In the land of Twilight, under the Moon

by Snow Moon

Life Goes On (unedited)

Life Goes On

"The greatest enemy of progress is the illusion of knowledge." John Young

Sunset Shimmer never thought she would miss those boring days back in Canterlot, ever since she moved to Ponyville normal days became a blessing. After a few crazy situations she finally was able to continue her research; last was helping Gilda on apologizing to Fluttershy a few days ago. She even found herself going to visit the griffon any time she could, which was new to her, but helped Gilda recover from the depression she was experiencing after Rainbow Dash ended their friendship. 

Unfortunately for Sunset, Rainbow Dash became a new problem to deal with, the proud pegasus didn't want to admit she was wrong regarding Gilda and didn't want to make peace with either of them. After days of trying, Pinkie Pie was able to set both proud mares to get on better terms with each other, now at least they talk with one another a few words each time they met. Unfortunately Rainbow Dash felt betrayed by Gilda and none of her friends could convince her to made up with the griffon. 

After a week of friendship problems that still needed to be completely resolved, a new pony appeared in town. A showmare that for the advertising she distributed to the ponies in town, thought of herself as the most powerful unicorn in Equestria. Sunset was not going to waste her precious time of research to go and see the kind of pony she couldn't handle. Unfortunately for her Spike wanted to go and see the show, as some foals told him that this showmare was even more powerful than his mom and aunt. So to prove them wrong he need it to see what she was capable of, not that would change his opinion on the matter.

As they made their way to the street where the show would be host, they came across Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. Apparently every pony in town didn't have anything better to do, or so Sunset thought as she saw pretty much every pony she remembered in Ponyville on their way to the show or already there. 

“Come common ponies of Ponyville! Come and Witness the amazing magic of the great and powerful Trixie!” said proudly with a loud voice the sky blue unicorn mare as she appeared behind a smokescreen. Sunset regretted coming to the show at that precise moment, she could see the different expressions showing on her friends faces as the boasting showmare made her introduction. 

“Watch in awe as the Great and Powerful Trixie performs the most spectacular feats of magic ever witnessed by pony eyes! As only the Great and Powerful Trixie has magic strong enough to vanquish the dreaded Ursa major! ” continued to say Trixie, keeping her loud voice. 

“I don't like her,” said Spike as he watched standing on Sunset’s back unamused by the mare show, “she is lucky mom is not here, thought.”

“Why is that?” asked timidly Fluttershy.

“Twilight doesn't like ponies that made fun of star beast,” responded Sunset, “she has a thing for those creatures. Her pet is even one.“ 

“Oh My! She has a star beast as pet!? Oh I want to meet it sometime!” responded Fluttershy completely excited, totally the opposite of her normal personality. 

“Oh? We will gladly ask Owlowiscious for a visit, unfortunately his currently on a mission so he's not here with us.” responded a voice right next to them that made Fluttershy jump. To their surprise five hooded individuals were standing next to them watching the show, two of those were trembling in anger while the one the answer to Fluttershy was in between. Taking her hood off Twilight smile at them, as her tall figure didn't seen to attract any attention for some reason. The others also took their hood off soon after, although Tempest and Zipzee angry faces were still glaring at the showmare on stage. Moonflower and Skystar smiled at Spike and company before Twilight took Spike in her magic and hug the small dragon tightly. 

“Hi Mom!” said Spike while hugging Twilight back.

“Oh Spike, We are so happy to see you again!” responded Twilight letting him go.

“Sup, little sis!” greeted Sunset, before hugging Twilight soon after,”I thought you were coming on a later date. Nice use of your presence conceal spell, I didn't even notice you guys at all.” 

“Yeah! I didn't even have the party ready!” responded Pinkie complaining,”and I ALWAYS have it ready! ALWAYS! You are good at sneaking! We should play hide and seek some day!” said as she bounced around them. The five mares and hippogriff stared at the pink pony jumping around without having an idea how to respond. 

“S-sure, some other time,” responded Twilight with a weak smile.

A squeak sound drew everypony attention as Skystar caught Fluttershy in between her talons, hugging her tightly.

“Oh! You’re are sooo cute! Can we keep her?” asked Skystar at Twilight with the eyes of a filly who got a new toy, making Fluttershy feel panic.

“Mmm, although is a shame, we cannot take her with us,” answered Twilight while using her magic to free the frightened pegasus, “We are sure her friends and lovely animals will miss her if we do so.” Fluttershy felt her cheeks blush as the tall unicorn fixed her mane with her hoof while smiling at her, at the same time she also felt like some dangerous gazes were on her making her look around in panic, just to find three mares smiling at her and a hippogriff looking down, as Sunset facehoofing while Pinkie held her laugh with her hoof. 

“Well, well, well, it seems we have some neighsayers in the audience. If you're going to chat do so far from Trixie stage!” said the showmare from stage at Sunset and the others as their laughing was heard on stage. Trixie was about to continue with her complains but she felt a dangerous chill running ding her back as four pairs of glimmering eyes were gazing at her. She decided to continue with her show as nothing had happened, ignoring what could have been her doom. Soon after Trixie end up challenging Ponyville making sure that they knew she was the most powerful unicorn in town, three of Sunset’s friends took her challenge, but making use of her tricks and magic abilities she put in their place quite easily Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Rarity, even making the last one flee crying with a green mane. 

“Her personality aside she does have interesting magic,” said Moonflower as she is glared by both Tempest and Zipzee, “come on you two, if she really pissed you up so much why not take her challenge?” she asked with a mischievous toothy smile. 

“Why should I lower myself to just to show a boasting mare what truth illusion magic is? That’s Tempest job,” answered Zipzee making her own toothy smile while looking at her friend and rival. 

“True, is a job for a unicorn not a bug after all,” responded Tempest with a snug. At the end both forgot about the showmare and focused on glare and insult each other. The rest ignored their fight and continued with their conversation, only Fluttershy seems to be concerned about those two well being. Pinkie giggled while bouncing around the two. 

“Nothing seems to have changed,” said Sunset looking unamused, “must be hard for you to keep those two from each other throats”

“Nay, we have no problems, besides appearances those two care for each other,” responded Twilight.

“Nay? Oh, somepony seems to spend too much time with certain princess, ” said Sunset smirking at her sister. 

“By the stars Sis, please don't remind us,” responded Twilight with a dead stare, “we finally have some time away from the awful Canterlot, is not necessary to remind us of what awaits us there.”

“Oh, troubles in paradise?” asked Sunset keeping her smile. 

“We believe maybe Tartarus would respect us better than those foals,” said Twilight sounding almost angry. 

“The nobles again?” asked Spike worry.

“Do not worry our brave warrior, there is nothing they could say or do that we cannot handle,” said Twilight with a motherly smile patting Spike head who smiled. 

Without even realizing the show ended while they were talking, following Sunset and Spike they went to the library, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie returned to their homes along the way. 

Once they arrive to the library, for the first time Twilight felt envious of Sunset. The library inside the giant tree was so cozy with a feeling of home for the lavender goddess. The idea of living in similar place far from those nobles, crazy ponies and a complicated goddess of the night make her wish for her own tree to call home, specially if includes its own library. Maybe she thought, it was not a bad idea to find her own place, but she would have to wait before that. 

While everypony returned to their homes for the night, nopony saw two foals leave into the forest with determination on their faces. Trixie was enjoying supper after a quite successful show, she never thought she would make quite a good profit, even after the interruption by some bumpkin ponies. She was quite happy, finally al her hard work and studies in illusion magic was getting her results, and proving herself as the great and powerful she really was, was just a bonus. 

When she was studying on Princess Celestia school Trixie was never able to do things her way, other ponies would judge her or make fun of her dreams, or her way of speaking. The few ponies that were nice to her in her younger years were her parents, Princess Celestia and the filly that had used “we” instead of “I” to refer to herself. Unfortunately the negativity of the school was to much for Trixie and she decided was better for her to continue her studies at home with the help of her family  before stepping into the world for the road to become the best magician of Equestria. She was finally getting the fame she so much work for, soon she knew, her name would be well known across Equestria, and them those she admire will come to beg her to join them as part of the elite under the princess. 

As Trixie enjoyed her food, she could hear panic voices outside her caravan, soon she heard somepony at her door, as she when to open the door, two little foals were there asking her to show them how she defeated the Ursa, and for that they made sure to lure an Ursa to Ponyville from the forest. Trixie took some time to be able to process what those foals just said until she heard the screams of ponies around town as an Ursa was starting to go rampage entering town. Now she knew that maybe making herself look that good wasn't that great idea. 

Spike was showing Twilight his room and the rest of their home as the other follow them. Sunset was making tea for her sister and friends when she started hearing noises outside, she thought it was quite lively even though was so late. At that moment Twilight interrupted Spike as she felt a presence she knew quite well, while keeping a calm behavior, she went down the stairs and told Sunset that a star beast just entered town. Sunset stopped what she was doing as she realized why the commotion outside,  asking if she knew what kind of star beast was she walked together with her.

“It seems to be a Ursa Minor,” responded Twilight looking quite serious as she made her way to the door.”and quite angry.”

“Ursa Minor!? Isn't that thing big enough to destroy the whole town?” asked Sunset in panic.

“Yeah, but all we have to do is take her to her mom before that happen,” responded Twilight before showing a no so friendly smile,”what we want to know is who's responsible to take the poor baby away from her mother.” 

“Twi wait for us!” Skystar said panicking as the others follow after her. 

“Hey sis, I know you are the pony to call when it comes to star beast, but are you sure you can handle it on your own?” asked Sunset as she made it next to Twilight outside. 

“Fear not my dear sis, Ursa minor is not the problem,” responded Twilight as she made her way through the fleeing ponies. 

“Then what?” asked Sunset trying to keep her cool. 

“Her mother,” responded Twilight as a huge mass of stars distorted at the distant through the night sky followed by a terrifying roar. “She will be her soon, and unless she gets her baby back nothing will stop her.”

When the two foals lured the young baby out of their home, they didn't realize that the mother Ursa would go wild looking for her baby. Now the whole town was in a middle of a new crisis. 

“Stay back you big push-doll!” screamed somepony, Twilight and Sunset saw as Trixie in panic was trying to lure the Ursa minor who was getting too close to her caravan, while two young foals were cowering behind her. Without needing to think of a plan Twilight ordered Moonflower and Skystar to help Trixie, while Tempest and Zipzee would make sure to lure the Ursa minor away from the town. Twilight watched as Tempest left together with Zipzee with concern in her eyes, as she knew quite well how hard the mission was for Fizzlepop. 

“I will help the ponies in town, what would you do sis?” asked Sunset 

“We will make sure the mother does not leave the forest,” responded Twilight as she lit up her horn before she disappeared with a teleportation spell. 

“Great, Spike let's make sure that nopony is in the way of the Ursa mayor,” said Sunset as she ran to help those caught in the destruction of the Ursa minor. 

“Yes!” responded Spike running after her. 

In the same moment for some reason Tempest stopped her movements as she got close to the Ursa minor with her ears loaded against her head, eyes in shock, leaving Zipzee alone to handle the job. Zipzee used her magic to send flying the baby Ursa. 

“Hey, What’s wrong with you!?” asked angry Zipzee at a frozen Tempest. “Get a hold of yourself!” said as she slapped some senses back to her companion.

“What’s your problem!?” reproached Tempest at Zipzee.

“That’s my line! What you think you are doing freezing in fear against a baby? Didn't you faced a crazy night goddess a few weeks ago!” answered Zipzee angry before taking a deep breath,”look, I know what happened to you when you were a filly, but that little filly is not you anymore, aren't you the one that swear to be next to our queen till the end? Is this much the limit to your loyalty?”

Because of those words Tempest eyes wide opened, what Zipzee said was true, she indeed made an oath on that prison cell to be next to Twilight till the end, the little filly Fizzlepop that almost die and lost her horn was not more. She was Tempest Shadow, Commander of the Night Guard and personal guard and friend to Twilight Sparkle Goddess of the Stars. With her resolve back in place her eyes glimmered as the magic power of her blessing came to live and her broken horn was restored like when confronting Nightmare Moon, with a fearsome smile she thanked her friend and rival. “Let’s place that big bad baby on time-out.” 

“That’s more like it” responded Zipzee with a toothy smile.

Trixie was surprised when somepony suddenly lifted her from behind and took her far away from the attacking Ursa, even more when she realized it was a thestral the one that saved her. Skystar took the foals away as she flew next to Moonflower a full speed. Trixie looked in awe as the Ursa was sent flying away from them thanks to somepony’s magic. I-impossible! How can there be somepony that powerful… Trixie knew she wasn't that great to fight an actual Ursa but she never thought there could be somepony that powerful besides from the princesses. Then it hit her, the only group of ponies so infamous as they are powerful and for the first time in quite some time Trixie’s eyes were glimmering with excitement. 

As their friends took the civilians out of the way Zipzee and Tempest teleported right next to where the Ursa minor landed. The star beast was confused normally no creature would be capable of doing such kind of damage, not even a manticore or timberwolf could be a decent fight for a star beast, but right now there were two little ponies in front of her looking quite intimidating. Both ponies eyes were glimmering like the stars, overflowing with magic power, the look on their faces was scaring the Ursa minor, even though both ponies were arguing with each other their eyes never stop glaring at the star beast. Finally the Ursa minor couldn't take any longer the overpowering pressure and turned around to flee into the forest away from the scary ponies to look for her mom.

“She fled...” said Zipzee disappointed

“She did...” responded Tempest ”you totally over did it” said while glaring at her friend with a smile.  

“...” Zipzee just returned the glared with a toothy smile. 

Twilight reappeared close to Fluttershy’s shack, if she let the Ursa mayor continued her course she would most likely destroy the shack and anything in her tracks. She could hear the panic voice of Fluttershy inside her home trying to calm her many animals. Twilight undo her disguise and flew in the direction of the rampage mother Ursa, as much as fun an adventure can be we do kind of miss just relaxing with a good book these days... Thought as she flew. She hoped Tempest was able to overcome her trauma without the need to be there to help her. She made a mental note to do something for her after the situation was back to normal and get a few dozen new books to relax. 

As the Ursa mayor was going rampage through the forest, with the only goal to find her baby and made sure that those that took it would pay greatly. As she was getting closer to the town of ponies she found that her movements came to an abrupt end, to her surprise she was unable to move a muscle, she was being held in place by some kind of force. Looking around the area the Ursa tried to find the responsible to interfere in her quest, only to be taken by surprise as a young alicorn flowed right in front of her snout.

“Lovely night isn't it?” said Twilight smiling looking at the stars in the sky ignoring the roars and complaints of the Ursa that tried to free herself,”now, now those are not words that should come out of a caring mother. Don't you think your cute little child could hear them and repeat them later?” the Ursa didn't know how to react to that, “But now that we got your attention, let's have a little chat before my friends bring your baby back.”

The Ursa mayor wanted to complain but something stopped her from doing so, her senses screamed of how dangerous the situation could change if she did, so she just stayed quiet and heard out the overpower creature in front of her. 

“There is no need to panic, your little cub should be coming back soon. Our friends would make sure of that,” said Twilight turning her gaze at the Ursa mayor, “it's been a long time Ursa mayor, have you forgotten the one that give you life?” Hearing those words made the Ursa eyes to open wide, it couldn't be she thought. 

“I knew discord took some of you to play with long ago, but to think some of you would forget us so quickly,” said Twilight sounding disappointed almost sad, but her thoughts were interrupted by a huge tongue that started liking her whole being. She couldn't stop laughing as the Ursa mayor continued giving her affection. 

“Okay, okay. You remember us, we get it.” said Twilight patting the Ursa's giant head once she stop licking her. “How about we go get your cub?” saying while letting the Ursa move again. 

By the time Celestia’s sun came out, in Ponyville the situation was now under control many were already helping on fixing some of the damages caused by the star beast. The ones responsible for luring the Ursa to town were already caught after Trixie proved her innocent on the whole incident, although normally she would have left the town by now she decided to help somehow. But more importantly she wanted to be close to those ponies with such powerful magic, she heard so many tales of their adventures and over powerful deeps. They were the ones she wanted to impress and be a part of.

Ever since she was young Trixie heard of Princess Celestia’s students and how exceptional they were, must older ponies would try to compare her with them especially those instructors of School for Gifted Unicorns, but one thing she would never forget was that while Sunset Shimmer was always mentioned as the perfect student of the Princess, aside of her explosive temper, the second student was always fear by the adults, she would clear every test with ease, overpower every magic spell taught by the instructor just to suddenly stop hearing about her or her deeds until she helped save some faraway kingdom and help form a powerful alliance for Equestria. After that everything Trixie heard of Twilight Sparkle were just bad mouth rumors, the nobles hated her, the masses fear her while the other races respected or cheer for her deeds. She didn't care about those crazy rumors, she knew Princess Celestia wouldn't have such force causing damage under her name. 

Her group of friends were well known for being quite flashy in appearance and personality, and the degree of loyalty they showed for their leader which many believed was more than to the Princess they serve. And finally what happened during the longest night in ponies history, some said she fought hoof to hoof against the some demonic mare from myths just before Sunset Shimmer rescued and help the Princess younger sister return.

Trixie had idolized many magicians and great performers when she was a filly but was able to overpower them as she grows stronger and smarter. But even she couldn't ignore greatness and now she had a chance to get to know somepony with the power she would most likely use to fulfill her dreams as the greatest and most powerful mare in show business. 

Not much time passed after the sunrise for the one pony Trixie wanted to meet appeared on a flash of light, her tall and impressive figure was quite intimidating, she was tall like some famous model or even one of the princesses. Still wearing her hood Twilight came closer to Sunset and the others giving instructions, her expression was serious almost lost in thought, it made her look even more intimidating that normal. Every pony that saw her moved away in panic giving her space, Trixie knew that she was taking care of something important while her friends dealt with the Ursa, but she didn't know what exactly. When tempest and the others saw her they immediately lower their heads in respect, you could even see for a brief moment their panic. 

“Sister,” said Twilight, her voice felt different that normal. 

“Lil’ sis, you are back!” responded Sunset happy but soon her smile disappeared from her face, “is everything okay?” 

“Actually not, is not.” Twilight responded keeping her serious attitude, “did you discover the responsible for kidnapping the cub?” asked while scanning the faces of everypony surrounding them.  

“Yeah, a couple of foals thought it was a good idea to see first hoof the magic abilities of last night showmare.” responded Sunset keeping in check her sister strange behavior 

“Foals? Really?” asked Twilight having a hard time believing a foal would do something so stupid, looking for a moment to Tempest before shifting her gaze to Trixie, who jumped before lowering her head in panic. “We would take them then” she said returning her gaze to Sunset. 

“T-take them? Where?” asked some pony from the crowd

“The pony or ponies responsible for taking the cub and causing multiple damage to the town must be punished,” said Twilight causing many ponies to gape in response to her words, she could have sworn she saw somepony faint, “but, that is not our job, we believe the town would take care of that.” everypony felt better after hearing that. 

“Then where you need to take them too?” asked Sunset.

“To apologies of course,” responded Twilight tilling her head as if the answer was obvious.

“A-apologies to who?” asked a timid Fluttershy. 

“To the cub’s mother,” said Twilight, “Do you have any idea how worried she was when she couldn't find her baby?”

“Wait!? Baby!?” asked Rainbow Dash her eyes wide open “That thing was a baby!?” . 

Twilight’s eyes narrowed at Rainbow Dash use of words, Sunset was able to interfere before something really bad happened, explaining that the star beast the foals brought to town was just a cub, an Ursa minor, not an Ursa mayor. 

Soon after Fluttershy brought the responsible with her to Twilight who looked at the foals without any compassion, fearing the worst Fluttershy asked to accompany them and taking the opportunity to meet a real star beast. After a few conditions Twilight teleported with them to where the Ursa's were. 

“Well that went better than I expected,” said Moonflower finally relaxing.

“Yeah, I thought she was going to offer the culprits to the Ursa for lunch,” said Zipzee

“She wouldn't do that,” said Skystar glaring at Zipzee.

“At least with foals and fillies not,” responded Tempest without caring.

After Twilight left Trixie was so glad she wasn't responsible for anything that happened, just the idea of having those eyes glaring at her soul would made her faint. She could see why Twilight was so feared, she had an aura around her almost like a princess that made ponies lower their head, even her couldn't look at her directly she felt that if she didn't show respect something bad would happen. 

“I so want that...” murmured Trixie. 

By the time Twilight and the others returned everypony was finally finished repairing town, Fluttershy looked more happy than normal, which could have been because of befriend a new animal. Sniff and Stitch were terrified shaking while holding each other, as soon as they returned both foals ran to their home as if their life depended on it. 

“Flutters are you alright!? She didn't do anything to you did she?” asked a worry Rainbow Dash examining her friend.

“Oh no, she was a dear. I never thought star beasts were so beautiful and majestic” responded Fluttershy with sparkling eyes.”She invited me to have tea next week, oh i can't wait.” said showing a side of her not most ponies know.

“Are you sure we can't keep her?” said Skystar appearing right next to Twilight while doing puppy eyes.

“....” Twilight scratched her chin while thinking, Zipzee and Tempest look nervous about it. “...Tenting but no, we cannot.”

“Awww” responded a sulking Skystar flying away.

“Spoiled princess…” murmured Moonflower while shaking her head disappointed.

“That side of her is cute, we are not bother for it” responded Twilight laughing next to her.

“So, feeling better now?” asked Sunset coming along the rest of her friends.

“We do,” responded Twilight before taking a deep breath, “it seems the stress from Canterlot is doing us worse than we thought.”
“Hey, is okay Lil’ sis,” said Sunset hugging Twilight, “That's why you came to visit, to take a break from that place.”

“Yeah we better get some rest” said Twilight as she cracked her neck and stretched.

“Not before you have your WELCOMING PARTY!!!” said Pinkie appearing out of nowhere making confetti fall before dragging Twilight to the tree house. 

After everything was over and a few hours of sleep, Twilight and Sunset finally had a moment to enjoy each other's company while enjoying some tea without any catastrophe knocking at the door. 

“We must admit being jealous of your current lifestyle sis,” said Twilight as she contemplates the library.

“Of course you will find living in a library a dream home, little sis” responded Sunset with a smirk.

“There is nothing wrong with that, peace and quiet, hundreds of books to read or reread, no nobles around or stubborn ponies to deal with.” said Twilight closing her eyes imagine such a place. 

“It may be true, but I doubt you would be able to sleep without worrying about somepony, or Equestria,” responded Sunset.

“... true...maybe after everything is taken care off...” said Twilight murmuring at the end. “So, you still searching for the secret behind the elements?” asked looking at the door to the basement while changing the suggest.

“How do you know that?” asked Sunset surprise as only Celestia know she still has the elements with her. 

“We can feel their “peculiar” magic power coming from that door, besides we read some of your letters to Celestia,” responded Twilight with a smirk.

“Of course you did...” responded Sunset with a deadpan expression “I will have to have a word with the Princess. Anyway, why are you so concerned about them?”

“We don't trust them, they seem to be too ‘convenient’.” said Twilight shaking her hoof. 

“Really? They are supposed to be like that, after all they are Equestria’s greatest weapon.” said Sunset while taking a sip of her tea. 

“Says who? The princesses? They don't even know where those things came from in the first place,” said Twilight while keeping her eye at the door. 

“They freed Princess Luna, they were used to contain Nightmare Moon before that and defeated Discord even before all that, I would say “those things” are quite useful, Lil' sis” said annoyed Sunset, “you almost sound scare of them”

“Of course we are, those things are dangerous, their magic almost feel to have its own will,” said as she took her eyes away from the door to her sister, “they could be controlling you without knowing, you know.”

Sunset took a second before she started laughing at what Twilight was saying, Twilight only watched annoyed waiting for her sister to end. 

“Seriously Twi, you sound kind of crazy there,” responded Sunset cleaning the tears of her eyes, “you know harmony magic can’t do that, only dark magic corrupts the mind”

“Actually any kind of power corrupts, but our point is you should not be obsessed with holding that power,” said Twilight making Sunset take her eyes away from her. 

“I don't know what you think I'm doing but is not that,” responded Sunset defending her research. 

“You know Sunset, sometimes our destiny is closer than we think, so close that will be sticking on our own flanks,” said Twilight before she drank her tea,”you should look for the light you represent and not for the weapon she wants you to be, as she would be more proud of you at the end.”

Sunset couldn't say a word, her little sister words were quite heavy, she knew Twilight would find out what she was really researching the elements for.  She knew after years of growing together with Twilight Sparkle that her little sister sometimes overthink even Celestia so perfectly schemes. But she felt some kind of hope on her words and as she switched her gaze to her flank the yin yang brightening sun felt warm for once.

After nightfall that day Twilight and her friends returned to Canterlot, although they wanted to continue their little vacation, duty calls and they needed to return to their respective jobs. Trixie left a few days earlier as she said will go to Canterlot after a few shows along the way.

After Twilight left, Rarity was running around with notebooks full of sketches for dress she wanted to consult, but she didn't make it before they left. That reminded Sunset that they would be attending the upcoming Gala, making her sulk at the thought.

Twilight Sparkle was tired, her days were normally full of activities, dealing with training, studying, having “lessons” with Princess Celestia or traveling somewhere for a mission. But ever since she returned from her little break being Luna’s tutor became her daily life continuing dealing with an angry and stubborn alicorn every night. Her “studies” with Celestia were postponed until the young princess was ready to take over the upcoming night court and the still in training Night guard. Even night duties after Luna’s return were not that easy for the new diarch of the night, Twilight continued to place her stars in the sky like usual, whatever Luna was on time or not, and Luna did the same with her moon whatever or not Twilight was able to get some privacy to do summon the stars. Because of this constantly fighting some nights were late other ones the moon rising on an endless twilight before the dark night took over the sky. In the end it was Princess Luna who had to come up with excuses for Princess Celestia regarding those chaotic nights. 

The relationship between both night goddess wasn't the best and it didn't show any sight of changing any time soon. This caused others ponies to perceive that they didn't get along together at all. Many nobles that disliked Twilight or her strict way of doing things mostly against them, moved every piece available at their disposal to get on the returning princess good side. Even trying to make Twilight’s position as her tutor end, just to be replaced by one of their own. Luna would give those nobles time to talk to her or place their petitions, but ignored them completely soon after. She may have been away for a thousand years but nobles were still just the same, like those that hated her long ago. Only this time Twilight was the target of their hate, although Twilight would normally ignore them, as most of them didn't have the guts to do or say anything in her presence, since would backfire at their faces. Fortunately for Twilight there was always a friend that would listen to her complains or give her some words of advice, and she knew one that knew how to deal with both princesses.

Discord was always happy to receive the visit of his dear friend Twilight, especially when they come up with new pranks for the current princesses. But ever since Twilight started to tutor Luna, their time together became more like an appointment with a therapist, there was even a couch where Twilight would lying down while complaining as Discord wearing a therapist outfit with a notepad on his claws would “take notes”.

“You know, there is always the moon banishment option, right?” said Discord as he draws on his notepad. 

“We don’t want her out of the picture, we just don't like her attitude against us.” responded Twilight, “no matter what we do or said she will find a way to look down on us.”

“Well my dear, it looks to me that you are trying too hard to get on her good side,”said Discord with a mischievous smile, as his eyes glimmer red, “it’s like you want her to like you.”

“Neight! That’s absurd!” responded Twilight as her cheeks blushed, “We just want the respect We deserve as goddess of the night.”

“Of course you do, little Starbutt.” smirked Discord while responding. 

“Of course we do!” responded Twilight, coughing before she continued, “by the way Dissy, since when you could use your magic?” said looking around.

“Oh finally! Took you long enough to notice, you know?” said Discord as he snapped his claws making the scenery to change from the therapist office to a living room with a table full of snacks, “Ever since your dear sister and her friends became the new bearers of the jewels...”

“Elements” interrupted Twilight.

“...whatever,” responded Discord rolling his eyes, “...ever since that day the spell that have me imprisoned is getting weaker, soon I will have enough chaos power to get free.” said smiling devilish as he takes a couple of cups full of chocolate milk, giving one to Twilight. 

“Oh~” said Twilight taking the cup with her magic, with the similar smile on her face, “Now, those are wonderful news.”

“Sure they are,” responded while drinking the cup and leaving the chocolate milk behind, “So many things to do when I’m out of here, so many places to visit and so many pranks to make, maybe some conquering would be nice too.” smirking tentative at his friend. 

“Just keep it in moderation this time, we don't want to have you back into stone,” said Twilight with a smirk of her own, before both laugh enjoying the confectioneries.