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In the land of Twilight, under the Moon - Snow Moon

Twilight Sparkle was dying because of the magic flare but the one the came to her rescue was not Celestia...

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One Thousand and One Nights (unedited)

“We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.” Marilyn Monroe

"The stars will aid in her escape…” it was so simple, how I have missed that. Sunset Shimmer was lost in thought, her little sister sent a note with information regarding the unusual activity of the stars for the last decade. Everything was linked to the “Mare in the Moon” story. When she and Cadance were researching what could affect the stars they never looked for old flutter tales.

Sunset started her own research with the information she received, she needed to know when that thousandth day would be. There were many possibilities of when could happen, but the fact the stars were acting strange since not more than a decade Nightmare Moon could be free sooner than ever.

“Spike!! I need you to send a letter to Princess Celestia!” Screamed Sunset as she started searching for some books.

“Sure thing Aunt Sunny” responded the purple baby dragon running at her with scroll and quill at hand.

“Dear Princess Celestia, Thanks to Twilight’s help and expertise researching the ancient text in her trip, I came to find vital information that may compromise the peace of Equestria. There is a great possibility that the events regarding the unusual behavior of the stars is connected to the tale of ‘Mare in the Moon’. If this information is proved to be actual facts and my calculations are correct the creature known as ‘Nightmare Moon’ will be returning...” Spike stopped writing and looked at Sunset as she didn't say anymore words, “Returning when?” he asked.

Sunset was checking books, notes while having then floating around her with her magic, she was calculating using dates and calendars, turning pale she looked at Spike and respondedThis Summer Sun Celebration.”

“B-but that’s like a week from now!?” Spike said panicking while finishing the letter and using his fire to send it.

“I know!” said Sunset rereading her notes.

“We need to tell mom!” Said Spike getting a new scroll to write a new letter.

“I know!” responded Sunset still checking her calculations.

“And Aunt Cadance and Shining!” continued Spike as he panicked even more.

“I KNOW!” screamed Sunset as she started to get stressed by Spike behavior.

The princess responded almost immediately to Sunset’s letter, she was certain Princess Celestia would give her instructions on how to prepare and deal with the upcoming foe. Reading the letter, no one but three times Sunset couldn't believe the her mentor treated her like a foal for giving her the warning of Nightmare Moon returns.

“My dearest, faithful student Sunset Shimmer. I’m really glad of knowing you and Twilight are still helping each other with researching important matters regarding Equestria safety, but you both must stop reading those dusty old books. I will like you to get out of the library and interact with other ponies, it took me many years to make Twilight go out more and I will love for you my student to do the same, so, I will sending you to help with the preparations of the Summer Sun Celebration this year at Ponyville and it will be the perfect opportunity for you to complete your new assignment: make some friends.

Sunset was dumbfounded when she finish reading the letter, Spike was mad, normally he would think the same way, but the warning came from his mom and aunt, they would never fool around when it comes to Equestria safety. Finishing writing his letter to Twilight, he made sure to put a note regarding Princess Celestia response. If somepony could make sure nothing bad happen during this coming Summer Sun Celebration it would be his mom.

Two days after receiving the warning letter from Sunset, Princess Celestia was currently in the throne room dealing with some nobles as any normal day, that was until the doors of the throne room were blast open with magic, entering through the smoke was a not so happy Twilight Sparkle leading a group made out of two unicorn mares, a mare thestral, a hippogriff princess.

The nobles on the room were shocked by the intrusive behavior displayed, the guard at the door were literally frozen outside the throne room, most likely by some kind of magic spell. Princess Celestia tried to keep her trademark expression during the events as she placed her eyes on Twilight’s angry glare.

“Is anything wrong my student?” Princess Celestia asked, as Twilight stopped in front of her, looking behind her student she signal the guards that were entering ready to defend the princess to stop.

“I would like a few words,” Twilight, taking her eyes off the princess she glared at the nobles, “In. Private.” she said, before returning her gaze to Princess Celestia.

The princess did her best to keep her impassive expression, sighing deeply she announced an hour break, requesting everypony to leave the room. Soon only the group of five and the princess were left on the room. She expected Twilight to be already away from Canterlot by now.

“What is bothering you Twilight? This kind of behavior is rare coming from you,” the princess said as the others next to Twilight sat down around her.

“What’s wrong with us? What’s wrong with Us!? What’s wrong with YOU!?“ Exclaimed Twilight throwing a folded letter to her hooves as the princess winced. “ Spike told us what you wrote to sis regarding our warning. Do you really believe we were joking with that information?“

Celestia have never seem Twilight that angry before, she didn't know if she was offended or mad in behave of Sunset. But before she could say or ask anything Twilight continued.

“Oh, but then we get this unbelievable letter ordering our team to leave to Hippogriffia together with Cadance for a week conveniently during your sun celebration!” Said stamping the floor with her hoof, “Who do you think we are Princess? Some foal that would blindly follow orders, ignoring our own warning?”

Princess Celestia was going to say something but Twilight cut her up, “We’ll stay in Canterlot, when Nightmare Moon appears we’ll take care of her. Regarding your little commandment to our sisters they will follow it. Spike and Shining will go with them to keep them safe while going to your old castle looking for the artifacts.”

Celestia was about to object Twilight words but she stopped because the last part of her statement, What did she just said?… How did she found out where they are? The princess was slack-jawed, she only could say was “How?”

Twilight grinned at her, “With Moony and our skill researching, your little artifacts were not so hard to located thanks to those old dusty books. We gave sis all the information of how Nightmare Moon was imprisoned on the moon in the first place.” Turning around and walking away from the princess Twilight give her one last statement before exiting the room with her friends. “We recommend you to reconsider next time you think on using us as a chess piece, as we don’t like being used. Consider it a warning from a friend Tia, when Luna returns you will need friends at your side no more enemies.”

Princess Celestia was unable to said anything and just stayed there watching as Twilight and her friends retired from the throne room with her eyes in shock, For a moment I thought I was dealing with Luna, their personalities are really too alike. First time that I couldn't react to an argument since the Nightmare Moon incident thousand years ago…. She grow up to become an exceptional mare. Sighing deeply as she look at the folded letter, “Maybe too exceptional... to think she found out.” Celestia murmured and frowned. “Did she just call me Tia?

Twilight became Celestia most trusted friend, unlike with Sunset that was more like a daughter/mother relationship to the princess, Twilight was like Luna, she would say anything she didn't like and look for the best way to benefit Equestria, she was almost as tall as Cadance but more fit because of her physical training and battle experience making her intimidating like a princess. She looked more Tempest sister than Sunset’s. Celestia though as she chuckles, It worries me that Sunset and not Twilight is going to try to use the element of Magic, I just hope I make the right choice. Celestia was reflecting the situation.

Finally finished to process all the events that happened with Twilight, the princess called one of her guards and requested to call Princess Cadenza, Captain Armor and Sunset Shimmer. Also requested for some pony to undo the spell on the guards at the broken doors that were still frozen. Sighing she left the room while requesting to her secretary to cancel all her appointments of the day. Celestia could only smile as Twilight had played her on her own game and changed everything she planned for years in one move, now it was a new game and she was about to make her move.

Inside Donuts Joe’s shop Skystar was laughing as the rest of the team were enjoying their food, soon after meeting Princess Celestia they left the castle and find a place to relax. Twilight was enjoying her coffee, Tempest and Skystar a strawberry milkshake each, Moonflower a nice cup of tea and Zipzee an extra large chocolate milkshake.

“I can’t believe Princess Celestia fell for it,” Moonflower said as she gazed at the laughing hippogriff.

“Well, that just help with the plan, we knew the cards she would be playing after we found the Tree of Harmony.” Twilight responded while enjoying her coffee.

Twilight waited until Princess Celestia played her card of using Twilight or Sunset to get the Elements without them knowing. She discussed with Sunset about the elements the day before when she returned to Canterlot, she knew her sister would love to get them as soon as possible.

Since Twilight specialty is combat magic and research, her place needed to be close to the princess to protect her from Nightmare Moon’s attack. Princess Celestia wanted Twilight to be out of Canterlot and uninvolved with the battle against Luna, but Twilight knew she will be needed and her power will be the best to fight against a mad goddess, after all what better to defeat a goddess of the night than another goddess of the night.

“Celestia will probably call for us soon,” said Twilight as she enjoyed her coffee, “Now that she knows that we know about the elements, she will have to tell the truth to her students in order to not lose key pieces just before the main event.”
Her friends nodded in confirmation, they knew what will happen was not as that time against the Storm King, they will have to confront a goddess just like Twilight or Celestia. But they knew if the prophecy was true then Twilight’s role was not just helping the mad goddess escape, she would have to deal with her once they meet.

“Do you think she will tell us what actually happen a thousand years ago?” asked Tempest as she played with her straw.

“By our stars we wish we could, we are tired of not knowing the whole story,” responded Twilight sighing, “but is most likely we will found out the truth until Luna calm herself and believe us when we say it will not be easy, she will be mad and probably my level of anger.”

Twilight words shocked her friends, if somepony with the same level of power as their friend with the same level of anger things were not going to go smooth as always.

As the mares and hippogriff left the shop a group of Royal guards appear down the street, they were sent to get Twilight to the castle as she was summoned by the princess for an important meeting. Twilight smiled internally as everything was going according to her plans, soon the moment she had waited for years will happen.

In one of the conference rooms of the castle sitting in front of a big table full of documents were Princess Celestia, Princess Cadance, Captain Shining Armor, Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle. Most of the ponies present were concerned of what could be so important to be call to a conference room and not their common meeting place. Twilight have her eyes close as so did Princess Celestia, and after a few minutes of silence the princess addressed those present.

“Thank you for coming in such a short notices,” Princess Celestia said with her trademark smile, “you all may be wondering about the reason of this meeting.” she paused for a moment to look around her ponies face and stopped on Twilight that was still with her eyes close.”You may know that in two days it will be the Summer Sun Celebration,” the other nodded in agreement with her,”but what you may not know is that it will be also the thousand year of say festivity.”

Sunset face turned pale as she started to imagine where the conversation was going, as for Cadance and Shining Armor it was new news but still didn't get where the conversation was going, Twilight on the other hoof was still waiting with her eyes close.

“But what nopony knows is that at the same time it marks the date of the...” Princess Celestia took a deep breath before continuing, “it marks the date of the banishment of my sister Luna, who felt into corruption because of the use of dark magic.”

Twilight frowned for a moment before lifting her eyebrow, That’s totally different to what it was writing on the journals thought Twilight, could it be that she still doesn't know what really happened to her sister after so long?.

Princess Celestia continued with her story, informing those present that she used the Elements of Harmony to banish her corrupted sister to the moon, tears began to for in her eyes as she remembered that dreadful day, pausing for a moment to clear her eyes she continued her story.

“After everything was over the Elements lost their power and turned to stone, they rejected me as their bearer.” Princess Celestia said sighing, “i was devastated for what I did, especially after find out that most of my sister accusation to our subjects where true. I left the now useless Elements on our old castle hoping for they would find new worthy bearers and maybe when my sister returns in two days she could be free of her corruption and without the need of another banishment or something worse.”

Everypony was looking at her with different kind of feeling on their eyes, Sunset was shocked, Cadance was sad and tearing hearing the story of her aunt past, Shining Armor was dumbfounded with the classified information just shared to him, Twilight was angry, her eyes narrowed as she glared at her mentor. Princess Celestia didn't know why but she knew her student was still angry at her, she sighed and looked at the others before she started with apologizing to the them, she explained that her goal was using her one her current students to look for the elements without their consent and made her defeat, if not save her sister when she returned. Sunset felt more shocked to know that her beloved mentor was going to use her as a pawn to fight some crazy dark magic alicorn without event warning them about it, Cadance was shocked that her aunt didn't trusted her to share such information with her and on top of everything was sending her to Hippogriffia to stay away from the events that could destroy the world, Shining was still with his dumbfounded expression and Twilight was frowning to her mentor.

After some awkward moment of silence Twilight was going to say something but was beat by her sister Sunset.

“What make you change your mind and tell us the truth?” Sunset asked as her hurt eyes where piercing her mentor.

Celestia felt really bad, the pony she loved as a daughter was looking at her with the same eyes her sister did before the transformation, she sighed and looking down in shame she point at Twilight with her hoof. Everypony looked at the angry lavender unicorn that surprising still haven't make a fuss in this situation.

“Indeed we have a friendly talk with our mentor this morning after returning,” said Twilight as she gazed at the princess, “Although we are still waiting for the part missing in your story princess.
Celestia winced at the way Twilight referred her by her title, it was the same way she did long ago when just a filly, but then she looked at her still frowning student with confusion, what did she meant by missing part of the story? She thought.

Twilight knew she didn't know at what part of the story was missing, sighing and calming her own emotions for the first time in the meeting Twilight closed her eyes, with serious yet sad eyes she took one of the documents on the table and read out loud what it said.

“Tonight our dearest Goddess of the Night tried in vain to stop those bastards in destroying our homes and hurting our children, she was even called wicked witch by some of their soldiers. Those bastards would never do that to their sun goddess, but attacking our savior was to much if she didn't stopped our forces it would have been a massacre. She say she was going to talk with her sister and that was the last time we saw her, then after the rainbow colored beam appeared on the sky we knew our goddess lost her battle again her stupid blind sister. We took our families and every single thestral in Equestria fleet to find some place to hide and I just pray for those that couldn't be so lucky.”

Twilight stopped reading and looked at the princess that was shocked of what she just heard, she took with her magic some of the papers on the table. “All this are part of the journals from the last members of the Night guard, every single one mentioned the persecution from the other ponies, the hate for their kin and the injustice done to their beloved Princess Luna.”

Celestia took some pages and started reading them in shock, the other also did the same, as Twilight just keep looking at her mentor with pity, she really didn't knew what happened in her own realm... poor Luna, she was always right until she felt as low as those that hurt her, Twilight though as she closed her eyes.

Princess Celestia was devastated, all this time every single one of the things her young sister accused her beloved little ponies was true, all the pain she suffered to let her down the path of darkness was right now justified as she went through every single document, “oh Lulu… “ she murmured before started to cry without caring for those present, her sister was not corrupted by dark magic but by Celestia own useless hooves. Sunset was still mad but she still felt bad, she knew for experience the pain Celestia was feeling as she looked at her sister Twilight, she and Cadance took their sit next to the princess as they hugged her and try to calm her down. Shining looked at his little sister, she was still not moving from her sit and keeping her eyes close while her mentor was been calm down by the others.

“Hey Twily, Are you okay?” Shining asked as he place a hoof on her shoulder.

“We are fine BBBFF,” responded Twilight opening her eyes as they glimmered for a second, “it just hard to believe even a goddess cannot see the whole picture of what happens in front of her.”

“Well you know what they say, Everypony makes mistakes.” answered Shining petting her mane or more like messing her mane.

After Princess Celestia recovered from the horrible truth of her ponies of a thousand years ago, she apologized to those present for her unladylike behavior, and offered her most deep apologies to her students for what she was planning to do. Sunset understood the reasons behind the princess decision, she knew she would have done something similar or even more crazy, but deep inside she was hurt knowing the her beloved mentor was willing to use her students like pawns. She now knew why her sister was so obsessive searching for the missing history of Equestria, she not only discovered the truth behind Nightmare Moon, she also discovered the crimes committed against one of the princess of Equestria. Sunset felt that she was falling behind her little sister again, she may be the top student but Twilight was gaining more achievements than her. Fixing the elements as her mentor had planned was her chance to get on even ground with her little sister.

Cadance anger was almost appeased as she saw the strong and wise ruler crumble like a filly as she realized all this time Luna was right, and her mistake not only took her sister but many of her beloved subjects. This time she will take part of the action, she would go with Sunset and help her gather the elements. She knew her aunt Celestia would need all the help she could get, and what better than another alicorn to get the upper hoof. She was sure Shining would stay in Canterlot as his job was ensuring her aunt safety and Twilight was more likely to be where ever the action took place.

Celestia informed them that in order to restore the Elements of Harmony they needed suitable bearers that represented the power of each element, lucky for them she was able to discover five mares that were perfect to bearer five of the six elements.

“This mares all life on the town right next to Everfree Forest on which I was planning send Sunset,” Princess Celestia said apologetic, “my plan was for sunset befriend this mares and awaken the Elements to be use against my sister.” Celestia said while looking between a shocked Twilight and a surprise Sunset. I must say this is the first time I have seen Twilight make such a face thought the princess.

Sunset felt happy, her mentor choose her to be the one to get the Elements and save Equestria, she now understood the reason behind the strange letter she got after she informed the princess of their findings. Sunset smiled a the princess reassuring her that she was going to take action and completed her assignment, the princess smiled confirming that her student agreed with her but her smile disappeared as she looked at Twilight, the mare in question was boiling in anger as she glared at the princess.

“So you were not only going to use your students but also your subjects like simple pawns!?” said Twilight as her blood boiled with anger,”didn't you learned anything this thousand years? Not only your artlessness cost you Luna but also being used as a symbol for those foals actions. Now you wanted to use those you love so much and gamble their life and yours to try and use some now useless pieces of rock the came from a tree!?” Twilight snapped.

The other ponies were shocked, not only she was really angry, she also screamed at the princess and insulted her. But Princess Celestia was shocked because of something else, not only Twilight proved knowledge of the Elements during their discussion in the morning, but now she also confirmed that she discovered the Tree of Harmony and the Elements. Everypony snapped some after recovering of the shock, Shining Armor started to scold his sister as so did Sunset, Cadance couldn't believe the filly she loved so much grow up to become such a disrespectful mare. Twilight was frozen ignoring completely those around her that continued scolding her, she just realized she spilled the beans and confirmed that she knew not only the origin of the Elements but also she had contact with them.

Sunset was enjoying the refreshing breeze next to Spike as they were riding a chariot pulled by two pegasi of the Royal guard. She was in her way to Ponyville and find those mares that the princess needed to save Equestria, unfortunately the princess didn't told her who they were as for the Elements to work she needed to discover the truth power inside each possible bearer. She was supposed to be accompanied by Cadance but after the incident during the meeting with her little sister snapping at the princess she need to stay to help in calming the Sparkle siblings and would get to Ponyville the next morning. Sunset also needed to make sure the preparations of the Summer Sun Celebration were ready in time as the princess would take part and possible would meet her sister then too. Looking at her partner during this assignment she noticed the worry look in his eyes, she placed her hoof on his head as she smiled at him.

“Don't worry Spike, your mom will be okay once her head cool off.” said Sunset at the dark purple dragon.

“Is not mom what worries me, is Shining safety,” responded the baby dragon sighing, “just imagining what mom friends will do when they discover that Shining scolded mom worries me, after all we need Shining alive to help against Nightmare Moon and protect the princess.”

Sunset looked at the dragon a little surprise before laughing until tear came out, just imagining the captain of the royal guard running for his live from Tempest and Zipzee was enough to make her cry. Now she wanted to be in Canterlot to see that, but she recovered fast, she had an important assignment for the good of all of Equestria to do.

Soon they were able to see the town right next to farmlands and to the infamous forest in which the tools to save Equestria where located. Spike knew about the Everfree forest reputation as any other pony, he also knew that his aunt Sunset would need to go there to retrieve the Elements and use them to defeat Nightmare Moon.

As soon they arrived at Ponyville Sunset and Spike made their way to the mayor office to start with her assignment, they try asking a pink mare with cotton candy like mane for directions but the mare shocking them both screamed and disappeared into town. The next resident wasn't that strange and they easily get the information they needed. The princess made sure to find a suitable place for her student, as they would be staying in the library while they continued their assignment.

After meeting the Mayor Sunset and Spike went to the library, it was getting late and they needed to check the preparations for the festivities early in the morning and once Cadance arrived go find the Elements and hopefully she could discover the bearers during their job around town.

Twilight was resting in a cloud as she had her gazed on her beautiful night sky she was so proud off, next to her on a different cloud were her friends, after the events in the afternoon with the princess and her brother she needed to clear her head and calm herself. She was mostly depressed that her emotions made her tell such important information, she didn't want anypony finding out they knew more than needed. While her friends were dealing with Shining Armor Twilight was having a private talk with Princess Celestia. The princess needed to know what she knew and the true of what she find on the castle. She told her that a creature from the forest was kind enough to guide her to the old castle when she arrived a few days ago, she discovered the tree by chance as the kind creature knew of its existence, after investigating the tree they went inside the castle and find some stones with almost not track able magic inside them. She just connected the dots as the magic was similar to the one from the tree.

Celestia was lost in thought for a moment after her student explanation, when she recovered she asked if the tree reacted on any way when she got near to it, or any kind of event took place. Twilight shrugged and simple said that the tree looked strange and she didn't took her chances on getting near it. After her small interrogation Twilight left and rested on the cloud just before was time for daily routine of summoning the stars on the sky. By the time her friends found her she was already more calm as she kept her gaze on those four little stars getting close to the moon. She knew that it was her doing that Luna was about to be free on no more than a day away, but she didn't felt bad or worry about it. She knew Luna was banished unfairly, now she was just soon to be released from her thousand year prison and most likely will be thirsty for vengeance. Twilight eyes glimmered with excitement, she waited so long to meet the other goddess, but also soon she could have fun against somepony at her level. Taking her eyes from the sky and gazing at her friends she smile and asked if they wanted to have some fun before they were busy enough to do anything, they smiled at her and all five of them disappeared on a purple flash.

On Ponyville Sunset and Spike were in the middle of a crazy party happening inside the what they thought was quiet library. The strange pink mare they saw when they arrived prepared out of nowhere the crazy and loudest party of their live, almost all town was inside the library having fun. Sunset tried to made sure the party mare didn't destroyed the library by the end of the night. Spike on the other hoof was getting to know the residents as he became the center of attraction until he mentioned that Sunset was his Aunt and she was one of two famous students of Princess Celestia. When the ponies found out that Sunset was the famous Daylight Sorceress she was surrounded by many ponies asking questions all at once. Sunset knew she would not going to be able to relax that night, she just hoped she would have the strength to complete her mission.

She met many ponies with as many question about her, the princess and a few about her sister which were answered in an exaggerated way by Spike. Luckily sunset was save by the party mare and an orange mare with blond mane. By the end of the night the party came to an end, sunset was exhausted, Spike was long sleep in the bedroom as a kind pegasus mare took him to bed when he started to fell asleep. The party was not that bad at the end of things, she had fun and end up meeting a lot of different ponies, although the superego pegasus mare with rainbow mane and the over-dramatic white unicorn mare she met during the interrogation session were close to experience first hoofed her old temper. The last pony to leave was the party mare Pinky Pie, she stayed and helped Sunset cleaning before leaving to her house.

The following morning Sunset was awaken by a hipper Spike ready to finish with the preparations to go do the real important part of the assignment. Sunset was thankfully by the help his little dragon assistant gave her, after all only the princesses or her sister were able to deal with Sunset personality completely, although Twilight would be the one pony the really could handle her well enough.

Checking the list of places to visit, some of the names on the list made Sunset frowned, sighing she looked at Spike and he smiled at her as the left the library just to met a beautiful pink coated pegasus mare.

“Cadance?” Asked Sunset.

“Morning!” responded the disguised Cadance.

“That’s new,” said Spike.

“Just a little trick I learned, is quite useful for a alicorn after all.” said Cadance proudly.

“It seems, you most teach me that spell sometime,” said Sunset as she continued to walk, “But for now what about we finish the matter at hoof first.”

“Sure, oh before we leave Auntie told me to inform you that Twilight will accompany her, Shining will stay in Canterlot ready with the guard if anything happens.” said Cadance to Spike who sighed in release knowing his mom will come to help against Princess Luna evil side.

“Great, now we have to find the Elements even faster so that she doesn't go crazy again” said Sunset to Cadance, the other just laughed nervously since the knew exactly what she meant.

They made their way to the outskirts of Ponyville where Sweet Apple Acres was located and their first stop on Sunset list. They walked through the field until they were able to spot a orange pony bucking the apple trees, as soon she notice somepony was closing by she stopped and greeted the visitors.

“Howdy, what can Ah do for ya?” the orange mare asked with a friendly smile,”oh, aint ya the unicorn of yesterday party? Ah’m Applejack,” she said shaking Sunset hoof with a strong grip and great enthusiasm.

“Morning Applejack, I’m Sunset Shimmer, this little guy is Spike and my friend here is Cadance. We came to supervise the preparations for the festivities, I hear your family was in charge of the food.” said Sunset with her business like smile.

“That’s correct, sugarcube!” said Applejack still kipping her enthusiasm,” Would’ya care to sample some?”

“Oh, that will be awesome. We didn't have time for breakfast this morning,” said Spike with a smile.

But before Sunset or Cadance could say anything Applejack answered Spike while playing a triangle, “Soup’s on, everypony!” provoking a stampede of ponies coming out of the different direction of the farm. The whole Apple family made their presence in seconds while presenting an incredible amount of different dishes in front of Sunset and the others that were too surprise and shocked to move. After having introducing the whole family Applejack asked the ponies that were still immobilized which dish would like to taste first.

Sunset was sure if they stayed and ate all that it would take time they couldn't waste. She was about to reject when Cadance and Spike moved and started to eat some on the dishes, What is it with alicorns and sweets? Sunset sighed as she thought looking at Cadance enjoying some apple made desserts. After a huge amount of food later they were able to escape the farm.

“I ate to much,” said Spike holding his claw in front of his mouth.

“I think I need a diet after this,” responded Cadance almost crying imagine how big she most look like now. Thank Celestia Shiny stayed at Canterlot she thought while doing her best to keep walking.

“I don't wanna see a apple never again,” said Sunset as she did her best to no throw up.

They continued until they entered town, there next stop was to check the one in charge of the weather, Sunset looked at the sky and just frowned as she remembered the name of the pony in charge of the job. “It looks like that show off can't even do a simple job,” she said as they continued walking.

“Oh, you know the pony in charge of this?” asked Cadance with a curious look.

Just when Sunset was about to answer Cadance question she disappeared on a rainbow color blur, leaving a surprised Cadance and Spike alone. Sunset found herself buried in a pile of mud under the mare she was looking for. Spike and Cadance appeared out of nowhere thanks to Cadance teleportation and helped her to get out of the mud. The one responsible a cyan coated mare with rainbow color mane was laughing at the now mud covered Sunset. Cadance was about to use some magic to clean Sunset up but was beat by Sunset herself as in her anger a heat spell from her horn dried the mud and this felt on the ground leaving a less messy Sunset glaring daggers at the pegasus mare that was still laughing.

“Rainbow Dash if I remember correctly,” said Sunset trying to keep her temper in check as Cadance keep a worry look on her eyes.

“That’s right, the one and only.” responded proudly the cyan mare.

“Thanks Celestia,” murmured Sunset, “Are you supposed to be so great and all?” asked keeping her voice from screaming.

“Yeah, but what about it?” asked Rainbow Dash with a confused look in her face.

“Well, I doubt a pegasus the can't do a simple job can be that great as you think you are,” Sunset said with a smirk at Rainbow Dash.

“Oh yeah? I can clear the sky at any moment. In fact I can do it in. Ten. Seconds. Flat.” responded Rainbow angry at Sunset.

“Prove it” responded Sunset frowning.

Immediately Rainbow Dash dashed into the sky and in exactly ten seconds she clear the town’s cloudy sky leaving a beautiful blue sky. Sunset, Spike and Cadance were shocked, their eyes wide and their mouths open after spectating Rainbow Dash performance. Rainbow Dash laughed at their expressions and before leaving she promised she will show more of her awesomeness on another occasion.

After recovering from the shocking performance of Rainbow Dash they continued to the next location, this time they headed to the town hall were the one in charge of decorations should be working at the moment. The moment they entered they were welcomed by a beautiful sight, many ribbons and banner with beautiful designs were placed on the most precise way possible. Sunset sighed as she noticed the one doing such a beautiful work, continued into the building she called out the mare in question.

“Excuse me, Rarity what’s it? I came to check on the decorations,” said Sunset keeping her indifference while dealing with the white unicorn mare.

“Oh my! Darling, is so good to see you again!” responded Rarity in the most friendly way possible,”oh, and who is this beautiful mare with you? Some model from Canterlot?” said as she looked at Cadance next to her, who only giggle at the comment.

“Hi! I’m Candace a friend of Sunset, is a pleasure to meet you!” answered Cadance as friendly as possible mostly the same way she handle the nobility in Canterlot as she thought the mare in questions was of the same type for the way of speaking.

“Oh darling is pleasure to meet you too! I’m Rarity, you know I have a dress that would look gorgeous on you Candace, would you like to come to my boutique? Oh, and I have another just for you Sunset, as the princess personal student you most deal with many important ponies, I’m sure it will help you on those occasions.” said Rarity as she dragged both mare to her boutique.

The young dragon was there looking how during the whole conversation he was completely ignore, sighing while scratching his head he went after his aunts and the crazy fashionista. Man, maybe Ember was right and I don't have the strong presence of a dragon as I should have. I need to go back at training with Shining after this is over, thought Spike as he ran after the others. Soon he made it to a building that looked more like a fair shop than a fashion boutique. Entering he saw Cadance being made to wear a nice white dress and Sunset with an annoying look on her face was waiting to leave as soon as possible. Rarity was talking with Cadance about her life in Canterlot asking question of the ponies and the fashion there. Spike beacon his aunts let them know it time was running out and they still need to check on the music. The moment Rarity went inside her shop to look for some materials for the dress they teleported out of there into the park.

They needed to find the mare in charge of the music, Spike knew well who was it as he talked a lot with her during the party the night before, she even made sure to swaddling him in bed. Luckily for them the yellow pegasus they were searching for was in the park practicing the music with some birds. After a brief introduction and an enthusiasm Fluttershy making sure Spike had a good experience in town that day, they confirmed the music was pretty much ready and Fluttershy was happy to spend some time with her first dragon friend.

“Well, that covers everything on the list,” said Sunset checking the paper.

“What about the party preparations?” asked Spike looking at the list.

“That would be Pinkie Pie’s job, and from what I learned from her during last night party she have that cover.” said Sunset smiling as so did Fluttershy next to her confirming Sunset point.

“So now what?” asked Spike marking a check on the party preparations.

“Now we start with the important stuff,” said Sunset giving him a daring smile, “we go to the Castle of the Two Sisters in the middle of the Everfree Forest.”As sunset finished saying that Fluttershy panicked, she knew the dangers inside the forest and how scary it was. She wanted to say something but before she could do so they disappeared after Sunset teleported them. Fluttershy took a moment to think and then started to run in the town direction with a determined look on her face.

On Canterlot Princess Celestia was looking at her old battle armor inside her hidden vault, she tried to put it on but for her annoyance it didn't fit her on certain parts. “It’s not like I was going to need it anyway…” murmured the princess leaving the armor behind before closing the vault. In her room was Twilight Sparkle sitting next to the table full of documents and tea refreshments, the young mare was going through the final preparations before it was time to leave to Ponyville. Celestia just got a message from Sunset via Spike that she and Cadance confirmed everything was almost ready for the festivities and were currently on their way to the old castle to retrieve the elements.

“Do not worry Princess, they will be fine.” said Twilight as she observed the expression on the princess face.

The princess sighed and give Twilight a small smile,“You are right, they are old enough to keep themselves from danger, but still I can’t helped, they are too important to me.” she said while gazing the documents on the table,”Is everything ready to welcome our guest?.”

Twilight giggle before giving her a positive answer, they both were trying to conform each other as good friends do, Princess Celestia was close to confront her beloved sister that most likely wanted to destroy her and Twilight was close to meet the goddess responsible of that universe night. Both were nervous and excited for totally different reasons, but their goal was the same, rescue the corrupted goddess. They continued their tea break in peace before getting back to finish the preparations for the night.

Tempest Shadow and the rest of Twilight’s close friends were preparing their silver armor and equipment, they would be in charge of protecting the princesses that night, as their specialty were night related missions not other pony or creature was better prepare to handle the operation. They were not as excited as Twilight was, they knew freeing the moon princess was important and necessary but they were worry that Nightmare Moon would be more difficult to handle than any other enemy they had deal so far.

They wanted Twilight to succeed and rescue Princess Luna but they had a hunch something bad would happen, after all their beloved goddess of the night was hour away to meet the old goddess of the night. Tempest feared the worst, Zipzee just didn't trusted anypony that would get near Twilight, Moonflower hoped her best friend could rescue her kin’s creator and Skystar just wanted everything go as plan so they all could enjoy the festivities together.

Captain Armor was next door in his office making sure everything was ready from his end, his job was to make sure no harm came to the citizens and to defend the throne from any enemy force. He had faith the princess and his sister plan would work and everything would be fine like always was. He just hoped his marefriend wouldn't cause any troubles to Sunset and Spike during their mission. Confirming the time he left his office, meeting with his sister’s team he confirmed that they were ready to meet the princess and Twilight to travel to Ponyville and get the real festivities start.

On the outskirt of the Everfree Forest five colorful ponies were discussing between them. After Fluttershy found out where Sunset and her companions were going she ran looking for her friends and try to do something since she was unable to stop her. She was able to find Rainbow Dash lazing around a cloud near the park and after informing her what happen she flew as fast she could and gathered the rest of their friends. Now the 5 mares were at the entrance of the forest they knew they needed to enter, find and possible rescue the ponies they just met from a deadly and dangerous place. Unfortunate the sun was setting soon and the night was the worst time to enter the Everfree Forest, Fluttershy wanted to help but she was too scared to actually enter the forest. Rainbow Dash tried really hard on convinced her to move and go with the rest playing the poor baby dragon scare and hopeless. After sometime they finally were about to enter the forest and rescue the ponies inside, but a bright flash of light appeared in front of them, when the brightness cleared and they were able to see again right in the middle of the route was the same ponies they were going to look after. Sunset was holding with her magic six huge stone spheres while Spike was holding on his claws a few old books, Candace had a face of discomfort as her coat was cover in mud and had branches on her now messy mane.

The five mares were surprised by the sudden appearance of the three they were suppose to go rescued. Sunset realized the five mares from before were there and asked them what were they doing so close to the dangerous forest. Rainbow Dash was the first to react asking the same question to them, Sunset frowned at her before saying it was a secret mission for the princess. Applejack asked if those strange rocks were connected to that mission, Sunset say nothing before the spheres disappeared in a flash of her magic, she teleported them inside the library where they were staying.

“Sorry but we cannot say,” responded Cadance ignoring her annoyance of her current appearance.

“Oh darling! What happened to you!?” exclaimed a shocked Rarity.

“She felt to the ground after some crazy vines attacked her,” responded Spike holding his laugh although the other didn't know what was so funny of being attacked by dangerous vines.

“You should look how the poor plants looked after she took care of them for messing with her mane,” responded Sunset chuckling.

“Are you tell me you guys went to the most dangerous place in Equestria and returned just with a messed mane!” reacted Rainbow Dash as the other three just nodded at her, “you guys are more cool that I thought! Well, besides me of course.” said proudly for annoyance of Applejack and Sunset.

“So nopony got hurt?” asked shyly Fluttershy to them, she felt much better after they confirmed nopony was hurt.

They took their conversation to another locations as Fluttershy and Rarity looked worry of been so close to the forest, Cadance decided to return to the library and take a bath before her auntie and Twilight arrive. Sunset didn't want those mares to discovered what will happen in just a few hours, but she just couldn't be as mean to send them away especially after knowing they were going to enter the forest to look for them. She may have a different opinion of those five mares even though she had a hard time dealing with Rainbow and Rarity personalities.

When they arrived at the library it was surrounded by some royal guards wearing their distinctive gold armor, the five residents were surprise as is not every day you get to see that amount of security, they just thought it was because the princess would be arriving soon to take part of the Summer Sun Celebration. Spike ran inside the library hoping to find the princess and his mom, Cadance was worry of letting Twilight looking at her on such condition. She would probably take advantage of it and use it on the next prank war… I’m still surprised how good she is at those thought Candace getting inside the building to only find a disappointed Spike and six stone spheres on the ground. The guards were there to protect the Elements until the princess arrived, as the night got closer so did Princess Luna returns they could gamble and let something happen to the Elements.

As Celestia’s sun disappeared on the horizon Twilight started her favorite melody to summon her stars, she prepared the most beautiful starry night she could make, she wanted Luna to feel welcome not only by her subjects and sister but by their night. She was placing her silver armor as she gazed the moon rising on the horizon, she could feel the magic of the seal weakening and probably so did the princess, even maybe her sister Sunset. Princess Celestia was riding a different carriage than Twilight, she wanted some time alone, she needed to prepare herself for what was coming and she wanted to be as focus as possible, Nightmare Moon would not go easy on anypony after all.

They arrived at Ponyville in the middle of the night, many residents were enjoying the party Pinkie Pie made before the main event started, Sunset and Spike were still trying to make the elements react with different spells, while Cadance was enjoying some tea on company of Fluttershy and Rarity after she finally took her bath. The others were at the party as they either have a job to do there or simple were bored.

Twilight looked around the area they landed, she gazed the huge tree that the library was and smiled, she liked the design it looked cozy. She gave orders to the guard present as they move into town, Tempest took command of the troops posted on the town and moved to secure the town, Skystar and Moonflower flew to help Tempest while Zipzee and Twilight entered the building right after the princess. Inside Cadance was having tea while two mares were bowing to the princess and Sunset was dealing with six stone spheres with a complicated expression. Spike ran and tackled Twilight with a hug that she returned smiling at him.

“Is good to see you too Spike,” said Twilight while hugging the small dragon,“Have fun at the forest?” she asked with a mischievous grin.

“Yeah! It was fun, especially when aunt Cadance ended cover up on mud and with her mane all mess up.” responded Spike with a childish chuckle.” also Steven says hi!”

“Ho~ how we would love to have seen that,” responded Twilight looking at a nervous Cadance, ”Any development with those things,” she asked, pointing at the Elements.

“No yet, unfortunately.” responded Spike looking at Sunset starting to get mad.

Princess Celestia after addressing the two ponies sharing tea with Cadance got closer to Sunset, she shared a few works on her ear which caused Sunset to be shocked looking at the smiling princess in from of her. Twilight didn't know what she told her but apparently got something to do with the artifacts her sister was trying to reactivated. Sunset left in a hurry without even saying a word to the others present. Twilight shared a look with the princess then realized she did it again, she just played her pieces after everything she told her. Celestia’s gaze on Twilight’s eyes was interrupted when she saw the young unicorn frowned at her, she knew she did it again but this time was necessary. Before she could say anything to Twilight her student left the library after stamping the floor. Fluttershy left out a squeak sound when that happen as Rarity couldn't help but feel uncomfortable being in presence of the princess without even prepared some nice outfits.

Twilight look into the sky, the jeweled sky twinkling with high expectation. The time is near thought Twilight, her eyes change to their original shape and color. “Zipzee take care of the everypony, we will moving to our post.” said Twilight, before disappearing in a flash of purple magic. The young changeling salute inside the library while a confused group of ponies looked at her.

Deep inside the moon’s core was a bright cocoon of rainbow color, inside, Nightmare Moon rested sealed for a thousand years, deep on a slumber that, similar to Discord, was impossible to awake from. At least until that moment, four small stars used their life force energy to make a small crack on the rainbow cocoon that kept their old ruler sealed. As the seal breaks Nightmare Moon opens her teal slitted eyes, they turned white as the ancient alicorn of the night channel all her magic and breaks the cocoon from the inside before dropping back to Equus like a shooting star while doing an evil laugh.

On the Everfree Forest Twilight appeared right on the old castle throne room, she had a mission to take care of while the others waited on Ponyville. As she had her eyes glued on the moon, soon she observes as the shape of the seal disappeared and felt her children disappear with sadness on her eyes, soon from the surface of the moon a bright object falls directly to her location. Using her magic she creates a shield to protect herself as Nightmare Moon lands once again after a thousand years on Equestria.

The dark alicorn laughs madly as she extended her bat-like wings and takes a deep breath for the first time since her banishment, but stops abruptly as she gazed at the night sky. Her eyes showed anger pure and raw, she felt something wrong, as she tries to command the night a purple light caught her attention back to the surroundings. There right in front of her was a lavender unicorn mare, she looked young besides her size, both keep their gaze glued to each other eyes. Although Nightmare Moon eyes reflected surprise of seen a pony waiting for her, Twilight’s eyes were wide in shock as she to a close look to the dark goddess of the night.

“Impossible...”murmured Twilight as she keep her gaze on her rival.

“Oh, what a surprise. It's been so long since We've seen one of your precious little sun-loving faces” said Nightmare Moon with a snub. “Tell me little pony, what are you doing in here all alone?” asked the dark alicorn showing her fangs hoping to get a nice reaction.

“Keep it together, is not her and we know it...” Twilight told to herself before answering the threatening alicorn, “We are here to keep you company for a while Princess Luna,” responded keeping her emotions in check.

The dark goddess took her behavior as frightened of her appearance, which make her felt good after so long without talking with anypony, but the fact that she called her by that name made her angry. “We are Nightmare Moon peasant, don't forget it! For your own good never mention that name again!” said angry at Twilight while stomping the floor and thunders of magic crashing around her.

“We think Luna fits better for the Goddess of the Moon,” answered Twilight indifferently without taking her of the other alicorn.

“WATCH YOUR WORDS PEASANT, AS WE ARE THE GODDESS OF THE NIGHT!” Nightmare Moon reacted even more angry at Twilight as she used her magical powered voice on her.

“Okay, have it your way,” said Twilight smiling at her.

Nightmare Moon anger disappeared almost immediately looking at that smile, it was not the regular smile she was used to, no, that smile was similar to the one her sister once used to use on her, it was filled with emotions Nightmare Moon never received before from any of her subjects. She got curious, who was this mare that not only knew her old self but also where she would appear. Something about her seemed to be out of place, like some kind of mysterious force that Nightmare Moon couldn't make out. “Tell us who you are peasant?” asked narrowing her eyes at her.

“You can call us Twilight Sparkle, second student of Princess Celestia,” responded Twilight keeping her gentle smile.

“So, you are our sister student? Did she send you to stop us? Did that coward couldn't do it herself?” asked Nightmare starting to get angry again.

Twilight shrugged for Nightmare’s annoyance without giving her a clear answer, “We told you, we are here to keep you company.”

Nightmare Moon was getting tired of the disrespectful mare in front of her, keep us company? More like annoying us! Wait, she is buying time! She say she was the second student which mean the other student is trying to do something with my detestable sister! Nightmare Moon thought as she realized Twilight’s intentions. She tried to use her magic to teleport out the area to the town nearby but her magic power haven't fully recovered. Turning herself into a black cloud of smoke she tries to leave, but for her surprise she was retained by a dark purple magic lasso and throw against the floor making her return to her original form.

“Now that’s kind of rude,” said Twilight looking at the shocked alicorn, “there still time for a little chat, after all the night is young.” said giving her a mischievous grin.

“HOW DARE YOU!?” responded Nightmare Moon as she attacked with a beam of pure dark magic. Twilight used her magic shield to stop the attacked as the beam made her crash against the wall behind her making it fall together with what was left of the roof. Nightmare took the opportunity to once again turn into smoke and flee to where she knew her sister was most likely hidden.

Twilight used her magic to blast her way out of the debris, she searched for Nightmare Moon but realized her opponent went after Celestia. Sighing deeply she tried to focus her emotions, she just made a mistake and she hoped it would not bite her on the flank later. She channeled her magic and teleported to a place she could stop Nightmare Moon before she reached Ponyville.

Nightmare Moon made her way through the forest at high speed, she was going to have her revenge on her sister, her magic already was recovering at great speed as the moon shone brightly over her. She felt as distortion of magic near to where she was heading, the smoke cloud twinkled for a moment and divided in two as one continued the same path and the other took a different one. Twilight saw the cloud of smoke getting close to her, she used the same spell as before to trap Nightmare but for her surprise the spell went through it. An illusion? Impossible not illusion magic can foul our eyes! Thought Twilight as the smoke disappeared in particles of light. Anger felt on Twilight it was the first time some creature made a foal out of her, and she was going to make sure Nightmare Moon paid the price.

Nightmare Moon arrived where all the ponies were gathered waiting for their princess, she knew if she made her appearance public Celestia would appear in no time to stop her. She saw many guards around town patrolling the surroundings, she made her way through one open window and land right on the balcony were her sister would be using. With a powerful lighting she gathered everypony attention as she made her debut after a millennium. The faces of her subjects were full of shock and fear, it made her felt as powerful as ever.

“Oh, Our beloved subjects. Do not be scared as we has once again returned to rule over all of you!” proclaimed the moon goddess.

“We already have our princess!” responded Rainbow Dash that was together with her friends and a shocked Sunset Shimmer behind her.

“Why, are We not royal enough for you? Don't you know who We are?” asked Nightmare Moon cocky, “Does Our crown no longer count now that We have been imprisoned for a thousand years? Did you not recall the legend? Did you not see the signs!?” as she started to get angry again.

“Ooh, ooh, guessing games! Um, Hokey Smokes! How about... Queen Meanie! No! Black Snooty, Black Snoo-” said Pinkie Pie before Applejack stopped her.

The ponies present were starting to panic as the dark alicorn in front of them started to get angrier by the moment. Sunset stepped forward and faced the dark alicorn that shifted her terrifying gaze at her. “I did. And I know who you are. You're the Mare in the Moon, Nightmare Moon!” the ponies present gasped and panicked even more, Nightmare Moon gave her a evil grin showing her fangs.

“Well well well, another pony who remembers us. Then you also know why We’re here, student of my sister,” said Nightmare Moon as she narrowed her eyes giving the now surprised Sunset.

“You know who I’m?” asked Sunset.

“We met the other student when we arrived, it seems only my detestable sister students knew of our return,” Nightmare Moon gave her an honest answer. Those who knew Twilight stepped forward, even Sunset recovered from her shock and joined the guards.

“What did you do to my sister!?”demanded Sunset at the now surprised goddess.

“She is probably chasing an illusion right now,” said showing her annoyance, ‘’that mare was being too annoying trying to by time for you and our sister.” said shrugging.

Sunset realized that her sister most have known that she needed time to get the Elements to work, the problem was that she still needed some time. Looking around Sunset saw Commander Tempest and the two more of Twilight’s team entering through the backdoor just below the balcony Nightmare Moon was standing. She gave her a signal that most likely meant for her to leave the place and get to the princess. When Nightmare Moon was about to ask for he sister location a magic attack from under her took her by surprise. Sunset took the opportunity to leave together with Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Applejack to the library where the others were.

Nightmare Moon used her magic to destroy what was left of the balcony she was in and stepped out of the debris looking incredible mad as she searched for the one responsible. Nopony was longer present on the building as every single one flee during the commotion, the only one present was her and a few guards. “FOALS! YOU DARE TO ATTACK YOUR QUEEN!” snapped Nightmare Moon at Tempest and the others.

“Sorry to disappoint you Princess Luna, but we serve another goddess,” responded Tempest keeping her guard waiting for the next attack.

Nightmare Moon didn't waste time arguing as she launched attack after attack to the guards present. Tempest used her magic to shield herself as she was right in front of the dark goddess, Moonflower and Skystar did some evasive flying making sure to not get hit by any of Nightmare’s attacks. Unfortunately the others were not as lucky, some were hit and send flying through the walls or windows of the building, others crashed against the pillars of the building.

Nightmare Moon continued her attack, until somepony crashed against her side sending her flying and hit the wall. Skystar took the opportunity to attack when the goddess was focusing on the guards. Recovering faster than her enemies really expected, she cast more dark magic transforming some of the decorations and destroyed pillars into creature of nightmare that launched themselves to the unprepared guards. Moonflower tried to escape a creature that looked like a bat like demon, Skystar was pinned down on the ground by multiple vine-like tentacles, Tempest destroyed stone golems one after another made from the debris round them. Nightmare Moon was certain of her victory, that was until she felt something wrong with her night. Somepony was using the magic of her stars, what seen impossible as only her can do so. To her surprise the mare that was defending herself from her golems had similar magic like her, doing a detailed analysis around her even the thestral and hippogriffs had magic from the night on their bodies. How is this possible? Only we can command this kind of magic, who dare to steal from us while we were sealed on our moon? Nightmare Moon thought as she glared at those defiance her.

With a blast of magic Tempest took down Nightmare Moon’s minions, her broken horn was now restore and replaced by a starry one, a mystical aura wrap up around her as all around her coat twinkling stars started to show, her eyes turned slitted and violet. Nightmare Moon was dumbfounded, she couldn't understand what kind of magic was being used, she looked like a star beast but didn't at the same time, to complicated even more the situation the other two also used the same kind of magic and the same kind of aura appeared wrapping them up, even changed in the same way.

“What sorcery is this!? How can mere mortals use the power of our stars!?” asked Nightmare looking for an answer.

“Because they are Our stars now,” responded a voice right on top of Nightmare Moon.

To the dark goddess annoyance the mare she didn't want to deal with was once again making her appearance, but this time she looked different, she was not longer a unicorn but an alicorn with the same kind of eyes as Nightmare, the same type of fangs, even her mane and tail were just like hers. Nightmare eyes went wide open when she connected the dots, right in front of her was a new alicorn that she didn't knew and her power was just like hers, narrowing her eyes she felt her anger boiling even more that when she fought Celestia. This wicked creature stole the stars from us, it was the deduction Nightmare Moon got. Twilight on her true form landed in-between Nightmare Moon and her friends, she was angry not as Nightmare but she was going to make her pay for deceit her and treat her like a foal. “Alright Moonpie, lets have some fun,” said the star goddess smiling mischievously.

Author's Note:

She is finally back!!:yay:

First, sorry for the cliffhanger(i hate them as anypony else:facehoof:) but the chapter was getting too big and that was the best point to cut it. Do not worry as the next chapter should be ready by next week. :twilightsheepish:

Second, as you can see we move between many different places, sorry if that bothered anypony but with got many characters to cover and i hope everypony like my version of the first episode of the series. I move some events to fit better with the story as it cannot go as the series. :twilightsmile:

Also, it was inevitable for Nightmare Moon not be angry of the idea of somepony taking her stuff, right. :twilightblush:

I hope you enjoy the chapter, and as always thanks for reading, cheers~:twilightsmile:

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