in the hug, her hoof still resting on Dreams’ cheek guiding her eyes to her own.

Dreams took a long breath. “As you know, the Elements of Harmony can not destroy anything. They can only imprison. You were her jailer My Star. She was trapped unable to do anything but watch you as your adventures continued.”

Twilight just calmly took everything and watched. She could feel Nova pacing below, waiting unsure if desire or vengeance would be called upon.

Dreams continued, “At first she was bitter, angry, she raged, she even managed to slightly weaken Celestia’s seals but could do nothing to those placed by Harmony itself.” Dreams smiled fondly. “So she watched you learning everything she could about you. In the end, she even came to respect you in her own way. You have been teaching the Nightmare Friendship lessons for years.”

Wait a minute, me teaching The Nightmare friendship lessons?Twilight’s mind almost skipped.

“Do you know what she has done since being free?”

“Yes, she has been protecting a foal. She rescued you from your captivity battling the cultist that hurt you. She even agreed to your terms to protect your friends.”

“Sweet Dreams, are you the Nightmare?”

“It doesn't matter. You made me a part of your self. Bound me to your library and gave me a new purpose. Thank you. My Little Star.”

Dreams leaned closer whispering into Twilight’s ear. “A purpose I like very, very much my Little Star. Let me thank you.”

Dreams hooves pressed into her flight muscles forcing earth magic into them. Electrified feather stroked her wings tips the two energies exploding into sensations where they met.

Twilight’s gasp blended into a long moan. Her eyes closing as her back arched. No, I have to stay focused. It was hard. “Please... please stop.”

Dreams paused, still on top of her. “As you wish My Star.”

“Please answer me, are you the Nightmare.”

“Not anymore, I don't think. I was once a part of her, like how Nova and Grey were a part of the original Twilight Sparkle.” Dream tensed, “I am her gift to you,” Dreams visibly tried to relax taking a calming breath. “This place and your desires shaped me. Allowed me to feel so much. To be so much more than before.” Dreams leaned in nuzzling her.

“I have been here with you My Star while the Nightmare is out there baring your pain, fighting your battles, protecting your friends.”

“Why?” Twilight managed to ask.

“Do you think she liked being a monster? Being used just to empower somepony? You set her free and only asked her to protect your friends as payment.”

Nightmare Moon was being used? By who? How? Why? Twilight’s mind swam with questions.

She is currently in bed recovering from terrible wounds, and she is still trying to look after a young filly.”

Twilight's mind jumped to Sparkle-Two. “My copy, the burns, the damaged horn and the stuffed toy.”


“Can I see her?”

“Of course” Dreams’ smile was so nice. “I know just the book you need.”

“Thank you...” Twilight was silenced as Dreams kissed her. Warmth spread from the kiss, and she could feel flames dancing in her mane.

The floor shook with the force of Nova’s pleased rumble. She blinked looking around, Dreams was gone now, heading to the Nightmare wing.

Dreams had kissed her. How did she feel about that? It felt nice, very nice. Her body clearly liked it.

She turned to watch Dreams casually trot away. She has such a beautiful flank, lovely warm wings and an elegant horn. She thought back to all those hugs. Not even considering what she could do with her ‘health’ treatments.

Was it all a trick? She had already freely given her body to the Nightmare after nearly being tortured to death. So did it matter? Her friends would be protected. She could sense the agreement there like an active spell, giving the Nightmare power over her. It felt like a chain upon her neck, almost unbreakable so long as the Nightmare kept her word.

She needed advice, but she could not talk to her friends. She glanced around the room, there were two ponies she could ask. Her siblings, parents, donors?

Twilight checked to see if Dreams was still in Nightmare’s wing. On seeing it was clear she spoke. “Do you two trust her?” Twilight looked at Grey and then down towards Nova.

Grey started writing on a fresh scroll as Nova tapped her response. The scroll was passed through the tunnel she had created earlier today.

She looked down at where she could feel Nova below. “So you like her and want to give her a chance.” Twilight then used her aura to bring the scroll before her and read.

#1 At this time, our goals align.
#2 The longer she is separated from the Nightmare, the more a part of this realm she becomes and hence yours.
#3 She is a useful instructor for you.
#4 Nova likes her.

#1 She was likely sent here to pacify you.
#2 You are attracted to her. This is a distraction.
#3 Nova likes her.

Nova liking her is a pro and a con? Twilight thought. “So more pros than cons, that sounds like we at least tentatively agree to trust her?”

Grey nodded stiffly, then headed back to her endless writing. Nova simply tapped ‘yes’.

“Everything since me getting these wings just keeps getting crazier.” Twilight lamented, trotting over to the reading nook they used before.

The tea service was still there, with barely a thought she tasked her magic with cleaning it and starting to prepare a new pot and three cups.

The patchwork toy was still there, she lifted it in her aura, meeting it’s gaze contemplating everything she had learnt over the past few days.

The rapid clopping of hooves on the wooden floor brought her back to reality. Dreams cantered towards her, a book dripping shadows following in silver aura.

“Why did you hide who you were, My Dream?” Twilight asked.

Dreams stopped approaching “I thought you would hate me if you found out.”

“Instead, you risked losing my trust forever.”

Dreams seemed to shrink under Twilight cold gaze. “Here, with you, for the first time, I had a friend.”

“We were both taken advantage of by Celestia, both hurt by those we trusted. We were both made to be tools.” Dream paused, fighting against her hesitation. “Even if you hate me now, thank you for the chance to be more than a tool. Thank you for my freedom.”

The book was lowered to the floor beside Twilight and Dreams turned, walking away. Twilight tilted her head and considered Dreams. She did not want to give up her only physical contact with another pony. As each of Dreams’ hooves sounded on the floor telegraphing her retreat, Twilight thought about every interaction she had with her.

“Sweet Dreams,” Twilight voice rang with command.

Dreams froze, looking over her shoulder. “Yes, Twilight?”

“I have had enough secrets for a lifetime. Can I trust there will be no more between us?”

A nod was the response a light of hope starting to shine in Dreams’ eyes.

I have no idea how Pinkie will enforce this here but, Twilight thought before speaking. “Will you Pinkie promise?”

“Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye,” Dreams said, going through the motions.

“FOREVER!” echoed in from Pinkie’s wing.

Both mares looked at the door for a moment. “Now that that’s out of the way.” Twilight patted the cushion next to her. “Tea?” she asked.

“That would be nice thank you.” Dream slowly trotted over and settled herself down.

Twilight’s aura floated the third cup over to Grey, placing it in the tunnel. “So, My Dream, Friends?” She said, offering her hoof. Discord, Starlight and now at least part of the Nightmare, who next?

Dream pulled Twilight into a bone-crushing hug. “Yes, My Star, Yes.”

Twilight used a bit of Alicorn magic to reinforce her earthpony durability and smiled. Dreams’ body pressed against her, their coats meshing. She relaxed relishing the sensation of Dreams’ warmth and enveloping wings.

Nova offered a suggestion, it only took Twilight a moment to decide. This time the kiss was different. It was deeper, more intense. This time Twilight started it, and Dreams returned it. Harmless flames spread from Twilight’s mane and tail, enveloping both mares.

The unique sound a wooden hoof performing a facehoof could be heard.

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