In the land of Twilight, under the Moon

by Snow Moon

The Key of the Twilight

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” William Shakespeare

“There is not night without its stars.”

“Or night without its moon.”

A lavender filly was dying, she was in the middle of her entrance exam for Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns when a sonic rainboom caused her magic to spiral out of control, discharging a flare so powerful it tore at her body and consumed her life force.

In the most critical moment, just before Princess Celestia arrived to restrain the filly’s magic, time froze and the filly teleported to a stark white room.

“W-What happened? Where am I!?” the filly asked in panic. ”Am I dead!?”

“Not yet my little pony,” responded a soft but powerful voice “but you almost were.”

“Who’s there?” the scared filly asked. “Show yourself!”

“I'm right here...” responded the voice as it started to take the shape of an alicorn in front of the little filly, ”My little pony.”

“Princess Celestia?” asked the filly.

“No, I'm not this Celestia you speak of,” responded the alicorn. ”I'm Asteria, goddess of the stars, co-ruler of the night, and all of Equus.”

The filly was astonished by the presence of the alicorn calling herself a goddess in front of her. The newcomer was almost as tall as Princess Celestia, with a coat of dark purple and slitted draconic eyes in pink, an intimidating sight to the young filly before her. The alicorn's mane and tail resembled a colorful night sky full of stars, all dancing in a nebula shifting between dark blue, violet, and purple. She wore a toothy smile on her face. Her wings were majestic and her feathers went from that dark purple color of her coat to a violet at the end of them.

Neither of them spoke for a while until the goddess lowered herself to the eye level of the little filly.

“What is your name my little pony?” asked the goddess.

“M-my name is T-twilight Sparkle your Highness.” responded Twilight, bowing to the alicorn.

“Please, there is no need to do that,” said the goddess, “and call me Asteria.”

“Why am I here your Hig- I mean Asteria?” asked Twilight.

Asteria stayed silent for a moment while keeping her stare on Twilight, her horn glowed, an image of Twilight having her flare in a room with other ponies and a huge dragon appeared between them.

“You suffered a magic flare of unimaginable proportions for a mortal,” said Asteria, “I felt the magic by chance during my travel through space and time, I ended up freezing time to save your life, and changed space to speak with you.”

“Wow,” responded Twilight with sparkle filled eyes.

Asteria smiled and giggled at the filly's response, “It looks like your magic power is too much for your mortal body, I could help you survive, but the price would be large for both of us.”

“W-What would be the price?” asked Twilight shyly.

“Your soul...” responded Asteria straight and cold.

“What!?” shouted Twilight frightened.

“More like both our souls,” continued Asteria ignoring the panicking filly,”You may not realize it, but both our existences are similar to each other, as if you were me, and I were you, even our cutie marks are the same but with a different meaning.”

“Wait, I haven't got my a cutie mark yet,” said Twilight reacting to the comment and looking to her flank, then noticing that she actually got her cutie mark. It was a big purple star with five little white stars “I got my cutie mark!!! I got my cutie mark!!!! Yes yes yes yes yes!”

Asteria was astonished, looking at the filly jumping around happily at the realization that she had her cutie mark, only able to response with a soft smile.

“You're right, my cutie mark is the same as yours,” said Twilight as she stopped her happy dance. “How is that even possible?”

“Well my little pony, it’s really simple,” said Asteria looking at the filly cutie mark, “I'm you from a different universe or dimension, where you are a goddess and ruled for more than 3 thousand years.”

“Wow, but if that’s true, why are you here on my universe?” asked Twilight tilting her head.

Asteria lowered her gaze from the filly and her expression changed to pure sadness, almost to the point of crying.

“My universe is no more,” responded Asteria in sadness, she sighed before continuing, ”My world had been in peace for thousands of years, I ruled together with four other goddesses; my twin sister ruled the light, and I the stars of the night, while my older sister ruled over love and other such emotions.”

“What about the other two goddesses?” asked Twilight

“They were not my sisters by blood,” said Asteria closing her eyes and smiling softly as she remembered, “They were the goddess of the moon and the goddess of the sun; as the goddess of the stars, I worked together with the moon and after a few decades we fell in love, ruling the night for almost 3 thousand years until everything was gone.”

“One day, out of nowhere a dark, evil essence appeared on our world, it happened like an explosion, consuming everything it touched from life, magic, and even space and time; nothing was safe, it grew fast and deadly, my sister and sister-in-law were the first to go, they were on the side when it appeared, soon after, it had destroyed half of our world, and I'd lost my older sister too.”

Twilight was listening to the story in shock, just imagining the pain Asteria must be feeling by just remembering brought tears to her eyes.

“When all was almost lost, my love and I fled to the moon while trying to come up with a counter attack or a plan, unfortunately for us the darkness was consuming the magic of the sun and my stars, it was getting stronger, our last resort was to try to contain the darkness on our world so it couldn't do the same anywhere else. Using all our magic and power as goddesses we started to seal it, but just as the spell was to be complete we were attacked and only our souls survived the spell. We ended up lost in time and space; I lost track of my love centuries ago and I got here because I felt your magic.”

Twin streaks of tears rolled down Asteria and Twilight’s faces as the goddess finished her story. Twilight embraced the goddess, doing her best to comfort the Alicorn.

Both stayed in the position for quite a while until Asteria broke free from the hug with a small smile on her face.

“Thank you Twilight.” said Asteria as she nuzzled the filly cheek.

Twilight went back to sit in front of Asteria, her eyes still red from crying, but she was more calm than the goddess.

“Let me explain your situation since I can't hold you in this place for too long,” said Asteria, staring Twilight in the eyes, “I told you that to help both our souls would be the price, but is not what you think, as we are the same pony from different worlds and both share the resonance in our souls.”

“But I'm not a goddess.” said Twilight in a small voice, looking to her hooves.

“No, you're not. Your destiny on this world will change from what you were supposed to become, since your soul is as powerful as mine,” said Asteria, “I don't really understand the concept of your world, but your soul is linked directly to magic, which represents your special talent. That's the reason your body was almost destroyed by your flare, your full powers awakened for a moment and you were about to destroy yourself.”

“What can we do to fix it?” asked Twilight

“I can use what I have left of my power to fuse both our souls to help you ascend to godhood so you can control your power, but both our existences would disappear and a new one would begin with both our memories and power. Or you can choose to let destiny take its course and see if you survive, and I will continue to travel through time and space for all eternity until I find a new beginning for myself.” Asteria responded closing her eyes.

“No pressure...” responded Twilight sarcastically, sighing deeply, “How I do know that you’re not lying just to get my body?”

“I would have taken it by force if it was like that, also I'm not a evil goddess, I ruled for thousand of years taking care of my little ponies.” responded Asteria, “Besides it’s your world, you have the right to choose.”

Twilight closed her eyes and checked the possibilities, for one she would be reborn as an alicorn with the power of the stars, and magic at her command, the other was to tempt fate and hope to survive her own power.

For what looked like an eternity Twilight opened her eyes and for the first time while being in the presence of the goddess, her eyes were full of determination.

“Would I be able to live with my family or continue with my studies?” asked Twilight.

“Of course you will, your age will not change, nor will be your memories, you will share both our lives and experience, plus my knowledge and magic.” responded Asteria, “It’s more a continuation for you, and a new start for me, I lost everything I loved and now I'm giving you a chance to not lose yours.”

“OK, then I choose to have a chance for both us now, than wait for the best for both our existences.” responded Twilight with a bright smile on her face.

Asteria gave the most caring smile she could to the brave filly version of herself before channeling all her power to her horn, making them both shine in a bright purple light before they disappeared from the white space.

A “Thank you” was the last sound Twilight heard before everything went white.

A white, large alicorn fled from the castle to the school at great speed; Princess Celestia was moving as fast as she could to find the source of magic that blasted the school. When she finally arrived in the room she realized what was happening inside; the ones in charge of evaluating the entrance exam were in a panic as they floated, trapped in the filly's magic alongside a colossal dragon and plants who used to be ponies. And in the middle of it all the chaos was a filly having a magic flare.

So much power coming from just a little filly, thought it was an alicorn for a moment, thought Celestia, getting closer to the filly she tried to reason with her while using her own magic to control the filly's, she soon noticed her magic was not powerful enough for that.

Celestia started to think of all the different alternatives to stop the filly from destroying herself and everything around her. Then all of the sudden everything stopped, the magic came under control and all returned to normal as the filly slowly gathered her magic just before teleporting from where she was once all was back to normal.

Celestia didn't understand what had just happened, she just knew that the filly stopped the flare by her own power, and returned everything back to normal before disappearing from the room. She couldn't process the events for a moment.

Twilight's parents were in shock when they realized their daughter was missing from the room, and demanded the princess give an explanation of what had just happened.

Twilight appeared in her room back home, with her eyes closed she organized her thoughts, all the memories and experience of both their lives, making sure that she was still Twilight Sparkle but once she opened her eyes and looked in the mirror in her room, that thought disappeared.

Her appearance was mostly the same, but she now sported wings, an ethereal mane and tail, the dragon eyes (though the color was now a gradient of violet to pink, combining both their eye colors), and some small fangs.

Those parts were Asteria's but the body was Twilight's, the memories, the knowledge and experience were from both.

Asteria was right, we are a totally different existence now, thought Twilight, contemplating herself in the mirror.

After awhile Twilight focused and a purple flame surrounded her and as soon as it disappeared her eyes and mane were back to normal, and her wings were no more.

“This will help to keep our life as normal as possible, since there is no alicorns other than Celestia and our foalsitter,” muttered Twilight to herself, “Our parents must be panicking right now, but will be back soon, we should rest until they return and get ready for a long, long talk from mom.”

Laying on her bed and closing her eyes, the new goddess of this world took a nap, waiting for the hardest test of her new godhood. Her angry, worried parents.