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In the land of Twilight, under the Moon - Snow Moon

Twilight Sparkle was dying because of the magic flare but the one the came to her rescue was not Celestia...

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“If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun” A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

In the middle of the city of Canterlot, Twilight was enjoying the view of the night sky from her balcony. Next to her was another a smaller alicorn, her appearance was very similar to Nightmare Moon’s, but her mane and tail were sparkling silver. Both night goddess were enjoying the cold breeze and beauty of the night. The alicorn similar to Nightmare Moon was saying something to Twilight to get her attention, but she couldn't hear anything she had said. The dark goddess continued speaking, without care if Twilight was able to understand a word. The night was quiet, maybe too quiet, that was until the screams of the other alicorn made Twilight shift her gaze from the sky to her companion, the smaller alicorn was starting to disintegrate as she screamed in pain at Twilight for help. But before Twilight could place a hoof on the other goddess she was gone, and then Twilight herself was starting to feel pain all over her body. Looking at her hoof, she found that it had started to disappear into the night, a sharp pain shooting up her leg. Closing her eyes, she waited for the end. Then there was nothing.

When Twilight opened her eyes in her domain, the starry sky. She felt safe surrounded by her stars, but just as she was starting to feel better, something happened. The stars one by one started to blackout and die, and she could feel the pain, and hear the screams for help of each star that died under the darkness. While the horizon got closer, the darkness consumed each star, leaving Twilight agonizing in pain as she succumb to the darkness and cold of the limbo.

Twilight opened her eyes in panic and realized she was in her chambers. Breathing heavily, she tried to recover from the horrors she had experienced, that nightmare was too real to be a simple dream. Right by her side was a worried Skystar. The hippogriff took her in her talons and helped calm her down by hugging her.

“Twily, feeling better? Was it the same nightmare again?” asked Skystar, sounding worried, as she used one of her talons to pet Twilight’s mane.

“Yes, we are okay. It was the same nightmare,” responded Twilight, recovering her peace of mind.

“You should ask Luna to help you with that, she’s supposed to rule over dreams. Besides, she was the one that started it after all...” said Skystar, lowering her voice, her tone bordering on anger.

“Nay, we should be fine after taking some fresh air,” said Twilight, using her magic to move out of the bed, making sure not to wake up the others sleeping around her, and walking next to the balcony doors.

“Want some company?” asked Skystar with a smile, as her wings flicked.

“Fear not Princess, we should be fine,” responded Twilight with a mischievous smile, as Skystar stuck her tongue out at her defiantly. She hated being called by her title, especially by Twilight. Twilight teleported again out of the room .before the pillow thrown by the hippogriff hit her.

Princess Celestia was enjoying lunch with her sister Luna, the princess of the night was still having troubles adapting herself to the current Equestria together with her usual sleeping schedule. As the night court was still not ready to be reopen she had a lot of free time, which the last past week, she used to study the new laws and politics of Equestria. Luna shifted her gaze from her food to her sister, unlike any other occasion since her return Celestia was unusually quiet. Sighing, Princess Luna, after looking at the lost sight in her sister eyes, asked what was happening.

“Sorry Lulu, I was just thinking on the events of the last few days,” responded Princess Celestia with an apologetic smile.

“Nay sister,” Luna said smiling at her sister, “what is making thee worry enough to keepeth thee from talking?” she asked with a teasing smile.

Princess Celestia lowered her head before looking at her sister, “Do you hate Twilight for what she did that night?” asked, causing her young sister to freeze at the sudden question.

“W-what kind of question is that sister? How could We hate the one the cease Us from harming our subjects?” responded nervously the night princess.

Celestia sighed looking at how her sister reacted, “Tell me Lulu, what happened that night for you to act like this?”

Luna closed her eyes, she remembered completely what had happened that night, the feelings both Nightmare Moon and her had shared, the hate against the young alicorn who had stole the stars from them, the joy they had watching her suffer on the darkness of the nightmares. She only needed response to Celestia question with the truth, let her sister know that for more than a decade she was teaching an alicorn, that for years her student hide from her the truth. But all she was able to respond was... “We cannot remember, sorry Tia.”

“Is alright Lulu. You were not yourself, I understand,” said her sister with a smile,”unfortunately, I need you to have somepony to help you get use to these modern times, and the only pony I know with the qualifications is her,” Luna looked at her sister with horror, the idea of having to deal with Twilight on daily basis and being Taught by her made her want to scream to the heavens,”please Luna, give her a chance, you both have some much in common that even scared me in many occasions.”

“Really?,”said Luna sarcastically rolling her eyes as Princess Celestia started telling her stories of a young Twilight Sparkle. “What about the other young alicorn, Our new niece?”

“Cadance can just barely do with her own studies, and is Twilight the one helping her with laws and politics,” responded Celestia cutting any option for Luna of not interacting with Twilight.She had to end up accepting of Twilight Sparkle teaching her the way of modern Equestria and its laws.

Finally free from her sister, Princess Luna retired to her chambers to rest for the day and be ready for the moon rise. Hoping something may happen and Twilight has to go away from Canterlot. On the way out of the dining hall the one pony she didn't want to cross pads with was just behind the door she just opened. Twilight and Luna keep staring at each other for quite a while until Twilight’s eyes flashed violet for a moment as she smiled slyly at her.

“Morning Lulu,” said Twilight keeping her smile.

“Is Princess Luna to thee, Lady Sparkle.” responded Luna frowning at her.

“Mmmm, we like Lulu though,” Twilight said giving her a sad, innocent expression.

“Please restrain yourself from referring to us by such friendly matters,” said Luna, continuing her unfriendly gaze as she passed by the lavender unicorn.

“Sleep well Lady Moon,” said Twilight as no emotion was reflected on her face or voice making Luna stop on the spot, but the door closed right behind her. Anger boiled inside Luna as she left to her chambers.

Twilight sighed as she continued her way to where Princess Celestia was still enjoying her lunch. The nobles in the room looked at her with hostility, while the other ponies that worked there were curious of spotting her at the time she normally is sleeping. Celestia took a glance of her student getting closer to her table and smiled at her.

“What a lovely surprise to have you accompany me for lunch,” said the princess to her student, “Luna was just here a few minutes ago too.”

“Morning Tia,” responded Twilight as she place her tired head on the table.
“You look really tired, Want some coffee?” said the princess a little worried,”you are not usually awake at this hours.”

“Rough night, we need coffee and food,” responded Twilight barely moving her mouth. Soon one of the servants came to take her request for lunch which has always caused discomfort from the nobles and surrounding ponies. The idea of a pony eating meat was just too barbaric and shocking for them.

“I’m starting to think you eat meat on your diet just to cause the nobles to fear you, my student,” said Celestia while looking at the different reactions from the surrounding ponies.

“We don't care what they think, besides after being on Abyssinia and Hippogriffia you get use to it, although they do eat mostly fish,” responded Twilight with a mischievous smile, “but we love the scare those useless stiff butts get every time.” Princess Celestia giggled at her student’s comment before continuing to eat her salad.

“How is sis doing on Ponyville?” asked Twilight.

“Oh, she and Spike just finished getting set on the library,” responded Celestia with a smile, “i’m sending the tickets to her and her friends for the Grand Galloping Gala as thanks for their help.”

Twilight looked at the princess with tired eyes, “You want to express your gratitude by inviting them to the worst party ever,” said Twilight with a harsh tone, “no to mention that sis hate that party as much as we do. We’re surprised she accepted. ”

“I promise her that I will convince you to assist, and her friends seem really happy to go,” responded Celestia hiding how she felt about what her student said.

“That’s because they don't know what they’re getting into,” said Twilight, just as she was going to continued talking her food came, a nice bowl of salad from different vegetables and greens, with many pieces of chicken in it and cup of black coffee twice as big as Celestia's tea cup. The smell of the meat brought a smile on Twilight’s face and made some nobles leave the dinner room in a hurry, taking a sip of her coffee before continue, “Why she want us to go?”

“I’m sure she just wants your company so you both can have fun together!” said the princess while looking the gazes of horror from the nobles close by that didn't left.

“More like suffering together,” responded Twilight looking at the princess before sighing, “alright, we will go to the boring gala, we probably will be there anyway, the girls have to assist with the security this time as punishment for not following Shining’s orders during the Nightmare attack, and help me instead of helping the civilians.”

“Well, then I will not be suffering alone that night even if Sunset and her friends don't make it to the party,” responded the princess smiling at her student who just laughed.

After finally setting themselves on the library both Sunset and Spike returned to their regular schedules. Sunset Shimmer was currently doing her research on the Elements of Harmony. Sunset was able to convince Princess Celestia to leave the Elements in her care for a few months while she conducted her studies on the Harmony magic they have and their connection with her and the others. Normally Spike would be assisting her during her work, but they baby dragon was delivering the tickets for the Gala to the other bearers.

Sunset was still unable to understand how Princess Celestia convinced Twilight to assist to the Gala this time, normally the lavender unicorn would find a good excuse not to assist unless it was absolutely necessary. For now continuing with her research was the best way to stop thinking on the problems those tickets will bring her. She knew common ponies had no idea what the gala was in reality, so it would most likely be all of her new friends interested on going. The study Sunset was doing regarding the elements was to find out if was possible for any pony that was able to represent the element was able to be a bearer, she wanted to make sure if Equestria would be able to use the Elements even if any of her friends was not longer the best representation of the element or something worse. Maybe a single pony could use all the elements if that pony could synchronize with each of the elements. Sunset realized of the possibilities something like that could open for her, after all once the battle against Nightmare Moon was over, she knew that even if she and the others freed Princess Luna from the evil magic that corrupted her, it was Twilight a single unicorn that was able to stop an angry powered alicorn with only a few wounds on her. Even if Equestria believed that Sunset and the others were the heroes, she knew that they just cleaned up after everything was already presented to them on a silver platter.

She was Celestia’s number one student, she was the older sister Twilight always looked up to, and she was going to prove herself. she was going to study the magic of harmony, she was going to learn from the other bearers what made them connect to the elements and someday she was going to be the first pony to bear all six elements. Unfortunately for Sunset that day was not just yet as her train of thought was interrupted by a screaming Spike entering the library while Rainbow Dash was trying to stop a stampede of ponies from breaking down the door. Sighing she left her studies and went to help her nephew.

One thing Sunset learned about Ponyville is that somethings can't be predicted, like half the town going crazy, trying to get a ticket from Spike for the gala that anypony else would hate to go, or a stubborn earth pony mare that overworked herself, to the point she became a danger not only to herself, but anypony she got contact with. Applejack is well known for her honesty, hard working personality and good will of helping those who ask for her assistance, but when it comes to help her to do her job she became the opposite, a stubborn pony that would not listen to reason.

After Applejack ended up causing a series of problems around the town that interfered with Sunset’s studies, She couldn't ignore what was happening. After finishing helping Nurse Redheart to cure Pinkie Pie and the other ponies from their food poisoning she went to confront Applejack about the problems she was causing. what she learned was that her brother was injured so he couldn't do his normal chores.

She knew that earth ponies were kind of stubborn but Applejack would definitely win the medal of the most stubborn of them all. Just trying to talk some senses into the mare was enough to make so angry that she cast a freezing spell that turned her friend into a frozen pony statue from the neck down. Applejack would have been strong enough to break free if she was in her healthy judgment, but as tired as she was the only thing she could do was complain and struggle to get free. Sunset levitated the frozen mare into the barn before gathering the rest of her friends to help the Apple family harvest the apples on time. When Applejack was finally let free from her frozen prison, she apologized to everypony she caused any trouble during her not so proud moment.

Sunset was even more confused as to how an honest pony as Applejack would end up lying to herself that she could do anything on her own without anypony assisting her. That kind of situation was definitely the opposite of what the Element of honesty must be, her research now would take another direction were a bearer of a element not always was the best example of said element. She needed more research and observation on her friend if she wanted to learn the secrets of the elements.

A few days later Sunset was suffering at the hooves of Pinkie and Rainbow Dash’s pranks, she was unable to work on her research or any experiment without it being destroyed or interrupted, so she went for a walk, she could see many ponies on town suffering from the pranks in one way or another. She was worried about her friend Fluttershy since she knew how sensitive she was any prank could go wrong when it comes to her. Sunset end up looking for the yellow pegasus, just to find her helping a family of ducks near the market in town. As she got close to her kind friend she saw a griffon on the direction Fluttershy was going, the moment the timid pony bumped into the griffon, she screamed a Fluttershy making her cry, just a she was about to run out of there Sunset intersected Fluttershy before she could leave.

“Are you okay Fluttershy?” asked Sunset really worry of her shy friend. Realising it was her friend that one that stopped her she felt less scared but, could only nod as a response. Sunset looked at the griffon that was just staring at them without much interest, she actually looked kind of proud. Deep inside Sunset wanted do something to the her, but she knew they were kind of mean by nature, still she confronted the griffon.

“Hey featherbrain! You better apologize to Fluttershy right now!” said Sunset getting closer to the griffon. Causing many of the ponies present to gape including a Pinkie Pie nearby.

“What did you just call me!?” responded the griffon, angrily looking down at Sunset while shoving her beak into Sunset’s muzzle.

“You hear me, featherbrain! Apologize right now to my friend or I will make you,” Sunset said without feeling intimidated by the tall creature, the anger was boiling inside Sunset, some ponies could swear they saw smoke coming from her mane.

“I don't apologize to cowards,” said the griffon narrowing her eyes, “don't make me show you who is the predator here little filly.”

“That’s it!” screamed Sunset, her horn flashed and the griffon was blasted a few meters away, just to crash against barrel full of fruits ending up unconscious with some burned feathers.”I warned you..” murmured Sunset looking down at the griffon. Returning her gazing to her friend she came back to her and smiled apologetically at her. “Don’t worry Fluttershy, I didn't hit her that hard, also sorry for the violence you have to witness,” she said before using her magic to levitated the unconscious griffon into the air, “I will take her to the hospital just to make sure.”

“Wow...” said Pinkie surprised, “she put that meanie Gilda in her place like it was nothing,”

Fluttershy was still in shock but was able to nod in response, she knew Sunset was strong, after all she was the princess’s student and had her own nickname, and only strong ponies get nicknames. She felt happy that Sunset was there to protect her from the mean griffon, but she also felt sad that because of her, her friend hurt somepony. Maybe she also need to apologize to both of them. With that thought in mind, she started to walk towards the hospital, where they most likely would have been. Pinkie watched her shy friend leave knowing where most likely she was going, before getting the bright idea that a party will be the best way to make every pony happy again, and jumped into the air before dashing to prepare everything.

When Gilda woke up the first thing she saw was a white ceiling, looking around she discovered that she was on a hospital bed before feeling the pain in her right wing and other parts of her body. Trying to remember what happened before she wake up, she remember picking a fight with a yellow unicorn with fire color mane, them the unicorn used magic and everything went dark. “I got my tail kick...” sighed the griffon.

“Well you picked a fight with the Daylight Sorceress,” said a voice next to her. Looking surprise by the sudden response she moved her head quickly causing her more pain.

“You shouldn’t be moving around like that,” said Nurse Redheart as she got closer to check on her patient.

“What you mean by ‘Daylight sorceress’?” asked the griffon.

“You don't know? She is Princess Celestia’s number one student, the older sister of the Warrior Princess,” responded the nurse quite excited, “She is one of the two more powerful unicorn of our current era and maybe in history. You’re lucky she went easy on you. Just a couple of bruises and some burned feathers. Your head and wing were caused by crashing into the barrel though.”

“Yeah really lucky,” responded Gilda rolling her eyes.

“For now you should rest, in a few days you should be better.‘ said Redheart before leaving Gilda.

“To think i pick up a fight with the sister of that monster,” thought Gilda looking defeated as she checked her wing she indeed felt lucky.

Inside Sugarcube Corner Sunset was helping Pinkie Pie prepare the party that would expose Gilda as the meanie pants she was, as Pinkie put it. Sunset just wanted an excuse o she didn't have to deal with Rainbow Dash, the cyan pegasus didn’t take it very well that Sunset brought her friend in the Hospital. She didn't want to believe that Gilda was capable of hurting anypony, especially Fluttershy. Sunset already lost her temper once that week, she didn't want to do it again against a friend. After doing the respiration exercise Cadance had taught Twilight and herself, she was able to leave a frustrated pegasus and keep herself busy helping bake some cupcakes and plan a party.

Luckily she was actually good at cooking, in comparison to her sister, who burned even water. Something that not even Princess Celestia knew how was possible. After helping Pinkie with some ideas and baking some sweets, Sunset left and made her way to the hospital, as she wanted to know if the griffon was finally awake and in better condition than when she had left her there. She knew that Gilda may not want to talk or even let her see her but at least it will make her feel better knowing that she didn't cause some major damage.

Once she made it to the hospital and got permission from the receptionist to visit the patient, she heard an angry Rainbow Dash arguing with her griffon friend. Soon after she got closer to the door it opened revealing a hurt looking Rainbow Dash leaving the room and trying to not make eye contact with Sunset. Inside the room in her bed an even more hurt looking griffon was trying to hide her tearing eyes as she saw Sunset at the door.

“Did you come to finish the job?” asked the griffon trying save some pride sounding strong.

“I think Dash took care of that,” responded Sunset, sighing as the griffon flicked, “look, I’m sorry I reacted the way I did, but you asked for it.” she said to the down griffon.

Gilda wanted to say something, any comeback to put the pony in her place but she couldn't, Rainbow was right, she was a jerk and jerks are not cool. She wanted to be as cool and as awesome as Rainbow, but she just wasn’t able to deal with weaklings. After all, she was a proud griffon. A prideful griffon that got her ass kick by picking a fight with the wrong pony. For the first time in a long long time she swallow her pride and apologized to Sunset, which caught the pony by surprise as she was expecting an insult or a comeback. An awkward silence took over the room, nocreature could said a thing.

“...so I hear you are the Princess’s top student,” said Gilda, trying to break the uncomfortable silence.

“Yeah, you could say that,” responded Sunset, “although there are just two students anyway”

“It must be cool being known as the Daylight Sorceress” said Gilda, a small smile on her beak.

“It’s not like I chose it or anything,” said Sunset, sighing, “it just happened with some nobles that hate my sister and who wanted something to brag about”

“Wow, that’s so lame,” responded Gilda, “...sorry,”

“It’s fine, my sister has it worse than me,” said Sunset, “she may be known as the Warrior Princess, but between the nobles of Equestria she is known as the Night Witch. Some even thought of her as the reincarnation of Nightmare Moon, if the real one didn't happen to appear many would still think that.”

“Oh, she isn’t?” asked a surprised Gilda,”many on Griffinstone think of her as such, some even say that she eats ponies and griffons alike. She has a really bad reputation on some places you know.”

“Seriously? I thought she was well respected as a warrior, even dragons think twice before dealing with her.” responded Sunset.

“You know how griffons can be,” Gilda said with a smile, as Sunset laughed at that comment.

It’s good to know you’re feel better, and not only physically,” said Sunset, smiling, “don't worry about Rainbow, I will make sure she gives you another chance. Just apologize to Fluttershy and she will forgive you.” said as she notice the griffon change of humor.

“I will try,” responded Gilda sighing, “just don't expect too much.”

“Sunset shared a few more stories with Gilda, who shared her own stories in return. As sundown came Sunset returned to the Library. On her way home she talked with Pinkie about what happened at the hospital, and the pink pony decided to change the theme of the party she was planning to make sure Rainbow and Gilda can would make up and help the griffon to make some new friends in the process. Once Sunset had made it to the library, it was very late, and she was received by an over-excited Spike waiting for her. In his claws was a letter from Twilight, the infamous pony or famous pony, depending on who you ask, who, as Sunset discovered that day, would be visiting them before their next mission in a few days time.

Author's Note:

Well here is the new chapter, better late than never:twilightblush:

Sorry for the delay, it took a while to had time to write again.:facehoof:

Give a big thanks to CinnabarPony for helping proofreading this chapter for you all.:pinkiehappy::yay:

Next Chapter we will having Great and Powerful beasts and some old faces too. :twilightsheepish:

Have a great Nightmare Night Month from both Goddess of the Night!

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